Coalition Drill Weekly Teams

Article by Hassium Greez
Coalition Drill Weekly Teams
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2024 May 20th


Defense Training: 45-50%

Adjustment Exercise: 70-80%

Decoding Practice: 35-46%

For other sources that have regularly updated teams, you have:

Pins in the official EN Discord server's #ask-help channel:

Greez's Twitter:

Cleista's Twitter (Discontinued)

What's This?

Hi. This is a page where I add Coalition Drill teams, and will pitifully attempt to keep updated each week after reset. Since people will probably visit this page for just the teams, they're available at the beginning of the article. Click on the dividers above to see the Coalition Drill team formation.

But Hassium, what's Coalition Drill?

I'm so glad you asked, random stranger!

Coalition Drill is a system that shows up in the Combat Simulation tab. It's unlocked by clearing mission 7-5, at the same time you unlock Protocol Assimilation.

It gives you the resources you need to raise your Coalition units and has its own "potential energy" separate from the other Combat Simulations' energy.

There are 3 different drills you can do:

  • Defense Training
  • Adjustment Exercise
  • Decoding Practice

But the main idea is to just do whatever has the "x3" icon for the day, and do decoding practice when all 3 have the "x3".

Each week the set of enemies to fight changes and the pool of T-Dolls you're given changes. And so, you set up a team and fight. The faster you go, the bigger your percentage. Bigger percentages mean more rewards.

Reward Bonus Table
≥20% +20% Resources
≥0% +10% Resources
<0% No Bonus

Normally it's a pain to figure out the teams on your own to get that 20%. Auto-formation is pretty unreliable for getting good speeds. That's why I'll try to post teams that can get it each week.

Just to note, these are ONLY teams meant for Coalition Drill. Because the only concern is speed and not survival, many Coalition Drill teams will violate very basic teambuilding principles and will occasionally use awful units to maximize clear speed. So none of these teams should be used for reference in normal teambuilding.

Poke me on Reddit or Discord(Hassium#0732) if you see a problem in any of the teams.

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