Costume Shilling #3 Part 2: Wedding


Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of our third episode of Costume Shilling. It seems that with all the confusion, we forgot to introduce our new sponsor in the first part. Ceia ?

Why is my thumbnail not used ???

Because I improved it. So we can use it, as long as it’s my version.

No. You two, stop messing around. Let’s go back to the Costume shilling now.

M950A, The Warbler and the Rose

And now, Calico. This wedding batch sure had lots of popular waifus eh? And speaking of which, Calico’s boobs seem to get bigger with each skin.
This artist’s style is kinda… less glossy?
Yes, because it’s not infukun.
Not that bad though; I actually like this one more than, say, her mod skin with a darker hue of green.
Hasn’t infukun not been in charge of Calico for a while now?
Mod 3 is also not from infukun. All other skins came from him
Also, this Calico… she smiles smugly
Domcalico, Calidom, however you prefer

Nah, I just like her smug smile. and man, she’s drawn so softly. I know she’s slim and fit but THOSE LEGS and BODY, wew.

Though for a wedding dress to shine, it needs something special to accent and differentiate it from normal wedding dresses.

You have a great point, yes. I don’t know if I want to squeeze these legs, lick these legs or hug these legs.

(spoilers: all of them)

I gotta say, this dress accentuates Calico, so rather than the dress, your attention is on her.
Right!? Makes me omega envious of Thunder. Sorry Thunder but I’m NTRing you. Calisoft too good to pass.
Simp what you want, I don’t want a .50BMG anywhere near me
If you gonna die might as well go with a bang~
THis reminds me, is this bundle or gacha?
Gacha, L2D to boot.

Welp there goes NTRing Thunder. Don’t worry, you’re still my precious.

(Thunder: 1, Adam: 0)

If I didn’t have Tamamo45 to roll for, I’d absolutely roll for this one.

Berserker Tamamo Cat Anime Wallpapers 48 - Download HD Wallpapers | Anime,  Anime wallpaper, Anime images

Tamamo45 is just animated. Sell your kidney, simp for Calico, roll both

(GP team would like to remind you Shikikans to not sell either of your kidneys or someone else’s kidneys to whale for skins)

It’s not about the L2D, it’s all about the doll. It’s why I rolled in all banners with G36C and failed at getting all her three gacha skins. In the end I bought her wedding dress for 2588 gems.
Aight, let’s give room for the others to shill on it as well, lest Crally and I rant all day about weddings and dreams and whatnots.
Not my favourite, but still is really good. This would be a great wedding dress in real life, quite because of the gold heart ornaments which I really like.

So they’re golden hearts?? Those thighs camouflaged them to me.

(warning: degenerate alert)

Understandable, her legs are freaking great


Worst calico skin btw

Suddenly, after Ceia said his opinion about the skin, we could hear some metallic sounds from Sheele's room. He was clearly preparing a war crime, and that made other shillers calm down, including Ceia.

Wonderful skin, nothing else to say really

(And that is how a pro avoids Sheele’s hate)

I just think the face is weirdly drawn. My favourite skin from Calico is the Maid one.

(Shikikans, behold a bad example of skin naming. There is no Calico maid, only Calimaid)

Ceia, we know you just want a maido serving you, going all "goushujin-samaaaaaa"
Well, face aside, I think this one has the best style
That I can agree with. I still find her face off, at least for a Calico. Like, ya know, you’re getting used to the original style.
Ceia has been with Calico for over three years probably. He can’t get over that his innocent HG has become even more smug and more boobier.
I miss infukun’s art. You’re not alone Ceia.
A really stunning dress, but I have to agree with Ari, as there isn’t much to be said. I’ve never been too hot on Calico’s original design, so this is by far my favourite of her skins. But, alas, being L2D means I must forego it. And so I’ll appreciate it from afar.
I really like Calico’s design, I’m totally going for it.

(Lies you’re going for Kar, Calico’s just a bonus)

Time to bring out the big guns. Haku, Soul, get your butts over here.
The Cali skin is pretty nice, but I feel like it's the weakest of her skins, the art is well drawn but the color scheme seems to lack contrast in comparison to her maid skin, with the exception of her green hair it seems pretty monochromatic.

This time, Sheele was next to the other shillers, he got his weapon out and did put the cannon right on Hakurai's forehead and was ready to shoot in less than a second.

That being said, she makes up for it with her amazing hairstyle and smugness to contrast it; this is a rare moment in Calico's life and you're able to bear witness. The damage art actually implies she's fighting in a wedding dress given the burns and such. Although it's not the most ridiculous outfit in GFL I imagine you can fight in, you still gotta give her credit for fighting in high heels.

Since Hakurai choose his words wisely, Sheele decide to lower his weapon, reassuring the other shillers.

This is the design sheet for her skin, courtesy of iopwiki. Seeing the different explorations kind of gives us an insight of what could've been. The center one is what we ended up getting - demure with subtle smug. The gun is pointed down, signifying that there is no hostile intent. The first is a more revealing tsundere look - her personality is on display. The gun is pointed upwards, signifying that if you got a problem, she will feed you lead instead of cake. (seems like AA-12 has a disciple). The third seems to be a loving yet embarrassed look; the gun is pointed forward but parallel to the bouquet, as if she isn't sure what to do in this situation. At least in all three pictures she has excellent trigger discipline.

I agree with Haku, this is one of the weaker Calico skins, and one of the weaker in this batch. I think Calico would have been better off with a different design, this one is too… elegant?
So you wanted a wilder dress?
No, something like FNC’s dress, less traditional.
Indeed, it is a very traditional US/Western wedding dress, which is fine (looks at Sheele), but I think I tend to agree it doesn’t quite fit Calico’s usual aesthetics. It is strange, though, that in a wedding gacha, the ‘traditional’ skin ends up usually being the weakest. Kar sorta straddles the line between being weak or not, but she’s more a break than not.
Kar does do a traditional dress, but it’s also layered with accessories like her shawl, or the black portion of her dress
I concur, Kar’s dress is traditional in the veil and below the ribs, but the top strays from it. Moreover all the black accents are a break
So, Calico’s dress is very much all white, so it blends into itself, not accentuating any aspects of it. Thus nothing breaks the blend, whereas Kar’s shawl provides a contrast to her white attire
I agree with this gentleman. Thus I announce this as an almost 100% ball gown styled wedding dress. Smug face notwithstanding
Now, excuse me while I down another glass of wine in art critique mode.
Soul, do tell me where is your art critique mode?
Critique mode activated. I'm double checking white day atm, but in brief, there is an interesting problem between bridal gowns and art. Traditional bridal gowns are white with accenting patterns, see the flake/flower pattern on the edges of the skirt, or sequins on IRL dress. Now, this is fine in real life, because there's a lot of little shadows, and details, and such, and there is the whole 'pure bride' symbolism and whatnot packed into things.
So, IRL and art are two separate things?
Elementary, my dear Adam. This doesn't work for shit in art, because the monocolor look sorta blends together to the eye, and the accent patterns, which in real life create small shadows and or keep the eye moving thanks to the movement in the fabric created by a human, in art, they are static and thus don't visually break up the style at all. Calico and 1014 are the worst victims of this, because they have almost completely white dresses with little to no accent colors. These things are completely accurate to what someone getting married IRL would wear, and even are accurate in the style of dress (ball gown here, 1014's is a mermaid dress I want to say, I'll double check later), but when translated into a 2D piece of art they struggle mightily to hold they eye nearly as well. Funnily enough, Calico's damaged art does much much better, because you get more color variation (also legs), and the move to have parts of the veil behind the skirt means that you get more visual interest, as opposed to the normal art.
To conclude my critique,, because the dress is completely white, your eye is drawn up to her face/hair as the only major spots of color (and the gun I guess), and it makes them stand out. Heresy opinion time, the smug look doesn't fit at all.
I’ll have to agree with the critiques, smug and Calico don’t really fit together
To use Kar again, while the dress itself is still white, the black shawl contrasts it well, and the texture actually stands out when compared to the dress itself, and the black underskirt prevents her entire body from seeming like a massive wall of white, as Calico's rather does here, or 1014's. Further, Kar's tiara stands out against her hair, and ties into the rest of the dress and Kar as a doll, where as Calico's crown just vanishes into her hair, and Kar's bouquet being visible and vibrant red with the little black bow above moves the eye either up or down, depending on where you started (with Kar's the eye sorta start at her face then works down, but it mostly works either way), where are Calico just gets stuck on her face imo.
Sheele, unsure to commit war crimes on Soulmuse or not, hesitated to aim at Soulmuse for a second.
That said, I like the dress fine, it's a good skin, and only upcoming anni keeps me from going all in on this one for her and Kar, but it's sort of the difference between a really good skin, and a really great skin.

Haku and Soul: Deep intricate looks into lots of specific details and art theory as a whole

Me: "I just think it looks nice"

Well, uh, the normal art. Damaged art, like lots, yes.

Tbh, I have long accepted my fate as pigeonholing myself as the overly verbose nerd and spewer of pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

(This Commanders is a prime example of underselling yourselfs. Be like Haku, have confidence. Nerd with precision. Improvise, adapt, overcome, become apex intellectual nerds like Hakurai and Soulmuse and be proud of it. Thank you for coming to my ted talk)

Okay, let’s leave our resident nerds nerding their nerdities aside (look forward to it in the omake). Now, a word from this skin’s sponsor.

My reaction: 

Thank you for coming to my ted talk!

Matt words were so disappointing and the cat emote he sent so cute that every single shillers forgot about giving a conclusion to Calico's shilling.

M1014, Heatbeat Before the Angel Statue


And no, one of my favourite SGs, now ready to be wed. HETEROCHROMIA FOR THE WIN.

One of my favourite SGs got a pretty nice skin. Am happy

Her normal art looks so classy, it’s gorgeous. That statue behind her gives her an angelic appeal I JUST LOVE.

For some reason I kept mistaking her for another doll. I thought M4 got a wedding dress. Anyway, the simple concept of her dress is what makes it good in my opinion. Looks simple, but the key is on the chest part.

(Sasuga Crally-kun)

I wasn’t even aware that this doll existed. But, nonetheless, it’s a really gorgeous skin.

It’s a very nice, very classy skin, but it doesn’t quite have that pop to it y’know?

I guess it’s just too simplistic for my taste, like, come on girl, it’s your wedding! Once in a lifetime thing! You can wear anything you want, so why go for such a simple, albeit beautiful, dress? Be extravagant!

I see what you mean. While I do agree that sometimes simple is best, I think the artist could have explored more that angelic setup. Maybe adding some angelical stuff on her dress.
Speaking of angels, bro, the statue breaking in her damaged art is so cool
Right!? Like “oh you shot my friend, time to stuff you with buck shots” cool.
I had a different impression, more like the angel is protecting her from bullets

There is this expression in the most obscure place I live that is “lose one’s head” as an analogy to losing one’s cool. So in this case it felt very fitting.

But now that you mentioned it, it does look like she’s using the angel as cover. Pretty cool. I didn’t notice it because I was looking elsewhere.

Adam be like: BOOBA
Jokes you on you, I was appreciating a good pair of t h i g h s. I prefer thighs over boobas, but I concur, great boobas.

tian nya on Twitter: "the one regret i have about my subaru approb frame  becoming a meme is that even for my blob style its proportions are  atrocious"

It’s kinda meh to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, the skin itself is wonderful, the problem is that I just don’t like the doll much. Actually, all the skins in this batch are wonderful.
Poor heterochromia shotty. I shall protecc her from these daredevils that cannot appreciate her angelical glory.
My god, the aesthetic! M1014 I think gets really cool designs by default. I didn't care much for how her other skin loses the wing motif she has going on, but this one maintains it through a unique way, namely the statue. Bar that, it's a fairly plain but still excellent dress. Not much color going on except the bouquet, still pleasing to see though. The patterns with the butterflies are really nice too. I also find heterochromia really cool and pretty. Really good skin.
I'm legit bitter at this skin for not being UMP 40, purely because of this one random fanart that I'm not sure I can find on short notice. Alas, no skins for 40, only Angel Shotty.

Art by Renaisense

Much appreciated. With that said, she's actually the odd doll out in terms of dress aesthetic, (if we ignore Stechkin for a moment) which I find really odd, as the other dresses aren't entirely stylistically consistent but share a lot of cues, then this one shows up. The Angel statue as a nod to the angel armor wings she has in her default skin is cool. I do find the random red in the bouquet a bit visually strange, given how pure white the rest is, but it's 11pm my time and so who knows my poor eyes are probably having me on.
Good 40 skin.

Let’s threaten MICA into making one. I want to marry 40, but she’s like my dreams: so fucking dead.

(GP would like to remind you Commanders that threatening companies or company personnel is against the law and advises against it. GP would also like to remind you Commanders to take care of your mental health, especially during these tough times.)

I just realised I haven’t actually commented on M1014, just the 40 convo.
As expected of you Haku, your brain turns only to 40 whenever she appears.
I will neither deny nor confirm this statement. Moving on, I don't have any particular attachment to her, but for what it's worth I think it's cool that the angel statue is holding the shotgun, and like Kawa mentioned, it gets destroyed in the damage art. There's probably some kind of reference here being made, but I wouldn't know enough about it.
Now, let’s wrap up this shilling, with a word from our sponsor:

I actually kinda like this one. Can’t explain why.

(No thoughts head empty hornt only)

Our sponsor likes angels then UwU

Makarov, A Certain Unscientific Sunflower

And now we have the most polemic skin of this batch. Where’s doc to mald over this one?
The damaged art is really pushing the limit.
Agreed, Makarov is a tad too loli. So while I appreciate her wedding skin I’d rather have my whole team go on crit than risk seeing her damaged in my game.
No, I don’t like this. I also don’t like Marakov. Goodbye.
I’d say there is nothing spectacular about this skin. That said, the artist is really good at it, namely at drawing thiccness.
Man, I really love this skin, she just looks so happy. Really giving uwu vibes.
As she was my first level 100 doll, seeing her this happy kinda makes me feel like I’m seeing my dauteru getting married. Let’s just agree to forget the damaged art exists.
YES!!!!!! Exactly this feeling.
I kinda like how the skin looks like it’s the happiest day of her life, and then her damaged art makes her say something like “YOU RUINED IT”. It’s heartbreaking.
Man, what a huge turnaround between regular and damaged lulz. I really like the cute aesthetic of the regular with the flowers and the nice dress, on top of her precious smile. However, her damaged… I never realised she had such thicc butt lmao. As much as I like good ass, I don’t like this one because Makarov is one of those dolls whose design is too borderline loli for me. Hard Pass.

I think I prefer her regular art over the damaged, admittedly. That damaged art is questionable enough all on its own, but out of the dresses in this batch I think this one is my least favourite overall. I think the first words that come to my mind are “visually busy”, but that’s not quite right. I’ll muse about it.
I also like my freedom, and not having to explain to other people in the house why the FBI is calling.

Pretty sure EN got the non-censored variant. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?
wiki doesn’t have a censored variant, for all the value wiki has.
I see, so I was misremembering, my bad.

So the name is an obvious reference to that famous Scientific anime/manga. The initial art is nice, there’s flow to her hair. you see, the curves of the hair are in contrast with the angled fabric, which creates a cognitive dissonance and forces the audience's gaze to wander back and forth between the two boundaries. This is also known as “I don't actually have an art science degree and made that up on the spot”.
Anyways, I assume the artist is different, since her original and pumpkin skin art have this sort of manga/stylized feel to it, but this one is a lot softer.

What about the damaged art?

don't - Album on Imgur

Nothing at all?
Well, it’s almost identical to P226, aka seal girl, who I'd like a lot more if her damaged art didn't threaten law enforcement the same way she's used by elite units.
Under the jurisdiction of the United States, I plead the fifth. Officer, don't arrest me.
Ok lolicon

10 minutes after, Matt was sent to horny jail.

FNC, Strawberry Cake & Garden Cosmos

“Adam why is this skin here? It isn’t new?” Yes, I agree. However, FNC is a cute doll, that has served me, and probably many other Commanders well during early game. And so, she deserves a spot here, for how much of a good girl she is.
Can I call Legoclone? GFL’s number 1 FNC lover.
Best not. Anyway, this is nice. Not too horny, but rather a decent art.
I got this skin so long ago that I forgot it existed.
And here is a prime example of a Commander that does not appreciate their early dolls. Don’t be like that Commander, give love to FNC, mod your Sten-senpai. Every doll deserves love, even if they’re far from meta.
….Anyway, this skin stands out due to its pinkish colour, and it also has a sunflower as a theme instead of the traditional rose used in wedding themes. It’s a nice pick, as it avoids mainstream. I have never been into the doll, i.e. I don’t quite lik her, but her arts, while never being amazingly great to me, are always tidy and easy on the eye. None too eye catching, but all of them cute.
I really like this skin, it’s sad we don’t really get to use FNC.
Free Black Card, ez gg wp.
After these words, Ari and Sheele went outside without anyone noticing, letting the others debate about FNC.
Considering we've already had this skin for a year, idk if there's much to say lol. It's a pretty nice free skin, I like the pink and orange colour scheme and FNC is a cutie. I also want to try some of that cake despite not even being big on cake besides cheesecake lol.
What’s the cake she’s eating?

Strawberry cake.

(Gotta appreciate a Commander with an eye for food)

Ahhhhh FNC, my lil dauteru FNC. She looks so pretty in this skin, and it's so well drawn too! I'm really glad it's free and anyone who missed it can still get it this year. I hope she's enjoying the party and the delicious looking strawberry cake!
Right!? She looks like the dauteru of the couple being wed, the dauteru who stays eating tons of cake the whole party.
The better FNC skin imo.
There is a worse FNC skin?
The halloween one.
Rerun Rerun. Fun fact: She was a patisserier in her life prior to GFL. Unlike the other skins, the overall pink colour scheme is very welcome.
Indeed, it’s pretty neat, and it goes well with her personality imo.

Free B Card is good, FNC Skin is good. Our chocolate addict deserved some love. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am also addicted to chocolate.

(Friendly reminder to regularly check your sugar levels if you’re addicted to sweet Commanders.)

Moving on, in terms of skin, it’s a good, clean art. Not a lot to really say, in that this one doesn't stand out much beyond being a good skin without something that makes me scream at my computer. Although that is a lot of skirt for FNCs height, but that isn't entirely out of character for wedding dresses...even if this one is sorta off style so to say.
Reminds me of that FNC love letter for the contest: “I like chocolate, you like chocolate, munch munch munch munch ad infinitum”.

Oh god.

(Soul is relieving a past trauma)

I hope a few FNC lovers out there are happy that we included her skin in the shilling.

Kawa's phone rang suddenly, then, after she picked up the call, all the shillers could hear Matt’s voice from Horny Jail.

Hi Lego

And then he stopped the call.

Grizzly, Rain on a Starry Night

And here we are, an old friend of many veterans, and newer commanders alike. Commanders and Shikikans, we have the elusive 1:10 HG in wedding dress!

Can I have the first dibs? THIS SKIN IS GORGEOUS. A wedding dress needs something to be catchy, and to me, this one shows it. Blue and yellow in the dress rings nicely with the fair skinned brown hair lady. The angles of e the art also are nice, and accentuate all of Grizz’ assets in a nice way.
It also is what I used as reference to draw my AK-15

With the mismatched stockings and big floofy houte cotoure dress grizz looks more like a runway model than a bride, but I quite dig that look. Realm Bw's linework has also improved over the years, this feels like a straight upgrade to her anniversary gala costume.
Also, her face in the damaged art is so cute :DDD

I like Grizz, and this is a nice skin. Happy in default, espresso despresso in damaged art.
She kinda looks like she stood up on her wedding day. sadge
Lo and behold, the first skin package I'll actually be buying since we started this shilling. I'll be blunt and let you all know that I do kinda have a thing for bridal attire, so I like pretty much all of these to varying degrees. Grizzly here is absolutely beautiful, I love the white with hints of blue and gold colour scheme her dress has going on and that smile really could brighten up any day. Really a stellar skin for what has been one of my personal favourite HGs for most of the game, easy pickup for me.

Holy damn, Red’s actually horny for some skin that’s not from Lee.
>Thing for bridal attire
Oh no, Red gonna steal everyone’s wife in the future

You say that like this is the first skin I’ve liked in the entire shilling.
There’ plenty of skins I’m horny for besides Lee. She just happens to be my biggest hornt.

Well she has the biggest ass
Well, there is AK-15, with her abs harder than steel

While Crally, Adamasturia and Red dive into a discussion of fetishes, this shilling’s sponsor decided to quietly leave his comment:

To be honest, this skin is the best out of the series she has, runner up being the loli one.

I like how they managed to preserve her color scheme on the wedding dress. This and her casual skin are my two favorite Grizzly skins. the casual skin edges out every so slightly because she has a ponytail, but that doesn't mean this one is any worse; both are excellent.

Haku ponytail lover

Ponytail, glasses, shorts and a burger

Since when has Grizz been such the perfect girlfriend?

She’s perfect for a [REDACTED].
But anyway, this is one of the skins where I'll drop the pretentious art critic and just be like, "she cute dog".

So uhhh in a bit of a pickle now. Before I went to buy the Wedding Grizzly, I tried one multi for Bride Vector... and got a different Grizzly lmao.

Red later proceeded to buy her wedding dress, because you can never love your waifu enough. Remember Commanders, luccsac, donate your kidneys for your waifus.

That means Red is duping Grizz
Game knows. It is how I duped my Groza so far.
Friendly reminder to buy and cherish Grizzly package Commanders

I do not listen to the words of Shikikans who fell for duping

(Says the LWMMG mod duper)

Why do you listen to Doc then?

While this conversation suddenly turned into a horny talk about voice kinks, Soulmuse, who was strangely quiet until now, decided to warn people of his presence with a cough. But that wasn’t the Soulmuse the other shillers used to talk with for other skins.
This Soulmuse was completely different: he had goggles on, eyes as sharp as knives, and a smirk on his face. He entered nerding mode, and no one was able to stop what was coming.

Soul’s nerding
Right, somehow, I've forgotten to talk about this skin, despite getting it instantly on banner coming alive...and my dupe Grizzlies both using it.
Mars from the future here to state that this rambling mess gets very fair into the weeds of visual nonsense, as well as being 100% pseudo-intellectual bullshit, read at your peril. Also when Soul get going he tends to stuff parenthetical comments in every 3rd or 4th line so beware. If you’re just here to see his opinions about horny yes/no, skip to the end.
Aren’t I supposed to be the one giving warnings?
To build on my ramblings on Calico's skin, this is a very off the beaten path dress, but in the best way possible. It's also an interesting break from Grizzly's usual(ish, her Ballgown sorta splits the difference, more on that later (also ignore the holster on her other skins that can't be mirrored)) styling of being perfectly symmetrical. Now, the neat part about this, is that this Skin handles this really well, by more or less alternating which side is mismatched.
Here I thought you’d ramble on Calico’s first before moving to Grizz
From bottom to top it goes (from the viewer perspective), left (stocking length and accent items (gems on the left side)), right (stocking and no accent, but with garter instead), left (skirt length), right (flower accent on the hip). Then, the pattern breaks, with the bust being symmetrical, and then the collar piece being asymmetrical again to the right. However, the pattern still holds if we do count the gun on the left, just not quite a straight up/down flip flop (I’ve missed a few bits, I know I know).
Had to reread this three times.
This keeps the elements of visual interest moving across her body so your eye and attention never linger on one side too long. Griz’s Anni skin plays with this same idea, but is mostly vertically symmetrical, the breaks are just the flower accent, bow accent, and the shoulders, but those are less asymmetrical by design and more like the one just fell down a bit. Lays the groundwork I guess, for this one.
This feels like a double edged sword.
For an example of how to do this badly, the newly release(ish, since CN has gone semi-hyper speed suddenly) De Lyle carbine is almost entirely asymmetrical to the left from the viewer's perspective, and looking at her feels funny, with all your attention on the one side..


For those who don’t know who she is, have an image

On the same note of where your eye is and is not drawn, the star she’s holding, as Destination mentioned, is a nice bit of pizzazz to the Skin, but notably, the white color means that while it stands out it doesn’t always pull your eye to it, and lets you actually take in Grizzly herself, instead of just the star.

But the cool thing here is that said star isn’t just a bit of flair, it’s actually carried through the entire dress as an accent item. Her stockings have them, the skirt of the dress has them, the garter has them, etc etc etc. It’s this really cool piece of theming that the entire dress has built into it, although my head actually hurts atm so no speculation on what the theming is meant to mean. Maybe I’ll leave that to Haku…

Haku already nerded on this shilling, so continue your nerding.
But on that same note, those do match the ball down, except there they match the yellow (forgive any wrong colors following this because I can’t see colors for a fuck) of the dress, where are here, the little stars are more prevalent and instead of matching the primary color of the design they are the accent color, although scattered all over not just on the belt. Another nice bit of matching to that other dress is the flower accent, this time instead of matching her hair, it matches the accent color of the dress instead.
I have to admit, I didn’t think much about this. Is it happenstance?
This sort of thing is really common in Grizzly’s Skins actually, there are lots of shared elements across them all, either the ‘standard/casual’ ones, or these two ‘formal dresses’, and it’s an interesting through line for all of her skins. All of them share a general color palette too, which is subjectively neat.
long live Grizz, our favourite bear waifu.
Speaking of bad color opinions (which should be taken with the grain of that salt that I’m colorblind so everything I say could well be objectively wrong), while a lot of what I said about Calico’s skin and white colors does seem to apply to this one, because the main body of the dress and the outer skirt is very much white, there’s a bit of an interesting difference in how both the patterns are applied in the dress itself, and how shading is involved….oh, and don’t forget the fact this one has lots of other colors mixed into the large bits of white.
If Grizz also has so much white, how come she is not bad like Calico
A lot of the white color here, where it isn’t broken up by an accent, (one of the blue stars, the flower, exposed Skin), there is a lot more shading, and shadowing on the whites here. A good example being on either side of her hips, while the dress is technically white, it’s shadowed and shaded so that it appears visually different from the white of the skirt doing farther out, or the dress on Grizzly herself.
I see you paid close attention to her hips
I will neither confirm nor deny this statement. There’s also the patterns on the end of the skirt, but the way they are drawn stands out to the eye better, and the skirt does this interesting asymmetry thing with the oranges and blues(purples?) that keeps something visual interesting always in view, and the way the dress is drawn, the lines involves slowly move your eye to the focal point of the art, which is Grizzly herself…and surprisingly not to her chest/legs right away.
Props to a skin that doesn’t focus on horny, but rather on aesthetics and the beauty of a woman.
Since I’m yakking on about her skins, this one is by far my favorite of them, although it’s been an interesting progression from standard to casual to ballgown to wedding. Which is kinda odd, because if we go purely on the dress/etc, the ballgown is by far my favorite but this one is just…I dunno. Something about the combination of color, mismatched stockings, dress, skirt, expression, and all just rolls together into by far my favorite Grizzly Skin. Probably the more I stare at it, I think it’s probably the expression that sells this one for me.
I shall notify KSG of this.

Oddly enough, the Damage Art here is really ‘good’ although calling it ‘good’ feels a bit weird since uh, it’s quite obviously not a good thing that has happened to her.
This also has the interesting side note in that Damaged art of, where instead of just ‘something awful (you let your Doll die you monster) happened’, it’s more of ‘Grizzly is moving on from the bad thing, but is also hyper depressed about it. While sure the dress is damaged, (gotta show off legs), she’s also taking off the stockings, as though some of that damage came from Grizzly herself, not from the jackass who left her at the altar (or otherwise did the bad thing for which he(or she??) must suffer).

So it has more to it than what you see at first glance?
The loss of most of the train on the dress, supports this sort of idea, although the tearing on the veil is not so much. Much like I said about EM-2, there’s more of a story here, although this one does lean a bit more into the sex appeal than EM-2 did.
EM-2 is the apex of classy and ethereal and anything after her is either hornier or not as good/pure as her skin; I shall dance with her bathed by the moonlight light once again and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.
Calling this a wedding dress is a stretch and a half. This isn’t quite Lee and Bridal Lingerie (not knocking that skin, I dig it but let's be honest calling it a dress a stretch), this is more of a nightie with some extras.
In Summary: Grizzly’s hot, 10/10 Skin, actually using it on both my dupes instead of splitting them.

White Roses

Arikira and Sheele were outside of the base. In fact, they were quite far away from it. Taking a bit of fresh air was good for them after all this shilling, especially for Ari, that was exhausted since the Chinese New Year episode. But that wasn’t the reason why they did go apart from other shillers. Arikira wanted to talk to Sheele. It was apparently something important, which is why Sheele accepted to give her some time. Now that they were miles away, on a hill that was bloomed by the dawn of spring, next to a forest of fir that never seen its leaves fall during winter, Ari decided to finally tell Sheele what she had in mind.

I'm thinking about leaving.
Leaving what? The costume shilling? Why?
I don’t feel like it’s funny to me anymore, i don’t feel happy doing it. I feel more forced to talk and give an opinion than actually doing it myself.
And what do you want to do once you leave it? You know the others won’t accept that you’re leaving, right?
I don’t know.

After a long silence, Ari turned her back to Sheele, contemplating the beautiful lands, clearly meaning that all she wanted was freedom, to do whatever she wanted to do without having to feel forced to. A bunch of white flowers nearby absorbing her attention. Those were white roses, it looked like they were shining on the spring sun. A smile slowly appeared on her face. The silence was usually broken by the wind, but it was a really balanced situation between the calm and the heckling. Until this balance was shattered one minute after by a weapon being armed in Arikira’s back.

I’m sorry.

The shot went right through Arikira’s head, spilling blood on the roses, giving them back on some part their known color. Sheele then picked up the body and left it in a forest nearby, leaving Arikira there, leaned by a tree, just as if she was asleep, her last smile being changed into an eternal one.
And Sheele left, abandoning this old friend’s body to the forest rules, going back to the base to announce to the other shillers that Arikira decided to step away from the shilling adventure.


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