Christmas 2022 E1-3: Buried Deception

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Capture Radar

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  None: Use the provided NPCs

Clear Steps

Consider this a preview of DR, and missions using only NPC units!

Heads up everyone, MICA has continued the recent trend of simply adding the farming routes to the maps after the first clear. While this is very nice for players, it is not as nice for guide makers, because the new routes will add additional AP to the maps. If you are clearing these maps for the first time you may have less AP than the images in this guide. This is fine, follow the guide and you should see no issues.

Turn 1


Move your Echelon to the right, then up right one node each. 


Continue moving to the right one more node.

Turn 2


Move your Echelon up one node, and then to the left one nodes. End your turn. 

Turn 3


Move your Echelon to the right, down one node, then to the left three nodes. Finally move down one node. 

soul did a stupid

P7 can move in your move in the way. 

Oh. Duh. Observation Skills/10.

Turn 4


Move your Echelon up one node, to the right one node. Move up right one node, then down right one node. Finally, move down three nodes, and right one more node.

Turn 5


Move your Echelon up one node, then to the right two nodes.

Farming Guide

The lower route has weaker enemies, so newer players will likely prefer it. Drop rates have not been tested at this time, and may be higher on the upper route.

If you do not have Lewis, she is absolutely worth farming to have at least one of her. Duping Lewis is likely overkill for all situations, however. 

Sporting strong tiles, including an Armor buff, and excellent base stats, Lewis can keep pace with other MGs on those grounds alone, but while also carrying this strong performance into the 2nd volley and beyond, thanks to her reload time reduction (this does proc at the stat of battle, reducing her first reload accordingly). Even better, as a farmable, Lewis can be obtained without the pain of MG crafting or the high opportunity cost of a True Core Mask. 

Thus, is is highly recommended to farm Lewis if you do not have her. 

Video Guides:

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