Continuum Turbulence Ranking Rerun: Hurricane Rescue

Basic Information:

Ranking Reruns are just what they sound like, a second chance to get your hands on a ranking map, and more importantly another chance to get access to previously locked-away Special Equipment and Fairies. 

Unfortunately for everyone, the Cooking Fairy is pretty meh, having an RNG effect on its Skill and a middling Aura. G41's hairballs (for her hair, not the coughed-up kind) are essentially an AR Chip, which is a basic but otherwise very useful piece of equipment and with G41 being the most bog standard AR in the game, good to help her gain a little bit of relevance back. 

Fortunately, the cumulative ranking rewards are here, so we can now farm for points to get the rewards in question. 


You get 44k for simply settling on this map.
Killing the various artillery positions on the map gives 10k each, which would've been a viable option to get some more points per run if it wasn't for the absolutely horrendous Planning Mode lag we have currently.
As it is, simply deploy 1 dummy, settle and repeat until you get your rewards if you are not doing proper runs.

Actual Runs:

Continuum Turbulence+ brings back the traditional ranking maps that rankers love. The map is at night, lasts for 5 turns, and has separate deploy limits for 5 G&K echelons and 2 HOCs (Coalition banned).

However, do not be fooled by the low turn and echelon counts! The map is absolutely monstrous in size, clocking in at over 150 nodes as the largest ranking map in GFL to date. Furthermore, each turn has dozens of AP, and some top runs have upwards of 50 AP by Turn 5, and each turn takes much longer to complete than in other ranking maps.

Compared to the original run of Hurricane Rescue, the playpen’s 2 prespawn types have been increased to 8, including some 100% force shielded enemies making HOC support mandatory. The difficulty in kiting has shifted more towards teambuilding and having a developed armoury. There are now spawner helipads in the playpen and tankpen, and crates are limited to just those two zones. The invincible AA Towers have been removed, and the changes in the crate counts make it so that there is no longer as much of a need to balance between killing enemies on sight and leaving them alive, just kill everything. The main strategy of the map thus centers around higher-level mid-game decisions rather than explicitly optimizing the points gained from each AP spent.

For newer rankers, this is a great chance to enjoy a taste of the golden days of ranking, where fights were certainly harder than non-ranking fights but still fairly balanced, RNG elements of the map make each run unique, and strategic decisions need to be made on the fly and pathing can almost always be further optimized.

For a more detailed and step-by-step information, do check up xVarz' notes on CT+, which the overview above is based on.

Meanwhile, below are some links of actual runs. Do note that this map has a lot of RNG, so adapt accordinly if you wish to seriously attempt it.



Cosmicarcher's Budget runs
Varz' examples

Check out Varz' playlist on CT+ ranking, full of vids on the different fights Commanders will face

Qwerty-san's run
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