Costume Shilling #11: Tacticool at Last


A very funny intro will go here, when someone good at funny appears.


G36C tacticool cover
G36C G36C!
Das a hot skin, especially the way it pronounces her boobs while staying tacticool.
I dunno how to feel about calling a tacticool skin cute but this skin is cute. that being said, it seems a little bit more than G36C gaining a vest and changing into plaid.
I'd chalk it to G36C herself being quite cute.
I'm not interested in her much, but her plump thicc design translates pretty well into other skins.
G36c one of my beloved <3 I waited a whole year just to oath her with her bridal skin package.

I love G36c, and while this isn't my favourite skin for her, it's a solid entry into her already impressive skin line-up. The tacticool look is somewhat undermined by her huge boobs resting on top of her chest rig and preventing access to the pouches lol. But nevertheless, I think it's a great getup and looks super sleek and cool.

So many G36C simps. Where's our biggest simp?
Sir, isn't he the G36 simp?
He simps her sister too.
This is the best skin of the batch. Simply because she's G36C and another skin I'll never get. Do I have to write an essay about her?

Do it.

This skin is like a chroma on League. Just give an armor plate to G36C to basic G36C. Huge pass.
She looks great and simple. fits with her somewhat submissive aesthetic and personality, while also clashing due to the fact that she's armed to be everything BUT submissive. Overall an upgrade to her base skin imo the damaged art looks very juicy thicc and I love how she tries to hide her blush with the beret.
I love that despite her attempts to not be submissive with that getup, she still feels very vulnerable and huggable in it. The ripped clothing's and cute face in her damaged arts hits real different.

To also concur with what others have already been saying too... thicc damaged art nice, but I also just wanna go over there and hug her and tell her she's safe and everything will be alright. Though truth be told, with her shield and HP, she's probably the one keeping me safe haha.

I have an odd relationship with G36C in that I quite like the gun, but G36C herself didn't quite hit me. Might be that I always get the impression she's thinking naughty thoughts.

With this skin tho, she remains only with the cute aspect on her default art. Have yet to see the L2D animations, so maybe her "lusty" aspect is on the animation, or was totally thrown into the damaged art. Vest is pretty cool, and strikes up the "Tacticool" vibe, though I feel it is partially ruined by the skirt+ knee-high socks. Default G36C already has that, so I feel they could have gonne for tights+ skirt or full-blown leggings. I concur with Hakucchi in that it feels odd to call a Tacticool skin cute, but it is what it is.

At least now G36C won't have to be wearing a wedding dress to eat Archer arrows with her shield.

Same for me, G36C’s personality isn’t really my thing but I can acknowledge when the costume itself is excellent from a tacticool standpoint with minimal skin shown yet it still does a fantastic job at outlining her ravishing body.
For the most part, it captures the essence behind's G36C and her overall appeal to her fans, which is her luxurious meaty body that's somehow empathized even with her conservative, shy nature. No matter how she tries to huddle in the corner, she'll often find herself gaining the attention of appreciative skks.
So true. Well excluding VHS, however, I’m expecting a deep and complex essay to prove me wrong.
Seems like Crally is done with his essay. Here it comes!

Lemme see, where do I start? G36C is a doll that will always look seducing despite her not trying to be one. Always. In a way, it makes the attention falls to her, and when things go wrong, rarely would people turn to her. Parsley has been well known to draw thicc meaty JKs, and G36C is no exception. To be fair, this skin is nothing extraordinary, I might say it's just 20-% upgrade from her base art.

However, I think that is enough, since G36C's attire were already battle-suited, not something like G36 that is a true maid. You'll always find similarities between her base and this art. Because I believe Parsley designed them similarly. Though, her damaged art is MEATY AF, it's really a seductive damaged art. G36C has never disappointed in any skin she has, and this one is no exception. Oh, and one would notice that Parsley's art is getting much more colourful lately. One would notice the hair is much more silky, the clothes are vibrant

And the last thing. the eyes G36C's ruby red eyes are shiny, unlike base art you could also compare 64 Shiki with 89 Shiki for reference. I vouch for this skin. though I'd never get it I believe 9/solidly not because I still feel something's lacking.

Here you go.

Das some good review

Super Shorty

supershorty tacticool cover
Shorty cosplaying as AN94.
Just the overall getup, color scheme, harness, and shorts.
In other words Super Shorty looks up to 94neechan and wanted to look as badass as her.
Huh. Never saw that before but you're right
It's pretty cute. Like the skin is clean and with the AN94 cosplay in mind it's cute but she still looks serious enough.
Based decision.
Yeah gotta say, after what you said, I look at the skin under a new light. Almost makes me want to roll her.
While I am still irrationally annoyed by the name, that does improve this skin yeah.
Why annoyed?
I have no clue. The name just annoys me. When I was grabbing wiki names as placeholders my reaction was straight up 'fucks sake, have a different actual TL'.
Isn't it a nod to good cop bad cop?
100% is.


Our resident French either doesn’t like Shorty, or doesn’t like cops. Up to the reader to guess which.
Sheele doesn't strike me as a rioter, at least. I'd say it's Shorty.

Welcome to tacticool, or "let's give defy aesthetics to random dolls" if you prefer. Looks okay, but nothing special. clean, simple design, works for people who like the doll, but there's really nothing much to point out.

For the most part, very "neutral" skins.

The skin does feel a bit bland and uninspiring especially with the obvious 94 comparisons. Shorty's design doesn't help since she just appears goofy and childish trying to look cool in a more tactical getup
It's cute like mini-me but Super Shorty.

 If I go with the "Super Shorty is totes cosplaying 94nee-chan" skin headcannon, I'm all in for this skin. Otherwise this just feel like a half decent attempt at copying 94's "Tacticool side on a Doll that has seen too many police memes to have a Tacticool vibe.

That said, I'd have expected a more enforcer-ish type of Tacticool, given that she uses an SG. Something like helmets and big armour and such.

Damaged art is surprisingly good, given it has badass and no horni aspect. The smoke effect feels generic though, which loses points to me.

Given her only other skin (as far as I remember) is some traveller/commissioner skin, this is totes an upgrade for her.

Also, is she wearing frigging All-Stars??

Guys, I'm all so sorry but I'm gonna have to be the one to burst your bubble on the "Shorty is cosplaying DEFY" idea, cause what she's actually cosplaying as is a Division agent. Note the orange circles on her rig and wrist. The wrist one in particular is likely a SHD watch. Besides that, the overall attire and mask design is pretty reminiscent of what you'd see a Division agent wearing in the snowy streets of New York City. 

However, the real confirmation is her damaged art, where you can very clearly see the fuckin SHD logo right on her shoulder. She also is holding what appears to be a seeker mine and that yellow bag on her back? That's contaminated gear, so she's currently roaming the dark zone and looking to extract that sweet sweet loot. Maybe she's even got a House in there.

Overall, pretty cool skin. As a fan of the Division, I really enjoy it. Definitely quite faithful to the source material, plus I like it a lot more than her default. Good stuff.

I'm unfamiliar with Division assets since I played the beta a long time ago, and despite buying both on promos, I never really played them. 

Maybe this comparison arose because we barely remember this was originally a Skin gacha that came out with the Division, so we're only left with the Tacticool aspect in our memories. Can you add here references Red? For the watch and winter agent clothing?

Sure thing. So here's the smartwatch used by agents. It's fairly non-descript, being mostly black and distinctly identified by the bright orange circle on the clockface.

Now Division agents don't have a dress code, so finding a solid comparison between her outfit to the actual game is hard outside of saying "It just looks like it'll fit in the game". I don't think her attire is based on anyone's in-game outfit.

You can find art and numerous cosplays online though that have a mask very similar to her though.

This is the logo of SHD, the faction your player character belongs to in The Division. (SHD stands for Strategic Homeland Division btw)

This is the seeker mine, it rolls at your enemies and hope the boom blows them dead. In Division 2, it can also be made to do other things, even use it as a support tool that regens the armour of allies.

The version pictured above is from Division 2. I couldn't find any clean-ish photos of the D1 version.

And last but not least the yellow bag. When you pick up loot in the Dark Zone (The game's PvPvE zone), you have to decontaminate it first by extracting it to a chopper. When you're carrying contaminated loot, you appear with this bag and it effectively paints a target on your back. Others will see the bag, they may think you got some good shit, they may be more likely to attack you for it.


I think that's everything I mentioned covered.

If you want some context on the "Maybe she's even got a House in there" joke I made, The House is the name of an exotic SMG you could get. It was extremely coveted for its high DPS potential, so many people wanted it. Typically the Dark Zone was the best place to try for it, but naturally the most dangerous as well.

Huh, it does resemble the outfits you see in Division, but the pose and explosion in the damaged art is a bit too reminiscent of 94 so I suppose inspiration is drawn from multiple aisles.
I never played the division. Good catch Red.

It ok, I don't think they would've made her literally cosplay as AN-94 on purpose, but just thought the similarities were cute. 

Apologies if I kinda rained on your parade out here Haku. Just thought it'd be best to show the truth about the skin's design.

To clear things up, I wasn't trying to call out any of you for the DEFY comparison, even though I don't personally see it much.

Just because you're right doesn't mean we're wrong.


TEC-9 tacticool cover

Damaged art is sympathetic. But overall.. meh? I guess ? I don't know if it is because i'm not caring about TEC-9, or if the esthetic aren't to my taste at all (although I usually like that kind of clothes).

She is the one that bring my attention the least in this batch
I feel like overall the arts in GFL, especially the damaged one, starts lacking identity. This damaged art (although i appreciate it) feels like a copy of another doll's damaged art, just with TEC-9 replacing the original. but... like not a copy like "inspired". A literal copy-paste I have several ideas of who could be the OG one but since i don't know all the arts of all the dolls of the game, even with my memory, i can't tell AK-12/AN-94 default AK-12 Summer they're the first to come to my mind.
I feel this is particular to TEC-9, the explosion feels kinda generic.
I don't even remember why I leveled her, but I have her sitting at lv100 soo. Not a bad skin, but the damaged art looks kinda.... off to me. it's not quite fire, it's not quite an explosion, and the amount of damage on her doesn't fit either, which kinda makes the skin suffer a bit.
Isomer ranking probably. Low Damage strats for Uhlan/doppels? Same story as SAF in a sense top half goes in on tacticool, bottom half goes in on legs. Not a bad thing, like the skin well enough. Leggings still look painted on, which I have mixed feelings about for whatever reason. Actually wearing a jacket is superior to not wearing a jacket, combined with actual combat gear. Not sure that's in the box, damaged art suggests something explosive. I approve. Chibi-Comms-Kalina is cute and amusing. Good skin, I actually got this one throwing a pull at the banner, Iso+ hurry up, I want to waste hours of my life on one map again.

Same.  I was still fresh on ranking prep when Isomer hit, so not only I couldn't do KCCO area cos 8 echelons, but also couldn't pull out more advanced stuff like low damage strats for Gundams/Uhlans. Tis a shame, cos I wanted to use kek-9 there. Hopefully next year we may see a ranking + on the horizon, so I can try Isomer + and CT+

Am with Soul, Chibi Kalin on radio is cute, and the biggest appeal here. Skin wise, totes an upgrade from her default art, though her emo-ish (it is emo-ish right?) never quite hit me up. Kinda wish the jacket wasn't open tho. It feels like fanservice added to the skin that just looks out of place to me. Explosion is pretty generic, I wish it had more context

Skin feels pretty generic and meh to me as well, if it cut back on the fan service with the open jacket, that’ll definitely bump it higher
Isomer's shiny star among 3 was MP-448, not TEC-9, sorry for y'all
I don't remember any of them
Tec-9 op, valve pls nerf.

This skin doesn't really stray far from her default skin.

Those XX patterns, mafia colors, skintight shiny suits.

I still wonder if she's a boy or a girl.


 Anyway this is TEC9 JK skin.


Kekw Ay it is

Allow me to introduce the Tec-9, a stupid gun in CS:GO that unfortunately doesn't translate as well into GFL. ...Well, not to say TEC-9 isn't useful in her own way.

5/10 flat off.

Her jacket is undone which is probably for the fanservice, but I don't like it. There's little-to-no actual protection on her body, so it's more for fanservice it seems.

Lastly, I leave this here:


SAF tacticool cover

This skin feels like it came straight out of AK. In a good way. AK has lots of good designs.

That reminded me of where I thought I saw something similar. At first, I was thinking based bonedrewd from Made in Abyss but there is literally a side character in an event that looks like her: Plastic Knight.


For some reason, I never realized plastic knight had ears sticking out despite knowing he was a kuranta but anyways, I wonder if they had the same artist or some kind of relation the overall color scheme and some design cues look similar.

Though if you look closer plastic knight's armor is definitely more traditional than tactical.

I'm not sure. I mean yeah, but like he's wearing a prototype armor then again, not like most AK characters have actual armor.

Yeah. On the whole, it's one of the few skins where you don't see the character's face, like that pumpkin head skin. I appreciate how it does seem full tactical.

Well, sorta. The hair still sticks out but when you have as much of a mane as SAF well what more can you do?

Yeah. The rest of the costume seems pretty utilitarian - bodysuit for streamlined movement, vest and bag for supplies, the shoes looks like they're good for multiple terrain missions, etc.

At least, from the viewpoint of someone who has never gone on a field mission it looks reasonable. but this is tacticool, not 100% tactical. It kind of grows on you.  These skins are weird because normally your first recognition of the doll is their face, but for this and the Halloween skin it really stands on the impact of the entirety as a whole.

Of course, there's still her hair as Doc mentioned, which really lets you know it's SAF due to the signature highlights, but it manages to mesh excellently with the rest of the skin.

While it's not full out Dark Knight Batman black, it manages to be visually interesting without having the infamous Batman yellow logo/batnipples problem I mention in VSH's skin of shouting "Shoot me!"

The modern-futuristic blend really puts the "cool" in "Tacticool".

Yeah. Also looks like Odysseus not gonna lie, at least with the helmet.


From FGO? The modern-futuristic blend really puts the "cool" in "Tacticool". Tacticool has futuristic tacticool, cute tacticool, ass tacticool, grizzled tacticool, cosplay tacticool and actual tacticool. huh, it's more plural than I thought.

Yes, from FGO.

Hello Odysseus/Szewczyk the Plastic Knight, it's a pleasure to meet your daughter/cossing/genderbent version of you.

This skin's helmet for me is the definition of "What more can I do?"

It tries to be tacticool, but SAF just has TOO MUCH HAIR. WHAT MORE CAN SHE DO ABOUT IT?

It's a good skin, 6/10, dark, actually tries.

Regular art give me Halo/Mass effect vibes.
Mass effect I get, but Halo?

The mask makes me think of how I edited my Noble 6 on Halo  Reach at the time. But that skin has the same vibe to me as the G36C one. It's an overall default SAF with small modifications. 

Looks kinda modern-mecha-ish, which is not quite my cup of tea, but that damaged art is really well done. Love the detail of being under fire, bullets grazing the few protections she has while the mask was ripped off in battle. I find that a refreshing concept compared to the usual "doll is damaged", but then again I only got this doll-like last couple weeks, and I'm not sure how useable she is. a good skin for whoever likes her, but I'd say more of a sidegrade than an upgrade.

100% improvement over SAF's base art,  if I actually used SAF for anything I might pick it up on principle. As is, poor SAF is such a meme, no reason to. 

Highly detailed, although I question why she's carrying quite that many spare mags. It's very much tacticool, although does take fair few cues from real world combat gear, so points from me. The helmet is probably a little weird but leans on the rule of cool so I'll take it. As with most of this batch, there's less going on below the waist in terms of theme, and more emphasis on 'hey, there's some nice legs' which is fine, somethinsomethignpocketscanexisttheresomethignsomething. 

Overall a cohesive vibe, nothing that stands out as weird or really catches the eye in a bad way. Actually going to give credit for the slightly weird detail of having her leggings end before her socks. Good skin, RIP doll.

 SAF decided to go Juggernaut and be a one-man army, hence the mags. Like I said at the start, this skin feels like it came straight out of AK, and in a good way. Has a futuristic Tacticool vibe that I'd totes be in, maybe Doctor Anonymous will finally convince me to play AK.

Sadly she's such a lackluster Doll gameplay-wise and personality-wise that I feel it's a skin wasted on her UKM PTSD flashbacks ensue. 

To all SAF fans, I highly recommend this skin​​​​​​.

The skin is really fucking cool yet I can’t help but be a bit apprehensive with the lack of face shown since it doesn’t do quite a good job at capturing the character’s essence. I mean, if your a serious, no playing around the type of doll, sure I guess the mask she’s wearing will fit them, but SAF’s personality doesn’t fit.

This is why I prefer the damaged art in this scenario, still contains the tacticool feeling while having her character feel intact.

Kamen Raider.

That said, this is a good skin. Look, that mask, her hair, her shirt, and wow, that thigh pants. It's such a good sports skin.  WaitYou told me it's tacticool gacha. What is it with all the girls wearing sportswear? And look hot with it.

It is. A Futuristic tacticool Apocalypse tacticool Cute tacticool. Winter tacticool gear
It's sportswear. Not tactical wear. You ain't tricking me.
Bare ankles. scandalous

Sportswear and tactical wear probably have the crossover where it's something that they need to be able to move easily in.



I cant unsee this.


SL 8 tacticool cover

I want to explore SL8's forbidden area..

I want her to dab on me uwu.
I want SL8neechan to swipe me up her arms and take me away from danger uwu
Her bedroom is still dangerous ...for you :HoxyBlush:
That's exactly the situation I imagined myself to be in when viewing that skin. Then she'll get a nice reward from me in the bedroom as my gratitude.

She has the tomboy privilege with the Shark Girl talent, meaning everything that can be badass can work with her. This skin really suits her and you really get good energy looking at her.

...However. We can come back AGAIN to what I was saying on both TEC-9, G36C, and SAF. The damaged art is a pure fraud. A copy of another one.

In order G36C's skin damaged art is a "copy" of her Halloween DA (Damaged Art), Shorty's skin DA is a copy of AN-94's default DA, TEC-9's skin DA is a "copy" of AK-12's Summer DA, SAF's skin DA (although is very different) feels similar to me to MP5mod DA and SL8's skin DA is basically a copy of Summer's AN-94's DA.

VSH (and SAF, slightly) has the only damaged art that feels unique. And honestly, some of the dolls here, forgotten like TEC or shorty, or popular like SL8 and G36C deserved so much better. This entire batch feels like a quick cash-grab just to get milk whales and nothing really more. And honestly, it reflects perfectly the state that the EN server of GFL is in since Shattered Connexion.

Shork rifle gets another pretty decent skin. Sadly, good art doesn't make a good skin, and the tactical fits well - the poses don't. Seriously, is she playing superhero on her regular art? she looks like she's pulling a batman and just landed to slap a third-rate criminal across the face on her way somewhere. Also dabbing is a bad meme so i can't endorse this skin. Shork enjoyers who like the tactical vibe tho, enjoy.

Absolutely a weird case where I like the damaged art better than the normal. The outfit itself isn't bad, trying to think of one Imoko's done that I thought was, coming up blank admittedly but not really my thing. Hits all the right boxes, reasonable color scheme, no dumb symmetry nonsense. Pose on standard art is kinda weird imo, might just be one of those things where action translates poorly into a still frame...also something something pretty sure that barrel isn't stable something something. Alright skin, for those who want Shork+Tacticool, should be a good time. 

Victory animation Dabs, loses all the points from me though.

u no like dabs?
aw man
Nope. You haven't figured out that I'm a humorless robot yet?
Liar. You laughed with me on VC uwu. You're not a robot.
I'm very good at pretending to be human.

A human wouldn't continuously poke me to stop being a workaholic.


SL8 is an odd case of a Doll that I originally didn't care about (even despised a bit, due to her being a PL Doll), but that has grown in me since (I blame Faye for that). Her marching band was a solid skin, highlighting her confidence and lead MC vibe, and the summer even more, highlighting the more feminine, and hot, side of her. I feel this one highlights her badassness and has a more Mad Max "Tacticool" read than the other skins (Where's Crally to talk about the odd skin in the batch)

Unlike my unfunny boss, victory dab is amusing, props for the mica dude who thought of it. In my opinion, it totes matches SL8's personality.

Given I have little interest in the other skins of this gacha, it's unlikely I'll roll for her, but I may be tempted to BC it once Tacticool hits the Black Card shop. Let's see if Faye manages to convince me to.

To wrap this up, a solid 10/that, in my opinion, wraps up highlighting the different aspects SL8 has badassness, hotness, and MCness.

I'd argue VHS is the outlier, not this one
How so?
Her skin is a skiing outfit. Not something you bring to gunfight.
It is?
It is to me. SAF is another outlier. It's a warzone, not a Kamen Raider animation. No matter how you look at it SL8 still has that battle gear vibe on her skin. Which are what you need for these things. The only difference between this skin that makes it an outlier is that, Everyone wear thicc clothes for skiing while SL8 went tummy haha.
SL8 is already badass enough as she is, no harm for her to show off her toned tummy.
Hello Spiderman/Siege from AK. (Spiderman for base pose, Siege caause siege's skin has barrels everywhere and has the same aesthetic) 8/10. I like SL8. She's a cute shark momma that i'd love to headpat. Sure while it's not as tacticool, as say SAF's, it gives her more of a "rogue" aesthetic that I find rather charming. If I had this skin I'd keep it on damaged because it looks much cooler.

VHS, Who's that?

VHS tacticool cover
So, uh, are we shilling this?
In case you hadn't noticed, VHS has a huge ass.
Indeed, which brings the question: do we shill on her, even though she likely won't be in the gacha?

Or do we let the opportunity pass for such ass?

I mean she's a package anyway. They'll inevitably just release this with DR.
Red, you are the greatest appreciator of VHS ass here. The choice is up to you.
Let us hear our people then!

Finest ass out there. But can we talk about her belly button in the damaged art?

I want to poke and tease it so hard God damn.

I regret hearing our people.
Despot spotted

It’s Fenton, what else did you expect?
Hear your hon then, I say we do it.
What other opportunity will we get? Would we otherwise just shill it alongside whatever skin batch comes with DR?
That is a possibility yeah.
Hey, if they released 12 and 94 summer after summer, then there's a chance.

 I suspect DR will have a shitload of stuff.

Speaking about DR, damn is it gonna take a whole.

December probably.

(This didn’t age well)

While we expect to get this skin whenever Dual Randomness arrives, we are going to shill it now. 

Then it's decreed by the VSH ass owner, we will officially shill VSH tacticool I have only one thing to say:

Das a bonafide body she got there. The tight leggings she's wearing is seriously the mvp of her costume, highlighting her notable ass, impeccable baby bearing hips, and those thighs. As well as the bellybutton.
I like her damage art better. It looks cooler.

Confirmed Haku is allergic to ass.

Not that i'm allergic to ass, but like if it's in a tacticool skin line I'd imagine you would want to be stealthy. Not alerting guards with the clap of your dummy thicc asscheeks. It's like batman with his bright yellow bat logo or batnipples, it's like, "shoot me here".
batnipples? HAHAHAHAHA

But yeah batman with either batnipples or the bright yellow logo. not stealth works better in the adam west type of comedy deal, going for a MGS-style sort of deal - stealth.

ah yes. "stealth". tacticool stealth.

I think everyone agreed that quiet was a weird decision and pretty much kojima bullshittery lol. "she needs to breathe through her skin".
Though I'd say the core reason for Quiet is not far from the core reason of VHS ass.
"VHS breathes through her ass" hmm
I slap.
I have only one thing to say:
aye, yes, the booty meme
Okay soooo this is my shilling for this skin:

I see someone used a player's weird cosmetic layout to design a skin Everyone else has thoroughly covered the ah...defining feature(?) of this skin, let's talk art. 

The pose does VHS (I apologize in advance if I type VSK instead, the names blend in my head) a lot of favors, as it makes it hard to figure out if she's wearing a onesie, in which case I have all the questions or just tights that go quite far up. Pretty sure it's a onesie/bodyglove thing, which in general I don't mind too much as a design choice, but the lack of clarity does funny things to my brain. Boots are fine, color choice is odd, only matching the beanie(and it's puffball) and the smoke grenade in the damaged art. Jacket's nice, I'm always a fan of mismatched leggings(if that really counts at all here) because I have weird opinions. 

There's a surprising bit of detail in the accessories, such as the wrist bits on the gloves, her ear protection, or hell, just VHS's gun has quite a bit of detail on it. Art quality 8/10, colors confuse brain, onesie/bodyglove confuse brain. 

Course, I'm pretty sure I've put way more thought than required....


So I googled for an image and that was a mistake. Bodyglove is probably more accurate to what VHS is wearing, onesies aren't form-fitting. But, for posterity:

How much of a mistake?

uhhh yeah, big mistake.

Well, it's been confirmed we won't get that skin, but all indications are that it's not far off. Anyway, Ass out of 10, the bright blue feels out of place on a "tacticool" skin gacha, but matches her pretty well in my opinion. I always mix up VHS, and I just realise I had been writing her name the wrong way. Also am confused if this is Red's wife or not.

In any case, a solid skin, might have been more solid if the theme in this gacha wasn't "Tacticool". It's a shame we'll have to wait a few more months to get here.

I dunno if I'd refer to VHS as one of my wives, I like the doll and love using this gun in PAYDAY 2 (where it's called the Lion's Roar Rifle and recently became extremely strong after a buff) but I'd have to see some of her in-game to decide if an oath is on the table.

Anyway, this skin, I think it's really nice. I've never been a huge fan of the bubblegum blowing aesthetic, but bar that I like every other aspect. No, I'm not just talking about her ass either, I think overall it's a cool outfit and nice bells and whistles... And then there's the ASS, we can't forget about that lol.

IIRC, VHS is pretty solid as a doll, so I think I'll be picking this skin up once it arrives. Looking forward to then!

VSK is the wife?
VSK is the one that's 100% wife. VHS is plausible wife.
VSH is definitely a wife for me just from looks alone. Her chill appearance, hair style, and casual outfits hits pretty hard. In a way, her tactical costume maintains what I like about her, which is her casual attitude and the clothing style that compliments it .

Is it VHS or VSH? I realize half the time we've been typing either.

Good question, I have no idea.

It's VHS.

The version seen more commonly in games and GFL is the VHS-2, which is more distinct and less FAMAS-looking To be even more specific, she seems to use the VHS-D2 CT in her normal art. Then rather strangely, seems to switch to a regular VHS-D2 in this skin.

But Red, how does this looks like a VHS?


What skin? Who is she?

Adam, introduce me to her since MICA hasn’t.

VHS, A.K.A. another doll from DR we ain't getting anytime soon.

Red-sama decided we'd shill her for when her skin comes out, Cos it'll probably come misplaced in some random batch.

That’s Red for you. Anyway, this skin is a very good skin. I rate it 8,5/10.  Dumbed down cause it's not Tacticool skin but a skiing skin. lemme see, the gun is colourful, the suit is warm. The cap is warm, but most notably I learned that she has an ass to die for.

Base: Horny fanservice

6.5/10. She's a cute girl and while it's not overly fanservicey, this gives me some Division 1 vibes from back when I played.

Anyway, remember, JOJOOOOOOOOOO.


Why were we late for this release? Well...

I'm fairly sure the edit log will show that I had nothing to do with this.

Fighting cunts? Is that what they call yuri these days?

Depends on the yuri you’re watching

Meanwhile, Crally, I suggest you run, Soul’s about to strangle you:



Kill me UwU

I forbid killing. Have this instead:

ayo we shilling this?

Adam's asleep (read: dead)

Time to take back my Shilling. This would make a nice comeback.

Our shilling

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