Christmas E-4: Ode to Gifts

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Possible Drops

The Global server limited drop for E-4 is QJY-88, a second-volley MG with a surprisingly good Armor tile buff. For more information on QJY-88, please see her character page below. 

Limited Drop Locations

Mission and Clear Conditions

Capture the enemy Command Post.

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations

2 Combat Echelons, Level 90, 5x Dummy Linked

  • This map is possible to clear with well-geared, Level 70 4x linked Echelons, assuming a large number of repairs are used.

1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

The final map of this event introduces (or reintroduces, for those who were present during VA11-HALL-A collaboration event) the Gate mechanic.

Gates can be opened or closed using connected nodes scattered at various points on the map. This will dictate player movement around the map. 

Two bosses are present here, Gager and Destroyer. Neither are terribly threatening. 

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on both the Heliport and the Command Post. Move the upper Combat Echelon right two nodes then down two nodes to capture the Heliport.

Turn 2


Move the central Combat Echelon down one node and spawn a Dummy Echelon behind them.


Move the Combat Echelon right two nodes.

The Dummy Echelon should move down 1 node to prevent the Heliport becoming encircled.

Turn 3


Move the right Combat Echelon down one node to take on Destroyer, then move it up and to right to disengage one of the gates. 

Destroyer is is the same as her Chapter 5 self, with high Damage and low Accuracy. A general purpose Night AR team will be able to defeat her without too much difficulty. She doesn't even come with any escorting units!

When you get to the upper right node, you will see the below interface appear on the left of the screen. Tap the Yellow button twice to connect with then open one of the gates. 

Gate mechanic illustration


Move the Combat Echelon down and to the right right twice, and repeat the process with this other terminal to open the second gate blocking off enemy HQ.


Move back left one node and end your turn.

Turn 4


We can now safely send the Echelon on the Command Post up to kill Gager and capture the Enemy Command Post.

Swap positions with your Dummy, then move up and to the right as far as possible to engage Gager and end the map. Gager is unchanged from her previous encounters. Despite her higher CE, she is arguably an easier Boss than Destroyer.

Every so often, Gager will target one row on your side of the field with an AoE. Simply move your T-Dolls out of the way to avoid taking damage. 

Video Guide

GFL YouTuber Ceia has created concise video guides for this Christmas Event! For the current stage, jump to timestamp 6:58.

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