Costume Shilling #4 : Kimono

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Hello, and welcome to another costume Shilling. Were you Commanders and Shikikans surprised with the end of the last one? Sad that Ari departed? We got you covered! This episode has a ligher tone, so sit back and enjoy the ride!
Don't worry, this time I'm not killing anyone...

Or am I...?

Let's hope YanSheele won't come out and kill another member. Otherwise we won't have any members left by the time shilling has its anniversary.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

IDW, Roly Poly Ninja Cat


Did you think you could escape IDW? HELL NO. Even on shilling you Commanders can’t escape IDW DA NYAAAA.
To start off this shilling, I’ll just get out what everyone is thinking: What’s with that cat? Idw is the apex of good skins on bad dolls: this skin makes me wanna mod 3 her all the way just for the memes.

I bring proof that IDW has been worshipped since Ancient Egypt:

The damaged art gives me mixed feelings, the more i think about different animes: Busou Shoujo Machiavelism due to the outfit looking a bit like a school uniform, Black Bullet for an unknown reason, but also Fate because the outfit reminds me of Assassin servants (mainly the Fate/Apocrypha one).
But the strongest reminder this skin set on me, making me feel old as fuck, is that Kara no Kyoukai exists, and like, i don't know the reason, it just reminds me that and make me want to watch it again.

It’s her eyes shining. Shiki’s eyes, when she uses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, have a similar glow.

(Even on Skin Shilling you can’t escape the Nasuverse. Nothing can, no one can. As Thanos said once: I’m inevitable)

It’s IDmfW. Will I use her? NO. Therefore, garbo skin.
And here we see a prime example of how voting C distorted a Commander’s mind. RIP Matt.

Do we have to shill on IDW?

(His name starts with C, so we can presume where he has been voting)


Kill me. I’ll never use IDW.
Meanwhile I’m going all the way to mod 3. It all started here (Props to FuryTomic for the best GFL vid ever). If her Thief style skin wasn’t already enough to get me to raise IDW, this skin is gonna make me dupe IDW mod. All Commanders, board the Crazy Train.
Ah yes, this smug ass cat. I wouldn't get it if it wasn't free but since it is, I'll take it. It looks pretty good, definitely superior to her default. Not gonna convince me to raise an IDW though

Red ran away before Adam smites him.

I’m not boarding this train alone. Time to rope in our final boss!
I can’t believe we’re getting a Soul nerding on IDW. I never expected our final boss to accomplish the ultimate meme.

You bet on it. No interruptions, no censoring. Just pure, unadulterated Soul nerding to strike deep the heart of every Shikikan and every Commander reading this.

(GP would like to warn Commanders that modding IDW may cause side effects, such as regret, existential crisis, loss of rational thought, sudden simping for Furytomic)

As if on cue, thunders clashed, the lightning illuminating a dark, hooded figure hidden in the shadows. Soul stepped out, goggles on, and his cold and inexpressive face capable of buckling the knees of every Commander. Knowing what is going to happen, Sheele goes away, hurrying to find something... but what?

I think my overall thoughts on this batch largely sums up as, ‘all the art is just a little bit too busy for it’s own good’. I’ll probably talk about all of them, but let’s use the nemesis of every Commander, and Persica in T-Doll form as our example for now.
I never thought I’d say it, but individually, I quite like a lot of bits of the skin. IDW’s outfit is nice enough on it’s own, nothing I’d shill out gems for, but as a free skin, I have no real complaints whatsoever about just the IDW part of it. Sadly, she wouldn’t use it when she appears in production, but ya know. Weird detail, her ears change color. Every other skin her ears are blonde, this one they change color. Not a bad thing, but it’s kinda jarring and the inside being a bright red stands out a lot against her blond hair. It’s a nitpicky thing, and by itself is whatever.
Now, the ‘problem’ and lets be clear this is entirely me donning my Hat of Pedantic Complaints +3, lies in all the stuff around her. In theory, the Doll is supposed to be the focus of the art (I wrote Doll is the focus of the Doll originally, which makes 0 sense lol), that is to say, the Doll is where your eyes are supposed to be drawn. Now, what part of the Doll is focused on (the chest, legs, butt, face, etc) varies from artist to artist, but even something as visually elaborate as Grizzly’s or Kar’s Wedding Dresses the Doll is the real focus, the extra details are just that, details. They draw your eye to them, but they concede the focus to the Doll.
In IDW’s damage art, the way the image is put together is 1, slightly confusing (the implied motion of IDWs sword doesn’t actually make sense, you don’t slash someone with the blunt edge of the blade, as katana’s aren’t dual edged), and 2, the way things are laid out draws you attention to the katana, and the arc of the blade, via the bright reflections at the end of the blade, as well as putting it ‘closest’ to the viewer. This is the thing that is ‘happening’ in the skin, the blade is cutting across the image, light is catching off of it.
There are things that happen as a result of this, the fish and food flying about, the extra, actual cat looking shocked at the end of the blade, and, in the background IDW is going a flip, with suddenly evil glowing eyes, but the first thing that you catch on to happening, and is what my mind sticks too. IDW is in a cool pose, the IDW of her going from cute and cuddly to violently feral in the damaged art is a good one, it’s a very different take on the Damaged art I like, but it’s eclipsed by the action happening around it. You aren’t given much sense that IDW is moving at all, besides her pose, and one motion line on the eye glow.
Going back to the bit about things happening, that is a lot of stuff to be happening that isn’t just IDW doing her thing. To pick say, Tabku from the this batch, her Damaged art has a lot happening to be sure, she’s dropped the tray with food, her clothing is ruined, and she looks like a kicked puppy, but all of the attention in that Damaged art stays on Tabuk herself, not the things that happens around her, like I feel the IDW one does. (This is an odd skin batch in GFL, having this many background elements, so I don’t really have a good comparison, and while AL skins can be used to compare they don’t have damaged variants for me to Apples/apples).
With that said, Tabuk’s normal art has a bit of the same problem in my opinion, except instead of, having an action that isn’t on the Doll, Tabuk just puts something else front and center, and because the art leans on the softer side, it makes that food tray (please insert the actual name for this here, I don’t know how to google what those are called) which is placed front and center consume a lot of the attention, instead of Tabuk .It’s the first thing that grabs your attention. That, or the lantern to the right side that’s bright and vibrant, instead of Tabuk. (which sucks, she’s kinda cute). There’s more going on in the art, and in such a way that takes away attention from the Doll.
This is also true of IDW, whose laying in the center of a pile of knick-knacks, including an actual cat, her sword that she’s hugging, a random fish(that I think is a pasty or sandwich or cookie), on a pillow, a jug of…probably water, but my brain is subbing in sake, her gun, and a few other odds and ends. While IDW does draw your attention, she’s competing with the various other things in the art, instead of those things complimenting her. (For a good example, see my talk about EM-2 a bit ago, where the props help to enhance the story of the skin, and in both of these skins, there isn’t as much ‘story’ to them, and what is here, (which is good and fine btw), is distracted from by the props instead).

MG36 sorta splits the difference, she’s the focal point of her skin, and the props largely concede to her, but, MG36 sorta blends into her props in my eyes, but the colors draw attention to her, mostly via her hair, so it’s sorta comes out in the wash. (MG36 is probably my fav skin in the batch).
It’s not a bad skin batch, I don’t mind the skins, it’s just a weird art thing that I couldn’t get out of my head.

While other shillers were calling an ambulance for Adam, who got destroyed by Soul's nerding, Sheele came back to hit Soul with a hammer at incredible strength. However, Soul, being the final boss, was too resistant to die with one hit, but it was powerful enough to prevent from nerding on other skins in the kimono episode.

R93, Wisteria Minstrel


Well, for you Commanders who survived Soul’s ultimate meme in IDW shilling, I bring the arguably the best skin in this batch: R93 yukata. And I’ll start off by saying I WANT HER TO DANCE FOR ME ON AN AUTUMN EVENING AND THEN LATER AT NIGHT I’LL HELP HER FINISH TAKING HER KIMONO OFF AND LEAVE BITE MARKS ON THAT JUICY NECK AND [REDACTED].

Dear god, I’m already in love with this costume. The damaged art could pass as the regular version.

Adam, I'm going to chain you to the lamppost and have you watch me massage R93 while kissing her neck.

(NTRer spotted, protecc your waifus!)

Damaged art is better than default, more at 11.
Agreed, the damaged art is really neat.

I feel like she’s reaching to her lover on a sweet night after working on an intricate kimono design and I want to be that lover.

The art is very good, as expected from R93’s and Groza’s artist. I’m not taking part in the mortal combat between Desti and Adam though, so a pass for me.

This time, I’m the one bringing the unpopular opinion: I don't really like this skin much... like don't get me wrong, on the technical and aesthetic levels it's amazing, and the colors just looks so pretty and vibrant, and it would work great as a secretary with the amount of background elements at place, but like... it just doesn't really vibe on the same wavelength as me, it's a really beautiful costume but not my fave, I'll also add that for some reason the damaged art reminds me of Baiken's instant kill animation from Guilty Gear.

Maybe you feel this skin is too traditional kimono wife to you? Maybe too subservient?
Askzy face, instant like, but at the same time it’s not Groza. And on GFL Groza is there, so meh. 6/10
Doc is big R93 bulli confirmed.
Don’t worry Adam, let’s bulli R93 together, behind closed doors, [REDACTED]

N, she’s mine. Stick to your non meta RF waifu

Funny you mention that, I don’t remember LWMMG being meta
I FIGURED IT OUT: IT’S THE CONTRAST, AND SOFTNESS OF THE COLOURS. There are no dark tones, that’s why it looks off to me. In other words, it lacks contrast.
Unpopular opinion: I have a big problem with that skin, in that it looks less a skin and more a wallpaper. Also is inferior to Summer skin.
Oh boy, this R93 skin. R93 is actually one of three dolls rn I already have an L2D for, obviously this being her swimsuit skin. Anyway, I feel this skin is weaker than her swimsuit but I am also a massive summer skin simp. I still like this skin. The kimono itself looks really nice and the background is stunning. I'm not a big fan of the hat though. As a side note, this damaged art is absolutely banging! This is another one of the damaged arts that isn't actually damaged and it's very pretty. Yes, I am thinking about more than the cleavage. I think losing the hat also helped my opinion.
Yes losing the hat is a big win. Sure it fits with the kimono but I feel the hat and the light coloured kimono, plus the background, takes our focus away from R93, while in the damaged \rt we get some focus on her specifically. R93 summer has the advantage that we only focus on her and, despite being horny for summer skins, she really wears a pretty bikini. If we compare her to Groza, all of Groza's skins have the attention on Groza, and a risque factor. So it feels odd that R93, being from the same artist, gets a skin that really blurs her presence. WIth R93, you always know it’s her because she looks quirky and because of her flashy pink hair, contrasting with more muted colours. Even on summer, her bikini is a simply black and white, so her hair provides a big contrast, whereas here it’s muted because of the hat, and the light colours on her kimono. The damaged art fixes that, somewhat, since her hat is out of the scene.
I think you can still tell it’s R93, but I get your point

I thought this was a Pinkcano skin for a moment.
Anyway, this skin I had my eyes on a long time ago, ever since it appeared on foreign wiki. I didn’t realise, however, that my tokens would take such a death so soon.

I’ll have to agree on that. At first glance, I too thought that on the login screen Pinkcano was wearing a kimono.
My take on it would be: Normal looks like a Pink Groza. Damage looks like our good old R93. The skin is nice and all, but it disguises the funky theme R93 had in her. It's elegant, luxury-clad looking, however, it just... Doesn't look like R93 much. If you look at her Swimsuit, you'll say “OH, R93”, but you don't get this on this skin.
I had a dupe of R93, hoping foolishly that I’d get that skin on a few tries, since I do have a soft spot for R93. It started off weirdly (not surprising in the least). She was one of my first good RFs, and my affection grew on her the more I relied on her back then. Getting her summer L2D certainly helped, but her quirkiness and distinct voice grew on me. It’s nice to see her in a kimono, and the light colours do match her personality, but I can’t help but feel I wanted a more muted kimono to heighten her hair colour. Or something like Groza kimono, where she is not only wearing light colours, but dark ones too, to create a contrast. I’m planning on marrying oathing her one year after I got her, which is on May 16th heh

MG36, Bamboo Samurai

And now, Commanders and Shikikans, we have Dom36 comes to show how much of a badass she is and how much mica screwed up making her a bad doll.
This one is much more menacing than her CNY skin. It’s good looking, but I still won’t get it.
I dislike MG36 design and personality, so this skin is no exception for me. I’ll skip this one. And why the hell is it so dark?

So much grayscale this could be a D superhero movie

This skin is dark because it was drawn by Zak Snyder

This skin is so dark my future is brighter than this- Wait.

(Remember Commanders, being healthy in mind is as important as being healthy in body)

this skin has some real edgelord/chuuni vibes, and the damaged art looks sooo epic! but to be honest, having just come after her CNY skin the colors here look a little drab in comparison... i liked the other one more.
This skin is brighter than my future, and I wish that was a joke. Wait… I’m supposed to shill? Okay, A skin that puts off cool vibes, I like it.
Breaking news: Doc likes badass skins!!!!!111!!1!111!!
Vaguely… I’ve seen better skins, so I don’t particularly like it that much. I do admit the aura is moderately nice.
Compared to CNY, I feel it’s a downgrade. Then again, they seem aimed at different publics.
I have to agree with this being a downgrade from her CNY skin, but I still like it. The red and black is really nice and I love her new short hair. It's definitely a cool skin and a nice contrast to her CNY skin. Really, MG36 covers a lot of bases with her skins and probably has something for everyone. Shame there's still no reason to ever use her…
Didn’t her CNy also have short hair?
Her hair is tied up on CNY. MG36 covers all bases style-wise: long flowing hair in default, tied up hair in CNY, and short hair in kimono
MG36 is the "a type for every commander doll", and its a shame to not have that on a doll that gets even occasionally used. I feel she could have gotten the RPK treatment, given she is also based on an AR.

I really appreciate the dark theme plus the samurai theme of her skin. I have a soft spot for Samurais, like Samurai X and co. This skin is COOL and has COOL written all over it. So what is the problem?
1. It's a little too dark.
2. She had better skins

I concur. Sadly it was bad timing (or maybe it was intentional?) that this skin came up right after her CNY one. Even more that MICA will never give her the RPK treatment (come on mica, give is a 6 star mod that is not based on an already good unit).
To wrap up this shilling, I leave for you this smol comic Darkpulsegg drew for Samurai36. Absolutely L I T.

MG5, Dark Blossom of the End

Now, one of the best hubbies in the game, MG5 finally got a yukata skin, and man, who knew she had such biteable...everything? I like that in her damaged art she looks exposed, as if she’s looking at her lover arriving home after a long day while she was changing up.
That’s a big drum… but considering that it's supposed to be like 2070 or whatever, MG5's probably rocking a Bluetooth speaker belting out Iron Maiden.
Why does it feel to me that this MG5 is one of those anime girls who are ferocious but will be really funny when drunk?
emm.... all i'm gonna say is i enjoy MG5 much more as a butch huntress or wild rockstar than a sexy femme fatale

I like the kind of women that can beat my ass, so i'm into the sexy femme fatale style, this also remind me of one of my most appreciated character in my favourite anime, the only difference being the hair color. I'm referencing Higurashi no naku koro ni btw

Hinamizawa, le village maudit - DvdToile

Meh, I don’t think it fits her. 2/10
Tbh I think the damaged fits her more than the normal. It shows MG5, hubby as she is, also has a feminine side, and that switch between normal and damaged is nice.
I’m pretty down with this one, especially the damaged. Booba + butt is a win
I hope she’ll accompany me when I get wasted. As Matt said, very thicc. And her back and neck and thighs. Wow.
I’d let her be my drunken pillow anyday. Like, MG5, come over rn.
Either Matt komited mandatory kartromine, or Matt really wants a hubby. I can’t say.
Actually, now that you mentioned, I want her to pamper me. When you’re down, it seems like she’d be there to hug you and cheer you up.
Yes yes, MG5 is for hugs and all night cuddlings, when she’s not being the man on the relationship. And I have no issues with that. Fun fact: She was my first MG to get levelled after my dear LWMMG, so she has a soft spot in my heart.

So after resetting Gustav only ten times, with MG5 in there, I decided to roll a single multi. I guess I also have a soft spot in MG5’s heart, cos she came to me. MG5 did help me farm my first 5-7, so now it’s time to make her blushing face on the damaged art worth it by [REDACTED].

Restrain your hornt you [REDACTED], talking about [REDACTED] so casually.

MG5 skins are kinda hit or miss for me. Luckily, this is one of the hit ones. She looks really cool and beautiful here, in both regular and damaged. The kimono is really nice and the skin overall has a really good balance of coolness and lewdness.
The slight teases of her back in the damaged has me feelin [REDADCTED]

I always looked at MG5 and thought "yup, she would totally be the man of the relationship" but after seeing this damaged, I feel it's more like "cool dom around others, shy kawaii behind closed doors".

Not her Christmas Skin/10.
On a purely aesthetic level, I like this skin a lot. It's visually cohesive, and if you think about what you'd expect to see in comparable art, she's basically using her gun like a sword, which is some excellent mental comedy. Or at least that's how my brain works. The flower patterns are a nice visual theme and tie it all up in a neat little package. The Damage art has some serious suggestiveness to it, can't really complain, tis nicely artistic enough, also horny.
On a personal level, it doesn't do a lot for me. Not really sure why, just can't say I'm terribly wowed by this one. Probably see the first line, for some reason I really dig that skin.

And we close this shilling with the knowledge that Soul wants a hubby that also has a feminine side to her.

Type 100, Kagura in Black

Hello, and welcome. This is the only good skin in the set because suisai dies. Goodbye.
Sasuga lore sensei. I expected people to comment on her very very memeable damaged art, and Mars picked up on the dead turtle.
I can’t unsee this skin as a meme. I have mixed feelings about it.

But it is a meme. Skins are either good for a) preciousness b) hornt c) memes

This one is a good meme indeed. And, oh, Suisai’s ded.
Waiwat. Like dead dead or inactive dead? In the ground dead or fired from mica dead?
Suisai’s dead. Great skin for that alone
While they discuss Suisai’s and artists and whatnots, let’s be the good guy for a change: I have an odd soft spot for Type 100, even if she is objectively terrible in game. So I like this skin.Then again, half the dolls I like are hot garbage, so I guess this is par for the course. She also has solid fanarts.
Fun fact: She is JP’s most oathed doll. No wonder she has a lot of fanarts, and very good ones at that.
Type 100 is a japanese rifle from WW2, and was a JP exclusive (much like M200 once was in EN). So I’d chalk it up to national pride.
I judge memes, and this meme doesn’t do it. 1/10
But Matt!!!11! Meme skins are half of a skin’s worth!

I’m with Matt. This skin, this meme of a skin. Besides finding the damaged art amusing for the meme potential, I don't really have much to say about it. It's alright I suppose, it's probably my least favourite Type 100 skin honestly. I prefer her other two, particularly the Christmas one.

Meme skin. I’m with Adam, I has approves

As someone who quite likes turtles, this damaged art is a crime, just for that alone. I don't have much care for memes et al, so no real thoughts there. I'm with Red, I like her other skins better, although this one is pretty nice. I've got a weird preference for the more generally muted color pallets, and this skin does a fairly good job with its pallet, as well as not being quite as busy...but the overlapping patterns front and center aren't great visually imo. She's got this almost but not quite smug aura and I approve. 

Also it's a crime that T100 is so cute but so flipping bad. Fix T100 Mica, so I can make the investment in her worth it.

And surprisingly Soul turned out to have a soft spot for turtles. Will he give up on his final boss aura? Will Suisai come back from the dead and haunt us? Will this shilling get serious?

Tabuk, Culinarian of the Souleaters

You came to me on a T3 SG recipe and even if you do look cute, I despise you and will always relegate you as an inferior mediocre SVD. 1/10 for me.
How large is Tabuk rifle? After googling it, it's 1.11m long. Tabuk is t i n y.
Tiny waifus makes your laifu
I see Sheele is horny for short-stacks again

Looks like a child: No thank you
Looks like a grown up but is short: [REDACTED]
Tabuk fits the latter. So does Kar.

So tabuk is a grown up but shorty?

Kinda like Ganyu and W I guess? Anyway, I’ll pass on this skin, even if it looks good.

Short stack indeed. I really like the skin. Tabuk is supremely cute and I like the kimono. I don't know if I really have much more to say. Probably not going to spend to get it but it's nice. Would share noodles with her.
tabuk looks really cute in this skin, i appreciate the details like the lantern and curtains, the zaru soba (one of my fav dishes) looks really yummy, overall a very nice and comfy vibe but nothing to rave about, i also really appreciate that she looks a lil chubby, very cute detail
So Kawa, you would want her to greet you after a long day of work, with dinner ready?
hmm... more like i'd wanna spend a nice summer afternoon with her, eating nice things and playing festival games
SO Kawa wants a festival arc with Tabuk for herself
Tabuk is very thicc yes
Time to rename her Thiccuk then. Will there be anyone else who won’t like this skin?
I’m… meh on this skin; I don’t particularly hate it, but I don’t particularly like it. Maybe it’s just Tabuk that is meh to me
I gotta say, the balance is good. Just enough hornt.
Very Gunslinger girls vibe imo. Smol girl with an oversized gun on her hands. Her kimono does give her the mom vibes I’ve seen on some fanarts. Really accentuates the “short stack” aspect.
I agree. Like I’d totally [REDACTED] [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on [REDACTED] [REDACTED] with [REDACTED].
Let’s move on before this shilling ends up with a whole wall of [REDACTED].

I realised I never properly shilled on her.
Look at those meaty bodies, when you look everywhere, all you find is a cute girl with a whole lot of meat in the right places. I didn't expect her to be this thicc. About the skin herself, it does show a very cute effect to her, look at the colourful pattern. Idk ‘bout you but when I look at her normal art, my eyes are focussed on her chest, and her thighs on damaged art.

Tabuk's a Doll who design wise I'm very eh on. She's fine, I guess, but never really stood out to me...probably on account of being batched with Alfa who was an instant yes. In terms of this skin, it's alright, but this, and Tabuk's base art have this weird feel to them, that I can't quite place exactly, not quite an out of focus filter, but something about the art feels...almost overly fluffy I guess? To soft on the eyes, not enough 'hard' lines maybe? Now that I'm trying to word it, it's going to drive me mad, and it's also 11am my time as I say this so goodness knows my brain does not always do the work at this time of night. Beyond that, I think my primary thought about this entire skin batch is that the art tends to be a little too visually busy overall, and this somewhat applies here. It's like I don’t know quite what to look at. More at 11.

wz.29, Beauties of Nature


Now T H I S  is the definition of cinnamon roll. MUST PROTECC this wife.

Man Desti is fast when the doll is a wife. Also, how come?
Wizzie's always been cute ever since she was released. A little girl that would rather stargaze than fight, and looks genuinely distressed and sad in her damaged state... How could you not have protective instincts firing on all cylinders for her?

I never was a huge fan of cinnamon rolls, in fact, i'm pretty much always against it. But since the very moment i got her in my armory, wz.29 seemed very special to me. I think it is her design that is responsible for it. I always had something for white and pink haired girls in anime. Plus, wz look really reserved and shy, i find that really cute. I unfortunately had to scrap her to get more space back when I was still a F2P player.

To come back on the topic of the skin, she looks as cute as always with the same sparkling style, both from herself and her umbrella. I also like that her dress is a bare shoulder one, making her half cute, half lewd. 

Also, the fact that she is drinking alcohol with that face on her default art makes me think of only one thing: Must protect this wife.

Time to be the ugly bastard and say: must [REDACTED] [REDACTED] this wife
On another note, this dress has a nice array of colours. From her umbrella to the red table cloth she’s sitting on to her daring kimono (isn’t it a tad short though) with a gradient of colours I’d say this is the classic “a forgotten doll gets a very good skin”

Adam I will find you and I will hurt you
Adam, I will bonk you
My kouhai and my monk are banding up against me. While I’m busy trying to survive, let’s get back to the shilling.
Remember no russians must protecc, must love.
Hate to break it to ya, but I hate wz29. Don’t really like any red hairs that aren’t MP7, not to mention she’s… bland. That said, her skin is neat and I approve, on someone else.
Crally, do you want me to commit war crimes twice? Cos I will. Is that what you really want?
Fite me
Call me a login doll simp, but I really like this one. The art is reeeally good, bit different from the default one but the artstyle change is greatly appreciated, i really love the gradients and intricate patterns on her kimono (or yukata? sorry, i'm not too good at this stuff) wz just looks delicate like a porcelain doll, the damaged art is great too, i really hope i get this one, it's lovely!


Login dolls deserved so much more love. Just look at VP70 or MP448 or HK45. They're all cute and not half bad, I wish they were more appreciated and got more sinks. I haven't farmed Wizz, but after looking at her, I'd also add her to that list.
Also, what’s the difference between a kimono and a yukata?

The kimono has more layers, thicker fabric, takes more time to put on and take off, and has more elaborate designs. The yukata just looks like a kimono and is a lot easier to put on and take off. The nuance is lost on me but as I understand it, it's like the difference between a full suit & jacket versus someone wearing a shirt and trousers.
TL;DR: Kimonos are for cold weather, and yukatas are for warm weather, basically
Not a simp for login dolls. Don’t like, don’t care. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
A man of culture, I see you are a man of thighs.

Yes, Yes I am. I like having pillows to rest after [REDACTED]

Much like with Type 100, I don't really have much to say about this skin. It's cute enough. The kimono confuses me a bit I think, like is the yellow some sorta huge bow tie on the front or what? I will admit I don't know a whole lot about kimonos themselves so if someone wants to enlighten me, be my guest.

Yeah it’s a big bow, and it shouldn’t be there. You can see why here
TL;DR: Obi in front, ho is flautin. Obi at back, woman is dressing.

Time for the most pedantic complaint in the history of complaints, that I'm 60% sure is just a Soul's eyes don't work problem. The color of her hair and her umbrella/parasol/I don't remember what that one is called (purple-pink-red), are too close together and it actually hurts my head trying to separate them. Actually, no, I'm going to one up my own pedantry for a moment, and argue this skin actually goes a bit too far on the variety of colors. we've got reds/blues/purples/yellows/whatever the umbrella is (purple)/whites/browns, and not in a way that imo feels overly cohesive, and instead just like 'here, have all the colors'.
The Damaged art looks like she tried to block a grenade with an umbrella and as completely silly as the idea is, I kind of love it. Otherwise, not a whole lot to say beyond the general it feels visually busy. WZ is cute enough, just, not sure it's a skin for me. (also in my head, WZ is VZ, because pronunciation is lame.)

Judging that Soul's was starting to make too long sentences, Sheele hit him with the Ban Hammer another time. But the Gamepress Final Boss was just, once again, weakened by the attack.

DP-12, Keeper of the Sanzu River

Mommy milkies DP12
Right after rocking EN with her arrival, and rocking it again with her (debatable) CNY skin, DP-12 gets a kimono skin which actually is pretty tame and logical, that is, until you see her damaged art. Speaking of which, seeing it just make it seems she’s ready for some [REDACTED] [REDACTED] after falling on a pond with her commander.
I concur with this statement. Big [REDACTED] [REDACTED] energy.
On a more serious note. Can’t say I’m a big fan of her though. It reeks of Azur Lane personality, which is all horny in my opinion, and this skin doesn’t do her any favour. Her kimono is utterly bland, which is actually okay, but the damaged is just another take on the ara ara thing, except she is the one vulnerable now.
I mean, where are her socks? Where is the rest of her kimono? Why is she even wearing stuff under her kimono? Oh wait, my hornt talked too much for a moment.
Can’t be helped, this skin’s purpose is pretty mucht that: no thoughts horny only.
Okay, I have recovered from hornt. Although I usually like the kind of dresses DP-12 wears, i don't really like the doll, both because she looks a bit too much "not from this game" to me and because i'm kinda pissed of ara ara personalities in GFL (that's around 60% of dolls, actually). Ara ara energy, yes, but not too much. I'll pass on this skin.
Does GFL really have that many older women? I thought it had a smol pool of ara aras exactly to enhance the ara aras in GFL.
GFL having more onee-sans and older women soudns about right. It has, after all, much less underage girls than, say, AL. On the top of my head: Onee-san: Springfield, Mosin, G3, Bar, PK, Cano, JS9, Mk48, M2HB (milf?), Lee (of course), TAR-21, SRS, FAL, Groza, PX4, Kord, M590, PTRD, ZB-26, FP6, QJY, DSR. Too many others to count as young lady
everyone be talking about the ara ara and the two huge focal points of the artwork, but to me this skin (comparing to her CNY one) is a bit more typical, if far more sound, the normal art is very simple and clean, with some much appreciated technical improvements in the artwork, the damaged is amazingly exquisite, a bit on the lewd side, too lewd for me, but of you're not playing in public i'm sure you will enjoy the nice animation on your main screen.
Standard “horny damaged skin”. Default skin is fine imo, not very bad, but not good either.

I think her hairstyle is nice, which reminds me, her CNY skin hairstyle is nice too. I’m not a fan of her damaged art, but as an art piece it’s pretty nice. Themewise, though, it feels gratuitous, not because it’s horny, but because it seems so unrelated to the default. If her default had the water pond background it would make sense. Her CNY had better relevancy and progression.
Fun fact: her damaged art reminds me of a lewd version of Ophelia painting

I has arrives with a simple, but honest opinion: I love this, I just want to tear off the rest and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] ON [REDACTED] WITH [REDACTED] then [REDACTED] [REDACTED], and after a long night of sleep we wake up and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] before having breakfast with [REDACTED]. What else can I say?

Move aside hornt C-voter, the mommy expert is here to rate DP-12
...It’s pretty good. Nuff said.

...Just kidding. Yeah, I don't like this one as much as her CNY but as a non-L2D option, it's a good looking skin. There's something about the kimono I'm not big on, I think it's the overall beige(?) colour that I don't personally think goes really well with her blue hair. Still a nice kimono in itself, but I feel another colour may have suited her better. For a mommy with such huge boobs as well, the skin is surprisingly modest with zero cleavage. Also I like how her hair is styled here.
Then we get to the damaged art, which you could convince me was to an entirely different skin. It's such a juxtaposition to the regular art and very lewd. I wouldn't mind laying besides her like that.

You want to just lay beside her? At least lay on top of her.
Now now, you need to be comfy before you are hornt. Laying beside her is the optimal starting position.
But, mate, laying on top of her is another comfy, look at those pillows mate.
Simple, lay beside her then place your head there.
I see Red is a big vanilla guy. Can’t fault you though. Who doesn’t like a good olf vanilla?
Adam of all people should know how degen I am, but I have standards. Standards that still include [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] for the purpose of [REDACTED].
We seem to be missing someone. Soul, come here!
Trying to find something that it's grumbling. It's not a bad skin, but I've got a running bias against DP-12 for whatever reason, so I keep getting stuck on that. Of her skins it's probably my favorite, for what little that opinion is worth.

>damaged is an invitation to sex
So you’re intro that, naruhodo

I mean, I’m not going to say she is not attractive, but something about her just ain’t for me.
After everyone shilled on DP-12 skin, the shillers ended up talking about their badonkers kinks and ideals. All this was, during the production of this episode, renamed "The Epic Booba Talk".

The Epic Booba talk

Bonkers too big. You prefer more adequate sized bonkers, like G3 and KSG
you’re not wrong on that. There is a degree of reasonable proportions I prefer, yes
I feel ya. I’m not into huge bonkers either. They’re a big turn off for me actually.
I don’t really like huge boobs either, modest boobs are the best, even in IRL. Too much is just annoying.
Imagine the backache DP-12 would have IRL.
Oh I don’t have to. My first girlfriend made me quite aware of it.
Meanwhile my GFs were all flat or marginally bigger than average
So your GF did have big boobs, that explains G3.
Yes and no. She complained about them to me constantly. And, frankingly, so does all my friends with large chests. More or less 90% of my friends are females, so I’m bound to have a few friends with large chests. The math checks out. Depends on what you call a large bust though.
90% friends are fem. Soul, are you perhaps the fabled gay friend?
Lulz, nope. My best friend was the gay friend. I was just the locus of our weird group of misfits. The central point connecting everyone.
Well, yes. I don’t think where you live and where I live calculate breast size the same way.

It’s prob the same: Difference between torso circumference and bust circumference. Difference should be in units only. The main other problem is that no two companies bra size are quite the same. With that side, high 30s C is a slightly average average cup size as of last I knew, but that's also trending slightly upwards over time.
To be fair, this is not a unique problem to bras, it's sort of a womens clothing problem overall as I understand it, but it is part of why people get confused by bra sizing....with that said, I've probably dug more into that than is healthy.

I always let my GF deal with their bra size. After all, they’re the one wearing it, so they ought to know what to choose. That’s why I never helped choose a bra, I just helped take them off.

That is perfectly reasonable. And mostly that's how I see it, I learned a lot of this from getting complained at, having friends that shared a lot of information, and one day getting fed up with not understanding and going to town with google.
Fun fact: 60% of the busty people I met in my life are from my own family, for some odd genetics shenanigan reason. All considered, E’s the biggest I can handle, I think. I do prefer M4 and 416 type of chest though. Ample, not overly big, but well proportionate for their slim builds.
I maintain that C cup is the max for me, maybe as a rare exception a D. It’s why my favourite anime characters are all flatlets most of the time. Kar is my ideal anyway.
I feel utterly disgusted at artists increasing 416’s (or M4’s, but that’s far less common) breast size, when her official art has a perfectly fine chest size. There are other dolls guilty of that, fanart wise, but 416 is the prime suspect. Probably because Starry Cocoon led to this horny fest. It feels like a fetish that didn’t need to exist, and is completely disconnected with reality.
Hear me out. My max is MG5 as we see in her kimono skin. BUT if future me falls for the charm of DP-12, well, she’ll be the pillow, and she won’t say anything. I love being a teddybear.
Fair fair. DP-12 is a big no to me, and other similar characters (I’m looking at you Raikou on FGO). I judge three things in a female character design: face, body, and then personality. DP-12 is a huge miss on the body part, for how unrealistic and seemingly impractical (or so my limited knowledge goes) it is. So no matter what skin she gets I’ll not look at her. There’s plenty of ways to make a character attractive in a healthy and realistic way. Making badonkers unreasonably big is not one of them for me.
And so we end this shilling on this note. Reality rarely is like anime, and as much as we may like DP-12, or Type88, or Kryuger, or whatever other character in GFL, finding one like them in reality won’t be easy, if not downright impossible. We would like to remind everyone to keep healthy separation between art and reality. But, to close this episode of Costume Shilling, Sheele wanted to share everyone a cheat code in life to [REDACTED] almost every characters in GFL as long as they're legal: Find a cosplayer to join you in the bed.


omake S4
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