Christmas Event: "A Snowy Night Capriccio" Pre-Info


Similar to Halloween 2019, all GFL servers will be receiving a Christmas Event, featuring four unique story stages with limited T-Doll Drops accompanying a short side story. 

The event will be rerun after Shattered Connexion, the 22nd of December. 

2020 Update: EN is getting a rerun! The drops and shop information will be updated accordingly!

MICA Team CN has released a PV for this event, which can be seen below:

Clear Rewards and Limited Drops:

Like the previous event, clearing the story maps will earn some one-time rewards, and each map will feature a limited T-Doll drop on top of that.

The reward and drop tables are shown below. You will also find the Medal / Welfare information below.

Stage Clear Reward Drop
1-1: Sangvis Orphan 500 Resources of each type PP-19
1-2: Mission: Dinergate Dorm Furniture: Dreamy Christmas Tree Honey Badger
1-3: X-Dinergates Dummy Core x 5 ART556
1-4: Ode to Gifts Pet: Present Sheepdog Five-Seven

Event Shop

For the duration of this Christmas Event, all the new event maps will drop a unique currency “Christmas Tree Decoration” at a rate of 10x per map clear, with a limit of 60x per day or 6 map clears. Up to 60 can be farmed per day. 

Special Equipment for RFB and 100 Shiki are purchasable in the shop, as well as M1985's Costume.

RFB's Special Equip is a Sight with +48% Critical Rate and +18% Critical Damage, while 100Shiki's is a Suppressor with +25 Evasion and +20% Critical rate.

Shop images for EN have been released, and are shown below!

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