Costume Shilling #8: Cheek-y JS 9


JS 9 boobs

JS 9 minishorts


kac pdw summer cover

I’ll sum up my will to comment on this skin with a gif:

Jojo Bizarre Adventure IRefuse GIF - JojoBizarreAdventure IRefuse Rohan GIFs

HOLY SHIT THIS SKIN IS NOT SAFE AT ALL. So please, before you guys burn me, let me say this: this skin is hot, but, if only the wearer doesn't look like a [REDACTED] CHILDREN.
This is why you don't leave children in charge of copious amounts of refreshments.
This is how you get a visit from the FBI.
Uhhh…I can't open this in public can I?
Not really, no.
Of course you can, I'll visit you in jail.

Sigh... Well, she's not a child first of all, I'm not into her but… If her skin is not transparent, I'd like this tbh. Look at her limbs, nicely drawn legs, some good expressions, I have all praises for the artist. PA-15's if I'm not mistaken? Though everything else is wrong tho.

I really don't have much to say about this one besides a formal disclaimer that I do not like it to avoid the FBI getting on my case. Design isn't my thing either for what that's worth.

Honestly, describes this skin better than anything else. I really don't know how they got ... Well, THAT through censorship. Seriously though, as much as you may like KAC-PDW, if you feel like you want or need this skin, get some psychological help on the side.
SPP-1 has a buddy.
Oh boi of all the skins to start the shilling with, we go with this one huh. Let's get this sorted and done real quickly: I don't like this doll, I hate this skin. Amazed it doesn't have a censored version, I really wish it did. I bet it'd be infinitely better. You couldn't pay me to buy this bundle.
Let's be fair, KAC-PDW is cute in her base skin. She's got a weird jacket with lots of holes in the sleeves (air cooling, I guess) and the cheeky, childish attitude to match. Yeah, that was fine. This isn't. Even when I was a kid watching Leeloo in The Fifth Element running and jumping in nothing but strategic white bandages, I felt rather uncomfortable thinking "How the hell are those thermal bandages?" I get the same vibes here. KAC has no business wearing this little and flaunting this much. Tororo's design elements are great, the Evangelion-esue explosions are cool, but the damaged art leaves nothing to the symbolic imagination. You couldn't pay me any sum of money or morals to pat KAC with a ten-foot pole controlled remotely by an Aegis. Dest out.
For legal reasons, I again assert my right to remain silent.
Matt's invoking the Fifth :^)

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

This skin needs more censoring than the whole Japanese pornography industry.

SL8 - Imoko Shork!

SL8 summer cover

I’ll open it by saying what’s on everyone’s mind? I wanna be that shark.

This is known.
Man SL8 is soooo curvy.
SHARK MOMMY HAS SWIMSUIT. 10/10 would headpat again.
I wouldn't [REDACTED] a shark. BUT...
Imagine trying to get a [REDACTED] from a shark. So much risk of losing your friend.
Given that as memory goes the equivalent of a 'tongue' in a sharp is rather sandpapery, that'd be rather interesting.
Everyone wants to [REDACTED] mommies or lewd them. But what if they need a shoulder to cry on too. That’s where I come in I’m the fother

First time I see Imoko drawing big bewbs, and shapely ass. This is a good skin. The coloring highlights the clothing material well, and her skin tone also looks pretty. This skin looks perfect for scuba diving (scuba is shallow diving right?) Presumably best of the batch I believe.

Boobs or dogs.

Imoko Shork strikes, complete with Horny Shark, and random doggo. Overall tis a good skin, got plenty of style going for it, although I'm going to question why that top is zippable when it self evidently is not going to zip over her bust. I'm going to assume her gun is in the big case, but no real confirmation so shall go with confusion. Having her in diving gear and a shork is both evident and a good touch, so solid. Also why does the back of her jacket have a triforce on it? Have to commend on Imoko for having the range she does art wise, as all three of her Dolls feel distinct from each other, (even if she forgets one of them).
I forgot she drew QBU-88 and rico like everyone knows she's G36's mom, and everyone knows that SL8 is like her other daughter but then QBU-88 goes "who is this lost cute child" I even remember seeing the notes where QBU-88's hair style is supposed to resemble the kanji for "8" but anyways back to shark week I'm surprised I didn't see any gura memes yet. If anything I would've expected Doc to say something, but he was too busy thirsting over (married?) women.
Oh wait she drew Rico right.

SHAAAAAARK but not Sharkitect, sad. Regardless, she looks cute, and offers a great alternative to her base skin. Even if her diving suit is more of a biker's outfit, I appreciate the "modesty" when compared to some other summer skins. It has the sexy, it has the shark, and it has the triforce on her back. Not a bad skin at all.

This didn’t age well.

Seriously tho, why the triforce? What am I missing here? What's the obscure reference, I never played Zelda. Sorry, I can't unsee.

I really don't know what's supposed to be referenced by it, and I have played Zelda, so I'm guessing Just Imoko things?

Maybe Imoko found out about Zelda while browsing for ideas. Considering BOTW is quite booming.

Maybe it wasn't supposed to be a triforce but just some kind of accent?
I mean it's clearly a triforce but we'll never know the intention inb4 "Fans: write a detailed essay detailing how Shark8 is relatable to the struggles of Link in the face of post-dungeon nihilism and embodies each of the triforce qualities."
Imoko: Lol I just felt like drawing a triforce because it looks cool."

She cleared the water temple level True, that's the most likely option. I like the water temple idea. That's from Zelda right?
Ok, blessings be to Imoko for saving the bundle line-up of this summer batch. I like this skin, it's pretty cool. SL8 is a cool doll and she's rocking that outfit. I think this skin strikes a good balance between practicality and lewdness. It's a good suit that looks like it'd work well for diving and such when done up properly, combined with having the cleavage straight on display to suppy some TnA. Overall, this is my favourite SL8 skin and I'll be picking up this bundle. We'll go diving, then surfing, then play one of the Zelda games that supports co-op together. It'll be a swell time.
As much as bikinis and competition swimsuits are hot, I have a soft spot for, well, swimsuits that make sense. And now SL8's outfit is one of them. It's fitting, it makes a cute doll sexy, and I sure as hell can't stop looking at her cleavage. Idk what it's doing to me. Send help. I'm supposed to save my gems for Wedding Groza, but this is seriously tempting me.
Imoko is horny. And so are all of us.

JS 9 - That's Some Censorship Folks!

JS 9 summer cover

What an amazing light.

Indeed. It gave her mechanical legs.
Yikes. Is cute tho.
Creative censorship at work.
I find it appealing seeing her robotic arms, and legs, on damaged art. Gives her a badass air, which I love to see. Robotic arms apart, this swimsuit makes her look much younger than her voice and usual looks makes her. Springfield seemed to start this trend, though with JS 9 I feel she lost a bit of her mature vibes. Skin wise I thought 5-7 was the owner of the best tummy in swimsuit, but JS 9 is a dangerous competitor at that. Swimsuit bra + smol smol shorts is always a nice combo, a sort of tease that "swimsuit panties are for your eyes only" on a deserted beach time for lovers. Top is much more risque than I expected JS 9 to wear, but then again, maybe she is the type to go daring on the beach episode to catch the attention of her Commander Damaged art has, amusingly, the infamous tactical light censorship hiding her chest as she loses her top. Somehow the light also gave her mechanical legs (or maybe they were shot so much the skin fell off? Not gonna lie, seeing those mechanical legs with her small swimsuit panties looks way hotter than if she had her normal legs (or skinned legs?) Anyway, a solid skin, and I can totally see why Red would choose to go for her over her kimono skin. 10/10 want that skin. The doggo shooting the minigun on her damaged animation is a big cool plus, totes dig it
This skin is soooo sexy, JS 9 is very curvy, and you know the artist worked that well. And do I love the hair tips coloring, greenish tip. Unbuttoned hot pants, smooth legs, I think this is the best JS 9 skin she has.
Unbuttoned hot pants are really something.
I can't help but think of this skin as a subtle nod to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, because of the mecha doggo and how JS9 is half-mecha in outside appearance, much like the protagonist of the game.

Nanomachines, son! The soundtrack for the game is fucking insane.

I haven't played it, but given the thematic of "cybernetics" it does seem a node to that.





Why critique art when it is hot during summer those shorts are wew.
They really are just excellent.
I like short shorts, they look comfy and nice to wear, if you are JS 9.
TL:DR: This JS 9 costume has a perfectly adorable/sexy/somewhat naïve vibe to her undamaged art, she looks like she'll ask the commander if she looks good like this, while at the same time the unbuttoned shorts give her a very outdoorsy and sexy feel. It's like she's just coming back to base after a nice day at the beach with the commander. At the same time, the damaged art is like a collection of memes, sexy, badassery, and imo Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance subtle nods, which makes a stark contrast. Extremely appealing and a skin I could see myself using for a long time. Also appreciate that they don't hide her so characteristic mecha arms, the contrast of them with the smooth skin and her soft curves really works so well. Overall an amazing skin for a great doll, 10/10.

Eyyyy, the skin that made me ignore JS 9's package earlier this year. JS 9 is a super cool doll and this skin is great. Having her robotic arts fully on display and her accompanying robot dog thing is badass as heck. Especially the way that good boi joins in during the damaged art. Like the SL8 skin, I think this one strikes a great balance between being cool and sexy. Of course you got the bikini to show herself off, not to mention her literally seeming to deflect the shot with her boob in the damaged art. Overall just a great skin, one I'm excited to roll for. Good going.

Had to exchange for her.

She puts on the shades wewww, can we have :js9_cool:?
JS 9's looking fine af here. The beams of light hiding her nips in her damaged art is just plain ridiculous though. Points to her artist for the unbuttoned shorts, and the animations of her putting her sunglasses on.
The beams makes sense when you see her animated version It's actually a laser her boob magically dodged
While I normally at least tokenly wield the anti-horny bat on skins, this one gets a 'pass', because I really do like it… although not sure if I like it enough to donate my tokens to the gacha gods, so might B-card it. Probably will B-card it. which makes Summer the most B-card expensive Skin type for me. Even the tactical laser censorship doesn't really turn me off, because it's just the right level of absurdity that I'll accept. I do once again question JS 9's bust size as it remains up in the air. Actually committing to JS 9 having mechanical arms is cool as heck, and I do very much approve this choice, and leaning further in with damaged art is just fine in my book. Robo Dog is as random as an actual dog in SL8, as is the inflatable orca, which Robo-dog appears to be carrying? I'm now sad that JS 9 doesn't keep a robo-dog as a combat pet for all time. Speq Idea MICA??? Am weak for short shorts, which helps. Hell this entire skin just hits all the right beats in a sense I'm not good at putting words too, so 11/10 great skin will be worth the B-cards whenever I actually use JS 9.


PP-19 - Icy Butt

PP 19 summer cover

She makes my pp the 19' pp.

I remember when ppl trolled and put 94's face on that skin. Tactical leotard, now in swimsuit version. Gotta love how the artist kept the leotard theme.

AN-94 goes to the beach

No way SHE'S HOT! you just gotta agree and admire how sexy this skin is.
Incredibly sexy I love it.
Not a fan. Don’t like it.

So, detailed chill while I am under the influence of Taurine, Caffeine and Alcoholine. My story with PP-19 started in a weird place? Where? Fucking Killzone. Yes yes I know Killzone guns aren't IRL guns, since they were designed to feel a bit dystopic. However, they are all based on IRL guns. ISA's M82 AR is based on L82,

Helghast's STA-52 AR is based on the FAMAS (must be why I like FAMAS, and to an extent, Sheele),

and the STA-11 SMG on the PP-19. Tell me this doesn't look like PP-19,

Nice gun, loved how it's magazine was underbarell, and, well, a cylinder. Also curse you Crally, I’m ranting.
Back to shilling. I loved this gun, STA-11, the AR, STA-52, and I loved Killzone weapons as a whole (and the whole fascist thematics, but that's not for a shilling about summer skins). Fast forward, I discovered the design was based on the PP-19, and that PP-19 also had a cylindrical magazine. 10/10 loved the weapon. Much to my happiness, she was featured in BF3, so I was immediately sold when I discovered she was on GFL. As soon as the summer event hit last year, I farmed PP-19, happy that I had a decent SMG offtank to use, and a pretty one at that. Even more amusingly she came back as a farmable often enough that I x5ed her for free. Then we were hit with HP scaling and she barely saw any actions. So since today I have data to spare, fairies to spare, I'll roll for this skin and finally use her. The whole tactical leotard concept was a very nice concept to me, and she's also a russian silver-haired with blue eyes, a trend I love. Her swimsuit shows that she's petite, yet also curvy. Nicely sized chest, a good sideboob view, and sweet sweet legs. Her sort of deadpan look is a plus to me, and her artist somehow made her, who has short hair, have a very nice ponytail. Damaged art shows how great a swimsuit one piece can be, and how great her legs look when in lap pillow mode. Her cheeky smile in it looks oddly inviting, as if she's saying "I know you want a lap pillow, come on now, don't be shy". Definitely one of the best summer skins in this pack, and as a whole.

THIS SKIN IS SO MOUTHWATERING GODDAMMIt She's not in any category plump. But she's really ideal-sized. Like how you want a cute GF to be sad. I can't see the detail on her back. But damn this skin is so bold. Only the front piece covering her, I believe she went open back. How am I supposed to shill a "skin" if skin is all she's showing? Oh btw I like the hair tie accessory on her wrist Call me strange but it seems like, it would be really nice to grab her waist and rub slowly, as you admire her curves.

Ok I'm horny

How do I put this? I've never been big on Bizon, and this skin is mostly "making a doll whose looks I don't like look slightly less shitty". I appreciate the design of the swimsuit, the art is good, but I don't see myself rolling for it, or using it. Not a bad addition to the gacha pool, but overall mediocre.
Come on. It's never been shitty. Granted she falls behind other Russians like 12 and 16 and 94, but she is still pretty.
Not my thing, never really liked her, or felt remotely interested in her.
We know your thing is for Germans.

Adam her normal skin is nothing special, but again, PP-19 swimsuit is something else entirely.

Russians are my thing tho.

Just because Groza is Russian.

PP-19 is in such an odd place with skins, which seem to have two options. Her mod/loli skin theming that I don't know the name for and shall not embarrass myself trying to remember, and her regular one and this one that lean on the leotard much more. Although this is less leotard and more an excuse for sideboob and legs. Overall, tis a solid skin, walks the line of horny well. I'm going to question how she is not, literally, freezing her ass off sitting on a black of ice with not a whole lot between her and the ice. I guess Russian powers? Either way, please don't sit on a solid block of ice with a naked butt.
This is just Russian things Soul. I've seen videos of Russian men lying in baths of ice cold water and jumping into frozen lakes and shit in just shorts. I'm sure PP-19's ass can handle the cold. Anyway, as much as I like this skin, I don't know what you can really say about it. It's pretty much just a green revealing "leotard" and that's your lot. If you can even call that basically sheet over her front a leotard. Still nice, reveals a lot of body, definitely lewder than I'd expected for her. The ponytail is also cute. I rate cute hair. We are go for pog.

Dupe PP-19. I knew she loved me, despite the deadpan face.

This costume is... Well, it's definitely interesting. I've never pegged PP-19 for a lewd one and yet here she's doing her damned best to be the most alluring doll on the beach.

FN-49 - A Big Cute

FN49 summer cover

49 is bolder than I thought. Reminds me of the trope "shy girl that ends up with a very revealing swimsuit on beach episode".

Destination I can hear certain someone's fic running in my head you know what I'll spend my tokens here
Ehehe How about you and I go help FN-49 win her bet.
Oh no, FN-49 is gonna be deflowered tonight.
As if she hasn't already.

all i have to say is: inhale


Kawa, you like reading?
Not really why u askin?
Just give her the link [REDACTED]. She's gonna be horny regardless.

It'll be good time to open AO3

Hold up

Destination, Crally, actually the two in that fic are me and another me, and my wife my... porn fic idk?

I did not know this.
Definite an improvement over base art. 7/10.
The only thing I remember about this skin is a lewd fanfic gold.
Fine tummy, fine ass, fine legs, fine chest, fine hair, fine face, fine everything. This skin is what'll make me mod 3 her so she's usable on my RFHG. 10/10 would have sex on the beach with her and lick her tummy endlessly. Those thighs look great to sleep with my face buried in. Also holly molly wolly that thigh gap. Tons of girls and bois would kill for that

Red is gonna be beating the horny gang off FN-49 with a baseball bat.

He can bring the bat here. I didn't expect FN-49 to go full Asuna and wear red. Don't you guys think she resembles Asuna? All that is lacking is Haruka Tomatsu's voice. Back to it At least she's bustier than Asuna. Curvier, and prettier too, look at the bangs, side bangs. Oooh Guess I'll mod 3 her now. Honestly this batch has all the ladies I'd roll had it not for UMP45. One unsaid trait: HER NAVEL OH GOD. And is that jacket on her arm? Instead of sexy and horny, she's sexy and sweet, like, very wholesomely sexy. That little wrapping on her thighs are also a great detail.

FN-49 wears red already what do you mean?

This skin reveals all the assets that her base and mod skin seem to hide. Basically, it's like the Starry Cocoon for FN-49, and it looks great on her. From the pose, to the red and white themes, her what seems to be jacket or summer dress sleeves still on, a hat and parasol to protect from the sun, and an expression that shows her bashful side, she's ready for the beach and for some quality time with you. Love when some dolls that are still usable (this case, with mod) get some better art or some great skins to breathe new life into them, and this skin is a great catch if you can get it in this gacha.
You mean ASSets Right?
FN-49 SKIN! FN-49 SKIN! FN-49 SKIN! Ok so. FN-49 is one of my 2 star faves aight. I'm glad she got a good mod that made her a good general RF option, did that shit on the day it came out, up to 115 maxed out oathed and all. Super good, super cute, what's not to love. Well, then they only went and made her even better with this skin. Such a cute and alluring red bikini, what a sweet hat, what an all of FN-49. It looks like you and her have gone for a pleasant date at the beach and even I, one who isn't big on going to the beach, could not resist that prospect at all. 10 outta 10 skin, my personal favourite of the batch. Can't wait to pick it up.
I don't have a lot to say, beyond this is a very cute and solid skin. Leans more on the innocent sexy than some of the other skins in this list, which is fine by me. Not if I go for JS 9 on gacha, I'll get this, but not sure if I'll pull just for it, as I like her mod skin. Overall, good hat, good skin, I like the additional background flair this one adds. Another strong skin.

I was able to get the other three I wanted in 9 multis, so I was able to just do one last single and exchange for FN-49.

Poggies I got her on my 15th roll.

That skin is a blessing.
Big blessing.
I love it too much
Yes I am horny. After a relaxing day at the beach together, we'll snuggle on the beach when we're all alone hidden under the parasol and [REDACTED] like crazy.
Red just took the words outta my mouth. This baited a lot of people when it first got hinted, didn't it? Blond hair, big breasts - do you have any idea how little this narrows it down? Well it's nice to see Asuna FN-49 get some love. The classic pattern on top of a skimpy, attractive bikini is just surprisingly what she needs. What a shame I couldn't get it...
Damn, you're right. she really resembles asuna doesnt she? Time to NTR Kirito kun
Right there with you.
NTR gang rise up

AK-5: Abigail Visits GFL

AK 5 summer cover

Lowkey a 10/10 skin.

That's a beautiful skin indeed, it gives me Abigail vibes too.


Wait, that doll exists?
She does, she's cute enough, looks a bit young, I recall someone violently hating her for having a green gun.
She does and I'm trying to get her currently She is what Abigail should have been for summer in FGO. Very solid summer skin, perfect cross between innocent looking and beautiful. 10/10 would waifu her if she didn't look dangerously young. Long hat gives her a bit of ojousama vibe, which makes her overall feeling look even more ethereal.
And now, a little more conservative skin: This skin tries to be safe, but ends up being sexy anyway. Look at the damaged art showing skin. Btw I like damaged more than normal because of the hair tying part. I'm weak to that, not cause armpit, but they just look elegant doing them.
She looks 15. Dw. In brazil you can date her.

Oh. That explains the <Redacted> situation.

I see Adam already beat me to the Abigail comparisons. It's definitely notable, except thankfully Ak 5 looks legal. Ak 5 got done dirty though man. She's an alright AR, your basic FP focused generalist, but she's so much more awkward to get while not even being that much better than FNC. If I get this skin during my pulling, though, I'll give her a raise. It's a cute summer getup, I like the frilly bikini top and the cool hat. Also she has a cute butt in damaged art. Good skin, plz give Ak 5 a mod Mica.

Poor AK5, beaten down by her limited availability, and by the way the AR meta shifted by her arrival. She's cute, Skin is cute, hate is good, all in all yet another good skin in this batch. Would not be salty about pulling it should I sell my soul. I was going to put a goof about being salty about pulling Abigail in FGO here but I don't have a good goof, so just know I had the thought.

I'm hoping I'll get her before the gacha drops.

Spoilers: he did not

It's a solid swimsuit. can't get much more vanilla than that, and can't say that's a bad thing. What I find questionable is, what the heck is she sitting on? Is that a table? it doesn't look like one, the top is curved. but regardless, solid execution of a swimsuit for an underappreciated doll. AK5 fans rejoice.
Makeshift bench

First multi lol.

Top Cute

Gonna raise Ak 5 then.

Top cute.

ZB-26 - Hornt Bottle

zb26 summer cover
Jerk26 strikes

Zoom on these Booba x26
Man I love ZB Rie Tanaka-san's voice as well OOOOOH
I cant hear her because I dont have her Only MG I'm missing.

Youtube exists my friend.




Did you ever play Neptunia or Genshin Adam?
Bro I play FGO. Kiara FTW

Kiara's voice doesn't resemble this ZB, it's much closer to Purple Heart.

Drunk ZB, I NEED.

Kawa are you okay?!

Kawa is hornt.
I'm oddly okay with this.
This is something that belongs in Azur Lane I swear. Also what is that face?! Wtf, it’s so unnatural.
I think it's because it's Live2D. A lot of Live2D has this issue.

No. The face is stupidly freaky, even compared to most L2D

I kinda disagree, not that this is the best, but I don't think it's that bad.

No, I don’t like it. It's a horny skin that belongs better in AL imo, and the L2D stutters super hard to me.

Even when compared to Groza L2D, which is one of the older ones. And even some of the first L2D/animations They’re better than this.

Lemme see... That Groza is top tier Even till today. You might want to compare it to Infukun's 45.
It’s still better than ZB. This is horny bait and not even good horny bait. A shame, considering ZB26 was a decent doll in my eyes. But then again, I’m a diehard Groza Husband. So I hold my standards up to her levels the Richelieu skin from AL was fucking amazing.
I'll leave a comment here that I used to draw a ZB-26 as voodoo to craft her. Did she come? I had to TCM her. Maybe I should add that comparing Ask's Live2d is quite unfair.
Nothing is unfair, if it comes to my wife. Wife supremacy. In the words of Betty White, “Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?”
Back on the theme, Live2D shenanigans aside I never expected to see Purple Heart wearing a one piece bikini.

Crally is a full blown hornt, totally agree with Doc.

I honestly couldn't believe they had the live2d animation for this 2nd, Rie Tanaka is a very fitting VA but this is skin shilling, not VA shilling. Rie Tanaka is also single btw for anyone who is interested in an unrelated tangent.

For anyone who is interested.

I'm very interested.


Matt broke at the prospect of marrying Rie Tanaka

Oh boi. Oh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this skin. Wew this one's a doozy. Unless I'm forgetting one, this is by far the lewdest skin they've put out. Ironically not in raw design though, the competitive style swimsuit is more modest than I thought it'd be for a summer's L2D offering. I like it overall, it's a nice design. Then you get to the uhh.... interesting L2D animations. I normally don't talk about these much, but I have to for this one. I mean, she literally jerks off a wine bottle to make it spray everywhere. Like damn, there's being suggestive, then there's whatever the hell ZB-26 is trying to pull off. I'm not going to pull specifically for this L2D, but if I happen to get it while pulling then I'd be fine and happy. Would be a nice excuse to level ZB-26 finally. Good skin, very OTT animations.
If this isn't the lewdest skin, it's up there for sure. Not really my thing I guess, although that somewhat follows from being fairly mum on ZB in general, it's not a bad skin per se, although I have questions about her catching a fish in her mouth in that damaged art, lol. Also that horny octopus really wants some ass. Overall tis a good enough skin.
"fairly mum on ZB in general"? My British brain is confused by this statement, please elaborate.
i think "mum" can mean like "mute"
muted, or meh, yeah.
TL;DR Soul too horny to english.
Nah, it's an actual saying.
I should probably say something about this costume. like "holy shit that's horny".
Guess she took the words out of your mouth along with something else.
But as much as the concept is interesting, the execution is about as subtle as the ice cream scene in TLR. The art is good, the swimsuit isn't bad but there's SO. DAMN. MUCH. HORNY. that it goes all the way around and becomes a very "meh" costume for me to appreciate the octopus, probably the best part of it. I, for one, welcome our new tako overlords.
Boobs. The end.
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