Continuum Turbulence Chapter 3 Clear Guides

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Sample Teams

As before, the following should be taken as example teams that can be used to clear this event rather than copied as-is; anything that's around the same level will work, provided the team is somewhat built correctly and given equipment.

Level 90 AR/SMG Night Echelon

Night AR Squad for Chapter 3

Chapter 3 demands you bring your A-Game, so use your strongest Dolls and best equipment. Don't worry if you don't have Mod Dolls - they aren't required at all. 

Level 90 5x RF Echelon

RF/Hg Echelon

When building your RF Echelon, a survivability-focused HG such as Welrod Mk II or Makarov can be useful for reducing chip damage as some fights may drag on for a while. Note that players with extremely high DPS or 2B14 support can opt instead for pure damage and brute-force the fights. 


Unlike previous events, the Ranking Map "Hurricane Rescue" unlocks upon the completion of Chapter 2.

For further discussion about this map, please see the Continuum Turbulence Preparation Guide for now until a full ranking guide is available. All players are encouraged to perform at least the pacifist run of CT Ranking for the free rewards. 

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