Good echelons

Can anyone give like 10 good echelons to use? Assume I have all characters. I've made a few echelons but I think there are other better ones I'm just not utilizing. What Girls should I have teamed up and stuff.

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Asked by Roach Boi1 year 2 months ago


I’ll list some of them, but remember that you can always freely change them to make them more suitable for you.

The basic team you will ever use, basically a 2 SMG, 3 AR team or 4 AR 1 SMG (AR team and 404 are examples). Strong against most mobs except for Armored mobs( Groza and 9A91 can be used for that

Soppo | M16A1 | None
Cinnamon bun (M4A1) | Ro-chan | None
AR15 | None | None
Basic team, AR15 got the buffs from M4A1 and RO635. M16A1 will be your second masochist of the team.

G41 | UMP9 | None
G11 | UMP45 | None
Hk416 | None | None
Another basic team, G11, Hk416, G41 all receive the damage buff from UMP45 while G11 and G41 have another Rof buff from UMP9( their skills are stronger than Hk416 so I prioritize them). UMP9 get some Evasion, for more survivability. Flash-bangs are useful.

G11 | Vector | None
Ribeyrolles | UMP45 | None
Type 95 | None | None
Same concept of the team above but more focus on DPS. Vector with her fire-grenade, M4A1 with her buff, Type95 with her self-buff, Ribey with her insane skill. With this team, when all their skills are being used, you know, citrus got real. (I was drinking some lemonade while making this, sorry)

None | Type95 | None
M4A1 | Ribeyrolles | UMP45
None | G11 | None
I would say that this is a full YOLO team. The DPS is insane with the damage buff and such but G11 buff, but one downside is G11 and Type95 are pretty vulnerable. And even if UMP45 is flat, she is not that durable a wall to take in all that damage.

G36 | M16A1 | None
G11 | SR-3MP | None
G41 | None | None
Don’t get tricked by SR-3MP, she is an AR, not an SMG. So this leans toward giving SR-3MP enough damage from dolls buffs. But this is quite hard to train up because you need a full lv10 skill and lv100 SR3MP to pull this off. Since SR-3MP is an AR so her evasive is not very good.

Groza | Vector | None
Ribeyrolles | UMP45 | None
9A91 | None | None
You can see where I’m going right, super damage from the two night ARs and with Ribey skill, UMP45, and Vector buff, Groza can deal some insane damage. Probably the damage will be more than receiving a rejection from that person you are aiming for irl.
F2000 | Skorpion | None
M4A1 | Ingram | None
FFFNC | None | None
A low-cost beginner team that will carry you to mid-game. Useful but not really, I think I should mention it here.

The team that you wouldn’t use unless you get far enough in the game.

PK | None | None
Grizzly | Mk23 | SAT8
MG5 | None | None
A lucky man team, SAT8 with her buff and skill, would be better in a 3MG team but in a 2MG team is still very good. The buff from Grizzly and MK23. Good and not expensive.

PK | None | None
M2HB | Mk23 | KSG
MG5 | None | None
You must be so rich to use this, this will eat more resources than the amount of space that the homework folder takes on your laptop. But the DPS is really, really good. Also, SAT8 and that SG with the biggest tits in the game (Ithaca), and that new event SG (Elphelt) can also be used. Remember, good DPS but your resources gonna cry later.

PKP | None | None
Grizzly | Mk23 | SAT8
MG5 | None | None
‘I’m feeling lucky’ you say, then used this. PKP passive is very luck-based so depending on your luck, you can try and use this. Same concept as the first SG/MG/HG team.

PK | None | None
M2HB | Mk23 | USAS-12
MG5 | None | None
You want a DPS SG/MG/HG team, here you are. USAS skills are almost instantly activated seconds into the battle and with the proper buff, in this case from 3MGs, she will do some serious damage. Also, you can use Elphelt too, wait for her to nuke and watch them explode like you wish those riajuus would.

None | None | Ithaca
Loligev | Mk23 | SAT8
None | None | KSG
A team fully dedicated to Loligev. For long boss battles, really strong but IMO kinda hard to use. Good damage stacks for Loligev. Not the best formation. Op skill from SAT8. Give Loligev enough time, she will even make Lolicons run away.

M2HB | None | None
M1895 | Mk23 | Type97SG
LWMMG | None | None
An unlucky man team, basically girls you would get really easily but still do the job. Damage buff for the MGs with M1895, Mk23, and Type97SG, great skills on the MG and really cheap too. But hey, when you have an SG/HG/MG team, you must be rich right? Why using this team?

There are also 2SG teams but I don’t use them so I cannot show any examples here.

3) HG/RF
The team you want as your 2nd echelon.

WA2k | Welrod | None
Grizzly | PPK | None
Lee | None | None
The go-to team that you would want for any basic HG/RF team, Damage buff and Critical rate from Welrod, PPK, and Grizzly. With this team, PPK can properly tank with her evasion.

Lee | Welrod | None
Stenchkin | Calico | None
M14 | None | None
A more Rof buff team for Lee and M14 since they are DMG buff RFs. They can shred armor like paper with this team.

VM59 | Makarov | None
M1895 | PPK | None
M14 | None | None
A poor man team, or beginners. Good DPS and all. Makarov can give PPK some less damage intake with her skill. Probably your first option for a night echelon.

Stenchkin | Welrod | None
IWS | None | None
Five-Seven | Calico | None
A team builds around IWS. Op in its own way.

I have to stop here, since this is too long already, and there are still more. I had just answer another question before this, so probably in the next 24 hours I don’t want to touch any GFL stuffs :v But I’ll give you more teams later.

Thanks man, I'm gonna make some of these later today. I look forward to what other echelon match ups you know. This list will help alot

Before anything else, can I ask what good echelons is to you? Farming? Bossing? Leveling? Maps Clearing? Good is more in general and you can make a lot of team with it.

Sorry for the late response. Finals this week, along with that Operation Rabbit mess. Been extremely busy. But Good to me is a team that pretty much can clear most fights without withdrawing, or losing to many Dolls. Also a team whose buffs compliment each other.