Costume Shilling #5 Part 2: "Groza Team"

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OTS-14 - Ruler of the Banquet

Groza Intro animation

Since Soul hasn’t returned Adam yet, I’ll open up this shilling (Sorry Doc) by saying: LOOK AT THE WAY SHE MOVES HER LEGS. Why do these ladies know so well how to seduce us?
This skin feels more anniversary-ish than her CNY skin. It’s way more elegant, and prestigious, like, look at that fur jacket behind her, at her seating pose, at the wine. Askzy, you’re a deity.
So Groza has 4 different skins now, 3 in EN? There’s also Pink Groza.

Pink Groza, Black Groza, Red Groza and White Groza. Groza rangers.

There’s Fire Groza but she’s in a different game. We also have Tomboy Groza and Queen Groza in the boat gacha game. One of them even bent in a similar way to CNY Groza in one of her skins.

So many Grozas!

Fun fact: 3 of the 5 Grozas have the same VA. Only Pink Groza (R93) and Fire Groza (Surtr) don’t. Meanwhile, Surtr shares her VA with Springfield.

*Happy Desti noises*

Besides the chibi, nothing to say about this skin on my part. Groza is a thot, deserves to be [REDACTED] to stop [REDACTED]ing herself.

Don’t worry, I’ll grab both her hands from behind and- Wait. I want to type [REDACTED] but Doc’s here.
That said, how good is she in [REDACTED]? Her "Night Queen" title comes from her in-game prowess in Night maps, not on [REDACTED].

Are you sure Crally?

Most night specialists in GFL are either horny, secretly horny, or just shy.

AS VAL says hi. I think XM3 isn’t any of the three, maybe she’s the exception.

AS VAL uncensored literally fights with her bra on show. Ecksdee
Anyway, Groza is very [REDACTED]able. And may or may not have good arts in that regard. wink wink nudge nudge

Funny joke, sadly Adam took over otherwise you’d all be yeeted you [BEEP] [BEEP]. I bet you never put her as your secretary, because she ain’t nowhere near a [BEEP] thot.
Time to kidnap Adam from Soul to knock some sense into you.

Doc’s being nice for a change.
Anyway, I agree with him. Groza just wants to make you tea, go out on evening strolls with you, and accompany you to formal parties like the prim, proper lady she is. Which leads me to my point: people take way too seriously the “night battle” shitpost, and, to be frank, 9A’s and VAL’s attire doesn’t help at all.
I have yet to see anything that indicates Groza is secretly horny or anything of the sort, especially after looking up her skin stories. If anything I feel she acts like a nice, quiet, good looking, powerful woman that is excellent at what she does, and also has a predator vibe, but is secretly inexperienced.

Fun fact: Night battles all started with KanColle, there’s no divorcing the term from its innuendo unless KC gets cancelled or something like that.

You’re half right Adam. Groza doesn’t care about that, because Dolls don’t have the reproductive parts. So it’s wrong to say she’s inexperienced, especially when it’s also not in character for her to care about that.
She just wants to be a loving and caring person, and thus she is. She’s not a teaser nor an innocent woman, but she isn’t a sex maniac like people portray her and the other night units as.
Fun fact: Oath lore-wise is literally treated as a joke. It’s literally a plastic box with a ring in it.

I didn’t know it was like that. I knew there is a FNC where she says she wants to marry the Commander, and something about oaths not being like marriage.

Yes, there’s that, and other evidence.
It’s clear from what I witnessed here that the entire “night battle” meme clearly clouded people’s minds, which frankly pisses me off. The only doll even remotely close to this joke is 9A, and even her is a more yandere-like obsession than a full blown hornt. Her lines literally show that:

  • “Commander, please be sure to let me know before leaving my sight.
    If you don't recognize me... Then I will…
  • Commander, this isn't a dream is it? It's just that, I only wanted more of your attention... From today on, you'll never leave my side, right? It's a promise.”
  • Her oath line is: "Commander, with so many comrades, how do you remember everyone? I'll learn from your example, and deeply cherish every friend..."

So she’s insecure? It’s a tad funny, don’t you think? You have 9A and VAL insecure while Groza is all confident, while gameplay wise 9A and VAL always lived in the shadow of Groza.

Just get 9A’s SPEQ and Mod VAL.
Anyway, TL;DR, it’s frankly annoying that people only remember the night dolls for the night battle memes, and think they’re horny 24/7.
I wish I could whale for my wife’s skin…

The fact is that there’s, like, 5 players with 9A’s SPEQ still active. I fielded 9A and Groza on SC camper, so you should be happy there’s someone else who remembers them for more than just the meme.

Since 9A was being discussed, have AK-74U’s line 3: "If you touch me like that go find 9A, she's happy to do that sort of thing!" It shows that 9A is needy.
Meanwhile, I just NTRed Doc.

Groza looks gorgeous. I gotta give kudos especially to her default expression, the smile with the look to the side just hits really well. The dress itself is fairly simple, just being a mostly red dress. Not that I mind naturally lmao, I like it when things are red. Of course, we have to mention that damaged art too, the hornt on that is real. Quality L2D.

One of two skin I didn't get. Also, a really good skin, the primary reason I don't have this one is I wasn't about to push my L2D luck any harder than Saiga already did.
Relatively speaking this is also a rather restrained dress, and actually a lot less revealing than appears by material volume, it's just that Groza's sitting down and didn't pull the bottom part over her leg, so there is a lot of leg. Big white floof shawl is nice, looks comfy, would 100% wear myself.
Groza's design/art has always been excellent, this keeps to that trend nicely, as well as matching her usually more high fashion/elegant sorta style. Same deal with her expression and pose, she's got the air of the socialite who is more or less the person to know at the event, and everybody knows it, and I approve. Or maybe I've gone slightly mad. I'd take a moment to complain that gold accents on a Groza don't work that great, but that's pedantry at its finest.
Overall, 10/10 skin.

Looking at her damaged L2D art movement, I wish I was the wall she leans on.

The Queen of the batch. The skin whom I desire most who doth refuse to cometh.
Waves sign desperately over head
I just want her to come home chief.
Anyway, 10/10 wife skin best skin. It's absolutely stunning, and perfectly accentuates her curves in the right ways. But at the same time, her caring personality still shines through and reminds me that it's like a date with her.
I love it.
I wish I was her husband. Oh wait;
I already am.

Can’t even buy her some clothes, what sort of husband are you?

I have her CNY and Yukata outfit, and she has an oath ring.

Says the man who just said that oath is a joke.

Shut up.

QBU-88 - Explorer of the Wind

I’ll open up by mindblowing all of you: This skin could easily be a Children’s Day skin. QBU’s optimism and expression this skin makes me think of MP5 before her mod. It’s something that I don’t really talk about, but I really love MP5’s personality.

It doesn’t help that QBU is so short, and I can see where you’re coming from: her uppity genki style. Still, I feel she’s actually more mature than MP5.

The dauteru dress, I was half expecting to see this sort of dress on Soppo, considering how many times she acts like a puppy around Roro. Anyway, never quite cared for QBU (I cored her twice, then used index twice for Theatre advantage, big OhImEN moment), and I don’t have much to say outside that it’s a very cute skin. Kinda reminds me of FNC wedding because of its light colours. In fact, I could have easily mistaken this skin for a wedding skin.

QBU is imoko's forgotten daughter. She doesn't stand out and there's nothing really unique about her design. However, she became a bit more endearing once her previous profession as an artisan embroidery seamstress was revealed. She makes all her clothing, and often the clothes of many of the Dolls too.
In fact, all the costumes in this set were made by QBU.

Knowing that makes them me respect her more. I always had a feeling she was the babysitting sort.
That said, she’s a really good designer. Adam pointed out that this skin feels out of place, it could be because QBU is the only chinese doll there. I also feel that it’s mismatched with the rest of the batch. Not that the skin is bad, but, ehh?? Everyone is wearing night gowns, cocktail dresses, Star is wearing that, Groza showing a lot of skin, while QBU is just…

Well, given what Mars said, it makes sense that she’d be out of place. It’s common in media for the designer to distance themselves from the people using their dresses on a formal occasion. So in a way QBU might have decided to go with a more casual dress to not take the spotlight away from her creations.
Aaand I guess QBU, in true MG34 fashion, decided to meme on me.

That makes us two.

Maybe she’s the type of designer who doesn’t wear their creations. I don’t really like her, but it’s an Imoko skin. And as a big simp of G36, I have no complaints.

IMOKOOOOO, IMOKO ART GOOD. That’s my review. Good skin, me like, 7/10.

The other skin I didn't get from this batch, this is an odd one. I don't tend to read skin stories ahead of time, so I didn't know QBU was the seamstress for the whole set, that does help explain the complete 180 in style compared to the rest.
QBU in general is cute, as is typical of an Imoko daughter, and that carries over to this skin, it's a nice skin, but I can't say I'd use it over her regular one. The art by itself is nice, even if the damaged cat is uh, random, even if entirely in keeping with how cats, well, cat around. The color scheme is a nice variation on her OG one, and in general the skin holds together nicely. Except the kite and the cat. That's honestly fine though, I am just being uncheerfully pedantic. Fine skin, didn't get it, QBU is cute, Imoko remember she exists dangnambit.

Breaking news: Soul gets 4 Artoria 1911 skins, no QBU.

Yup, I’m skinless for Groza and QBU.

Good, I was going to KMS if you got Groza skin

Skinless Groza? Is that a fancy name for nude Groza?

Nude Groza should be a skin, I’d be down for it.

Skinless Groza implies she has no epidermis, which means she’s just the base robot.
And don’t even think about touching my wife, you [BEEP]. I’ll [BEEP] end your lives.

Okay, shitposts aside, I don’t have much to say on this QBU skin, other than it’s cute! The dress design is pretty and the colour scheme fits nicely. Seeing QBU so happy is also precious. Nice fish by the way. Is that a Koi carp?

Definitely not a koi, maybe a variant of goldfish?

Isn’t it a pokemon reference?

Now that you mention it...

M1911 - Breaker of the Sky

Stealing the opener again because this skin reminds me of M9, but in blue.
I. [BEEP]. HATE. M9. Especially because of the things she did to 1911 in her Mod story. So yeah, really against this skin, not to mention I feel it’s the worst of the batch.

I don’t like M1911, but the dress is so cheerful, it gives me Artoria vibes. Reminds me of Artoria Lily. Still, looking at other skins of this batch, this one is easily the worst to me.

She looks hella cute here (and I disagree that she resembles M9). I feel the deep blue dress really fit her. However I feel her hair and dress design steered her toward a more teenage vibe (prob out of a sense that she feels older than M9 so she wanted to look younger), and, uh, that loses some points in my books. She looks dangerously underage to me.
Also I agree with Crally. Artoria-ish vibes from blonde hair+blue dress, but I totally disagree that this one is the worst skin. I think QBU is the worst, simply because it feels wholly detached from the whole anni vibe, even if there’s what Mars said. At least this one you can recognise as a party dress (if a tad informal).

1911 deserves it, for deafening us with her BANGBANGBANGBANG.
Other than that, beauty in simplicity for this cutie, personally I think she'd look better with more white, but I can't complain about what we got

I feel blue doesn’t quite fit her, maybe because her default art has a lot of white?

Call me undecided, but I feel the blue dress fits her very well. I have a soft spot for blue, even if my favourite colour is green.

Besides, blue on blond fits well (goddamnit Artoria). That and blue on white skin is not out of place. While every anniversary will want an elegant and mature colour, M1911 is using a vibrant colour (maybe to lighten the mood)

I hate you too, game.


>This M1911 has Artoria vibes.
This would normally be the part where I’d go “but actually”, but actually, I kinda agree, and now I can’t unsee it.
That said, I'm not sure I'd go for worst skin of the batch with this one, but I have some objectively weird opinions about this skin batch. I'll agree it's a weaker one for sure, and while I superficially really like it, the longer I look the more times my brain does a  'hang on, where are her knees in her normal art' or something like that, and it's confusing me.

I mean, you did go “but actually”.

I got 4 copies of her for pulling for Saiga, and bought 3 more with exchange tickets for BCs, so I feel somewhat obliged to like it.

He’s saying that because he can’t unsee Artoria as 1911 and Soul is a big Artoria simp.

Dang, now I’m seeing the Artoria vibes too. A bit too moe for that, but man. Too bad I don’t know who she is

Hey Haku, what does moe mean? I never quite understood the concept of moe.

It’s kind of loosely defined, but in general the term moe is associated with cute. Depending on who you ask it might have different connotations. It’s kind of like a certain brand of cute, but at the same time not really.
Like, I guess Artoria Lily could be moe.

It’s moe, but I’m not a fan. Probably because I’m not a fan of M1911’s art. It’s cutesy, but I’d give this a 5/10 at best.

clears throat I mean, let’s wrap up this shilling on a positive note.
This is a really cute 1911. It's a fairly simple but vibrant blue dress and 1911 comes with a cute af hairstyle and heart melting wink and smile. For being one of the "low value" skins in the batch, the artist really did well. Good shit!

Zas M76 - Dancer of the Night

When I decided to open this shilling up, a meme crossed my mind, and maybe the minds of many Commanders as well:

This dress is REALLY pretty. I loved the colours. I also noticed that the dress colour pattern reminds me of a fish. Yes, a fish; Specifically Betta fish. A fish with a very beautiful and colourful tail

I remember doing this poor girl’s anal for GP. It’s the only reason I actually remember who she is. :pensive:
Here, she makes me think of X95’s design, with some Halloween Welrod vibes. She’s really cute, and that dress makes me very horny

That makes some sense, I remember MG36 specifically because her page took me half an age to figure out how to say 'she's hot shit' without saying 'she's hot shit'.
Stand by, I have to remind Adam he’s free to shill on this doll as well, even if he forgot she existed.

She looks very cute, yes. The hem of that dress man. That colour pattern. Amazing. Simply amazing.

If I didn’t mention gloves on M4’s skin, I’d mention it here. Zas’ fits my kinks. Though, well, it’s not really gloves that she’s wearing. But it really is the thing that turns me on.

What, you mean clothing cutouts for no logical reason: O wait, that’s like every other T-Doll in the game.

I like the gradient change from black to red at the end of her dress, and that chest cut gives off a sensual vibe to her, even if I'll probably never see an IRL dress like this. I feel, though, her face doesn’t match that sensual vibe.
Also suffers from the same issues as some other dolls: a good skin for an irrelevant doll. So unless she's your waifu and you put her on the main screen, chances are that skin will be gathering dust on your armory, along with her. I feel mica could have increased the adjutant spots, instead of leaving 4+2.

First observation, thigh sheath knife, sold, next Skin.
I’m with Adam. A really good skin but wtf is the doll. I swore up and down she had a bamboo skill until I was doing the “should you farm”, and realized that no, she's got a fine skill, she's just sad. Which may explain the vibe I get from the normal art of 'I've had a few too many, and you, poor SKK are going to 'enjoy' the results'. I'll have my color-art based spiel about her later, but I really do dig this Skin on it's own merits.
Also, Adam, I'd have to go check myself about this but it's more likely than you'd think to see a dress like this IRL. Fashion is strange at times, and it is a realm I am frankly unwilling to try and explain in any way shape or form.


For a login 3 star, this costume is absolutely baller and convinced me to raise her.
The black with red accents colour scheme is killer and could probably look good on anyone. As Soul already pointed out, the knife sheath on the thigh adds to the overall feel. It's almost like she's a Bond girl.
The top part of the dress gives me vibes similar to Anniversary Bismarck in Azur Lane, though Zas actually brought proper support for her boobs and thus is not at risk of a nip slip like Bismarck very much is. Unlike Zas, Bismarck’s costume will probably not keep her chest covered through the whole party.
Overall, very quality dress, do approve, 10/10 would randomly raise again.

I didn’t put Bis and Zas together until now, and now I’m not going to unsee this. Curse you Red.

KSVK - Truman Traveler

I’ll open up this one by saying what’s on everyone’s mind: Pantyhose, butt, thighs, chest. KSVK nee-chan has what any waifu connoisseur wants. I want to hug KSVK nee-chan...

How many kinks KSVK can fulfil: Pantyhose, butt, tights, semi-human, stockings, feet, “gloves”, ripped clothes, sideboobs, [BEEP] CAMERA, and OH MY GOD THAT FACE I WANNA LICK IT.

Honestly, this is so much better than whatever her Mod 3 skin is in my humble opinion: nice looking dress, pantyhose, luggage to throw at you, fluffy tail to put your face into, where else is there to say?

Ceia knows the good stuff indeed. Like Crally said, this skin has a trait to satisfy any and all Commanders:

  • Hornt for pantyhose? We got you covered. 
  • Likes fluffy ears? We got you covered. 
  • Want a tail to just hug and relieve the stress away like Senko-san anime? We got you covered. 
  • Sweet sweet voice telling you dinner is ready? We got you covered.

Going to agree with Ceia completely, 100% upgrade from mod skin. I have strong opinions about said mod skin, that sum as, not my thing. I think I said previously that I'm a weird sucker for the hilariously impractical and silly half/glove thingies she's got, so that's a plus. That said, why are her tails under the dress?
Could maybe not have the slit in the go quite that far up, it makes a weird contrast with the rest of the dress, but if you assume that it's more...heck I'm losing the word. I want to say boudoir, but that isn't the right word, but you figure it's going for that 'tantalize but not quite show' style, I'll bite and not bonk because horny, and let it slide for 'art' or something. today in Soul has double standards: when he's too lazy to be coherent.
I've always had this weird sorta 'meh' feeling about KSVK art wise, that largely boiled down to her base art literally not understanding how to wear pants and it slowly driving me mad. This one neatly does away with that problem, so points for that. I need to stare at the damaged art for a bit, I'm trying to figure out what she's reaching up for exactly, and how it does, or doesn't relate to the undamaged art.

Damaged art isn't always related to default (see DP-12 kimono). That might have been Pandea just being horny.

I have no doubts that, in general, Pandea is just simply horny, because they emphasize a lot of feet and butts. But, this random ring up seems kinda random, and I am a turbo nerd and want to know why.

She is a cat. Cats love shiny objects. In other news, I just want Groza, but this game hates me.

I noticed I haven't written a full analysis yet, so here it is: this is in my opinion the best KSVK skin released, yet. The dark blue/purple colour paired with her silver hair (and god look at that fluffy tail) are a very perfect fit. But the one thing that got me going, is the way her arms and legs are drawn, look at the gloves and pantyhose, it hugs her body so well, emphasizing such slim but sexy limbs.
Then again, that leg, pantyhose, what else would you want? Moreso it got emphasized even more on the damaged art, look at those puffy thighs. 10/10.
Best skin of the batch, on the gacha side. I like long haired KSVK better but this is also pretty.
She wasn’t cheap, it cost me 900 tokens to come.

Now I can hate you. I wanted KSVK neechan.

Did you know 900 tokens is basically a drop in the bucket.

Very sweet indeed. But it’ll be a pass to me. I need to rush her to Mod 3, so a certain Shield Fairy A.K.A. Varz stops yelling in my ear, and also because I heard her new voice lines are enhanced with onee-san feelings.

Of course I would, you wanted to take on PL ranking deathstacks with KSVK Mod 2.

I am personally in the camp of preferring her MOD3 art overall. I love the overwhelming floofiness. But this skin is still great and I even got it and use it currently.
The dress to me has a fairly unusual design, namely with the boob poking holes it seems to have, letting any passerby do a cheeky boop on her breasts. But it's a very nice dress with a nice blue colouration that fits with her silvers and greens.
And dem legs, those are killer legs for real. KSVKs smile never fails to brighten the mood too.

She’s hot, I like it. But, I’m giving her a 6/10 because STOP SPOOKING ME.

I had a long debate with myself, since when I was sick, this chuuni nee-san kept appearing in my dreams. I had two oath rings, one for AK-15, and one for M4, who was waiting for it since our fateful meeting in 2019.
But, since AK-15 doesn't have a skin yet, and the more I looked at KSVK nee-san, the more I simply just wanted to hug her, she won my heart. And so this happened:

Saiga-12 - Arbiter of Twilight

Now that I’m semi-alive again after Soul nearly killed me, let’s open up the last skin of the batch. Commanders and Shikikans, we have Saiga-12 Anni skin, complete with her own intro. Who would have thought Groza wouldn’t have been the only one with an intro for herself?
I am having a hard time thinking what to say about this skin, so I’ll basically say something I said on M4’s shilling, but in reverse: I wish this skin was black. I feel this is a design trip much like M4’s: white dress on dark-skinned character, whereas M4 was the opposite.
You know, this oddly reminds me of a snack: a brown stick pocky with vanilla cream. I think the idea was to make them look contrasting and eye catching that way. I don’t feel it’s as effective on white girls, but on Saiga I feel my eyes were drawn on her. Very eye catching. While white girls with white dresses is normal, for example, just look at the wedding dresses batch.
You’re probably right, but it doesn’t make me feel any less “this is a design trap”. The problem with wedding skins is that they often look alike, and forgoes contrasts that could avoid that happening in favour of adding details. I wish I could draw correctly, so I could show you what I actually have in mind for dress designs for Saiga.
I don’t colour yet, but I might have an idea of what you’re saying. You really need to be creative with wedding dresses, yes. Some of them are quite plain.
A very nice skin would be nice to have. If only I ever did SG crafts.

Saiga is an SG I have affection towards, probably because of my Battlefield 3 times, but a year has passed and I haven’t seen her drop yet. I may end up TCMing her on PL for Waifu Wars reasons.
I agree somewhat with Sheele that dark dress + light skin/light dress + dark skin is a design trap, but I can't help but be reminded that we also saw issues with a Doll’s skin looking too bland due to the lack of colour. I do feel, though, a deep red dress, just a tad lighter than her hair colour, would have been nice.
Might be me, but I feel Saiga looks somewhat like a debutante here rather than an onee-san at a formal party.
Also, imagine not crafting SGs for all the onee-sans in there.


Where’s Red? This is his wife, I was sure he would have opened up the shilling.
He’s building up his hornt energy, please stand by.
Naturally my breath is too taken away by the majesty of Saiga. You can’t rush me on this matter Haku. It’s also hard to be hornt when it’s super late.

A few hours later
Red has rested and built up his hornt energy. Beware Commanders, because he’s blowing a big load on us.

Ok, so Saiga, oh ho ho Saiga. Where do I even start with this beauty? I suppose at the beginning.
I still remember November 2019, which is when the Racing gacha was revealed. Only to see Saiga finally get herself a costume in that batch, an L2D one no less. Saiga was already my second favourite doll, just behind Lee. That skin just ignited my love even more than it already had and I was set on black carding it.
...Then Saiga got two more Live2D skins and I got very confused lol. Now I suddenly had three L2Ds to choose between black carding and realistically I could only get one.

Now, the first of those skins is right here before us: Anniversary Saiga. I can't believe we still don't have the Racing gacha but it is what it is. Let's actually talk about what we have here.
So to comment on the outfit itself, I love it. It's a fairly modest dress all things considered, you would maybe expect something more extravagant or flashy for celebrating the GFL anniversary. Instead we have a really nicely present white dress that, contrast to what others have said above, I believe really suits her and offers a really great contrast to her skin.

Though in one regard, I think another colour might have looked better. I see that black and red cloth she has hanging from the flowers and I can't help but feel that might have made for a better overall dress. Ah well, no point concerning myself too much with it.

To compliment the rest, you got the really nice aforementioned accessories like the flowers and the little bow on the top. The sleeves detached from the dress and the leggings really add to the appeal too. I really like her hairstyle here as well. The damaged art is even pretty good, it's got a nice balance between hornt and actually appearing damaged. The extra exposed thighs got me sweatin'.

Since it's an L2D, let's also talk briefly about the animations. The introduction one she has where she walks forward with the blue lights behind her is beautiful. The rest are super good too, I love how happy she looks with how much she smiles and moves about. Really warms my heart.

So, what do I think overall? Well, obviously I love it. It fits all the bills I personally wanted an anniversary dress Saiga to fit. Definitely my favourite skin in this whole batch, bar none. A top tier skin for one of my top tier dolls.
Though you may be surprised to hear... I'm skipping it. I mentioned that I'm gonna use black cards to get one of Saiga's L2Ds, which sadly isn't this one. I'm gonna be patient and wait for her latest L2D at time of writing, her New Years kimono.


I absolutely adore that one, moreso than I do this one. But obviously, that is absolutely not me saying this dress is 'inferior'. I do prefer the New Years skin yes, but I could absolutely understand preferring this dress or even her practically non-existent at this point race queen skin.
I guess what I'm trying to say ultimately is: Saiga is amazing, this skin is amazing, I think her NY skin is a bit more amazing-er, 10 outta fucking 10.

Holy [BEEP], fair nerding. I want to be loved by someone like Red loves Saiga.
You’ll find that special person someday.
Can it be you cutiepie?
Can you be Saiga-12?
Being Lee is easier. I just need to dye my hair, and get thicc thighs then. Never been a cleaning freak like Saiga is.
Even better. I love Saiga, but Lee still is my main waifu.

...This feels like I'm reading it as way hornier than it actually is meant to be.
It may not help that her intro does a pan up her legs with a lotta focus on the boob jiggle, but....

Shower time with Saiga

Red has infected Soul with Saiga hornt. Jokes apart, Saiga is a cleaning freak, so that line, for her, is surprisingly not horny.

I am aware of that. She’s my second favourite SG (do you really need to ask who’s the first?), so I know what that line is meant to be. It’s just, the context made it seem very different.
The context is that you’re too [BEEP] horny, go [REDACTED] her damnit.
Soul will not [REDACTED] her because I will be [REDACTED]ing her instead, all night long. I do fit her perfectly after all.
Then both [REDACTED] her then. Best of both worlds.
Soul you up for it?
Aye, that I am.
Red: Damn, I need to choose between which of the 3 L2Ds to buy and use. Soul and Haku: L2Ds? We only have one skin each for our T-Dolls.

Laughs in Groza

Laughs in AUGGERs

You guys have skins? AK-15 doesn’t have skins.
That said, I don't have a lot to say on this, other than it’s an ok skin, but it doesn’t match Saiga for me.

Jokes aside, 1st. Cursed be Red for getting 3 L2Ds for one of his favorite Dolls.
2nd, While I love this skin to bits, probably going to let Red have the floor to nerd about his 2nd waifu, so probably just a few isolated thoughts about this one. Inb4 I write an essay, cause I didn't intend to write a SOP essay and here we are

Since apparently, the 'theme' of most of my comments on these skins is theme, I'd say that thematically, the relatively restrained nature of this one fits Saiga very well, and while I'll agree the design trap of darker skins woman-lighter dress is 100% real, I'll slightly defend the choice here for cleanliness theme-ing, in that it fits her character neatly, matching to the relatively clean and uncluttered design as a whole. The most visually busy part is the accessory on her hip, but even that is fairly matte and restrained.

Damaged art is solid, and, to also keep in the 'theme' of me talking about damaged arts, there's more to it than just 'oh no, I got hurt', at least to my eye. Either that, or she's going to murder someone for getting her dirty, one of the two.
With Red: 10/10 skin, absolutely fantastic.

Ah yes, child bearing hips is the most visually busy part. I see Soul finally gave in to the lewd. And speaking of which, where do the whole “Saiga preys on other dolls” memes I see come from? Is she that much of a womanizer?

Probably those three lines that sparkled the whole “Saiga preys on other Dolls” memes:

  • New girl, huh? Let me examine their body real quick!
  • Keep grouping me up with lots of cute girls!
  • Ooh, look at that little witch in her skimpy outfit! If only she had some white stockings... she'd be right up my alley!

And with that, we close up the Shilling. How many of you knew how Saiga memes started? WIll Soul keep Adam to himself as a guide slave? WIll Red get dupe three Saigas to use their skins? Will Doc get Groza Anni skin? We may never find out. Stay tuned, for there is a surprise on our next Shilling!


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