Costume Shilling #10.5: Medieval Throwback


A lot has happened since September 2020. Some of them were good things, some of them were bad things. Looking retrospectively, we decided to shill on our favourite girls of the Medieval Banner, and reminisce in a past full of content and briming with joy.
So, without further ado, here were our favourites from Medieval Banner

AUG Funeral Array

AUG Medieval cover
Elegant, pristine, beautiful

Fenfen summed up in a few words the best aspects of this skin, and I wholeheartedly agree with him. I could give a long explanation as to why I am a dedicated AUGGERs and love her so much, but that already happened on Shilling's 6 month Anniversary, so I'll keep it short this time and give room to our newer shilling members. 

AUG's aesthetics are just lovely in this skin.Her personality includes a big deal about the symbolism of flowers and this skin conveys it very well. Seeing her crush a flower while saying flowers should be tramped for the sake of victory tells me that, despite her elegance and apparent fragility, she isn't afraid of getting dirty to get the job done.

Chapter 8N illustrates this well, where she deceives IWS2000 so she's not burdened with having to make a choice between her team and the Commander's safety, and in there AUG doesn't lose her elegance right up to her temporary death.

I'm still hoping to commission a fanart of AUG walking under the rain while holding an umbrella, as it is described in her post oath line.

It's a shame a fair amount of AUG arts got lost from deleted Pixiv accounts and such, as I find her very under represented fanart-wise.

AUG is an interesting doll that has her own niche, which is sometimes confusing due to her skill, but has great aesthetics and personality. It also benefits from being a very well known weapon from being featured in other games. Minmaxers and naysayers will say "oh she's subpar" and they may be somewhat right, but [REDACTED] them.

This skin gives a great medieval feel while maintaining her sombre aesthetics, with the grey/black/white colours. The skirt is shaped in a way that makes AUG herself a flower of steel in the battlefield, the case in which she keeps the AR gives her a cultured, noble facet. The flower in her hair which is so characteristic of her remains, but her damaged art is a masterpiece, making her look like a flower ravaged by war. Great skin, would AUG again.

Laughs in CS:GO 

Laughs in AUGpocalypse update

For those of you wondering, basically AUGpocalypse update was when the AUG was the meta gun. You literally used it for everything. If you saw it on T you traded AKs for it. Literally scoped gun shots with it. Could run, and gun sorta Nerfed it same day it happened. TL;DR the AUG literally went Brrrrt that one day.

Sounds good, tbh AUG needs more love.
Defo needs more love.

Ain't it strange how a lot of the skins I really like are the ones I don't have a whole lot to say for? The case here, that is. I think this is an amazing skin and my overall favourite of this batch.

Everything from her armour to her flowing dress to her spear, it all goes together into a really cool blend of awesomeness and regality. If only it wasn't an L2D, I would've tried to pick this one up.

So you like women that leave you speechless?
Maybe that is the case Adam hon, maybe that is.

That's the case for me The skin itself is very beautiful and it feels perfectly compatible with AUG's protective, loving persona.

As mentioned earlier, there's a ridiculous amount of flower symbolism in this skin, hell even her damaged art makes her look like a flower, and that goes back to her attitude of not being afraid to get things dirty to protect what she loves.

Fenfen gets it. I see you are a man of culture as well.


CS:GO memes aside, this is an ok skin for a meh doll. I like AUG as a character though, and she's a (supposed) main character in my story.

I'd give it a 7/10. I like AUG. She's pretty.

This is a skin that actually fit her better than her default skin, without changing her aura. Yes, she has this stoic dumb aura, idk if dumb is correct word, but it feels so plain. Uninspiring, but a beautiful black dress. Her expressionless face and everything makes it even clearer.

The thing is, this skin doesn't change that. She still looks as plain as ever, although I won't deny I like this design quite a bit. It's nice, tidy, and simple. And Azumi Waki factor, I like Azumi factor a lot.

Solid 8/10 without doing anything spectacular, that's what good skins do.

Emotionless might be a better choice of word, I think.

Maybe. It feels like dumb is word to use there though. I'm not saying AUG is dumb, but feels like the word just fits in there. An expression of simpleness.

You get this sort of image from her. "what is this airhead doing holding an AUG near me?" vibe, you know?

Hmmmm ya, she has a bit of cool airhead vibe, especially on her default. It's s less evident on her Medieval skin, but it's still there.


Is this how shilling ends? With an AUGGERs haiku by Haku?

No Adam, it ends by Copium

Hey hon, this ain't a Haiku by the way.

Adam, this here
Is an example of a
Haiku written out

Allow me to show Adam:


This is a real Haiku.

Mosin-Nagant White Steel Edge

Mosin-Nagant, or, as Desti likes to call her, Moist Nugger, was one of the main reasons I started playing Girls' Frontline. Anyone who has played WW2 games, especially FPSs, know how well known Mosin is. Those who played Call of Duty Finest Hour will remember the battle we are given ammunition and are implied to get a Mosin from some comrade's dead body or the sniper mission at Stalingrad that World At War mimicked later:

Mosin's default art design was cute, and the leggings are certainly top notch. She racks up a lot of points from a)liking to drink b) damaged default art shows she wears black underwear c) one of her voice lines she' says "ara". Her Anni skin is also good, though I never been quite found of her face, since it kinda looks like she went from alcohol to stronger stuff.

With her mod, however, her design matured, and she went from an onee-san into milf territory. The leggins aren't as appealing as before, but she is now a strong looking wife.

And then we have this Knight skin. She has the good upgrades her Mod art has over the default, yet she now looks younger, closer to the original art.

Then we have her shirt (or should I tunic?) barely keeping her chest in, while also showing a part of her glorious soviet belly. She's also packing very thiccc thigh armor, which is amusingly accurate for the most part. Her gauntlets also look accurate, which just makes even more amusing that she's not wearing any chest armor. Guess none fit eh?

Lastly, I find her the total opposite of AUG. While AUG initially looks like a delicate flower, only to reveal herself as your knight in shining armour, Mosin makes no moves to hide that she will be your knight in shining armour, and will tear apart anyone in front of her with that bigass GreatSword. I have no idea why she has a second weapon with her, as, as far as my knowledge goes, Greatsword users didn't carry this type of weapon.

Props to aging her Mosin into a musket-esque rifle. It's one of the few skins that change the weapon. If only it changed the bullets too.

Anyway, to close this up. A 10/10 design that takes the best bits of her default art and Mod art and mash it together into a Skin that I definitely does not regret rolling or getting a dupe

it's a Zweihänder and a Bardiche. Get your medieval weaponry straight Adam.
B-b-but Ethy, Zwei is a type of Greatsword.

surprised pikachu face (@pooh_tuxedo) | Twitter

I am well aware, I was just playing Doc and bullying you.

That said, I appreciate the ring guards for the hand and the parrying protusions on the blade, tho I think they are smaller than they should be.

Shake my smh, I don't nickname my dolls and certainly did not nickname Mosin as Moist Nugget.

I call her my third wife.

I hab proof that you did that.

Well, she's definitely w** with me.

That opening on her naval, dear lord that I... I can't even... I can't get her out of my head.

Shoo shoo, she is my knight.

The knight of nights.

Our knight of nights, comrade.

Communist Bugs Bunny | Know Your Meme

I am the bone of my sword.

Regardless. Great skin for Mosin.

She came ready for war and is about to kick ass. As much as the greaves look nice, it looks kind of weird with the leather vest (that by the way, looks like it's about to burst, that's a tight one). regardless, the colour scheme, heroic vibe, the adaptation of the weapon to a more initial concept, all of them fit together. and you get to look at that navel through a convenient peephole in the design.

Technically they're parrying hooks (even though Mosin's sure as heck don't look like hooks).

If they are not hook-shaped, i refuse to call them hooks. There are sword where they are shaped as hooks and this is not one of them.

Agreed. Mosin's doesn't seem to be historically inaccurate, curiously enough. I suppose the name must come from examples like these:


Ah yes, the Moist Nugget, this skin. I have some immediate problems here: why did she armour up everything but y'know the main parts of the body that foes would target??? I don't think it looks awful, but it does look bizarre to me. Not to mention her boobs literally trying to burst through.

Bar that, I think it's well done. The weapons in particular, that menacing Zweihander and bardiche look really great. That's the good stuff I like to see in medieval themed skins. Acceptable overall.

Exactly. That's why i said the greaves look weird with the leather vest, which covers, oh I don't know, the biggest target on your body that any soldier is trained to aim at?

The fanservice ain't too detrimental since much of the body is still covered appropriately. And I might have a bias for navals.

But man, Mosin totally rocks that country girl look from the medieval period who's ready to kick some ass and carry me to bed.

eh, I give it  6/10. Makes no sense why there's no armor on her torso and chest, but on the other hand...


Mosin has plot armor so she doesn't need to have torso armor.

Meh, then why am I able to strip off the plot armor before I —

No she doesn't. If you doubt me, et me go load up GFL, and get Mosin killed right now. 

Or better yet, I'll get her killed and then repair her and then scrap her.

A wild Haku appears!!!

Skin art is clean, just kind of a weird decision to be exposed in your core while having armored limbs. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I'm not an expert as well but I would've thought the armor would be more plate-like, instead of the weird retro-modern looking skintight lines stuff.

But there might be an actual armor like that - like I said i'm no armor expert. Weapon change is cool, though. Maybe if they just made her more of a ranger type, it would have matched better.

Now that I look at it again, it's a hot skin. Tights and such. I don't know how chainmails can form a shape like one on her thighs but we take it. 

Oh and she needs bigger shirt, not that Dest would mind the current one. Also, the artist of hers used a much faded color palette, which makes the skin looks less shiny.

Faded? Like, the colours are less vivid?

You compare her default art (drawn some years ago) to the Medieval. It feels like the color is much fainter in the Medieval.

If anything, this skin shows what Mosin got: a big waist. There's nothing else I guess? Except she looks quite hot in it. Unfortunately the color palette for me is a bit off.

I'm dead tired but I'll do anything for мой любимый. Hmm, time to wrap this before we dive further into Moist Nugget shenanigans.

Time has been kinder to Mosin than Springfield, as she's been much more useable with two exclusive equips and a working Mod 3. (Lunar Ocean > Mod 3 = Comrade Knight btw).

I love every detail from the righteous to the impractical here. Sexy cutout notwithstanding, Mosin is truly what I'd call a battle angel - not some fragile desert flower to be rescued or Prince of Egypt'd, Mosin is a desert (tundra?) cobra who will slice your head off and water the battlefield with your blood. Of course she gets a zweihander, a sword so big and heavy she can truly boast that she has the bigger stick. I know it's a bit weird that she has three weapons equipped - Halo tells us everyone should get two only - but eh, if there's anyone I can see dual-wielding, it's Mosin-sama. 

Damaged outfit is gratituously, well, sexy damaged as usual. I'll let it slide just like the armour sliding down Mosin's thighs. It's still very cool and gives me the feeling that Mosin just withstood the shock of a trebuchet projectile landing right next to her and yet she fights on for her Emperor. Booba.

Shilling feat. Furytomic

We started this Shilling as a sort of nostalgia throwback to last year, when we had Ceia around, and Shattered Connexion, one of the best GFL events, coming soon, and Chapter 12 about to arrive, and a good Collab (Gunslinger Girls) to play. So I was amused at the coincidence that Fury just made a farewell vid for Ceia highlighting the best times EN had with them. It hit me close to home, since I am here largely because of the content they made, and the friends I made on this journey. For all of you reading this, make sure to check Fury's vid, linked below.
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