Costume Shilling #5.5 "Carnival Crinj"

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M200 - Solemn March

M200 marching band skin cover

While I approve of Potat-Skins, YOU DON'T MARCH A GODDAMN BASSOON!

Band nerd spotted, he’s stealing intros and taking names

2588 gems for a static skin that is inferior to her Anni skin. I have a big affection for M200 since Isomer, where she was a big MVP against Uhlans. Totally pass on this skin though. 0/10

One of her best traits was looking a bit like a quiet smol nerd girl. That trait is completely gone here; she looks like a femboi.


I think this skin is the best one made for M200 so far. Everything looks so much more polished than her other costumes.

I actually liked anniversary M200 better, potato going to a formal event.

Alright, my turn. I still don't know how I feel about this skin. Like, I don't really feel anything towards M200. Oh and I used to be in a marching band btw . The marching band vibe is strong in this one, I have to agree. The skins well holds on to the promised theme. 

Rather than talking about the musical instrument, I'll continue with what I think I'm good at. M200 looks like a boy, really, not much body curves. You could easily mistake her for a boy if not for her hair, even then, this is common knowledge with M200, but I digress.

I can't really gather much else to say. Skin is a solid 6/10 for me. Nothing extraordinary, but definitely is a good skin. Though as Adam said about the price, I ain't buying this.

Damn, that's a pretty long flute / recorder / wooden wind instrument thingy. I'm sorry. My brother plays drums, he never needed to play wind instruments. 

Regardless, I thought at first glance that the strap was part of M200's uniform here. The shorts are also very interesting, since the band uniforms I've seen are usually long pants. For a skin titled 'Solemn March,' this feels like M200's about to break out into a dance number!

It's very cute, breaks character of M200, the cool collected 360 noscoper sniper, but I like it a lot.

Outside of my initial reaction that remains, solid skin. Not sure which I like more. Anniversary is more simplistic, but I've got some memories from marching/band that give me some strong opinions. 

Warning: Heavy Band Nerd 'opinions' follow. 

I'd need to double check it, but, from memory, that's a surprisingly detailed bassoon, which surprises me, I really expected the detail level of the keys, connecting, bars, etc. to be non-existent. That was nice to see, highly approved

Now. You don't march a goddamn bassoon!!!!!! Double so with that wimpy neck strap gosh darnit. Those things are heavy and you try and carry them on a tiny string like that, you hurt your neck. As for why you don't march a bassoon, you will, without a doubt, break your reed. In the other members of this batch EN doesn't have yet, I'm pretty sure that someone marches an Oboe, which can be done, but not recommended. Bassoons however, just don't try, because the reed is too flimsy, and the way physics is set up, doesn't work well for it. The up/down bounce imparted by walking with a Bassoon is hard to avoid happening, even if you march correctly (yes, this is a thing) and because the reeds are just very thin pieces of wood, flexing them in that way is a recipe to break them, if you don't outright break the fucker.

Uniform with shorts is an interesting touch compared to the usual marching band pants, not going to argue with it. This means you don't sweat to death under the sun because those things aren’t designed for humans. I deeply, and abidingly hate those things, because they have no room for your neck, breathing, turning, or bending. Also they're hot, uncomfortable, and usually made from a material not intended to be worn in the environment they're in. And this doesn't look like an exception

While my angry 'this isn't how you'd march!' reaction comes up on those boots, I like those boots, so while not marching boots, they get a pass. 

I'll conclude that opinion section for a moment. I probably have more but my DnD session needs me


Ahem, now I don't know much about marching bands at all, but I do know I really like this costume. I like a lot of this batch, but the shilling for the full batch will likely have to wait until next year heh.

Now given my limited knowledge of marching bands, I don't have anything really special to say. I'm just gonna take everything Soul said as fact cause I've got really nothing else to go off lol. I simply like how M200 looks here. The outfit is cool and cute, that instrument is really popping with detail, and M200's expression is too good.

Definitely a good skin, like it more than M200's default and anniversary package. I think I'll be grabbing this one

I want her to hit me over the head with that boogaloo-looking thing.

I do not recommend getting bonked with a bassoon. They're surprisingly heavy and have a lot of pointy-stabby bits on them.

Bro, that just makes it all the better.

Gr G36 - Watcher of the Light

G36 marching band skin cover

To be honest half the reason I'm here is because I have a friend who just adoooooooooooores G36, and she follows shilling. That said, G36 is the only costume in this batch that caught my attention, AR team notwithstanding (please gib us Soppo soon™️). Her smile looks so very precious, and her hair flowing because of the wind gives her a peaceful, hopeful vibe (which feels ironic given EN GFL was at its lowest this time). G36 has eight skins if I know how to count, and this is the first one to get my attention, so to me there's merit in that. If only she was the one with sax instead of flute, that skin would have been perfect.

That said, I feel a flute, which has a softer tone compared to a sax, fits her better. It’s in her nature to be a delicate flower, and a flute and delicacy couldn’t be a better match.

On the hornt side: sideboobs and sleeveless shirts are great. Add in her short skirt and G36 suddenly looks much younger and biteable to me. Would love to bite and nib on that neck and thighs too.

She plays a piccolo, not a flute, that's a reason for salt. Flute would be roughly twice as long and sounds almost okay.

Almost okay?

The pic is an auditory assault spawned forth by satan for the purposes of rending eardrums. Flutes are merely high-pitched and can blend into a band acceptably.

(This propaganda was brought to you by a Clarinet player)

Now. I got the first(?) dibs on my own waifu. He did not
She's my first oath, as always I would say so this skin already has extra attention from me. Still, you cannot not notice the VHS skin alongside her, that chibi rocks. Imoko never gave less than her best for her daughter, and this skin is very good. I haven't really seen any bad G36 skin yet. Though, who could've thought Imoko would give G36 a sleeveless top?

Did she get contacts in this one? She seems less squinty.

Similar to Wedding dress, she seemed to open her eyes wider in public. I feel like this skin is almost as if Imoko is trying to redraw her daughter. I mean, if you look at the bits on her, you'll notice it's actually G36's base non-mod art. Why do I say that? Well, loot at her fluffy frilled dress, then the sleeveless top, and then the legs, she's not wearing any thighhighs. These are all G36's base traits. And only Imoko could bring those expressions. She's the only one, I think, that can make G36 smile that sincerely and also make her THAT angry.

Yes, Imoko appreciation post. No less because she was also one that made me play this game, G36 and UMP45 were the triggers for me. Also, I can't get enough of the damaged art. Imoko gave us a free pass on her armpits and sideboobs and slim tummy, plus plenty of thighs.

Crally knows his G36s. Also surprising to see him pull a Soul-like nerding for once. I don’t recall having had a G36 skin to shill before.

I think this is the first time a G36 skin has appeared since we started this year yes...

I want to learn from Imoko. How to draw hot legs without making them crazy thicc. SL8, G36 and even QBU all have very good legs. And not only the thighs, it includes their calves as well.

This skin is a solid 9/10 for me. It’s the best of the batch and I know I am biased, but meido is the best girl, no doubts about that. I always look at other dolls, but whenever I see G36 skin, I always get reminded again. G36 IS what I like afterall. This skin is a perfect example of that.

Ok I think this is the first G36 skin we get to talk about on shilling.

G36 is a doll where I like the default so much that none of her skins, as good as they've been, have really been worth it for me. This skin doesn't break that trend, but it's still a great skin. Really cool and cute outfit, I love the hat and her expression, just a really good all around skin. Not really got anything bad to say about it. That's that.

Default default, or default mod skin?

Both are good, but I probably like her actual default more. But, take her default and put glasses on it. I would totally buy that.

Funnily enough. Red is correct. G36's best art is her default art.

Gr SL8 - Improvised Rhapsody

SL8 marching band skin cover

I hate PL, she is a PL doll, so I already care less for her than the others (Sorry Faye). That said, it's an okay skin, and it's not outright a scam like M200. She looks less like a teen here, white hair is always appreciated, totes would listen to her play me a sax solo on a night date at her apartment.

Sax is good. Sax is love, sax is life.

Imoko's girls are cute but I do admit she's a bit out of my type.


That is all.

Sexophone. Understood.

Now, for SL8. Since the uniforms are all based on the same batch, I can't really say if there are any differences between them. One can note the shoes they're wearing. I don’t know if SL8 feels comfy in them, but I don't think it looks practical.

They're not quite a standard marching shoe, but they're close enough for government work. Those things are actually surprisingly comfy.

Hmmm… I do think they look like schoolgirl shoes. Imoko is very good at drawing balanced girls. Look at her proportions, those thighs are really well weighted, not too thicc, nor are they sticks. The tied hair also is a good detail, it's still pretty hard to beat her swimsuit skin so to say. But, this skin is good, not bad at all. A solid 7.5/10 for me.

SL8 with the fancy sax. Band stereotype time, SL8 100% is a sax player, for good and ill. There's less for me to rant about from a band/instrument perspective. ShorkSax, high approve. I still want to go back and rename all her images to 'Shork' even if I won't do it. I think she's even playing like she's supposed to. Hands are right, I think she isn't puffing her cheeks, ++

To talk about the actual uniform and such for a moment, like the design, both on her and M200. They're sleek, got enough accents to be detailed, but not enough to be distracting. SL8's hair color sorta blends in a bit, but it's a white uniform, nothing really going for it. Solid design.

It's sax time! All I can think about now whenever I see or hear a saxophone is Epic Sax Guy from Eurovision lol. What a tune that was.

For the same reasons as G36 and M200, this is a solid skin. Good outfit that goes harder on the cool factor for SL8 which is nice. The pose with her playing the sax is great. The detailing on the instrument itself is top notch. I really like it for sure.

I won't be picking it up though. I plan to get SL8's summer package. Regardless, great skin.

Wait, I just noticed. Why is this skin’s name “Watcher of the Light” in the shop?

It’s a MICA thing, please understand.

The End

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