Costume Shilling 14: Christmas MICA Style

Article by Adamasturia
Costume Shilling 14 cover


So we pulling a MICA and releasing a Shilling out of season. Enjoy your ride


hanyang xmas cover

Opening with the best skin of the batch, we have Mama Claus Hanyang!!!


Will be easy to get this skin?

Yes! It's a bingo skin, which means the best skin of the batch is free



Although she won't earn a palace as my adjutant since she lacks silver hair it's a palpable costume

Yay. I want to bring her to bed.


She's certainly going to earn one on mine. I was looking forward to 416 mod L2D, turns out she still only spills two lines on her default art, and the boxes for her damaged art is just wonky. I also don't like being blinded by a flash of light every time her L2D is picked on the main screen.

Hopefully Hanyang's L2D will be smooth.

Spoilers: it is

Yeah, her damaged art is only meant to blind you 

This is meh horny bait. It does it better than VSK, but like VSK, it only fulfills one of two criteria, and it's done mediocrely. I give it a 5/10.

I dont have a ton to say about this skin. Not too interested in it since I prefer her mod skin. Yes it's horny bait and her chest is very large. 

Not much to add from me.
I'll take it, but I'll stick to her mod3. I haven't seen her L2D though from this skin, so I'll keep an eye out for that.

You should look at it. Very nice much yummy wow

That skin is damn horny, but I only care about machinery.

best skin of the batch, she looks utterly gorgeous and smoking hot. Her damaged art probably left Fenton nuts, cos dem feet.

Hoverbike is pretty poggers too, though I wonder why they didn't make her rifle more scifi to match it.

Eh, it's pretty decent I guess. But I stay loyal to ak-12 feet.

My oh my, those are quite some booba on Hanyang there.

Anyway I think it's a cool ass skin. The idea of the rcoket powered sleigh is a nice novel one and Hanyang's outift has a balance of theme and fanservice... ok yeah it's mostly the fanservice side haha but still nice. The fact this skin is free is a steal, 10 outta 10.

Fuck. I missed a bingo event?

Missed 6 days only. It's salvageable if you start today.

(Did he make it? We'll never know)

Should still be good to get enough lines for Hanyang at least.
On that note, fine skin, cool boots, stockings, hoverbike. I'll say something intelligent later.
He did not

Damn, is it just me or does Hanyang's chest grow with every skin she gets?

They do be growing every time. As well as becoming more lewd.

I swear someone figured it out, and that yes it does, but I could be remembering wrong.

All I gonna say: Mile High Club 

Not gonna lie, feels like Hanyang finally getting the glow-up she deserves
From overdressed 90s visual novel maid to busty battle bunny riding a boomstick and a bike
It's, uh, nice. Very pleasing on the eyes.

Her art style is the biggest improvement here, as well as receiving a more robust physique compared to whatever the fuck her original art was.

Her bust size is a close second in terms of improvements.


s-acr xmas cover

I'll be inclined to go picking some apples and making ciders out of them with her.

The haughty girl be like this??? Me take it

She goes from evil ojou sama to country girl. Nani the f**k??

I feel that's the background of some adventure manga

You know there is a certain feel to the artstyle.

I like the colouring, as much as it kinda fades out, or so the image gives away.

Now this is a skin that doesn't do fanservice, but more for the cuteness factor. This is a skin I enjoy because it's precious. I want to hug this child.

Very underrated skin. I actually like this skin way more than her base art.
Big glasses, cute doll, a giant jar of honey, a cute outfit, and overall a solid skin

She deserves a hug.

On another note: Baking an apple pie with Christmas S-ACR!
I'll be throwing 200 tokens just to see if I get this skin, VSK's, or Nagant's.

loled at that since I was gonna buy some next week
Anyhow, best of luck with your endeavours

Tomboy energy 

hmmm I don't really get tomboy energy, just countrygirl childhood friend energy.

More specifically, Goblin Slayer's childhood friend

Very cute

I agree, very cute.
Not much more to say on it. I do like it more than S-ACR's default.

Fine enough skin, all told. Doesn't do much for me, but S-ACR (seriously MICA wtf) doesn't do much for me overall so that's probably why. Massively oversized honey jar is kinda wild,...and only now do I realize that the thing under it is her gun. 

Overall good skin for an IRL weird gun.

No clue who this girl is, but she's got the Stardew Valley aesthetic going on, I guess
Looks and feels like a homely farm girl. Very cute indeed.


vsk xmas shilling

This skin foreshadowed the horniness of 2021 CN Christmas
Also, heavly resembles a certain art from Mash in FGO
I don't even know what to say about this skin. Colours don't match with the cape? What's the white thingy she's on on her damaged art? Why does she have a cape? Why is her tail so big
This skin raises so many question for me that it's better left locked inside Red's room.

I think I have even seen a fanart of VSK dressed with that

Skin I'll never get cause luck be like that

The cape is so it has the vague ability to be a Christmas skin 
Otherwise it's just your typical Dangerous Beast innit.
...Oh right I'm supposed to be horny aren't I. Ok.

I'll get M4 dressed in this
And Dandy with Hanyang's
And G36 with the string one
And I'll have a perfect Christmas

It’s a great costume that expresses out of the correct features in a aggressively sexual manner but I’m not a fan of the character unfortunately. This costume is probably picked out for her to lure innocent young lads into her clutches, so no thanks

This skin is literally the absolute definition of cringe. 
It's a horrible outfit going with VSK's design, The colors don't match, and it's pure horny bait, not even good horny bait. Good horny bait isn't what is essentially "lingerie disguised as Christmas", it's utilizing elements and colors to deride a proper response from the human brain, this only does it through sheer boob exposure and lewd looks. It's sad.

That's a lot of text. 

Anyway, her boobs and thighs are noticable to say the least. 
I dont think I need to add too much. It's VSK, it's just dangerous beast, her boobs are huge, and she's cute.
I don't get the hatred for this skin, but it's not my favorite of this batch. It's obviously horny bait, and it sold well because of that. No other way around it.

Not really hate. More like scorn? It's a skin that was best suited to summer than Christmas

Not even summer. This is just straight up lingerie that doesn’t even have good fanservice aside from giant booba and s**t. It’s not good.

It’s just a weak way to get money, through literal exposure

I have to kinda agree with you. 

We've had better fanservice in the past, I feel.

What even defines "good fanservice"?

Also I wouldn't call it weak when it literally made money.

Well, for starter, when it makes thematic sense, like all swimsuits are good fanservice, cos they make sense in the batch. Lee's wedding dress can be considered good fanservice if you imagine she's wearing that for the honeymoon. R93's swimsuit is pretty fanservicey without being overly lewd. Mosin's anni dress is pretty fanservicey without rubbing it on your face
although I wouldn't mind if she let me rub my face on those stockings. Hanyang's own christmas skin fits enough with the christmas theme. I'd call it good fanservice, even if a tad exaggerated.

Like, you don't really look at this skin and instantly think "Christmas"
does that suffice as an explanation?

Yeah, but I can still look at the base art and think Christmas or at least Winter.

-The red sash/cape
-the presents falling around her
-the falling snowflakes
-the winter-themed stockings
-the green ribbon with bells
-the little snowflake and bells in her hair
-Has a basket with red wine, bread, apples, and carrots (all ingredients of various dishes or desserts or drinks)

I know it's very fanservice, but it's clearly Christmas/Winter related. You're just looking for reasons to level against it.

Can't say I'm not biased.

Read [censored] read!

I can't read, this is EN!

Well, I’m not saying it doesn’t qualify as xmas. It’s just a bad example of it.

Told ya

It took them 3 and a half years, but they finally cracked me and made me uncensor the game.

So the skin itself, we already know it's just pure horny. Which I why it's made me finally uncensor the game. The censored version basically defeats the entire purpose of the skin and I didn't want my used tokens to go to waste.

I don't got much more to say. Plenty won't like the overly horny design and that's fine. But we all by now I'm a massive walking blob of horny so, I do like this skin lol.

the censor lmao
I like her... tail?

Skin Horny. Censor tried, censor failed. Has an excellent cape. Not much more I can really say here to be honest.

the censor looks like something you might wear outside if you were brave
the uncensored is literally exhibitionism and you will probably get arrested for it
doubly so if you're a dude wearing this outfit

The animal/beast asthetic on the costume doesn’t help my favor towards it as well, idk, it just feels too thot-ty and no other characteristics are really there.

So to chip in something different besides "awooga booba" or "thank you i fucking hate this skin" I'll talk about two things that stood out for me in particular. No, its not her left boob and right boob. Rather, its that in her damaged art (which is wonderfully asymmetrical in the distribution of its damage, but that's not the point), VSK is nomming on her bra strap. A strap which in her normal art disappears under the ribbon she's wearing and is presumably connected to the strap going down her cleavage by hidden rings.

There's no plausible explanation for how this strap can now slip out freely to be chewed on, much less be as short as it is and still do the heavy, heavy lifting that it needs to do.It's a magic string for a magic bra, and probably not very good at its job.

The attention to the skindents here is remarkable. It goes from her stockings to the straps around her belly, and ending at her breasts. 

Say whatever you want - be it praises or curses - but there's plenty of attention given to the details in this costume. Not saying its great, not saying its bad, you do what you will do. And I will see what I see. 

Also the blue palette , according to a brief search on Quora, is not out of place - blue lights and decorations may be used to represent the Virgin Mary.


VSK's not staying a virgin for long in this getup.

Type 4

type 4 xmas


Reminds me of a pixie
Like pixie winx animation
she looks very cute in her normal art, and it sorta make me wish gfl made a collab with some pixie theme anime
damaged art we have snow, and type 4 with her wings broken. Looks as if she was shot down from the sky, and the sad face she's doing is just too much for my poor heart
Nothing too lewd either. The panties sneak peak isn't blatant, and so can safely be ignored if you don't want to get arrested
Outside of mommy Hanyang, I'd say this is the skin that fits the most the Christmas theme. Colours really remind you of Christmas, and I vaguely remember mentions of Pixies on Santa Claus legend?


...Eh... 4 Shiki always struck me as jailbait.


We're all thinking about Winx Club

I don't actually know what this Winx Club is, but anyway, it's a cute skin.
Nothing horny in any way, just Type 4 as a cute fairy. The way it flies about is pretty adorable.

It has been a serious hot second since I remembered Winx club existed, wow. Didn't really put that together until now. Overall, good skin, really dig it. not enough to try for it, but if I end up with surplus B-cards sometime, I'll probably pick it up, since I hve 2 type 4s for...some reasons?

fr though that dress much cute. my brain is also fuckin fried, I apologize for losing coherence.



tbh don't like the vast majority of this batch
R5, Nagant and 4 Shiki are distinct outliers
maybe hs2k if I feel spicy
but this one is probably my favorite of the batch by far
but yeah, back in the day I actually used to be a HUGE Winx fan 
like, the first ever piece of merch I really owned was a Winx figure

That I didn't expect

I still don’t get the appeal of Winx
I’ve watched the show and I hate it

At what age did you watch?
That's a very very kids' show, you know?

I just remembered being bullied back in middle school for it, and I got called gay for it too.

A lot

It stuck with me until sophomore year of high school

Kids suck ok. This is a part of the reason I’m [REDADCTED]

There are three ways to read what Doc said, and all of them are horrible.

Onto the shilling
Cute, I guess. Definitely agree with the others of the Winx look with her lamp and fairy wings
But oh boy the damaged appearance is definitely not going to places in heaven.

Unnecessary flash of panty, however subtle it is.

Lying on stomach while looking at viewer.

Ripped stockings as par the course for damaged art, but large swathes are missing as opposed to just having tears.
I don't have anything clever to say about this, and I'll wrap up so that I don't need to keep combing for details, not that there was much to begin with in this costume.


nagant xmas cover

Jailbait two???

Totes not jailbait
nagant is here to remind you that, even if she's old at heart, she's still a kid, and is absolutely precious on her damaged art
This is the first skin that I feel competes with her idol skin
She looks like a kid who wants to show to everyone the huge, cool gift she got from her parents
and her damaged art, or rather, sleeping art, is just too precious

She's going to Doomguy you with  a giant present

Doomguy? From Doom game?


Something about that expression screams,  'one wrong move and I use this present on your kneecaps' for some reason.

Holy fuck this child is so precious. I want to give this child nothing but headpats. On GOOOOD m y heart is bursting.

She's very cute. Pretty sure everyone likes Babuska, and there's no opposition to this skin. Not rolling for it, but I won't complain if it get it. I don't have much to add besides its really cute.

Jailbait + cute + must P R O T E C C

Have nothing much to say about it, but m1895 is very precious in this one. Gal just wants to celebrate and relax on Christmas.

Ok, I can't be the only one thinking of Klee when looking at this skin right lol?


It's like Klee but only 1% threat of explosions.

Anyway it's a cute skin for a good doll. Here to bring some festive cheer. Very good.

Now that you mentioned I can't unsee it either

Welp. I'm never going to unsee it. I can't say I disapprove of this comparison.


totes makes sense
that's why she thinks of herself as old yet is a loli
She's Klee in disguise
After Jean died and no one else looked after her she ended up on S09

Holy shit that definitely seems like the m1895 costume is based on Klee, unfortunate there isn’t the explosives to compliment her like our favorite terrorist.

I find it amazing how they managed to get you on a list one way or another if you're into Klee

More light blue. Yay.

100% agree with Adam, Nagant is precious and smol and very, very cute.


hs2000 xmas cover

Jailbait three???????????????????

So she's more childish than I originally gave her credit, appearance-wise. 

I have no idea what's the robot though and I can't say I really like her wearing such tiny shorts and a small top when she looks so very like a child. 

Huge pass to me, which is sad, HS2000 certainly deserved a nice skin, especially for how softhearted and empathic she is

Why does she look different for a second there?


Just headpat the child. That is all.

A certain pigeon will be happy to see this skin on EN.
Cute doll and skin, but I personally can't say anything else since I'm not interested in HS2000.



"As present, for christmas, we have the honour to offer y'all jail" - Micum

I....I have concerns. Many concerns.

Yeahhh, this skin I'm not particularly big on at all. HS2000's outfit is far too skimpy and ngl I'm not big on her metal gnome woodcutter thing. I just find that kinda unsettling. Definitely a skip for me.

Who drew this again?
Oh right, waterkuma.
I'm not gonna think too much about this one. Waterkuma is waterkuma, that fella has issues. 

HS2k is cute to begin with, this costume doesn't significantly improve or develop that beyond "I told you officer, she does wear shorts."


Artist for HS2k, Ameli, and Torricelli (Azur Lane).

Nuff said


R5 xmas cover



Star with boobs

Legs and Star with boobs
pink ranger decides to become a dancing star and enlists broken Cyclops are her male partner. Can it even lead? Did she teach it how to dance?

An art of tally marks on a cyclops made by DEFY intensifies

AR-15 party dress, this you?
Also, everyone taling about her legs but no one gonna talk about how much of a gentleman this Cyclops is?
Sure, he's missing a leg, but he's clearly not under the effects of overridden AI like AK-12's arts show.

Hey, it’s a exquisite art show

Cyclops is more of a gentleman than all of us degens combined

The cyclop is certainly a gentlemen this time around, but I really wish that was me 

Liar, you wish you were the stand under R5's heel

Yuh, I can get a view of her thighs and pits clear as day

Nice cyclops skin

Onto shilling: Nothing much to say. Skin is very nice, I can totes see why people call her AR-15 with boobs. Her movements seem a tad awkward to me, but the glimpses we see of her butt curvature are pretty nice. Not an obvious fanservice, as Doc would say

I like this skin, the damage art is dynamic, the concept is pretty cool too, the base says, "steadfast tin soldier" so it's most likely a literal (in both ways) reference to Hans Christian Andersen's story of the same name about a tin soldier that falls in love with a paper ballerina.

Oof course, being a ballerina and the like is kino bait, but it's still good. So the cyclops is missing a leg on purpose, because in the story, there are 25 tin soldiers cast from a single old spoon, but the last one, our protagonist, doesn't have enough tin to make him whole, thus the missing leg
of course, we're free to speculate about how this cyclops came to be missing a leg, especially if you want to imagine that R5 is a cosplay yandere and tore off the poor cyclops' leg to live out her paper ballerina fantasy

here I was thinking that SOPMOD ripped off its leg

The ending of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale is bittersweet depressing as usual
but the reason why the cyclops/tin soldier falls in love with the ballerina is that she, too, stands on one leg.
(tfw tin soldier be like, "she's just like me fr fr")

oh, so the Red Bean is supposed to reference the Jack-in-the-Box goblin, the antagonist of the story who also likes the Ballerina and is hinted to have forced the tin soldier on his bizarre adventure. I guess if you look at the damaged art, the smoke could stand-in for the inevitable fire the both of them land in at the end of the story.

Oops, spoilers, for an almost 200 year old story, but yeah, it's quite nice how involved this skin is with its reference story. Very cute, very kino, wow

oh, and R5 is pretty, but that's already a given. That being said, the character description for r5 is that she enjoys musicals. While this is a really nice skin, I wonder why they didn't pick something like the nutcracker. While that is an opera, maybe it's too mainstream for a story skin lol

Does research

Nevermind. it was adapted into an actual ballet, so that works out... wew

Overall, I'm a sucker for nice dresses so this gets a thumbs up from me

With Haku sucker for themes and nice dress, good skin.
I had something smart to say at some point, but it has been forgotten.

Haku is a Hans sucker
I hans approve

Also, today I learned

Oh man, you could easily think this skin is an anniversary skin if it wasn't for the Santa hat on the bean.

Anyway it's a really beautiful skin for R5 here. The purple dress is gorgeous and the cyclops dancing with her is a really cool touch. If this wasn't L2D I would've actually tried to get it.

Finally, an actually pretty costume with a fitting variant that puts the 'damage' in 'damaged'.
If you think about it - if you want to - R5's legs are freakishly long here. The base appearance is good enough to show us that each leg from hip to ankle is easily longer than her upper body is tall.

That said, no complaints about the plentiful curves she's flaunting, and more knowledgeable people than me have pointed out the references. Great skin - wish I could pull for it.


K5 xmas cover


Sheele is too horny

K5 with the pretty skins, this is illegal share them with others dangedit

K5 is absolutely gorgeous
I want to go on a Christmas date with her and propose to her

Ah yes, the feet doll.

I don't have much to say, but it's certainly a great skin. I like the dress, and the detailing on it is certainly noticeable.
Cute Christmas date

She has a very nice victory animation as well


I don't remember exactly what event it was, but during said event, there's a scene where K5 asks for some doll's shoes for some reason. A meme spawned from that, and not to mention K5 is barefoot in her base art as well.

I actually think this doll is the best skin in the batch to do fanservice right. It doesn’t appeal to people solely by exposure of her body, and the colors match her well. The damaged art also provides good fanservice, leaving bits to the imagination of Desti and the others, who will never get to touch her and providing an excellent match.

See. She totes giving me flowers and asking for my hand in marriage

None of us will get to touch her
She’s not real
Like my own waifus aren’t

As usual, K5 has a really beautiful costume

I want to marry K5 and produce lots of children with handholding and grow old together with her

Her entire character screams wholesomeness

Her personality too
She's just so friggin adorable on her anni costume story

Solid skin. It's pretty reasonable, elegant, and overall just pleasing to look at
very muted and soft


Yeah, like as opposed to something from mika pikazo. The colors don't contrast with each other much, it's more subtle. They don't shout "I am here", but whisper it

haku such a romanticist


Wait I didn't shill on this
Nightmare vibes

I like the colors though
Real good

What can be said about this K5 skin other than it's simply super pretty. The white snowy dreas suits her really well. Definitely a good package, one that I would consider if I didn't already have her Anniversary skin.

Have a nice day too Doc, I see the stick in your [REDACTED] has been a great improvement to your mental well-being.
Lpip certainly can draw, whew. Very gentle on the eyes, gentle colour palette overall, gorgeous girls no matter which game he draws for. Or she. It don't matter to me.

I might actually be the only one to say here that there isn't much of a Christmas aesthetic here, aside from the ribbons and the dove. Maybe I'm missing something subtle or a reference here, but in this costume, all reference to Christmas is lost if you were to ignore the ribbon and bell on her chest. I get that the red-white traditional colour is overdone, but hey there's still light blue even though 2 others in this banner already feature blue as their base colour.

I think the Xmas vibes comes from Cinderella being traditionally shown on tv during Xmas
since this skin is an obvious nod to it, as it is called K-derella

That said, K5 could be wearing a trash bag and she'd make it look good. Damaged art is tasteful, not overly sexy, it's a great piece in the art direction for GFL moving towards more artful damaged appearances instead of merely exposing bras, skin, and panty.

K5 always had tasteful arts no? Her anni and default also aren't overly exposing and she a big cutie

Naruhodo, didn't know that. 

Hell yeah she big cutie. Totes would ask her out

"Wishmaker K-derella" the skin name

Not sure if the wishmaker part is a nod on how she's reliant on luck and likes fortune-telling, or some other traditional Disney fairy tale

I'd happily grant her wishes

If I had to guess, her personality more than the fairy tale angle for that.

I'd totes ask her out on a nice, secluded restaurant, to dine with her under the moonlight and the sound of a lonesome violin

Glad that the last costume of this shilling batch was a great one

Imma start with hanyang and end with K5
a sweet ending for a hella jawdropping start

Just how I wish my life with K5 would be

Can you drop hs2k entirely haha


I'm just sad HS2000 could have gotten such a fluffy skin that matches her empathic and sweet personality, but instead, she got whatever the fuck is that
I wish K5's artist had drawn HS2000 too
I just had a random thought

Sometimes you gotta have the shitty skins ;)

Doesn't Nagant and K5 seem like Mother and Daughter with their Xmas skins?

That one's reaching 

It's a tenous connection at best and unrelated at worst

Come on, they're both wearing white, they both look cute.
I wouldn't mind having chuuni Babushka as a dauteru I had with K5

I'm wearing white, does that make me related to K5?

iI you want to date my daughter, you must beat me at Starcraft first

Yes, time to date you too

Ctrl Z! Ctrl Z!

I see Adam is hellbent on making a harem out of GP members


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