Combat Bartender Action: Jill's Drink Mixing Guide

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Article by Hakurai

Time to Mix Drinks and Change Lives!

Jill brings the unique fun of bartending in VA-11 HALL-A to the battlefield through her special equipment!  By combining various ingredient-equipments, Jill can provide different buffs to the team with her skill: Time to Mix Drinks!  If Jill serves another VA-11 HALL-A doll their preferred drink, they will gain additional buffs as well!

Equally unique is that Jill is incapable of attacking. However, she does gain up to 30% Skill Cooldown, 1% for each point of Firepower.

ingredient key
Recipe Drink Effect (Max Level)

Big Beer

Dana's Preferred Drink. Buffs Shotguns. Armor +20%, DMG +30%, ACC +30%, 8s Duration.


Alma's Preferred Drink. Buffs MGs. DMG +25%, ACC +25%, 8s Duration.

Piano Woman

Dorothy's Preferred Drink. Buffs ALL. Front Column EVA +60%, All Others DMG + 20%, 8s Duration.


Sei's Preferred Drink. Buffs ALL. RoF +22%, 8s Duration.

Bleeding Jane

Stella's Preferred Drink. Buffs RF / AR. Critical Chance +25%, additional Critical Chance over 100% grants 60% of over-buff as increased Critical Damage, 8s Duration.

Fringe Weaver

Buffs ALL. DMG + 35%, 5s Duration. After 5s, affected units will be "Drunk" and receive DMG -15% and ACC -15% (Demerit), 8s Duration.
No Match

Sugar Rush

Buffs ALL. DMG +18%, 8s Duration.

(Note: For the Piano Woman, "Front Column" refers to the frontmost column with T-Dolls in it, not necessarily the right column.)

(Note 2: Jill's Cooldown Reduction from Firepower is calculated before buffs and equipment. Only a fully strengthened Jill will have exactly 30 Firepower at max; buffing a Jill with less than 30 Firepower will not result in additional cooldown reduction.)

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