Where to put AUG

Am I the only one that don't know how to use AUG properly?
Currently I'm running 3 AR/SMG echelons and I have no idea where I can put her to maximize the echelon.
those are the echelons
ST AR-15
GR G41|RO635
The formation between the second and third are absolutely interchangeable. So according to you where I've to put Aug?
Thank U all :)

Asked by oberyn931 year ago


I am still quite new to the game, but looking at their Tiles of effect, what about:
ST AR-15 | Vector
M4A1 | UMP-45

your AUG should be able to buff both the M4 and UMP, while STAR buffs both SMG and M4 both AR... of course you wouldn't have the G11 burst-DPS... but the AUG as more support... so it's down to what you prefer I guess ^^

You could possibly always use AUG on the bottom left corner, because she would buff 2 of your Dolls (AR and SMG), rather than only the one SMG

I think it's a bad idea to put two AR buffer in the same echelon, also G11 it's life xD

The obvious one to me is the fact that your SR-3MP is largely going to waste. Basically swap out Ribey for AUG and swap G36 with SOP. You should see far higher performance from Shremp that way.

Interesting, I read that SR-3MP need so badly acc. buffer isn't it? She's already equip with max lv.10 red dot, however I'll absolutely try your suggest!! Thanks

Shremp does badly need accuracy, but only needs to reach around 35-40 for optimal use. The Red Dot sight on it's own will get you there. An accuracy buffer helps out more when you want to swap to an EOT to increase her base damage.

The majority of the enemies in the game only have around 15-20 evasion so extra accuracy drops off sharply past that point as an aid to damage and you start being better off stacking damage or RoF instead.

Actually, the wiki is a bit misguided about how to buff SR-3MP. Players have run tests and found that she really only needs one decent accuracy buff (around 50%) in most situations. After that, it is much more efficient to buff her damage. You DEFINITELY want her to get G36's damage buff. Actually, in my opinion, G36 and SR3 is one of the most efficient pairings in the game.

Only the scouts with the high evasion counter low accuracy SR3 and her ARs will take care of those for her.