[CN] Winter 2020 Event Teaser

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Article by Cleista
Thumbnail for the GFL CN Winter 2020 Event Bilibili PV

1/9 update: Linked the Polarized Light leaks/datamines article. 

1/4 update: Added the unofficial English-commentary Twitch restream.

MICA Team has posted a fully animated trailer for the Winter 2020 Event & developer Livestream to their Bilibili channel!

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A YouTube mirror is included below for people who cannot view the Bilibili video linked above. 

The Developer Preview Livestream will commence on 19:00 Beijing Time, January 9, 2020.

  • UTC: 11:00 AM, January 9th
  • US East: 06:00 AM, January 9th
  • US Central: 05:00 AM, January 9th
  • Mountain Time: 04:00 AM, January 9th
  • US West (Pacific): 03:00 AM, January 9th

Watch the livestream here when it airs, or check out the English restream by Dyablito below, going live at the same time! He will be joined by Ceia, DiggusDBickus, and Jetroyz for live commentary on the new CN features.

Until The Developer Preview Livestream Airs

A fully translated and English-subtitled VOD will be made available later; stay tuned!

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