Costume Shilling #12.1: Guessing Game


Hello, welcome to another episode of Costume Shilling. This time we decided to shake things up, as this banner is the first one being released in EN right after it came out on CN/KR/TW since the Shilling panel start.
Thus, instead of our usual Shilling panel, we're going to do "Shilling Panel guess who's the T-Doll".
On top of that, I snatched yet another GP member to join the panel! Ladies and gentleman, the one and only: Ferrari-chan

Hello everyone, I'm Ferrari. I joined GP a little while back to contribute in the lore section. While I usually focus only on lore, there are some skins that are worth shilling, so that's why I'm here now.

Also, Liu, SAT8, and PKP are the best dolls.

So Adam is collecting all the GP stones?!
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. We have Matt the Comedian, Red the Uber Hornt Head of Lee Church, Soul the art lover/closet degen leader of forgotten G3 cult, Mars the Lore overlord Pope of Architect Chruch, Haku the GP therapist Lover of Dead Dolls and Ferrari the Thighs Gentleman and head of Best Thighs we will never get Liu church.
I seem to have broken Adam. While I hammer him back in one piece, or as close to functional as possible, let's start our guessing game!

Halloween T-Doll 1

Halloween PDW preview
Aight, we start off the bat with this skin. So, panelists, who might be this T-Doll?

KAC PDW, which already makes me hate this batch

Because of the colour?

I think there's too much chest there to be her, but the purple do has me worried. She likes purple more than Grape does

The tweet literally has her mentioning grape sweets. 

I'm pretty certain it's KAC

KAC is a fan of grapes? it's yuri time bois
Yes, grape sodas, grapes in general, anything that has to do with grapes.
Haven't seen any PDW-Grape related memes, nor I wish to find such a thing.
I feel ya. Cant say having (likely) KAC PDW leaves me looking forward to this Halloween batch.

this didn't age well

Stop making me horny aaaaaaaaaa
Don't worry, you can have this one all for yourself

No one:

Absolutely no one:

Not a single living breathing thing:

Even monkes:


I woke up sad, now I'm hornt and sad. Please help
Nope nope nope nope we're out

While everyone is busy running away from Sheele, let me step in to announce who was the T-Doll


And the mysterious T-Doll was....

The fact that this skin wouldn't look out of place in some sort of abuse context is highly concerning.

No, seriously. As if the pose (in the damaged art) was not enough, she also dropped her candy.

And where did that candy end up? Right, of course...

After that image is the part where the little ghost/will-o-wisps thingie decide they want the candy and go for it.

Send whoever drew this image to jail, horny jail isn't enough.

I have a proposal: maybe horny hanging, instead of horny jail
That someone is Toro, most famous artist of dear PA-15
Wait, you telling me KAC and PA-15 share the same artist?
Wait, you're telling me you just realised that??
Yup, not that I ever had any particular interest in either of them to look up their artist. That said, this explains a surprisingly lot
Werlp. Yhis is about a 50/10 on the yikes scale.
Yep, it does.
This is crindje. Literally worthy of CLR (Crindje Live Reading)
Hmmmmmmm, that's pretty hot. Tororo delivers alright
I see now why Kawa picked up PNC in CN server.
I have several question about Kawa, and I do not want them answered
MFW I thought Grape meant Grape and not PDW
Anything I say can and will be used in court, thus I choose to remain silent
Safe to say, well, like the rest of us, I found the character and the questionable messaging to be pretty loathsome so into the trash it goes

Ew. Whoever decides this was a good skin should be jailed. I mean, I get why, but… why?

It's not a matter of why.

It's a matter of why not...

More specifically why is the one who draws this not in jail?

Before everyone starts a witch hunt on Tororo, I'll wrap this up. The only thing I have to say about this is I feel compelled to burn my hard drive having downloaded the files to make the cover.

Halloween T-Doll 2

C-MS Halloween preview
So, panelists, for the second skin preview, who might be this T-Doll?


Huh.. That ain't far-fetched. She looks a tad flat tho.

I'd go for T63. Type 64 has a fair amount of booba, unlike her smaller sis.

Rex Zero 1
Literally who?
4* off-meta Handgun
QA did say we'd get Halloween batch briefly after CN so unless we get another Doll batch soon I wouldn't expect the skin batch to have Dolls not in EN.
M4neesan, she'll be a vampire and suck the blood out of me.
Hmmmm, she's missing her green streak no?


The overall theme is black and green though. And I think the streak is offscreen. It's not that low the angle in the preview.

Plus unless you're DP-12 busty, that clothing would hide your bust anyway.

Wouldnt that make Type 64 also a possibility?
Sure it would. It's just a hunch anyway. Also I want M4nee sucking out my blood.
Fenton pls. I know it's good to bully Adam, but pls
Guess it's time to mind blow everyone because EVERYONE IN THIS PANEL WAS WRONG HAHAHAHA
CMS??? WAT???
Why didn't I think of it. She's flat AND black haired.
Cos in her defult she's white as fresh milk? Or her hair is wild as Sheele?
The skin complexion matches to me. What caught me off guard is how her hair is actually tidy.

I heard my name and I will say this: I am legally obliged to not sheeling

I will illegally oblige you to shill

Alright, you asked for it: I would f**k Soup without remorse and that's the only sheeling you'll get from me there.

Huh. Didn't expect that.
Which part?

That's lood


Very lood
How the heck is this skin C-MS'?
It finally hit Crally. He must be suffering severe lag.
How the heck is this skin C-MS'?

This shit ain’t look nowhere near like her. I like the skin and all and I think it’s great.

Solid 6.5/10

It’s very nice on her. But this is the issue I have with art that gets drastically better with time or changes the appearance in such a dramatic fashion. It’s that sometimes it’s super hard to recognize the doll.

Is the same artist as the default?
No idea

CMS be borrowing M4's body this time around. Bit of a plain but beautiful costume with a rather simplistic color palette so there isn't much appeal to me.

There's no appeal to you cos there's no armpit or feet, you degenewate.
I can appreciate fully clothed costumes just fine, right guys?

Gunray Impossible GIF - Gunray Impossible Star GIFs

I am suspicious of this claim I'll admit.
Sorry mate, can't have your back there
Fenton is sus


Halloween T-Doll 3

MP-443 Halloween preview
So, for our third skin, we have a pink hair Doll!
Literally who?
That's the million dollar question Crally. I myself have no clue.
I'd guess thats wz.29, or Wizz for the intimate. Or think of other HGs with pink hair.
Why HGs in particular?

Usually short-haired are rarely big guns. Even if that's not the case, that's how I see it.

Wizz sounds like a fair guess.
I must now research if Crally is right, because that'll mean there are a lot of short hair, shortstacks in the HG class

Here I thought the focus on the bust area would rile up all the chat, guess we're all dead eh.

Aaaand just like before, ALL THE PANEL IS WRONG MUAHAHAHA

Ma'am, lemme smother myself on your bust. 

I ran her in PL waifu ranking but I didn't think she was actually a MILF.

Same. She had high school girl vibes no?

Tfw she gets a nice mod 3 upgrade only to get an even nicer skin. Kinda reminds me of another HG who had this issue…


Stech is still not my taste, but this mommy... dammit.

Stech is a cutie, while 443 is the one that goes to your mom and says "he calls me mommy too"

The one time I used her. If I recall correctly Kawa was the one who suggested her on Waifu Wars.

Not gonna lie, she was a decent unit. Not flashy, but did her job well. Spring x G36 link Skill certainly helped.

I'm glad that, even months after I created this, this image still stands:

Don’t know, don’t care. Different art for a doll, don’t care for her. It’s horny, it’s cute, but it’s not me.


Halloween T-Doll 4

Type 95 Halloween Preview
Aaaand the last Doll for part one of this Shilling! Who this Doll might be? The colour reminds me of Type 95
Totally Type 95. Maybe on the off chance it's Lewis

Hmmmm a possibility yes. Lewdis does have a large chest, and she only has a summer skin iirc

Wait, dont Type 95 and 97 have halloween skins?

I'm thinking another 95 is unlikely.

But in case it is her, no, she doesn't have a Halloween skin. She has three Azur Lane styled skins, wedding and school girl

Desti, would you lay with her?

The thing is, the colour palette is a dead giveaway that this new skin belongs to 95.

At the same time, I also think another Type 95 skin is unlikely.

Going with Type 95 as well
Should we tell them?



Type 95, the biggest hornt inducing girl in the game.
Imagine forgetting about DSR

And now she comes with a Liu style skin no less. To be honest I feel that's the only style that would work with her.

Agreed. Type 95 has big big oneesan vibes
I don't like Type 95. I don't like this skin. I don't like oneesans.

Gimme moderate and smol badonkers micaaa. I want C-MS

Breaking news: Sheele is allergic to oneesans. No wonder he liked PDW. Guess it's time to burn him at the stake.
If it leaks out of my hand its not good.
You know what they say, smol hands means smol **
My hands are fine!!!!
That's what they always say.
Man, I'd totally lay with Type 95. This skin is just bghghgbg

Well, I guess there's only one thing I can say: here we go again

Here we go again~~~

While they're off to who knows where (and I totally don't want to know), I'll leave my shilling before they drag me into their madness as well. 

I’m not surprised if this is by a different artist. Kishiyo is an… interesting figure within the GFL community. The QBZ sisters’ school skins were drawn by a different artist as well.

Regardless, I think this a pretty skin. It’s not overly fanservice aside from the LEGS part and some cleavage, and she’s got this elegant look to her. 

Pretty. 7/10.

Now off I am, and with me the end of this Shilling

Uhhh guys? Where y'all going? I haven't said my piece yet.


Guys come on, I was busy with Jashin guides!


Will we see the rest of this Halloween banner in part 2? WIll Adam reveal why they weren't here in the first place? WIll Doc finally make his comeback with PNC Shilling? WIll I be able to shill on Skins 5 and 6? Find out in the Costume Shilling #12.2: Soul Strikes Back-wait

Reads script

Why is it called Soul Strikes Back??

Why, because you were left behind on Skin 4, just like Vader in Episode IV. See, they're both 4! It's not a coincidence. KSG also dresses in black and is unemotional. Just like Vader!
Will Adam lose his hand and be unable to use the GP stones? Wonder, one must
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