Costume Shilling #6: LOLI GAMING

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Hello and welcome back to Skin Shilling. Where we take a look at the latest batch of skins and discuss how horny they make us how beautiful or cute they are.

This episode is gonna be a bit of a short one, partially because life has been catching up to all of us, but also because these articles rely on hornts, and nobody is horny for lolis besides me. Now without further ado, let’s introduce everyone and get on with the shilling!

ahem Hello there. My name's Adamasturia, or Adam for short. I'm your average mengxin that came to GP to stalk Doc help out and spread the love for our kawaii hard worker LWMMG.

Adam is usually the acting boss of the Shilling panel, but as of now he is overworked with the Waifu Wars panel. You will be stuck with kawa-oneechan for some time, enjoy yourselves~

Hi, I am Sheele, Analyst for Gamepress. I am horni and need to talk about my horni, which is why I’m here.

I'm Docanon. Not many people know me, but I've been on GamePress for a while. I like to think of myself as a tryhard ranker, but my fuckup during SC Ranking shows I'm EN.

Big fan of Groza, so expect me to auto-shill her skins. I also play various other gacha games like Fate/Grand Order and Arknights!


Hi, am Soulmuse, or Soul, or Muse. Purveyor of KSG propaganda and otherwise advocate for under appreciated Dolls. Been playing GFL since a couple weeks after EN launch. GFL Gamepress team lead and the writer walkthroughs and the occasional Doll page. I periodically stream ranking attempts, and write fanfics on the side. One day I will get MICA to remember KSG exists and give her a skin. One day…

Soul is also half of the team making guides for each stage, I bet his work saved your ass a few times. Give him a thanks when you have some time.

Hakurai I am. UMP40 is yes. Cerberus yes too.

Haku is also technically our boss, but we have yet to treat him like one.

Hello I'm CrallyLystia. or Crally for short. I'm just another simper who fielded waifus in ranking instead of meta Dolls.

I'm F2P so I don't spend much in game AKA all of my few gems go to costumes, heh.

G36 and AK-15 are my waifus.

For this episode we’ve also brought along a 416 specialist. Welcome Ethreain!

Hello, I'm Ethreain. Started playing post-singu, 416 was the first 5-star AR i got from production, and has since been my #1 girl. To all you 416 naysayers who can't see her greatness, get some professional help. 

416 is the best doll in this game, no matter if you like her or not. 416 is love. If you haven't had your daily dose of 416 I recommend you open GFL and tell her how precious she is. Thanks for your time.

As for me, I'm kawa AKA, the local CEO of eating and sleeping. I’m a gacha game dataminer and editor in chief for Sanity;Gone 0. I’ve been playing GFL on and off since about may 2018. I have a love-hate relationship with this game, please understand.

Also Zas is best girl.

Now, let's get to the shilling!

Kawa’s Bonus: KLIN - The End of Winter

Kawa's skin of choice: KLIN kimono skin

Hi and hello with my late section of the bonus shilling (I was taking a vacation). So, first of all, those who know me might be wondering why I picked this skin. Since I don't really like KLIN much and I ain't a waterkuma simp either.

Allow me to explain. This skin came as part of the Eastern Paradise gacha. With costumes inspired by cultures of China, Korea, and in this case, Russia, as KLIN is of Russian origin. So right off the bat, we've got it hitting a few of my checks for what my favourite skin would look like.

While I am nowhere near well versed in it to do a full analysis of the references to traditional Russian culture and clothing, I can still appreciate the effort put into creating this skin. The pattern on KLIN's cape and sleeves of her kaftan, while not exactly what you'd typically find on a sarafan or a shawl, they still nonetheless resemble traditional patterns from that region.

The main reason why I chose this skin is the big straw doll KLIN is carrying. It's the effigy of Maslenitsa, representing the pagan goddess of winter - Morana. Sometimes called Marena, or where I live, Marzanna (pronounced mazhanna). The damaged art references the burning of the Maslenitsa lady, a tradition celebrated as the finale of the Maslenitsa or pancake week in Russia, as a representation of the end of winter.

While I myself never burnt a Marzanna, as the tradition here is to drown her in a river full of the melting snow, the skin brings back fond memories. I can still recall taking a trip to a nearby stream with my classmates in kindergarten and throwing our handmade straw dolls to be taken away by the current.

I really cherish those days, or rather, whatever is left of them in my memory. A simpler time, when the world didn't seem so scary and each day was a chance to be happy and enjoy yourself. 

To me that is exactly what this costume represents. So while it may not be the most beautiful or stunning, I still appreciate it for what it means to me.

KLIN underrated, deserve more pats.

That's all for me.

KLIN never quite looked cute to me, if anything, she looked like some rodent high on cocaine. Somehow, her kimono skin actually managed to depict her as cute. 

I farmed her more than a year ago, only to be hit with HP scaling, so she became yet another doll I got early on in my career that never saw the light of day. And unlike UMP40, whom I have affection for as a reason to level, KLIN does not have that.

Still, props to kawa for picking this skin. A fairly obscure Doll which has a really nice skin and kawa let the world see it.

Ok I got not much to say and not a lot of time. So, this skin is cute and I agree with people ok ty bye.

So... I have to say - I never really liked KLIN. She was the limited drop in Singu wasn't she? I remember farming for her there.

ACKCHYUALLY, she was a drop in Deep Dive.

Anyway. As usual I'll always appreciate the artist's work. Waterkuma did very well to keep KLIN's traits here. A simple, slightly boyish theme, with shorts, non-flashy top. Still, you can't help but notice the colorful pattern. 

Orange/red goes well with black, is this Chinese themed? Oh there's a K (for kawa) on her hairclip. The straw doll, idk what it is, a scarecrow?

Did you even read my comment?!

Eh. I have to say - this skin is not that exceptional, not something that catches your eye like AK-12's dress, or modestly elegant like Carcano Pink's Kimono. Still, this skin has a subtle, gentle, but somewhat tough vibe with it.

That's how I feel, anyway, thanks for the opportunity.

Thanks I guess...

Klin's always been one of those dolls who flew completely under the radar for me, being sidelined by my Vectors, and I never cared for her base art. I admit when doing the updates for skins, I did wonder about the name of this one, and kawa has answered that, which makes the whole thing make a lot more sense.

It's absolutely superior to her base art imo, and overall a solid skin. Not a whole lot for me to say about this one. It's a good skin, keeps the design elements it needs from base art to make it KLIN, while changing all the right bits.
Good on kawa for bringing some light to this one.

I've got mixed feelings for KLIN. Everyone here should know I really, really hate Vector - to the point of scrapping her when she finally dropped - but I know I still needed a strong off-tank to clear the story and advance. So when KLIN finally appeared as a farmable drop in 2019 Halloween, I read up about her stats and decided... right there and then, I needed all the KLINs I could get.

I farmed that stage over 600 times and got 17 KLINs to drop. :)


Honestly didn't like KLIN at first. She's got the appearance of a destroyer, tanned from explosions and fallout, coarse and unlady-like in speech and appearance. This skin also didn't quite get my attention either, since it's decidedly unsexy.

But it's fine, I guess. Much care has been put into designing her outfit with its cultural significance, as Kawa has written up above. I can't help but think that this represents KLIN when she's put on a few years, grown up, and decided to take on more responsibilities in her village. Or something.

It's not just a good skin. This feels like a costume with history. The kind that makes KLIN go, "Do I really have to do this?" as she unfolds it from its box, and yet wears it with a concealed smile on her face...

416 - Black Kitty’s Gift

416 loli skin cover

You may know it or not, but I am somewhat of a big loli enjoyer. As we all know, no loli shall ever be lewded. Allright, now that the FBI isn't on my tail, I can freely appreciate smol cute girls.

As for HK, I actually don't have much to say about her. I really like her face, it looks very childish. Her legs are really good too, would be fun to princess carry her around. The grenade black cat is adorable and I really lov it's expressions. The live2d animations are nothing to scoff at too. Although the simplicity of the outfit makes it a little plain in my opinion.

The best thing I have to say about this skin is it's story. As many of you may know, sometime in 2017(2018?) Nixoo was involved in a car accident which resulted in a spinal injury of hers, rendering her unable to draw for Girls' Frontline for some time. Story goes, she drew this skin while in the hospital, as weibo users speculated on the state of her health. Nixoo missed the deadline for the children's day skins the year before, thus, HK didn't get any skins for a long time. Some sketches of the skin floated around the internet, so it was a joy for me to see it finally get released. After her trip to Japan with fellow artists Nixoo seems to be in better health, drawing 8 more artworks for GFL since then.

I bet Adam invited Eth just to speak mad horny about his wife. Just like he made me a partner in crime for the shilling of Kar98k. Dis dude...

Oh god…


OK, let's start this off by saying this skin is pure, condensed, protecc energy. Smol 416 comes to us in an adorable dress, with a little tophat on her headband, somewhat reminiscent of her mod3 skin. Combined with her apron, it gives kind of a "Alice in Wonderland" feel to the costume.

The ribbons in her hair highlight both the headband and hat, and the iron cross inspired blue hairpins remain a classic, and fitting accessory. The checkerboard theme on the badges in her dress, tophat, and the ribbon also tie the whole skin together.

Addressing the big obvious point in the skin: animal abuse our little feline friend that accompanies 416. This companion proves as an invaluable aid in combat - by being thrown into the fray and scratching every enemy dead. She also keeps company to the precious daughter that this costume portrays.

You can see the cat is surprised, but knows 416 won't hurt her, and doesn't attack her. It's probably a stray she picked up because she knows what an elite T-doll she is, and what it entails. The strong should care for the weak.

This point is further reinforced when the cat glares menacingly in the damaged art, which is thankfully not too harsh. Some meager damage to the hem of the dress, and a bumped knee which already has a band-aid (an elite T-doll is always ready). You can then see how sad she is that she hasn't completely succeeded in her mission, and as a child, she is both embarrassed and about to cry, giving a huge PROTECC urge to anyone with a heart.

Additionally, although the static frame might look awkward due to her facial expression on a first look, the L2D animation really makes her shine with a plethora of expressions and emotions both in undamaged and damaged form. This is usually absent in the adult 416 skins, and opens a view into her inner being where you can see just how adorable and wholesome she can be, and how much she cares both about others and how others see her, even if she is sometimes harsh. Her being sometimes rude is obviously because of the high expectations she holds of others, but I digress.

Regardless, this skin shows us 416 in a new light, more emotion,  great animation, adorable animal grenade companions, and cute chibi 416 running around carrying her rifle. Additionally it also has some minimal gameplay advantages, which I'll allow someone else to mention since we've already hit the character limit once. Also 416 is best girl. Did I mention that before?

Seriously, go check her animations. She's so precious. She must be protected and headpatted every day. I’m not the biggest fan of loli skins tbh, but I'll make an exception for this gem of a daughter skin.

Tbh I’m not a huge 416 fan, even less for loli skins. Somehow she’s not the most popular 404 loli skin which is pretty surprising to me. That’d be 45.

I did not expect to wake up from a nap to a full speech about 416.

Also, I have a theory that 416's black cat was actually produced by loli K11 and is ACTUALLY a grenade.

That surprisingly makes sense…

I cannot say I know anything that immediately disproves this. ....I'm playing DnD so suddenly my brain went '416 is a druid, her companion is a cat, she used enlarge to make it's belly flops do more damage'. I need to sleep.

Half a sleep later

Right, 416 talk. I think I said it on G3 maid, but my first impression of 416 was… let's go with ‘poor’. There aren't a lot of ways to get on my shit list, arrogance is one of them, and it's pretty high up there. Even more undeserved arrogance, which the m16 rescue arc gave me the impression of. So for a good bit of early GFL 416 existed on my shitlist of 'dolls I reluctantly am using but will bench with a vengeance at first chance’.

The End of Singu brought me around a little bit, (brought me around on 45 a fair bit as well), but after the solid showing of Chapter 1 CT with Soppo I sorta dreaded Chapter 2 with 416. Surprisingly, they really delivered on her, and rounded out a lot of the rough edges… and actually made it obvious she cares about the people around her, both 404 and other dolls. They had the perfect setup to just have her be a total shit to Python and squad, but instead they actually demonstrate that she's a capable leader, and a good person instead, and it's just excellent. I've also somewhat come around on the fact that 416 cares for G11, despite treating her like a bit of a tool at times.

There's a lot of reading between the lines required with 416, 45 stop being a bulli and let 416 be soft damnit. Overall someone give 416 a hug, k thanks.

That’d be Eth.

Good, good. TLDR: MICA made 416 grow as a person and I very much approve, now let me hug her without getting socked. There's a lot of random little moments in the story I could cite, but this is a quasi shitposty thing, not me writing a thesis. please ignore multiple theses I've written about art for this panel-thingie.

I don't think I'll actually pick this skin up though, I own all her other skins (whoops) and I'm not duping a 3rd 416 just for this. Skin, even if it's a childrens skin I can tolerate if I stick it on a level 1 416 who never sees combat. Art wise is solid, also cat! I can't quite claim 416 is best girl, KSG wins that hands down… That said, 416 is excellent.

Crally special again. The cat. CAT! KAT!!! Idk, I just very much like the cat. It looks so helpless like that. "What am I doing here" vibe.



Doc later had to do some explaining to the FBI

I plead the fifth.

Now, the shilling turns in a different direction...


Ok, bring me to jail.






Please tell me you understand the parody.

Sowwy, I don't…

It’s a reference to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”. Wait a sec, I’ll send you the link-


UMP9 - Shiba Investigator

UMP9 loli skin cover

The meme, the :3, the legendary ump-hump is here! I don't have much to say about her. I like her fashionable outfit and cute expression in damaged art. The detail of her hair being more unkempt than usual is nice, but I think infukun's overall art quality has degraded over the years when it comes to his work on GFL. Maybe it was his slowly dying passion for the franchise, or maybe just a style change I don't like. Whichever it may be, I much more appreciate UMP9's older skins.

UMP9 Mod is way older? It feels like her best skin.
9 Bunny remains my preferred 9 skin to be honest. Mod is solid, but I don't like it enough to justify the mod expense.
This is probably the 2nd weakest skin of the batch


No lewding lolis.

I still plead the fifth.

Whether Haku was doing this face or not is currrently unknown

UMP45 - Agent Lop Rabbit

ump45 loli skin cover

Well, well, well, here she is. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike this skin but 45 here has the same problem as 9. The art quality itself is somewhat questionable, but this skin also has quite the reputation to it…

Partially through pure chance and partially through my own morbid curiosity I got somewhat closely acquainted with the type of fanarts this skin receives. And by that I mean there is like, like a, a lotta lewds featuring loli 45. So while this skin is really cute and all (I especially like the white pantyhose) seeing it brings back some very not fond memories.

Ooof. Kawa browsed the 45 tag, and ran headlong into the yikes too?
I was looking for the cute, I swear officer!

Now let's address the number 1 bully of the squad, UMP45. This skin has both big smug and big sad energy, for normal or damaged respectively.

Overall I really like the design of the skin and will gladly use it, as it makes 45 look cute for once rather than looking like a bully (which she is, stop bullying 416 you nerd). In particular, her attachment to the bunny purse is the best part, as it shows that she DOES care. I think. I hope.

It's hard to see her scar…
I checked, it's there. Same with 9.



Yep. Still pleading the fifth.

KSVK - Angel’s Paint Brush

ksvk loli skin cover

Hi, I'm first here. So yes, talking about children skins. One thing you have to note, this is not horny posting, so I can freely rate the artist's style, lines, and all.

I think this skin is what made Pandea ask MICA for KSVK to get a mod wasn't it? Well, at least this skin should be linked to her Mod story. So if you guys do plan on buying this skin, please do give her Mod story a read.

Imagine reading any story when you're already at 11k memefrags.

Mars-sensei, can you tell us the story behind this skin?

Legend has that Mars never showed up because he heard the word "loli"

Okay, right off the bat I'm gonna admit: I kind of dislike this skin. Same with almost all other artwork by Pandea. His style just doesn't vibe with me much, sorry. The open back design does make me a little uncomfortable, with a kid exposing so much of their skin. 

Her carnation is normal, however drawn with highlights that sort of imply the costume to be perceived in a sexual way, which I personally don't really like. The makeup too is a little weird.

I'm just gonna skim over the clothes and accessories. Green dress - okay, apron - fitting, headband - alright, hair accessories - don't make much sense, not really fitting.

And the thing with her being an artist, I ain't gonna criticize him for it but Pandea is a bit of a fanboy of his own characters. While it gives them the advantage of being designed with care, their backstories end up coming out a little headcanon-y in my opinion.

And as for the damaged art, well, it's actually pretty good. I do like the small touch of Helena's drone, and I do believe the pose is a reference to eureka seven, however this anime is still on my "to watch" list, so I cannot confirm exactly what scene it's referencing. Good taste tho.



KSVK cute. She looks older in the damaged art. This is what war does to a mf girl

Okay I think that’s all for this one, no. We’re still missing someone… Matt, where’s your comment?


Still pleading the fifth?


K11 - Lil’ Scientist

k11 loli skin cover

Now you can call Adam a big dummy dum because he forgot to create the channel for this skin. Very unprofessional of you Adam. Finally, after a week (and after kawa reminded him) the channel was created and we could all shill.

KEKW How come we missed this skin? (maybe because it sucks)
I don’t particularly care for this skin. K11’s great but loli skins suck.
Hey. Look at K11's innocent smile. That’s nice.

Normal art: I am mad scientist, it's so fun~

Damage art: sonuvabich

I think this skin is cute, not sexualized which is nice. The consistency of being a mad scientist from childhood is especially cute. Also nice knowing she wore glasses when she was younger, unlike G36 she wears contacts now.

Mad scientist is mad since smol, pog.

I've always been a fan of the art by maxpower/ladic/TEAM EXPNDR/VDZR and XRM (gonna refer to them as ladic for simplicity's sake). Not necessarily due to the artstlye but due to the attention to detail. You may not see it in full on the low res pngs we are given but in true ladic fashion all of the equipment on this art should be almost 100% accurate to it's real life counterpart. And I just think that's really cool.

I don't wanna go into detail as to not make this 10 pages long (and also because I'm lazy lole) so I will just end with a recommendation to look more into this art. It's really complex and has time and care put into it. Maybe you could even find all the references to real life products?

Is that a fuckin' steins: gate reference I'm seeing? But yeah, smol K11 designed smol 416 cat grenade, change my mind. Overall not worth the gems I'd say, but brings more flavour to the mad scientist feel K11 has. I've seen worse skins.
While the aesthetic of the skin is solid, not gonna lie feels extremely visually busy to me. Also I'll accept that she created the cat-nade.
Matt pleads the fifth here as well.

OTs-44 - Super Piggy

ots-44 loli skin cover

Fucking garbage piece of shit trash doll, know your fucking place


I like the doll but this skin sucks.

Bad doll bad skin lolicons get baited.

Doll looks okay, skin is very meh. Not sure I would even use it. It's not bad by any means, but I don't even have the doll.
It's too plain

After the angry mob dispersed, kawa (stealth 100) quickly jumped in and left the only nice comment.

I really really want to like this skin. Seriously. I mostly enjoy Rosele's art and I heavily relate to them as an artist dealing with depression/melancholia. I think people have been too hard on Oats here. To most people she's just 1 free core but to me she's the sweetest and most joyful girl ever. She's overlooked because of her rarity (like most 3* dolls) but she has a lovely personality.

Now, to the actual skin. First of all, I really like her clothing, it reminds me a little of traditional jewish clothing, which is fair considering Rosele's background as half-jewish. But it also works as a school uniform, fitting the theme of this costume batch. When it comes to the damaged art I really love the cute band aids and Oats' expression.

Overall the skin has a lot of very nice elements but it still doesn't click with me for some reason. As I said, I really want to like this skin, but there is something about it that makes the overall art not better than the default. It's still a really nice skin by all means, and I'm happy an often overlooked T-Doll got a cute skin.

 Then kawa banned all the meanies and she lived happily ever after with OTs-44.

Doc, what's Matt up to?
He still pleads the fifth.
That is correct, officer.
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