Costume Shilling #2: Chinese New Year

smth smth intro

Hello everyone. We're back with another hornt session skin shilling. This time we have two new members to help me overthrow Doc to shill with us.
Hello I'm CrallyLystia. or Crally for short.

I'm another casual (sometimes tryhard) that always lose in either Theater or Ranking (Including was stabbed by Adam thrice in a row).

I'm F2P so I don't spend much in gameA.K.A my few gems goes to costumes mostly heh.

G36 and AK-15 are my waifus.

Hello! My name is Kawa (pronounced Kava), the local CEO of eating and sleeping. I’m a gacha game guide writer and dataminer. I have no idea how i got this job but here we are.

Please remember Zas is best girl.

Aight, now that we're done with intros, let's get to the shilling. This time we have some big names, like SPP DP-12 and PA-15 in their alluring CNY skins.

DP-12 Echeveria Lantern

Aight fellas, we're starting big. Here we have DP-12 and all of her horniness motherly love.
Literally horni bait.
I don't have her so hard pass. And this might be a hot take, but I feel like pandea's art has degraded over time so personally not a fan.

Big booba tho.

salt detected

Tfw you have to choose if you want to be suffocated by her [REDACTED] or her thighs because you can only die once :kekhands:.
I think some of pandea's new work is fine, like the Provence skin.

But this isn't Arknights.

traitor detected

Reason within me wants to object to this blatant display of bait but she looks so soft...

Argh, I mustn't succumb to these desires...

Yet, I want to embrace her softness....

omega hornt detected

This skin reminds me of another one. Maybe not a Girls Frontline one though, might be something from Azur Lane. Pandea's only current work for AL is Reno but her and DP-12 are quite different.

Anyway, I think I have to concur with what Schnee said lol. It's obvious horny bait, but I still do like it lol. Looks soft and comfy heh. Dress itself looks fairly nice I feel, even if it probably doesn't make much sense from a design standpoint. DP-12 herself is also just a beautiful doll. This is also probably my favourite appearance of her drone lol.

It's horni bait on the other extreme: a joyful combo of ara ara, giant horni and mommy feels. Guaranteed to warm every part of a lonely shikikan.
Honestly, this one might be a bit very too hornt. Damaged has nice boobs, but just eh.
I don't have DP12 and I don't much care for her base design if I'm entirely honest, but this one isn't a serious improvement either. I suppose I can respect that fact that this skin is entirely unsubtle about what its offering, even if I'm not that interested myself.


Wdym 'what it's offering'? it's clearly motherly love under the moonlight?
Right...right. Seems more likely being suffocated in boobs the size of me head.
Smothered in milf boobs seems like a fine way to go.


I actually prefer DP-12's normal art over this extremely-horny skin. While I can appreciate this one for the fanservice, there's just not much here other than that.
The skin has this AL-like vibe on it, maybe because of the accessories and furniture set that accompany DP-12 on this skin. As for the skin itself, she looks gorgeous, as Pandea likes to draw, but, maybe, it has got a bit too much sex appeal, and too openly too.

That said, it's a nice skin, though failing to get the skin reduced the score for me.

salt detected

All in all this skin doesn't have much to offer. I can't quite put my finger on it, but smth about it makes it look off to me. Maybe it's the colors or composition, or just the general aesthetic. I like DP's kimono skin more.
Kawa horny confirmed.
Oh no, they discovered my true identity.


Everyone but me is horny. Thus I must murder you too.

Judge Dredd mode activated

I don't do mommy kinks so...
Aight let's end here before this convo get out of hand like it happened with A91 shill

PA-15 Alluring Larkspur

Aight hornts, here we are. The most anticipated skin of this batch change my mind.
Obviously PA-15 is a sex demon and its no surprise that she is no longer a nurse* for various reasons.

One thing that is amazing about this skin is the innovative circumvention of censoring by putting the fertility tattoo on the dress itself, rather than on the Doll.

*GFL Project Neural Cloud has revealed that PA-15 used to work as a nurse hot hot hot hot please dom me PA-15.

ultra degen alert I have to write about her?

Poor Doc can't take the hornt. It's super effective

Yes you do, Doc. Endure it. Doc the proceeded to make his slave, me, write this article

I’ve been wondering... Aren't her legs sort of disproportional? Like how come she has oBega thick thighs and tiny lower legs?

Perspective, and foreshortening, I assume.

smth smth DEW IT Adam smth smth

Oh god, oh no, what happened to my adorable gamer waifu?? This must be a nightmare, I don't think my heart can handle this I-


Too Horny, do not like, burn it with fire!

run for your lives, she's hunting hornt!!!

Mfw PA-15 is not my type, but I can feel the horny energy radiating from, like, miles away.

Halp me Obi-hornt Kenobi, you're my only hope

The epitome of hornt, PA-15 CNY shows us the true appeal to EN by ensnaring two of our shillers.

Also, So. Much. Blue. I get that it matches her eyes and hair, but, a little more colour variety would have been nice.

I like the color scheme. I would totally [REDACTED] her no problem.

uber hornt alert

The hilarity of getting this skin right after PA-15's best skin cannot be undersold. I could go on a long, detailed rant about how much I actively dislike about this particular skin and compare it to her PJ one, or heck even her default one, but that feels rather moot in the context of, well, what it is. Just looking at this skin makes me check for FBI at my door.

smth smth grumble grumble grumble smth smth

Check for the FBI? I'd say that if anything this skin makes you check if you have [REDACTED] on your desk wink.
I think the actual design of what PA-15 is wearing is fairly nice, I like the overall colour scheme and the bird thing on the dress. I think another doll could pull this off fine, but not her. She's presented far too lewdly for me to be comfortable looking at it given her stature. That damaged art is also over the top with the pose and exposure.

With a better fit on the dress and a less lewd demeanour, I think this had potential to be a good skin. Sadly, they just went too far with trying to be fanservice. I know this may sound hypocritical of me considering DP-12 is also blatant fanservice yet I like her skin here. That's because I think even her dress is most tasteful than this one.

mommy lover detected

You like milfs, so you're biased. Case closed.
Even then tbh. With DP-12 is it's at least a very clearly adult-like doll design. You're not gonna get FBI potentially knocking at your house for looking closely at DP-12.

someone is looking hella closely at DP-12 heh

I see PA-15 as a hornt teenager though.
I thought that, if you look at her proportions and stuff, she's just a petite adult. Like a loli would be like SPP, someone who is clearly childlike in body features.
I never called PA-15 a loli, but she doesn't strike me as an adult. If I have to even wonder if looking at it will get some concerning looks from authorities, total no go for me.
Yeah she doesn't strike me as an adult either. If anything she strikes me as some 18 years old, give or take a year.
Hate it. 100%
Ah, the infamous skin. I first saw it in some s--tpost on youtube, forgot whose. What was it about? tummy Tattoo. Yeah, this skin is all about tummy tattoo. PA-15's a cute doll, I like her blue color too, but her skins are never my taste.

Hard pass.

It's not a tummy tattoo though. The tattoo is on the dress heh.

Haku once again stretching the limits of how X thing is defined

What if I told you the tattoo is glowing through the glorified loincloth. dress

omega hornt degen spotted

If that was the case, I would go... But still, me no likey her.
I once saw someone on a 4chan thread call PA-15 will surpass DSR, the lewd goddess of gfl and this skin absolutely proves she has that potential. I'm no horny expert but I can appreciate a well made and well animated artwork. The costume has nice environmental elements (can you spot the dingerate? :D) and a cohesive theme. My only wish is that there'd be more of a color variety, but it's not enough to make me dislike it. Maybe I'll even buy the figure...

Kawa has gone past the point of no return. We lost Kawa to the hornt of PA-15. RIP Kawa

There was a dinergate?

We all know where Haku was looking wink wink nudge nudge

MG-34 Divine Peach Blossom

I don't even know who you are.
You will.
Who somehow got the hentai face treatment for this skin. Cos I’m sure I’ve seen a hentai with a character with this exact same face.

No I'm not giving any sauces

Who dis tho? Skin's nice, and if it's horny bait material for a lesser known MG, I'll like it more.
2 star MGwith beyond awful stats I'd know, I wrote her analysis. So pain peko
She's an irrelevant 2 star MG.

I was a personal fan of MG34's original design. She may be bad in gameplay but I had a sorta soft spot for her from a waifu standpoint. So I'm glad she got a skin at all. The skin itself is mostly great, I love the beautiful red dress with the floral designs on it and dayum them legs. However, I'm not really a fan of the direction they look with her face. Normal is fine enough but the damaged goes too horny and seems very unfitting for her.

Ngl her damaged looks like she came out straight of an eroge game. Which’s a shame, since her default really gave off cute vibes.

salt detected. so much salt

Quite the transformation from her regular appearance. However, I am not a big fan of these kind of dresses - a few exceptions aside. Thus, I am not interested in her new outfit, but I admit that the ornaments on her dress and hair caught my attention. The fur collar or whatever is an absolute turnoff though. And why does she look so horny?

Shoo, begone!

I disagree. This looks kinda decent. Her ass is nice. Boobs are fair.

erogame MC mode actvated

My opinion should be pretty clear: she doesn't wear any underwear and she looks way too horny; I do not agree with this kind of horny. Sad.
Waiwaiwai she doesn’t wear underwear?

innocence shattered in 3,2,1...

Well it's pretty clear.

sasuga Red-kun

Wasn’t there a type of thong that goes higher up?

accept it, your cute idol MG is gone

There's something called high-leg panties, yes.
While yes, there are such panties, that dress is cut high enough we'd still see. She's going commando if you're into that.

Base art is fine enough, dress is probably cut a bit high on the leg, but for the most part this art is fine. I don't even remember MG34's base art off the top of my head, but I recall it being nifty art. I'm with Red, she needs a different face...I can't decide if I feel like she belongs on a hentai cover or not. I mean, if that's your thing...

But nice legs or not, probably a pass on this one.

Yeah, her face totally went from cute idol-ish face to hentai actress face. I think that if they actually had left the OG face on her, this skin would make a nice contrast. An innocent looking doll that's secretly going commando which means she's actually way lewder than what we originally thought. Ngl this would be a big appeal that might have been enough to make me roll and level her, but this current interaction feels like MG34 got the shounen harem treatment R-18.

Her legs are nice and I'd totally lick them like ice cream on a hot summer day but in the end it doesn't even matter her face puts me off.

Bad MICA for overlewding a cute doll.

just accept MG34 idol is no more already

MG34 went from adorable to a [REDACTED] hentai girl. Not that it's 100% bad but i liked it when she was innocent. Well, at least base art is still innocent-ish. is it tho?

>MG-34 going commando

Understandable have a nice day.

I managed to get her skin, I tried using 200 tokens and she came, I take what is given. About the skin..... This girl is MG34??? She definitely looks like a hentai character. I forgot who, but I saw her before.

That said, her design is pretty nice, and fresh, different from her baggy attire in her normal skin. This skin arguably brought her rating up to me. From a "scrap" to "wow, you're cute". But, before I take her out on a date, wear panties first. warning. Degen spotted. Warning, warning, all hands on deck

You need to refine your definition of cute.
She kinda looks like Kancolle's poi.

Also, cute, as in, cute. nuff said

No, she going [REDACTED] for dessert post-dinner.

m4 spray self gif

PKP Dignified Bamboo

I really like this skin. The style and colour scheme when I first saw it instantly made me think of Lancer Artoria, so that did probably skew my opinion somewhat haha. Putting that bias aside, I think it's a simply very beautiful dress for PKP. The colours work well, the style is great, and I really love what she's done with her hair. Overall really strong skin.

That dress is utterly gorgeous, navy blue with light hair is a nfksmf fjd combo.

That tight also adds an alluring contrast to it. Makes me feel like PKP went from foul mood loli to “I can be an adult too, senpai”.

PKP is pretty damn nice.

This is PKP? Wew.

She looks less angry yes.

At first sight, I thought she's wearing glasses. Unfortunately, that's not the case, but I am certain that it would have enhanced her appearance beyond comprehension, so perhaps that is for the better after all.

The colour combination certainly is stunning. The ornaments on her dress are a work of art. The same can be said about her gorgeous hair which probably rivals even Princess Kaguya. The way a strand of hair runs through her fingers makes me want to touch it. Her appearance radiates power, dignity, elegance and wisdom (even without the glasses). If anything, I wish to be her humble maid and serve her (please let me do her hair I am begging you).

So...Schnee's new waifu is PKP CNY?

More like my goddess.
Aight. So Schnee's officially starting PKP simping church; all hail Pope Schnee.
oh no oh no oh no.
So Schnee's a power bottom.
What's the difference between normal bottom and power bottom?
[REDACTED] role.
This is PKP? wew She looks less angry indeed.
I really like this skin as long as I don't have to look at the damage art. The Hair is interesting, the colors are nice, she's super cute.

Almost a win in my book... but that damage art... yeaaa no.

I was at 2.8k but got down to 2k now. I was saving up for 416 kid's skin, but at this rate it will all be gone before it drops.

Omega simper spotted

2k tokens... wew Still, a good amount a.k.a GLHF.
I may have lucksacced this skin, which is a good thing, as I do quite like this one. The dress/shoulder covering combo work together really nicely and do a good job of appearing elegant instead of horny.

Also, I find this skin really wild because it's, design wise, very different from PKP's base art, but the aesethic is very very very obviously PKP, in terms of color/design via the orange accents and asymmetry, while being a neat contrast, because her base art is more...aggressive in styling, while this one takes the asymmetrical styling and streamlines it into something much more elegant.

I'm a serious sucker for white/silver hair, so that helps too.

I see you are a shikikan of culture as well

PKP bullying slacking shikikan


The QUEEN! PKP's skin is one of the better ones in this batch, fanservicey but not overly so like DP-12's, but still regal and nice.

totally did not almost forget to shill her

Ah PKP, I own her wedding dress and I can say this skin follows a similar principle. The skin is well designed and not too horny themed, which fits right with PKP's petite frame, the skin is gorgeous, no doubt. Although, as I said, it follows the theme of the wedding dress. Looking at the damaged art, her "one-sided" thigh high and hairdo are also very cute. I'd roll for this if I didn't have other doll skin on my list.

T91 Snowy Plum Blossom

And here's our next... who tf is she??

This one is actually my favorite of this batch just because of the giant upgrade from her default art. Desperately needed skin that turned a potato Doll into something great.
I like it. It's ok, it's slightly more fanservicey, but better than the rest of the skins as it's not too showboaty.
EM’s not too showboaty too.

EM-2 omega simper spotted

wew I'm automatically a fan of the 3 T sisters, so this is nice indeed veryveryveryverynaisu.
Hmm, I don't have anything to say about this one. Doesn't resonate with me at all. That damage art is really saddening though, even spilled the drink. pensive pensive face
F for the bubble tea.

so much for caring about T sisters heh

Sadly I don't really like this skin, I have actually no idea why... but I agree, that bubble tea... it's just sad and dramatic.
Now that I'm looking at it again, she really managed a nice fit of tights with CNY dress. Can't say I've seen this combination often. Too bad it's for a doll that I care little.

Haku's knife inches closer to Adamasturia's back with each passing second

All I will say: I would have no problem with her on my lap.
You wouldn’t have a problem with lots of things on your lap, lulz.
While the removal of the weird 'camera will not focus' filter is nice, this one is just a bit meh for me. T91 is a doll I forget she exists except when she runs away with a better AR while I'm trying to get a 2nd 416.
Bruh, mfw iIve been trying to complete my T-Sisters collection. I went through 200 contracts for T91 and PA-15, with at least 120 going towards T91, and I got no T91's... but ended up with 2 AN-94's.

super duper omega luccsac reeeeeee

I exchange my cored T91s for those Annies. Can never have too many Annies. Ima make an Annie harem that will make AK-12 open her eyes in jealousy.

be warned: AN-94 overlord simper detected

Well, I think I've collectively rolled like around 8, and only one AK-12 lmao.

With 2 from this most recent batch and another 2 I've held onto from random spooks.

Halp me finance my Annie addiction.
How? I just roll her a.k.a just luccsac like me ez gg lulz.
I need to field 10 Annies on DR. You can't even field 10 teams in DR ranking
W E W.
What can I say? I’m utterly in love with her. I fell in love at first sight. I might go as far as to say that I loved her as a weapon before I loved her as a doll. The only time I was prepared to whale was for her anni skin. She was my first level 90 doll, my first maxed doll, my first oath. She’s my everything. sorry 416, you're not all I need

If LWMMG is my love in GFL AN-94 was my love before GFL.

Russian space magic stronk.
Makes our kokoro go doki doki and our enemies go swiss cheese.
Completely ignores Adam's russian delusions. Lee>literally everyone else.

This to me is a simple, fairly basic, but good skin. It doesn't do anything to truly stand out to me personally, but I don't find anything necessarily wrong or bad about it. I like the colour scheme with the light blue from her hair/dress being accented by the orange of her eyes, bow, and flower. Damaged art goes a bit lewd, but not being too overly lewd IMO, and god damn, she has a nice back.

I also can't help but think about the story of someone selling one of those cheap red stools for a lot of money, claiming it was a 'cosplay prop' for this skin lmao.

Red on a scale of 1 to AR-15, how lickable you find her bacc?

warning: shitpost incoming

Nani?! Haku, explain.
16 is one more than 15.

cursed omega shitposter

He does have a point: RPK ought to have a delish bacc

Completely ignoring Haku's omega master overlord shitpost

It's not as top tier as FGO Jeanne, who has my all time favourite back of any waifu. but it's a good quality one that's worth attention. I'll probably rate 8 outta 10.

Never a fan of T91. The idea was good though, I mean, I don't think normally you'll use stockings under a Chinese Dress, no? The doll got quite the curves, but she just lacks that extra push to make her not so forgettable. She's still a pass for me, nice design but not 10/10.
There are few who will agree with me on this but I think this is the best skin in this batch. I've always adored Krenz's artwork and their painterly style. T91 looks like straight out of a painting. This artist is known for making their works look like they were painted with gouache and watercolor and it's something I absolutely adore about them. The colors are great, the detail is great, the shading is great, the subject is great, so what's not to love about this skin? If you still aren't convinced, let me point out some of my favorite parts: the delicate shadow on her face and reflected light from her chest, the folds of her dress, the wrists (they look very sexy) and the legs, her freakin LEGS man. I can't even begin to explain how good they look. I mean, just look at those knees! Those beautiful thighs and ankles! Her legs look like stolen from a roman sculpture exhibit! No, scratch that, put this skin in the art exhibit! Some may debate the value of the red stool (if you know what I mean), but to me this whole skin belongs in a museum.

EM-2 Fragrant Clove

I want to dance under the moon light with this cute elf at the sound of soothing violins, and fall in love, and run away from Griffin to a remote cabin in the mountains and live away the rest of our lived in our little love nest.

This skin is literally Cinderella transformation and now my heart yearns for it.

My favourite damaged art of the lot, for whatever that's worth. The pose and style are just so good. Not to say the default is bad, cause it certainly isn't. It's a really nice dress EM-2's got. Her pink hair compliments really well with the lilac. It's a relatively more simple design to the others but that's not a big thing. Just looks very elegant and pretty.

Though sadly, she lost her glasses. Some crimes just cannot be forgiven.

I personally like this skin. It's quite nice and far less fanservicey. I actually am not a fan of a lot of fanservice, but this is fine. Elegant and stunning.
This is what we call a "glow up".
Elegance at its finest imo. Mica could aim for more elegance and less horni.
There's something about this skin that's just magically bewitching. Her expression, the falling leaves, the entire atmosphere - it's just so peaceful. I wonder who is on the other end of this antique, yet very elegant telephone. The cloves make for beautiful accessories in her hair, befitting her skin's name. Her dress is still really tight, but overall, and especially compared to most other skins, this one is rather tame. It's simply gorgeous and easily wins me over with how enchanting it is. I wish for a lot more skins to be like that instead of needlessly pushing plain horny into my face all the time.

Her damage art is what actually piqued my interest though. To me it feels like it unifies sadness and hope. It's clear that her time is over. Her weapon, along with shattered pieces of the previous scenery, fall down into the void, along with her. She's lost her heels, and her appearance took a beating, but she's not broken. There is sadness, but no regret. Befitting the cloves once more, she sacrificed herself to pass on hope to the future, in form of a key, certain, that her legacy will carry on.


Oh wait, I forgot this was the horny chamber. Uhm yes, superb skin, do want, please give.

The commander is on the other end of the line.

hornt spotted

Well darn, Schnee beat me to nerding out over EM-2.

Your loss Soul, you could even say you lost your muse.


Eh, I'll squeeze something for this skin.

Heh, well played.

Sorry Soul...totally not sorry.

Well, if you still can summon your muse, I'd be curious to find out what you intended to write.

What an awesome skin!

Look at her go, she looks so happy, cute and elegant, that dress is also really nice. Her damage art is one of the best in the game I would say, it leaves me without words!

Everyone here be like: totally simping for EM-2 CNY.

spoke like a proud father seeing his dauteru on her debutant party

The skin is super aesthetic, classy on both arts, nice to look at when everything goes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down.
Very elegant. Much wow.
WARNING: Read at your own peril. The incoming dialogue can trigger people sensitive to nerding, or long, eloquent sentences. Neither GFL GP nor its affiliates are responsible for any side effects from this dialogue, including sudden need to simp for EM-2, sudden simping for Soul's vast knowledge and/or eloquence, crying, or sudden realization about the ephemerality of life.

With that said, here is Soul's nerding over EM-2 for approximately 450 words:

This. This is a skin right here. A complete and total change from her base art, in the best way possible. Schnee ran off with a lot of what I'd say, but this skin mirrors EM-2's default in that her Damaged art (I actually had to look up her base damaged art, lol, I have never seen it before) in not doing from 'normal' to 'ouch' or 'fight-y' to 'horny'. It's also one of the odd skins in which the player, or viewer, is not the focus point of the Doll im the art.

T91's a good example of this, her damaged art has her turned to look over her shoulder, at the viewer. EM-2 here doesn't do that. In the default art, there's a sense that the viewer is intruding on her, that she's engrossed in whoever she's talking to on the phone, and the image taken is almost an invasion of her space and privacy, that we, the viewer, aren't supposed to be here. There isn't much hint as to who the one on the other end is. The same is true of the Damaged Art; the viewer isn't the focus at all, instead she's focused on something else, represented by the key. I think I disagree with Schnee in the meaning of the key itself, I think she's more accepting the key rather than releasing it outwards, but I 100% agree on tone. Most Damage art is intended to invoke either horny/sadness/a sense of something bad having happened, but this one competely bucks that trend. Instead, it's the things around EM-2 that are broken, but EM-2 herself, is almost entirely intact, and her expression doesn't suggest that something bad has come to pass, merely that this is another step in life, and that things will on. The mirrorlike shine on her weapon, and it's absence in the base art are also interesting, along with the way that the previous surroundings are treated now as a mirror/or illusion that has been shattered.

Holy s--t!!!!!!!!!
Listen I love this skin okay. Her base normal art is just...fine I guess, but her default damaged is pretty good.
She loses the glasses, but that's totally OK - this skin really executes on theme and artistic quality first and foremost.
I think everyone loves this skin lol.

H o w e v e r It does get points docked by me because she lost her glasses.

Docking points, smh.


Look man, Glasses to no glasses, what can I do?

But, otherwise, it's a very solid skin.

A man likes what a man likes.

Spoke like a true, cultured simper

Like Professor Oak said, there's a time and place for everything. I think glasses might detract from the overall feel of the art.
Yeah. Glasses pass off a mundane feeling, and I feel like this skin evoques a feeling of etherealness. It wouldn’t fit with glasses imo.
It's a big hit, I love this skin over her default otherwise.

I also would like to live in a world where I can magically decide some of my outfits make me not need my glasses.

Just wear contacts.

we smart

I don't like contacts.

I feel ya bro

sadge I can't help you there then RIP.

I mean just treat contacts like part of the outfit, that's what I do for cosplay.

I see you haven’t had much contact with them

s--tposter alert

Right, the actual skin, not just art nerdy stuff. The dress itself mixes an elegant, ethereal grace with sexy.

The dress itself hugs her figure but shows very little of said figure, doing a lot more hinting that showing, without being trashy about it. I'm also a sucker for thigh highs, so that's an extra plus. There's lot of little touches in here, like the symbol at the top of the cut at her thigh, or on the thigh highs, and the tie at the back of her neck, and ankle pieces. There's also this nifty color gradient as you move down the art. I may like this skin to much.

Sexy? Elaborate.

So you're a sucker of thigh highs? Because you wanna suck them out these legs yourself?

You just want to see how many words you can get out of me about this one skin, eh?

Also, no, thigh highs are are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good aesthetic.

Course I want to squeeze more words out of you.

Also yes. Thigh highs are the epitome of good aesthetics.

>looks at starry cocoon

416 simper spotted

Be careful what you wish for because you might well get yourself a small thesis.

And this is not the place for my thesis on how to effectively portray a character as attractive without being trashy about it. Soul still has not produced this thesis.

JS 9 Tender Marigold

I don't have many things to say about the skin, uh.... She looks like RO given a kimono, yes, it's because of that chest. Nothing spectacular, simple, and works.

Her chest grew back after her dress was damaged though.

I struggle to find anything to praise nor critique from this skin.

How can a skin be so well drawn yet so bland?

The prosthetic arms are always the highlight of any JS 9 costume. Unlike some other Dolls with prosthetics that are removed in skins in favor of normal appendages, JS 9 keeps her robotic limbs completely.

Ngl, I’d’ve liked it if the prosthetics showed on the default skin. It would have given her a Meltryllis vibe to her that in its own way is pretty beautifulAlso, it’s nice to see how JS9 progressively gets hotter, considering how tame her default is.

I would 100% be buying this package if she wasn't gonna be getting her summer skin later this year. JS 9 is a really cute doll and this is a really good skin. It's a shame you can't see her arms on her default and are only visible on the damaged. Still, really nice, really cute, quality skin.

Just dupe JS 9 and have her two skins.
I'm a non-duper fam.
The sad life of a no duper.

Absolutely magnificent skin. Before I write another novel that is unrelated to the topic at hand, I just want to say that her pose reminds me a bit of M4 with M16's cannon on her back. How cool would it be to have M4 in such an outfit, and replace the Guzheng (assuming that's a zither I dunno) with said cannon? Either way, another excellent skin that doesn't shove plain horny into my face but actually convinces me with great qualities.

JS 9 skins are so odd, because I always really like the normal art, but the damaged is often uh. questionable. This one isnt' an exception, but it's the least bad of the lot...even if I have some serious questions about her magic boobs. Base art is rather flat, then suddenly back to normal? Soul does not compute. Shall chalk it up to massive hornt given her other skins Damaged arts.

I'm drawing a blank on what to call the style her exactly, but it's a very different one from all the other skins in the set, which is quite interesting. Unlike the others (except SPP who is barefoot), she's wearing relatively low heels, and her kimono/skirt are comparatively quite conservative in styling. Much like PKP though it sticks to the salient elements of JS 9's design style, the white hairband and purple/white coloring. Overall a really good skin, also really like the 'coat' sorta thing she's wearing (I knew what it was called at one point damn you memory)...



I am very confused where the boobs are as well.
Same.... apparently in kimonos sometimes boobs are suppressed so they don't stand out?
Kimonos are made for the flat people to shine.
Smth smth sarashi. Apparently, boobs ruin the ideal appearance of a kimono so women use these to hide it.

It's ok. No particular comment, but wtf.

Sarashi be sarashi doing magic.
I can't say much more than, holy shit she is CUTE! But her damage art is almost a bit too horny... almost, I approve.
I like her fox skin better but this one is pretty aesthetic too.

You're thinking of this aren't you?

Type 79 Kitsune Skin

Their faces are similar, and hairstyle. Yeah.

Same artist.


They're sisters too.
This is it, I'm selling my kidney to buy that skin.

MG36 Scarlet Turk's Cap

She looks so innocent it makes half of me want to take her to a good and quiet romantic restaurant and the other half wants to [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. 

Also the hamster is so friggin cute.

Do the first with the normal art, [REDACTED] with the Damaged art, easy.
I see your soul came bacc, as well as your hornt.
Bold of you to assume I'm ever horny. Perhaps I should have consulted this very article before making this claim

Mate don't lie to yourself.

I know enough to know Soul is lying, heh. I don't know his horny frequency or whatever, but I know for sure he's not never horny.

time for a topic change! MG36 is a disappointment of a combat unit with some cool art. Also some decent art here, but I have to ask. What, actually what, is with those socks? The dress I like well enough, but the two bun hairstyle has never been something I've gotten into, so that takes some away from it. Hamster is cute, so evens out.

The double bums reminds me that MG34’s skin could have been cute as well, instead of an erogame character.
There is that, yeah.

She can be hamster buddies with T77.

Hamster is also canon too.

It's skins like this that make me sad that some dolls have to end up bad. I like MG36 and I really like this skin but there's no point to me picking it up because I'll just never ever use her in battle. Focusing strictly on the skin itself, I will fully disclose right now, black and red is one of my favourite colour combinations. So naturally I find this dress really aesthetically pleasing to look at. The hair is really cool too and the hamster is a cute touch. Plz give me a reason to want to use MG36 so I can justify picking up this skin plz MICA.

I feel this same, just like I feel the same way with EM-2. Mica give us 20 adjutant list.
You know I just got mg36, so seeing this skin is pretty cool.

TBH this one might be my favorite next to DP12. 

I get MG5 vibes, and IDK why. I like it.


Doc likes tombois?

Meh. Not particularly. I just liked MG5's censored design. Made her really stand out.

OH THIS IS MG36, I forgot how she looked like. She got this, modern CNY dress style, that refreshing and cute. I see this skin not as hornybait, but more of a skin to oogle at. Well drawn, hairbuns are cute and right fit to the theme. Also is that Hamtaro grown up?

I like the look in her eye in damaged art.

The look of "I'm gonna [REDACTED] you on [REDACTED]" yes.

If she does say that I ain't gonna decline.
Crimson Mallow? More like little black qipao, hahah. Anyways, MG36 looks great in this elegant black dress and cute buns. But I think the highlight here is not the outfit itself but the background elements. They compliment her very well, sad that the hamster doesn't really match the year, oh well.

SPP-1 Night of Blue Lotus

Default art is a great skin that gets bonus points for being a throwback to her previous profession as an entertainer who did water dances. Damaged version is needlessly lewd for an otherwise cute and innocent Doll.

She does actually put on a performance in it, the ring around her ankle is even a device that helps her move through the water (although it malfunctions and starts to drown her but we won't talk about that).


Do I want to ask?
She entertains people waiting in a long line while PKP wraps up furniture and loads it for them.
She.. drowns ?
Apparently. I guess even waterproofed Dolls can't stay submerged indefinitely. Thankfully PKP shoots the giant bauble she's swimming in.

This skin is a bit on the "Eugh" side for me, because fanservice-ifying the children-looking T-Dolls like this is SEVERELY against my morale compass. 

Considering she operates under water, this outfit maybe makes sense (probably? perhaps? I dunno). She looks really soft and I have a weakness for softness. In particular I like the background art. Really pretty and interesting art style. I don't think I want to look up her damage art because I want her to remain pure.


Oof... back when it came to CN/KR/TW, I almost didn't want to do the event for it, the Skin itself is nice but the damage art just ruins it for me... it's so sad.

Unlike PA-15 I'm almost okay with the normal art (the top could do to be wider), but the vibe of this one isn't like it's trying to have the FBI knock down my front door. Until the damage art happens then I have serious deep concerns.

That jellyfish thing in the back is cool as heck, I want that for a dorm pet.

Otherwise, concerns many many many concerns.

If only the default was more covered at the sides, I'd have found this fine. It's relatively cute enough and the intention with the default doesn't strike me as anything but just trying to be cute. I still don't really like it though, it makes me somewhat uncomfortable. Particularly with how little is around the thigh area. The damaged art completely kills it for me. No, don't want to even talk about it.
Right, another skin that's questionable. If you look at normal art, it's barely passable, as long as you don't wince your eyes. LOOK, A CHILD, wearing a chinese dress x swimsuit hybrid, with her sides bare open. The skin is cute but oh god, a huge pass for me, I'm not into lolis.
I feel like with this skin you either love it with your whole heart or despise it with fury. Personally, i think it's allright. While it may not be my thing, i can appreciate catering to an audience Girls Frontline most definitely has.

The Division Collab Bonus


416 Fang

She looks as if she wants to punch my face to the sidewalk.
416 tacticool is nice, but that's pretty much all I have to say. Never been into the Division even though I bought the second and beta-ed the first, so I guess it's meant to evoke nostalgia from Division players.
I love this skin. She's actually fighting in her damage art and it's not lewd bs, she also looks angry all day, which makes her fun to use as adjutant.
I think there's gonna be a common theme with me as I go through and talk about the Division skins: They're all solid skins, but not enough over other skins or their defaults for me to find the price point worth it.

Anyway, I think this is probably my overall favourite one of the batch. The Last Man Battalion are probably my favourite of the enemy factions from Division 1 and this outfit captures their style perfectly. I appreciate that they were truly faithful to the source material on all of these skins. I don't have anything else to say really, just a really strong skin. But sadly not one that's worth it to me, as I already have her Anniversary dress.

If it was for Agent 416 instead, then I think I would've picked it up. (You're gonna see me say something similar for another one of these skins too.)

I like 416 skin. Easily my favorite from the set. Badass design, and I loved the LMB.

God I wish I could buy it. But 416 said either her or the dodge build.

...God I miss her. I may have a 60% chance to dodge bullets but not a 60% chance to dodge alimony. That's a 100% hit rate.

uber s--tposter spotted

I dig this skin for sure. Tacticool is something GFL should really do more of, (more when that skin batch comes). I'm not sure if I'm going to grab this one, as I already have her Bunny Skin, I'm going to get her Ballgown with B-cards one day, and her Mod skin and I'm not duping a 3rd 416 just for skins. Really good skin though. also fits 416's attempts to be all hardcore and serious all the time really well

remember shikikans, dupe for skins, not for ranking*

*GP does not condone the duping of dolls for mere cosmetics. We believe Commanders can surpass their inner hornt. Be strong Commanders!!! .

>bunny skin

>"soulmuse earlier at 1:41 PM: you ascribe more horny to this than exists."

>getting Starry Cocoon with BCs

Sir you are guilty of horny, please face the wall to get cuffed. uwu

Adam have you considered that your overflowing horniness might be corrupting your perception of others?
I have. I never said soul was going to jail alone.

Warning: Omega hornt spotted, run for your lives

You haven't seen me being hornt, I assure you.

GFL GP Episode 5: The Hornt Strikes Baccc

I has concerns

You did say you'd write an essay on KSG. I'm still waiting on that...

Need a KSG skin first, or another G3 skin I guess. Maybe Barret.
G3 has two skins, you want moooooooooooooar?
Maybe. I am nothing if not greedy.

kyaaaa~~ greedy senpai~~

You will never see me hornt.

he's baccc, and he's not hornt

Anni Groza.

Jokes on you, I prefer her CNY skin. Her anni skin's nice and all, but it can't beat CNY.

Vector Hellfire


GP couldn't hold bacc Adamasturia's hornt. Their current whereabout is unknown

I'm not a fan of these kinds of costume. I mean she's pretty and all but you just.... Closed off her beauty. Either I don't like short hair girls or something, but this skin feels kinda off for me.

The amount of details for the weapon and costume still is salivating.

Those thighs squished by thigh highs are utterly stunning, sad they're hidden by the flamethrower's tank on damaged, otherwise damaged would have two places I'd want to bite lots and lots.

GP GFL Episode 7: The Hornt Awakens

Those mask and thick clothing though. Closes off her charm.
Forget normal exists, just use her permanently damaged. She's a molotov offtank, she can live permanently damaged. While I heal her everynight with my love

Warning: Doll unit Vivi A.K.A. Vector is in grave danger. Please assign your nearest waifus to rescue her from this degenerate

Quite the hornt we got here.

Crally was later found colapsed from Hornt Overdose, courtesy of this degen

Vivi makes me hornt hard. White hair + tights + innocent look + soft voice + cute name + slim body.

She hits in all the right places.

Why was she called Vivi in the first place? Admittedly, I haven't really liked her much, but her heroics in this event won me.
Smth smth dolls call her vivi.

To be more precise: smth smth forbidden collab we'll never have.

Well, she's an oddball. I like her though.
Cool skin again... the damaged art is amazing I can't complain!

Arikira's mention of the damaged art was her downfall

Quite conversely to the LMB, unfortunately my experience with Division makes me bear a small bias here. The Cleaners are my least favourite faction. I think they're cool aesthetically but they're the least enjoyable faction to fight in my personal opinion.

I still think this is a cool skin regardless. Again, I do appreciate how closely they kept to the source material, even down to having Vector's gun stick on a makeshift flamethrower. Though sadly, it is probably my least favourite of the batch.

Red's body was later found in a dark alley, along with a note written: Vivi-chan too cute, too lovely, too beautiful, can't let them diss Vivi-chan

Burn everything, Vector. One of my favorite skins in the entire collab. God I wish I could buy it.

Adamasturia uses Uber Hornt on Doc. It's not very effective

Pretty much with Red this time, don't have that much to say here.

Soul's body was later found along with Red's, peacefully sleeping just like Romeo and Juliet

Agent 416 Protector of Manhattan

The lack of Hornt in this skin shill was enough to revive the GP staff.


It's a very good and detailed skin, love it, (won't buy due to it being cash and things, still). Idk, looks similar in vibe to STAR's school shooter, this 416 also looks casual.
Blue surprisingly fits her very well, more than her green coat from the default. Wish her legs got as much detail as her coat though

Despite being a 416 simper, the hornt has completely left Adamasturia; this is the power of Tacticool skins. Get a tacticool skin, comes with anti-hornt tabs

Not that T-Dolls can get sick, but it seems like 416 follows pandemic protocol pretty well, especially in her damaged art.
Better than some people right now kekw.
Tbh I have no idea, I don't really like this skin as much as the others, but everyone has their own opinion on that anyway.
The dark blue coat goes really well with her hair and the black&grey of her general outfit.

I probably can't appreciate all the details because I've never played The Divison but it's simply very refreshing to have skins like this one that don't just slap fan-service in your face and call it a day. Her putting on the gas mask in her damage art looks cool and I think I like this skin more than the regular 416 one from this batch.

Little bit of quick fact in case you don't know: This and the Agent Vector skin are based off actual clothing sets you can get in Division 1 for your agent.

So as for this skin here, I do like it but personally not enough over Agent 416's default for me to find the price point worth it. It's got a really cool colour scheme going and, once again, super faithful to the source. Though with a more vibrant coat which I think was the right decision, really makes the blue pop out more which fits GFL's aesthetic more.

division 1 agent

Second favorite for reasons. That's all I'll say cause lazy.

Can't even simp properly for 416/Division stuff smh

8/10 L u l z.
So the agents get agent-inspired skin and the actual dolls get faction skin?
Yes. With this one I do prefer it to her base art. Has a bit more cool and badass to it. also that weird mic thing in her base annoys me and I don't know whyyyyy.
COD player she is.
Frankly the headset throws me off. Then again, it's actually relatively true to its nature. Those are similar to the headset tactical teams use, albeit it's usually full helmet, not just the headset itself.
And thus GFL GP has banned naked headsets from our AMOGUS matches since A416 came out.

Agent Vector Searing Edge

Vivi looks innocent on the first one and HOLY SHIT VIVI SQUISH ME WITH THOSE LEGS.

Knowing Adamasturia's past with Vivi's skin, GP staff came ready to face the hornt. Cuffs, anti-hornt tabs, no-hornt bullets, you name it

The only message I'd like to say is.... The arsonist turned into firefighter, ironically.
Best way to sabotage firefighters is to be one.

Spoke like a true pyromaniac

heh You're not wrong there.
I want to taint so friggin hard that innocent look Vivi has on her face.

Rememeber Commanders: this is what happens when you lose yourself to the hornt. Resist, fight bacc. Do not fall to the hornt sideof the Force.

Meanwhile I want to know what kind of expressions she can make.

Crally uses anti-hornt tabs on himself: it's super effective

I doubt she's making a lewd expression, she's not AK-15 or AK-12 you hornt man.

Adamasturia uses Hornt Bait on Crally

Look at who's talking. I wonder if she can smile or something.

Adamasturia's Hornt is not very effective

Good point. Subtle smile maybe. I think Vivi's one to make soft, subtle expressions.
I also think so. But her arsonist tendency says otherwise
She can be a soft expression arsonist.
Also this Vector, her artist is different right?
No idea tbh.

smh can't even simp AVivi properly

Her eyes are different, markedly they look dead to me.
checks notes Yes it is. Artist's the same as Agent Vivi, AUG knight, PPK racing and Aug para.

Her eyes look more weary than dead tho. If you look at the normal she has a sort of defiant stare imo

Her stockings though, wow.


If you look at the normal she has a sort of defiant stare imo which is pretty hot.
Her face doesn't show that, I do think that's a deadpan expression more than tiredness.
Wait I looked at the wrong skin KEKW.


Takes more anti hornt tabs, readies cuffs.
I'd say she has a "serious mode" on on her damaged and on her normal she has a 'innocent girl" look on her face ready to be tainted.
Both are relatively expressionless anyway.
Not expressionless, just not overly expressive.


She never really smiles in all of her costumes no?
Not really, though not all dolls smile on their costumes .
Yes just YES, she's cute and looks so innocent in her outfit. Now the Damage art oh boy it's really good once again and also got for memes.

ari's base

When the idea was brought up to also do a quick shilling for the Division skins, my initial thought process was "Hm well, those skins look all pretty cool and they actually come with actual gear and equipment instead of simply displaying horny so how bad can this go?"

But I forgot two things:

1) it's Adam

2) it's Vivi

So yeah, I leave the horny to Adam and tell a boring story instead. Personally, I really like this skin in particular because back in the day when I wasn't a granny, I was part of the local firefighters in the village I lived in. This outfit sure brings back memories! I always thought that firefighters have really cool equipment and everything. Naturally, I think that this skin is also pretty cool.

Her damage art is the icing on the cake. But gravitiy is pretty harsh I have to say. I had to get down from a balcony like that once and urgh not the most pleasant experience. But. It. Is. Cool. Despite everything I am not getting this skin (or any from this batch) because it's just too much money.

You meant you have jumped from second floor down once?
No lol, I roped down like in the damage art.

waaaaaa Schnee-senpai so cool kyaa~~

Wrong footing? I believe jumping from.such height will hurt.

(Ps, I jumped off stairs on school, back in my highschool days, It wasn't good for my knees)

Let's try this again. I used to be a firefighter. I once was on a balcony on like 2nd or 3rd floor in full gear. I roped down like in the damage art. It was slightly painful because of how harsh gravity is. But it's cool.
Again, here's the comparative outfit from Division 1

. division

Thanks for posting these, Red.
No problemo.

So remember how I said I would get the LMB skin if it was for Agent 416? Well, this is a similar case, as I would pick this one up if it was for regular Vector instead. I know it'd be too ironic to have G&Ks fan favourite arsonist in a firefighter uniform though lol.

I really like the style and I have to give props one last time for them staying faithful to the source while talking creative liberties where appropriate to make the outfit fit GFL's aesthetic. I just sadly don't like it enough over Agent Vector's default to make the price point worth it.

This skin alongside with Agent 416's Shield of Manhattan are two of the best skins in the game.
I agree, the Vector skin is just so good.
But man, this skin isn't for regular Vector.
Who cares.

AVector is good.

AVector is so cute AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I'll fan girl over her whenever I can.

such good taste, very cool, much right, wow

Vector has been with me way longer. I'm much more attached to our dear arsonist.
Well same but, Agent Vector's skin is just, just sooooooooooooooooo good.
This skin is good.
We’re all simpers for Agent Vivi.
I'm not though.

This fella be staring straight into the abyss with no fear waaooooo

w o w
This is a decent skin, I suppose. Not my favorite, but it's enjoyable. I like action.
You want to have some action with AVivi eh.
Of the two Vector skins I prefere this one, but I'm going to have to be the dissenter and just be a bit meh on it. It's not bad, but nothing that wowed me, compared to her base art.
Agreed. She looks cute but her base art has thighs squeeze. Soul knows the gud stuff eh.

Warning: hornt levels increasing

Uh, not quite what I was going for.
You ascribe more horny to this than exists.

Soul summed up basically half of Division shilling


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