Continuum Turbulence Preparation Guide

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The Girls' Frontline Q&A has revealed that the next major Story Event, Continuum Turbulence, will be released on GFL EN in the first half of 2020. What's next in store for Commanders after the wild ride that is Singularity? This page will help you find out. 

Note: The information in this guide may be subject to change when Continuum Turbulence releases on the Global Girls' Frontline server, given that the last three Story events have all used slightly differing mechanics from their CN version. 


2/18 update: Added the Continuum Turbulence Event Guides.

2/3 update: Added HibachiMan's video Continuum Turbulence Preparation Guide.

12/28 update: Revised the Echelon requirements for CT Chapter 3 story after a budget clear was discovered.

Basic Requirements

For the story campaign portion, Commanders with several endgame echelons at Level 90, x5 Dummy Linked will make it through most of the event.

  • A strong ARSMG echelon with Night Battle Equipment and an RFHG echelon to handle armored foes will be sufficient to clear up to Chapter 2, which will unlock the Ranking map. 
    • Fully equipping your teams with proper MAX-calibrated and enhanced 5★ Equipment is highly recommended. 
  • Chapter 3 is far more difficult, with one map requiring up to 4 Combat Echelons that can handle heavily armored new enemy units at night. 
    • Players without 4 full Combat Echelons can clear the aforementioned map with 2 Dummy Echelons, 1x RFHG and 1x Anti-Typhon team (either Contender Gunboat or M4A1 Mod + 2MG + 2HG).

Continuum Turbulence also brings with it a new type of player-controlled unit called Heavy Ordnance Corps or HOCs for short. Additional information about HOCs will be released shortly, so stay tuned!

CT Preparation Video

For reader who want a quick rundown on what to expect in the event, checkout HibachiMan's video below!

CT Preparation Doc

A comprehensive Continuum Turbulence Preparation Guide written by Ceia covers the event in depth also, so please check it out if you're looking to prepare for the event! (The doc is currently in Open Beta and its contents may be subject to change.)

Note: The doc guide‌ contains minor story spoilers and has‌ a‌ lot‌ of‌ GIFs‌, so it is‌ heavy‌ on‌ data usage. Readers are advised‌ to‌ use‌ a‌ PC‌ and connect to Wi-Fi to‌ view‌ it.


Ranking rewards include Special Equipment for G41 and the Fireworks Fairy; their stats are shown below:

G41's Special Equipment, Tactical Hair Decorations
+5 Damage
+5 Accuracy
+20 Evasion

(Exoskeleton Slot, top 50% reward)
Fireworks Fairy Full Art
+32% Damage
+75% Accuracy
+32% Evasion
+8% Armor

(88,888 score reward, more copies at higher % placement)

The 88,888 score reward cutoff can be easily reached without any combat! For details on the Ranking Map and the pacifist run that can be used to easily acquire the Fireworks Fairy and possibly score high enough for G41's Tactical Hair Decorations, please see the Ranking section of Ceia's CT Prep Guide linked above. 

Pacifist Ranking Run Guide

Want ranking rewards but don't have the teams? No problem! You can acquire a sizable sum of points without any fighting by following this pacifist ranking guide by Ceia.