Christmas E-3: X-Dinergates

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Possible Drops

The Global server limited drop for E-3 is Px4 Storm, a peerless Crit Damage-buffing HG. For more information on Px4 Storm, please see her character page below. 

Limited Drop Locations

Mission and Clear Conditions

Capture 3 Radar Nodes. 

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations

3 Combat Echelons, Level 70, 4x Dummy Linked

  • This map can also be done with 2 Combat Echelons at the above Level and 2 Dummy Echelons.

Clear Steps

The third map from this Christmas Event offers a small difficulty spike, as the mission takes place at Night, necessitating Night Battle Equipment and the inclusion of HGs in your Echelons to provide vision.

The need to field multiple combat-capable Echelons at night can be alleviated by using 4 echelon slots. This map features a fairly stiff turn limit, as one of the Radar Nodes must be captured by encirclement. Equip your PEQs, add HGs to your Echelons, and plan your moves carefully on your way to victory. 

Turn 1A (2 Combat Echelon Route)


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post and a Combat Echelon on the northern Heliport, as well as a Dummy Echelon on the southern Heliport. Move the HQ Combat Echelon down two nodes and right one node to capture the Radar and encircle the nearby Heliport, and move the Heliport Combat Echelon left one node. 


Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the now-vacated northern Heliport, and use your remaining AP to move the nearby Combat Echelon onto the Radar to capture it. 

Turn 2


Move the southwestern Combat Echelon up one tile to kill the Brute, and move the northern Combat Echelon right two nodes (swapping with the Dummy along the way) then down one node and left one node to kill the Striker and stand next to the central Radar.


Move the northern Dummy Echelon left one node then down one node to stand next to the Radar, and move the southeastern Dummy Echelon up two nodes to prevent the eastern node from becoming encircled. End your turn and the central Radar should become encircled, ending the map. 

Turn 1B (3 Combat Echelon Route)


Deploy three Combat Echelons. The echelon on the Command Post should move down one node and right one node. The upper right Echelon should move left two nodes, while the lower right Echelon should move up two nodes. 

Turn 2


The leftmost Echelon should move down one node onto the Radar node.


The remaining two Echelons should move down and left respectively to encircle the Radar node and complete the map.

Video Guide

GFL YouTuber Ceia has created concise video guides for this Christmas Event! For the current stage, jump to timestamp 4:06.

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