Costume Shilling #10: RACING HATH ARRIVED


Oi Fenton, it's not your time yet!

Too bad, cos it's time to inject those fuel folks

My name is Fenton, nicknamed Fenfen after unluckily getting 5-7 loli on the lotto Aniversary package and now I'm here to be Shilling at skins since that's the only impact I can make in this fandom.

Nobody's injecting anything, get out of here.
Why are you doing this to me Doc? What did I do??

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Anyhow, welcome our newest Shilling member, Fenton, affectionately known as Fenfen-

Saiga-12 Crimson Navigator

saiga racing cover

[this goes on for a while and yes, all of the rest of it needs to be redacted]

Saiga racing, or should I say, Saiga summer? Saiga MMA?

Very lewd yes. I feel it's a throwback to 90s racing girls? Maybe 00s?

WWE Saiga, here we go. Just keep her away from G36.

Racing, Summer, Fighting, other sports, Christmas, who cares.


Why wouldn't Saiga and G36 get along? Meido and clean freak? Sounds like a good match.

Nah they don't. I remembered reading one manga, where G36 got uh, well, freaked out by Saiga.

I think it was from the creator of

That’s a fan manga that in no way has anything to do with canon. Try not to mix up the two, thanks.

Unless it was official then it’s not canon. And no, The “Official” Comic Anthology doesn’t count.

Yes, it's a fancanon, but to be frank, it hits the fact that Saiga wants every doll in base.

The only fact is that you're factually incorrect.

There's what? A grand total of TWO lines, or something like that, about this. Saiga doesn't want every doll in the base. It's just the fandom portraying her as a raging lesbian.

I don't want to be horny
I wanna be happy

Sad Eyes So Sad GIF - Sad Eyes So Sad Tears GIFs

Doc has a point. Saiga is a clean freak who likes cute girls as a result because they're clean and pure. Also keeps a photo book of pretty girls she uses to try to break the ice, awkwardly, when trying to make friends. She's only a raging sexual predator in fanworks.

There are only three lines where she expresses interest in cute girls. Every other line is about not getting dirty, cleaning up, or being clean.

Mars-sensei, I has question: given she's a clean freak isn't it odd that a) she's a racing girl when, you know, cars are dirty and b) she's wearing so little to keep the dirt away?

She'll clean up herself and the car too.

Shouldn't she wear more? Clean freaks are usually averse to dressing little, no?
I'm not a clean freak so I can't say. She's not averse to getting dirty and then just cleaning/washing off though.
Not that I know of, but haven't known that many clean freaks, so I could be entirely wrong.
I happen to have a clean freak friend. Clean freaks are ok with some things being dirty that can't help it, but it's restricted to them and their stuff usually.

I'll figure she cares about her clothes getting dirty (with all the dust, smoke, and other sorts of debris flying around) which sticks to the clothes more so than the skin.

After all, clean freaks not only care about their own bodies but the organizational and hygienic state of their properties just as much or even more.

Okay! We reached a consensus and I dumped all my energy in Saiga.

So don't be surprised that this is probably going to be my briefest nerding of the Saigas.

So to recap my story with this skin, I do love it, but after having to wait so long for it to come out to the point where it ended up being Saiga's last skin on the English server made me ultimately lose interest in it compared to Saiga's other offerings.

Ultimately, I don't have a whole lot to say. The red getup is super sexy and the damaged art is quite something indeed, what with the womb tattoo present and the magical floating magazine.

Overall love this skin as with any Saiga skin, but I won't be grabbing it. Shocking right?

I'm still just sitting here, waiting patiently for Yukata Saiga to enter the Black Card Exchange.

I'm with my cutie, Red: skin looks good, hot as hell, but the other Saiga skins are better in my opinion, and better animated, so this one lost its shine to me. I have a feeling this banner was hyped for so long that now that it finally arrived, its shine was dulled. Womb tattoo was a very stupid addition, we all know what it means.

I mean... yeah, it's hot, yeah it's fanservicey, but Saiga has never been my cup of tea. Red matches her pretty damn well, and I don't mean the GP person. Though... she definitely would tell him to straighten out his act. 

That said, I actually like her damaged art, and for two reasons, none of which you think. That type of tattoo is just stupid in general.

  1. I think she's cuter with her hair down. 
  2. Her serious expression is something you don't see overly common. It's great, and it matches the supposed "explanation" of why a Doll is damaged (in combat and under fire).

She loses points for the absolutely pointless c***ch tattoo. I actually don't like that a lot in general. At least her L2D isn't as stupidly clunky as ZB-26's. 6.3/10.

I’m pretty conflicted on this skin since I’m not the biggest fan of Saiga and the c***ch tattoo is pretty off-putting. But good lord if her exposed naval (one of the few selling points), especially in the damaged leaves a lot to the imagination and beckons for you to come closer.

This is a skin that is clearly meant for fellow degenerates who are into Saiga'sm, uh, hornier side whether it be fanarts or headcanons, and I guess it does a decent job at appealing to that base. However, for people are who already off-putted or disturbed by Saiga due to the messages about her character that the fanarts send, or just have a general apathy towards her, the c***ch tattoo really doesn't make things look better for her case.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems to be showing too much skin for my taste; there's hardly any balance of skin and no skin that stops it from feeling more like a swimsuit than a racing queen suit. Especially if you were to compare it to the rest of the batch.

I think we can all agree that this skin is more akin to a Summer skin than a Racing skin.

Why did they have to add the womb tattoo??? It was a perfectly fine design and then that. The Red/White color scheme works well for Saiga, which probably explains why some variant of it comes back a lot in her arts, and the skin itself is just fine. I'll point out the weirdness of the leg strapped mag pouch and armor plate combo, but considering I like G3 and just she straps a whole ass mag to her leg without even a pouch, I suppose I can't really judge it. 

Weirdly enough I think this skin would be a lot better without the L2D, especially damaged, which seems to have a lot of weird elements to it (floating mag, tattoo). Doc does have a point about hair down, will 100% agree there.

Well frankly, if sex sells, then Saiga's is the magnum opus. She's definitely dressed for the beach more than anything, except for the awkward uneven thigh-high boots. She should just put on flip flops or stripper heels and Saiga will be the picture-perfect S-Doll.

This isn't the first time we've seen womb tattoos either. Is everyone forgetting about PA-15's Chinese dress?

Anyway, Saiga's a perfect kit-kat - red and white wrappers around delicious milk chocolatey core. Can't think of much else to say here without getting de-platformed, so all I'll say is that this is a skin I would definitely get behind. And inside. And under. And on top. Everywhere, anywhere...

Isn’t PA-15’s directly on the dress instead?

It's on the dress but right over the exact spot where such tattoos go. So I suppose Saiga's artist saw that and decided he could push the bar even higher with big tiddy tanned onee-san.

Except PA-15's is newer than Saiga. So PA-15's artist was inspired by Saiga's artist to push the boundaries. Racing was originally released somewhere in 2019, that's why it was such a meme until now.

Is that so? Now that I'm thinking about it, it might be. I was thinking of PA-15 Pajama.

A few moments later

Skin sheet says Phantom Racing was late 2019, whereas PA-15's womb tattoo dress was in 2020 CNY batch.

So this is how this shilling ends? With thunderous s*x?
As all things should.

PPK Mach Tempest

ppk racing cover

Man, I remember how elated I was when I found out this banner existed. PPK was abandoned by the artist and became a forgotten doll that's often a placeholder for hoxylets. Seeing her have a skin made me hope that she'd get more attention.

Because come fucking on It's PPK. Everyone worth their salt knows it's 007's pistol.

Then the months passed by and nothing. Absolutely no mod announcements, no other skins, while friggin Calico got a mod and even more skins.

Then she pulled an omega troll on all of us and ended up getting a skin, a Summer one no less! When everyone thought it might have been UMP9's (Even if it was odd only 9 would have gotten a swimsuit).

I have hopes that PPK will get a mod as she is similar to Nagant in that both have stupidly strong tiles, but are otherwise pulled down by her rarity and skill.

And her exceptional Evasion. I have no idea how she wasn't in the first-ever MOD batch.

That said, my comment: must acquire

Her evasion was a thing yeah, it's a bit why her Suppressor was the only thing not not advised to buy. Nowadays, though, not so much. Cursed 200 Acc enemies and surehits and whatnots.

Except the James Bond video games don't use her, if I recall correctly. Apparently, most of them try to use the P99 as the James Bond pistol.

I do mean the movies tho; I grew up watching 007, have all the movies in a special DVD box. So PPK holds a special place in my heart. Even if I find her base design sorta weird. She also was a big help in Isomer, because Calico continued to elope with Thunder elude me.

Only Bond games I played were Nightfire and From Reddie Russia With Love.

Her base design is surprisingly inspired actually. It's based on Weimar/Early 3rd Reich prostitutes, who would usually use the gun for concealed carry self-defense. Hence her voicelines.
I'd probably reward her with the lewdest, sexiest one piece I have ever seen.

I get where you're coming from. I've been waiting for this batch since the day it was revealed
primarily because of this skin. And I will whale my n*ts off to get it.

This gun is German if I recall correctly, which is funny because this actually looks more like Super Formula-styled Grid Girls, a Japanese racing series, because it covered more skin.

F1 cut it off completely, except for Japan GP, where the grid girls all wear..... KIMONO. To be frank, lately they wear more clothes and show less skin.

Yeah and it's smoking hot. Race Queen sexiness is a three-dimensional function of the amount of skin covered, things not being left up to the imagination, and the height of boots and heels.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Something I mentioned in the Saiga section kinda applies to PPK too, that is that this batch just took so long to come out and so many other batches came and went to the point where I've mostly lost interest in this bunch sadly. A shame too, given I like my racing-themed skins.

In the case of PPK, another skin I like more now exists: PPK Summer. Definitely not to discredit the value of this skin though, it's still a super cool and really nice skin. The getup is really befitting of a race day. My second favourite skin of the batch definitely.

I feel ya Reddie. I was so eager for PPK racing, and time went by, and she slowly started to gather dust in my armory, and recently she got a Summer skin that is either is just as good, if not better, than the racing one. I was eager to roll here because of M2HB and PPK, but now PPK has a Summer equivalent and M2HB just got retired from data farm.

Beard nailed it. Also, I third what Adam and Red said, batch worn out because of its waiting time, and PPK Summer is a thing.


I love the art style of that doll, not gonna lie.

Guns known from movies - me, Deagle, and seal girl.

But anyway, I like the PPK skin, it's nice to see a solid doll get some attention, and the skin is great to boot. I honestly didn't know about her design base, which is interesting to learn - I always thought she was just a maid for some reason.

Seal girl? Why Seal? Does she have a seal on her art? Or is it because Navy Seals use it?

It's a living seal I think, it changes emotes on her damage art. But yeah she's seal girl because
she has a pet seal.

Also is a pun because the Navy Seals used the P226. Well, not anymore I guess, apparently modern-day seals use Glocks due to overall affordability, performance, etc. Polymer frame too I guess. Also, P226's are apparently expensive.

Ha, they use G17s and whatnots, they use plastic, get rekt. M1911 supremacy lelz.

But is there Glock smug? I don't think so.

Now there is:

She doesn't have a seal tho.

Now she does:



Well. S**t. Hi PPK. Sadistic b**ch got an art overhaul. I was sure-as-hell surprised when I first saw PPK, of all people, getting a costume back on CN. I have to say, it's a small improvement over her base art, but her base art was already pretty good. I give it a 6/10, the mini-dress plus her damaged art's expression is actually kinda cute.

Good for Beard, getting dupes. I sure as hell would stay as far as possible from two PPKs.

I'm not much of a PPK fan myself, but damn if the design of the skin isn't alluring and easy on the eyes. The lavishing hair, matching color schemes, the underboobs, and those smooth thighs; it's quite modest but does a good job at making me feel things at the same time.


A skin for PPK at last, and it's a complete reversal from her default appearance - now there's absolutely no bottom of any kind. No skirt, no shorts, just the hem of her bottomless pantyhose and an open-belly leotard. If there's anything that's more active than the racetrack, it's the scissors cutting pieces of her outfit out.

Also, there's a petrol dispenser (?) at her waist lol. An appearance as horny as her damaged art can only mean one thing - PPK was getting petrol into her fuel tank. Glop glop. Two years' worth of tokens made a clinking sound as it flowed endlessly into Kalina's wallet.

I remember being absolutely dumbfounded when this skin first came out because it did not look like PPK at all, in a good way. While the thematics of the OG art are good, never really did it for me. This one's great, art's good, design is relatively tasteful, provided one finds the race queen aesthetic tasteful in general (this is how I get flamed by someone in a different server who is actually allergic to horny), art, in general, is good and doesn't try and fight itself. Color shift from black/white to red/black is good, ++. 

I'd have been more hyped for this but I probably like her summer skin better, so alas not pulling for it. Maybe if I ever duped PPK, but I'm not that insane. I value my sanity and storage space. 

Also, curse you Desti, curse you. I try and forget that exists.

Forget what?
An accursed SAO chapter we shall not discuss further as to avoid redacting and Haku bonking us.

I honed my shitposting craft in /r/SAO and its Discord server. My powers are legendary.

I'd like to fuel her up. Dolls run on something after all.


UKM-2000 Breakneck Whirlwind

ukm racing cover
This is so utterly unfair, she gets so many good skins one after another, and this one is top notch: Neko stockings, badass motorcycle, pink hair, juicy thighs. This UKM skin has all the aspects to make it a god skin into a completely forgettable doll


Thank God I'm safe. Me no likey fishnets

F for Beard, it's a shame...
Just like UKM's performance in-game.

I foresee this being a roasting thread rather than a shilling thread.
This is not a Race Queen skin. Not at all.

Of course it is. She's the Queen on Bike Racing.

I feel this one aims at a different interpretation of "racing skin". Not gonna lie, I like it a lot.

It’s TANKU DURIFTO, but with UKM instead.

Anyway, forgettable doll, slightly less forgettable skin. This art is a moderate improvement in my opinion. 5/10. It's interesting that she's the only one on a vehicle. 

I rate this skin as low as it is because you can't actually see much since her motorcycle and her rifle is, well, in the way, so I only really have her damaged art to go off of, and sometimes damaged art can uh... really change. The mischievous look on her face in said art is why I even gave this art such a high rating.

There seems to be a lot of meme potential lost with the lack of L2D or animation. 

For people who are into UKM-2000 I'm sure this skin will be a fresh air from her usual unconventional design barring the hat where she's in a costume with quite a lot of appealing features other than her usual pajamas. However, this skin just doesn't feel lewd at all despite the fair amount of skin shown and it really doesn't have a badass or cool factor as a tradeoff. Jacks of all trade skins for the UKM fans but master of none.

As Adam put it, a good skin on a completely forgettable doll.

This skin is strange. It's not bad by any means in my opinion, I just find it confusing overall. The motorbike is cool and what I can see of the outfit is pretty sexy, just seems very out of place here. Anyway, err yeah lol. Think it's quite alright.

There's always an outlier skin in every batch, isn't there? This is that skin.

I feel you're right. Kimono batch had UMP45 as the outlier. Or ACR, if you look strictly at kimono colouring.

My primary question is: Where the hell is her gun going on the default skin? Based on the angle it doesn't look like it's going across her lap and down the other side of the bike, soooo what, she steers using her gun like a giant joystick?

Looking at it, it seems like her gun is more or less parallel to the center line of the bike, not sideways, and unless I'm forgetting my motorcycle design quite a bit, the barrel of her gun should be ending right about the front tire.

Is her LMG short? That might be it.

Shouldn't be. UKM should have a 'full length' barrel.

My questions about hyperspace gun notwithstanding, good skin for the UKM lovers out there. Well drawn motorcycle, UKM keeps the cat ears hat, for those into that. Still don't have UKM, so isn't of much value to me. 

Also, heresy opinion time: fishnets don't do it for me, so that loses it points too. 

Good skin for those looking for it, not my thing I guess.

The cat ear hat reminds me of Asuka tbh. Shikinami Asuka Langley.
Or was it Asuka Shikinami Langley?
Or was it Asuka Shikinami Soryuu von Luftschloss Narfidort, Prinzessin der Verurteilung, daughter of Kyoko Zeppelin Soryuu and mother to Ikari Shinji's children?


This is a much more interesting skin on the surface since, after all, she's riding a bike. Not just straddling the seat, or lounging sexily on the hood, but honest-to-god riding the bike. I do wish she would ride me like a Darling. Damaged art isn't as horny as some of the more recent stuff, so if you were to judge this costume on looks alone, UKM is a U-Must-Buy costume.
Sadly... It's UKM. She and Claes are fierce competitors for Most Useless MG in the game. A horny costume only saves her from the scrap list while she sits in your dorms taking up your precious 100th doll slot because the rest of your gems are going towards token packs.
7/10 on horny alone, 2/10 for gameplay. Oh, and it's not L2D either so we can't see her breaking out the sick Tokyo Drifts or showing us how exactly her hips move on their own. sad Doc noises

UKM doesn't exist to me and I won't be foolish enough to pretend she does.
You just acknowledged her, you can't pretend anymore she doesn't exist.

Cat in a hat on a bike.

POI on wheels.

Whatcha plotting?!
You'll see

P22 Pulsing Dash

p22 racing cover

After having dumped all my energy on Saiga, I can now calmly and rationally say: I might be one of the few people in existence to like this skin.

I'll keep it kinda brief on most of the rest of these cause I don't have a whole lot to say. I do like this skin but I can understand one of the bigger issues with it. Quite simply, her face seems a little weird. Bar that though, I greatly enjoy the rest of the sexy getup. Good skin for an OP doll.

It's a'ight, although it just doesn't really hit the race queen aesthetic in my opinion.

Also, YZ continues to print stuff on women.



Yeaaaah, skin itself is great: bikini type top, unbuttoned shorts, thigh-high socks, it had everything to be a great skin, she's wearing a thong, and for one of the most used dolls to boot. Sounds like a heaven's sent skin right? Except her face is utterly weird and offputting.

It's hot for sure. To be frank, this skin actually resembles F1's (used to be there) grid girls. Except they don't use bikinis.

I don't particularly mind this one, just the face feels very not P22.

Doesn't feel very power range-ey?

Insert Power ranger Dolls mashup

Not even that really, face feels weird.

In theory, this skin isn't too bad for me, it's got a fair number of things I like in skin design, thigh highs, that coat's pretty cool, short shorts, (and I can tell I've been playing out much Fate when my only thought is that she'll beat the shit out of someone with a flag like so:)

Jeanne hitting someone with her flag

The more I look at it the more I just find myself a bit meh on the whole thing. I think it tries a little too hard to mix and match things together and just sorta ends up a bit of a meh thing for me. Or maybe I'm just overly caffeinated and currently deep into negative horny, I dunno.

News flash: Soul had too many anti-hornt pills
Fenton: Take moar horny Pills

That's what these are for:

Frankly, a small count, really

You're a worthy opponent, but you can't beat me:

I was desperate enough to resort to Microsoft Edge due to the sheer amount of tabs and windows I have open.

Edge? W H Y??

Also, not fair, Edge isn't that bad these days I guess. Still, not my first choice of browser.

Cos you overwork me too much, so I never have time to save these arts.

Gamepress would like to reinforce that we take care of our collaborators' mental wellbeing and actively work to avoid overworking them

Okay, so while Adam is busy dying from overwork, lemme shill real quick: P22 getting a skin, sad I didn't keep my 34 P22.
Lewd 22. Yes.

Just got the costume, I can say while the portrait is sexy as hell with dem slim tummies and well-built legs, the animation can be pretty awkward sometimes. Especially if you pay attention to her face, which can look quite derpy at times.

I agree with the overall sentiment on the face as well but good lord is the design so erotic and inviting that I thought of her as a different character from before. Also, in her damaged art, P22 has a motion where she moves her legs up towards you while closing her eyes out of what seems to be an embarrassment; almost as if the SKK was staring at her for too long or gave her a huge tease. God did that thought made me h[REDACTED].

If this skin wasn’t animated, it would have been so close to utter perfection. But alas, we’ll have to stick with that appetizing-looking belly button and her beautiful curvatures separate from her face. Now that I think about it, I could just zoom in her adjutant position so that her tummy and thighs take up the whole screen—


Overall it seems to improve my perception of P22 outside of her bland, conservative default skin and gives us an outlook to how horni her body can truly be … gotta improve the face though.

As a whole, I don't like Race Queen outfits, period. P22's is no different in my opinion. I already expressed my previous distaste for pure fanservice skins, such as this entire gacha's, since there's nothing appealing towards it, at least coming from me.

Of course, that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate the general art style/aesthetic. I always found myself attracted toward Infukun's works, despite what people say. I always thought his art style was interesting. The outfit itself does seem to take away P22's tomboyish looks, and judging from her looks, I'm not surprised she'd be embarrassed to wear something like this. On a rating scale, on personal preference, I'd give it a 7/10.

Guess it's up to me to wrap P22 Shilling since Adam is getting whipped by Soul again.

I would've sworn the tummy was drawn by Mignon, it looks so deliciously curved and toned, if this was posted on Pixiv it would be tagged "I want to stick my finger in that belly button". This skin is definitely on the hornier side of the scale as well, with P22's bra top and short unbuttoned shorts with the sky-high thong to go with it. Thigh fans will eat well tonight with the serving of absolute territory. P22's skin is a great barometer for the direction that the costumes are going - all fanservice, no reference, and lots of skin to show.

Seriously, I can't think of anything not lewd about this.

M2HB Cheers on the Blazing Tarmac

M2HB racing cover
I had to look up she was M2HB, because I totally didn't recognise her on the Gacha cover.

This one rocks. It's way better than her default art. Racing wise, this one looks like the modern grid girls, you can see these in Lemans 24h or Formula E I think. The clothes are more modern styled.

YES, Crally nailed it. It's such an upgrade that she barely resembles the original design. And it feels the closest thing to an actual racing girl, compared to the others. It doesn't feel as lewd as the other skins in this batch (UKM notwithstanding). Like I'd legit expect to see someone wearing this, maybe if not nowadays then at least a couple of years ago.

Can we talk about how the gun is impressively big near her? Especially when in her default art it looks like a toy.

Yes, because nowadays racing is pretty modern, so the suit has to match them. Coming from an avid race watcher (I watch literally every racing series available except American series), I saw quite a lot of them.

Take for example this article. This was in 2013, now a days they're wearing more cloth. Tt's just the stereotype that's left in the anime and game community. IRL it changed already.

I'd wear it.
Thankfully. Now if Mica could just give us M2HB Mod. Give me and Desti a reason to use her.

Come on Desti. You and I know tits make it hard to aim, AK-12 couldn't hit Gustav either.

I knew Desti would go this way. I mean, why in the world would you bring M2HB to Gustav? Even I only brought PKP x Lewis there.

I mean, M2 is perfectly acceptable for Gustav. Her main drawback is Accuracy, but Gustav has 0 Evasion.

I am utterly lost. Why does Dest hate M2HB so much?


I brought M2HB and KFC to Gustav in SC. I jiggled M2HB three times to target the Gustav turret when it had like 1% HP. M2HB remained about as laser-focused on main body Gustav as Minamoto-no-Raikou (Fate Grand Order) after a shota.

Destination's malding aside, M2HB looks cuter this way, her default isn't to my taste, honestly.

Wait this is M2HB?? wew

This is a nice skin, it's pretty cute.

One word: Noice.

It's a real glow up in my opinion, I definitely like this skin a whole lot more than M2HB's base design. I think it's a really cool outfit with a cute and cool expression and great art. Again, got not a lot to say, I just really like this skin.

This skin is utterly lovely. She goes from her a bit odd, bit countryside girl design, to a refreshing and, quite honestly, tame look. I find it amusing that she's the least tame among us the dolls in this batch, default art-wise, but is the tamest in the gacha.

The white and orange are a nice match and don't blend with her hair's tone. Thigh-high boots and skirt are a great match, and she has a great absolute territory to look at. I'm half tempted to roll for her, even though I don't have the tokens to guarantee her.

Hmm, I didn’t think the skin is that great compared to the other skins in the gacha or outside of it but it definitely does a good job (depending on who you ask) of improving upon people’s impressions of M2HB’s character just through the design and the vibe it gives off alone.

Man... this batch does have some promising skins that are plagued by a buttload of problems (like P22's janky face or Saiga's tattoo). Those problems alone elevate M2HB's which is just simple and modestly attractive all-around can easily take the cake for the best skin in this batch.

...This is M2HB. I have to remember that. If I had a favorite skin in a batch, this is definitely it. The art overhaul gives her a new look and her art definitely looks a lot cleaner (Saiga would appreciate the cleanliness btw). This outfit compliments her new art, and GODDAMN I FORGET HOW LARGE THE ACTUAL M2HB WAS.

Jesus, look at the fucking gun! It's a monster! 

Ahem, anyway. 8/10. This is my favorite skin of this batch, and she looks very nice. I find her case actually pretty interesting given her gun emerges out of it, from what I see.


Hi I'd like to riot
1) I hate this f[BEEP] s*x doll;
2) Crally doesn't share my hate;

Anyway, funnily enough, this is the most conservative of the racing costumes so far. Em-Two (I refuse to type part of or all of her names in this review) is wearing a tight miniskirt most OLs worth their dignity would turn their nose at, and a form-fitting but generous top that elevates her booba to push-up status while revealing less than P22. You'll kind of forget this is a game about girls with guns... Her weapon is entirely missing, not to reappear until you've subjected her to a dirty old Gustav damaging her to two links.

I'd actually like to compliment the colour scheme here - a simple, pleasing palette of white, yellow, and black that goes together nicely, and doesn't visibly clash with anything, especially her blond hair. Artist must have been following K.I.S.S principles when designing this. 

(Is it Keep It Simple, Baka in Japan? KISB? BKIS? Bepkis.)

As another person who doesn't care much for M2HB's base art, 100% an upgrade. I'm going to take a minor detour to complain about yellow as a color because bright colors boo hiss. As Desti said, K.I.S.S design principle works wonders here. 

Not gonna ask what she's shooting at in the damaged art.

KISS design principle? What's the idea?

"Keep it simple, stupid", not to be confused with the band.

Basically, don't try and make something overly complicated or flashy that doesn't work, just use the basic simple solution to the problem because that is more likely to work out of the box. It originally comes from engineering I believe but works for art too.

In the end, a lesson we can take from this shilling: sometimes less is more.


Some of you may have noticed Etherain was absent. What could he be up to, I wonder?

I was busy getting good at Theater

Well, that was, uh, something. Guess BLT is no longer number #1 in GP Theater Ranking anymore.

Don't worry, you're still numba one to me

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About the Author(s)

Just your average EN mengxin looking to help the GFL community and spread the love for kawaii, hard worker LWMMG.

AUG is love, AUG is life.

Fielded 2 Neko23 on Isomer ranking.
Fielded 2 AN-94 on Shattered Connexion ranking.
Fielded 2 LWMMG MOD on Polarized Light ranking.
Fielded 2 Mosin-Nagants on Dual Randomness ranking.

Head of Roadmaps, Shilling Panel and Waifu Wars Panel. Frequently Soul's workslave.