Costume Shilling #9: It's a Matter of Trust


Hello and-

Saiga-12 - Visitor of Bountiful Blossoms


And we open Saiga-12 and this shilling with a redact. Why am I not surprised?

Of course, we do.

Sasuga Red kun.
It's me making the opening statement on a Saiga skin. What did you expect? That damaged skin is made to [REDACTED] though. let's be real. Look at her stance and how she's presenting her cleavage.


Notice how unloaded she is. Red’s gonna [REDACTED] very quickly...

I'll load her up with {Redacted} from my {Redacted, Redacted, Redacted Redacted} while she {redacted redacted redacted redacted}.
Damnit Matty, leave the redacting to me! Unleash your imagination.

If I redacted it for you all, then you all have to imagine my intention!


Right, as the resident Saiga simp, I think it's my moral obligation to make the best shilling possible for this skin. And I'll do just that... Not right now though. I need to think, I need to prepare, I need to meditate. Form all the right works instead of rushing in.
If you take too long she'll say no thanks and leave.
She'll wait for me, there's no-one else she'd prefer [REDACTED] by.
Not a fan of Saiga, not particularly caring. 5/10 skin though, it’s ok. I don’t particularly care for the damaged skin. Very detailed, but it looks a bit… sloppy, which is ironic, given her personality.
Okay, time to shill seriously. It's a pretty skin, but I can't help but feel she fell victim to the "light dress on dark skin" trope. If her anni skin was the only one like that, I'd have given it a pass. But a white yukata clearly shows her artist is a victim of this trope. It's a pretty yukata, the red-white gradient blends well, and matches Saiga in a lovely way. Damaged art shows us why Red loves her so much. Still one of my favourite shotguns, inside and outside of GFL.
Open top yukata, quite a rarity. That aside, I don’t know... yukatas are quite simple, but a white dress on choco skin? Nice pick, but this skin seems to not having that much effect on me. It doesn’t quite strike as charming.

So, Saiga. Always the token big-boobed gyaru with salacious personalitits. It's certainly a boobylicious skin, but I'm sorta feeling fatigued; all the new additions to GFL are 'big breasted girl with a gun' in some variant or another. This isn't a captivating design like Carcano M1891, nor is it a culturally founded design like 100 Shiki's. The sakura blossoms are a nice touch - and Saiga knows what else I'd touch - but as far as sexy skins go, there's only so much work done here to differentiate Saiga from the rest of the girls. Nice, but not that nice.

I don’t know why I read big-boobed as big-toed. Cursed. Anyway, cool skin, nothing outstanding about it really, hmm... I like the skin shading, good quality 5/10

A few moments later

Red you really hoarded Saiga, she's the only skin I didn't get.

Implying I hoarded her:

Red saves like a smart man

I'm not willing to spend any further, I'll just turn the 200 exchange tickets into 2 BCs then buy the Saiga skin when it's exchangeable.


Also, I'm gonna shill Saiga a bit here. I'm normally not a fan of kimono costumes. I find them incredibly boring usually, and they almost never suit my sense of style. However, Saiga's kimono is exceptional. The color coordination, the design itself, and even Saiga's hairstyle all work so well together they turn a Doll I'm normally not very interested in into something that makes me bang on the table with a desire to have in my collection.

This is what happens when you properly shill:

Mars lucksaccs

I respect ya Mars for being the one other person with sense here that thinks this skin is incredible. But also God damn you.
Once more I've been preempted by the others in terms of Saiga thoughts. It's a good skin, and the release order is bananas. If I had to comment something it'd be that the bow being in yellow (that is yellow right?) stands out a bit as an oddity, but that's so far down the nitpick tree. I'm partial to Anni Saiga more than this one, but I will 100% give this skin (normal art that is) a much, ah, softer personality impression for Saiga than average. if that makes sense. Less serious. Words. They are hard.
Naw dwag bow is green. Her expression do look softer than the standard "I will forcefully clean your existence" expression.
Color vision for the lose.
Naw I'm just pulling your leg. Bow is a sort of yellow, gold.

I will never trust Adam again.

Proceeds to trust Adam with Mk 153 analysis

Alright alright, I think it's time. Probably surprisingly for some, but I don't think I'm going to be talking about this skin as much as I did for the anniversary one. Mainly because, for this one here, I'm not gonna be reciting my Saiga skin story. Still, I find it both amusing and sad that the Racing Saiga skin was her first skin and now will be literally her last skin to come to the English server.

Anyway, this skin.
 LOVE IT. Absolutely, positively love it. Saiga looks drop dead GORGEOUS here. From the beautiful white and red kimono to her cute as heck smile and killer hairstyle. I don't get what this fucking "light dress on dark skin" trope Adam keeps mentioning is about or how it's bad. I look at this dress and don't see some trope, I see an absolutely stunning doll with an incredible outfit to boot. The L2D animations are fairly standard stuff, nothing too out of the ordinary but not too extraordinary. I know some of the animations have her blushing though, and those ARE SO CUTE AAAAAAAAAA.

Standby while Red recomposes himself

Ahem. Seeing her flustered like that is just adorable. And of course I need to mention the damaged art don't I? It seems they thought the normal art was too modest so shoved all the sex appeal into the damaged haha. But yeah, it's super lewd and highly sexy. I also kinda like it being this way, with all the lewdness put into the damaged version.

Anyway, to wrap this up, this skin is perfect and is Saiga's best offering in my opinion. Once this enters the black card shop, it is an instant purchase no doubt about it. I patiently await that day, what a day it will be.

UMP45 - Lonely Traveler of Eternity

Shrug It's 45

It’s Tamamo45*. Best 45 skin yet btw.

See? They're the same: beautiful, mischievous, have a dark past.

Tamamo for those who don't know fate

Art by:

For those unfamiliar with Fate, this is Tamamo-no-Mae, your Evil shrine maiden fox heroine.

Catgirl 45. Yes, best for 45. But lacking.
Why is Matt sounding so cryptic?


This skin has such feels Her default feels she's grief-stricken from not being able to wear a kimono with 40. Don’t ya think so, Haku?

That's why she's at a shrine. But... yeah, it's the most aesthetic 45 skin.
To honour the dead?
I guess.

TAMAMO45, once you see you can't unsee.
I fell in love with this skin, because I feel it showcases the trajectory 45 has had ever since Operation Butterfly. She's the only one in this batch that is not wearing a colourful yukata. Instead, her yukata has a somber, grey tone prevalent, with bits of muted red in it. The surrounding adds up the feeling that she went to a shrine to pay respect, most likely to 40. The damaged art is one of the best I've seen in the game. The blue flame adds an ethereal feeling to 45, as if she carried the burden of the world on her shoulders. She has a deity vibe that's enhanced by the foxtails, and by her flowing hair, which looks stunningly gorgeous and mesmerizing. I could stay hours on end watching 45 lay like that, watching over the rain, as if her gaze is protecting the world. Her bare shoulder adds up some intimacy to this skin, as if she's looking vulnerable because she is near her loved one, which is who she's gazing at. I feel there might be some lore aspect or nuance with Japanese folklore in her default, but, alas, I am ignorant of it. This is the peak of this banner to me. Not ACR, not Calico, but UMP45. Hakucchi, come cry with me.



45 cat, automatic 8/10. …f[BEEP] you, she’s cute and I want it. Not fanservicey, but properly worn, and it’s very fitting for her.


              A few moments later

Sigh the best for last don't we all? Again she wears a scarf SO THIS HAS TO BE RELEASED ON WINTER RIGHT? NO, MICA DECIDES IT HAS TO BE AFTER SUMMER.


Where should I start? Even though I'm angry, I have to say: this is THE VERY SKIN I waited for SOOO SOO LONG but I won't be able to roll it because no tokens. Anyway, why is this good? Just look at it, the shading coloring on the skin, the look on her face is spot on. You just cannot see her as an abandoned child, one Infukun left her quite early. That smile is very UMP45: pretty, but hiding a very big thing beneath it.
Then her damaged art, her ears showing. Oh... it's so pretty, it seems like the fire lit on her dress is also a spiritual fire... I don't know the legend behind it, but she looks really pissed off. I'll really be angry if I fail to pull this skin normally appears in January, not after f[BEEP] summer.

Beautiful skin, beautiful detail, and an even more solemn beauty behind the costume. Unseasonability of this aside, I would've really liked to have 45 in a kimono too, if I hadn't just pissed my tokens away on dresses and swimsuits.
Smh too horny to get wholesome45.
Hecc, I have 0 tokens because I think I wasted it all on some random stuff.
I'm ~200 tokens short of getting her on tixs at the moment. Should be able to get by banner end.
I'm not a superfan of 45, but I am a superfan of fox girls, especially the nine-tailed kind so whenever a character gets a costume like this I go ape caveman mode.

Based Mars. I take you are also a fan of Tamamo? 
I must ask though, what made you a fan of the nine-tail fox? 

Tamamo? Of course I'm a fan of her. Can't talk about fox characters without mentioning Tamamo. As for why I'm a fan of the nine-tailed fox? Easy: Fluffy tails are nice, 9 of them are even better. As AK players would call it, I am in the "fat tail" camp and I consider a big fluffy tail as "fat tail".

This refers to the Crocodile people, not tails in general.

Also, bit of trivia: Legend behind Tamamo roughly was that she was pretty much the definition of a vixen. And not in the sexy way.
She was a bitch.

Laughs in Tamamo Vitch.

Naruto Tbh, I think... The legend of Nine Tailed fox is just amazing. Doesn't help that lots of doujins make them really good as well.
What's the legend?

Idk, Japanese folklore. But meeting one might be bringing you luck. Touching one of its tails will bring you 1000 year curse.



Guess I not only touched it, I fluffed it senseless.

Adam's cursed.

In East Asian folklore, foxes are depicted as a spirit possessed of magic powers. These foxes are depicted as mischievous, usually tricking other people, with the ability to disguise themselves as a beautiful woman.

- Wikipedia

Did UMP45 appear in front of you with big boob? She's tricking you!

She appeared before me looking beautiful, bewitching, enthralling. I want to accompany her to a shrine and be an offering to her.

So, Adam, rate this skin out of 10.
Fell in love with/10
Superior nippon culture > Horny
I don't really think the Japanese kimono style really fits 45... but whatever it is, it has a really good vibe and neat details. 7/10

Ok, after Saiga and ACR, the rest of my reviews are gonna be a bit more on the compact shorter side. Anyway, UMP45, it's pretty great innit. Of course everyone mentions the ears in her damaged, which I think are great though I wish they were in her standard art though. Still, the back dress featuring silhouettes of... herself on it is very beautiful and looks very cozy too, I gotta say. A solid skin for a solid doll that's stood the test of time.

Please stand by, Red unloaded all his shilling energy on Saiga.

Best 45 skin, I will die upon this hill. Sorry Mod skin, you're getting demoted until I mod a second 45 to use it. Also RIP my tokens and gems, I had to buy it with E-tix. Thematically 45 as a fox 100% fits, for, as Crally quoted, foxes are usually depicted as tricksters, deceivers and able to mess with your head in all the ways that UMP 45 likes to do. Also I find the inclusion of her kimono burning up in blue fire in the damaged art a bit of an odd nod to a slightly less common bit of folklore about fox-fire. I don't think it's a bad inclusion, I just find it quite unusual that something like that crops up (although I suppose there is this weird off the wall way to look at it where the kimono burning away is fox fire luring someone into danger, since getting lured in by 45 is kinda that, but uh...I can bullshit real good, but atm I'm not that good at bullshit.).

Ahem I digress...

I'm going to cut off a long-winded ramble about color symbolism at the pass here, and just say that 45 sticking with her dark color scheme is entirely fitting for this situation and now I really want a matching 40 fox skin that tracks the same theme elements to see what mica does with it. I rarely really give Skin names the time of day, because they tend to be mostly nonsense, but 45 has this weird pattern of thematically appropriate names, and 'Lonely Traveller of Eternity' certainly is that, and matches the overall more solemn nature of this skin...and still being good at allusions. And before I just throw myself off the cliff of 'what if this means things' I'll stop. 45/10 scale not required.

Soul is a fellow E-tix sufferer as well. Noted. What's the less common bit of fox folklore? Also gib me colour symbolism, am a sucker for these 45 kimono black skin. Yes, mica please be nice and bing 40 kimono, we can bring Hakucchi to talk how "Lonely Traveller of Eternity" means things on 45/40 relationship and the duality of life and death.

45 will (always) be alone even though she is surrounded by her team. To be honest, I’m sure the moment we get full closure is when the story of GFL ends.

No Adam, bad Adam.
You really don't want color symbolism. I go down this rabbit hole I will start reflexively citing sources and going properly off the rails.

Do. It. I want a big, depressive rabbit hole here, because that's what 45's kimono call for!!!!11!111!

Fine, you can have some random tidbits. Some of the lore around kitsunes refers to them having the ability to create 'fox fire', a blue or red flame that, depending on what interpretation of kitsune is used, can be used to fight or to lure the unsuspecting traveller to suffering it is also occasional ascribed additional abilities, but the common one is being an illusory flame that can both lure and burn. While I'm not entirely sure that is what is being referenced by the burning kimono in her damaged art, it seems an inclusion a bit to deliberate to not be. 

I did feel 45 was out of sync with the rest of 404 back in PL, and that they were aware but couldn't do much besides supporting 45. So 45 lures us in with promises of a cheeky, chill team, but it's actually one full of despresso?

That is one way to look at it, yes. If one does down the fox spirit/kitsune symbolism with 45 it goes much much deeper, if you really want to. But that's also going head first into a folklore rabbit hole. Also if you want to properly overkill on the folklore, the 'standard' interpretation of the many tailed fox would suggest that 45 is ~500 in this art.

Whatcha waiting for!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!???!

It would take me a couple of weeks to do something like that anyway, as it'd involving rereading the entire GFL script, quite a bit of lore, sanity checking my weird folklore knowledge and stuff.

In the end Soul never delivered his full nerding, and Adam could never trust his boss again.

OBR - Envoy of Spring

OBR kimono cover


Totes rolling for Haachama.

Friendly reminder obr = okay buddy r-word.

OBR? I barely knew her.
OBR? I only know Haachama.
Lemme try something:
Corporate wants you to find the difference between these two images.

I dare you to use this picture and see if people notice.

Due to archive legitimacy policies, Haku’s idea was vetoed.

Heck I can barely see the difference.

Hakucchi, my Haachama devotee friend approves this edit.

I as Haachama devotee also approves.

Who’s this? Who’s Haachama? What’s happening?

4/10, not a fan. Too much red.




Jokes apart, cute yukata, I can totally see her as the heroine of some romcom slice of life. Really would go with her to the festival, maybe slip some innocent kissing when we're alone together watching the fireworks.

Have I said Haachama? I did.

Well, what should I add? This skin is good. The red color is actually pretty nice. But, there is one issue: the doll herself doesn't have much to remember, unlike, say, T-CMS which has a place in my heart. OBR does nothing to be memorable, so it makes it hard to give a proper review. Nonetheless, I still rate this skin a nice 7/10 since it's really a tidy and good skin.

It is true that the resemblance with Haachamachamachamachamachama is impressing.

Hakucchi as a fellow Haachama devotee, I couldn't skip her.

Boss approves

Haachama devotees, I call to thee. Show proof of your submission to our queen.


It's okay, I will propagate the love for Haachama just like I do for LWMMG.
Yoooooooo, I dunno who that is but I like this skin.
Yooooooooo. Become Haachama devotee.
Akai Haato > Haachamachama.
Ok buddy r*tard, 3/10
Take that back, you can’t talk to Haachama like that.
Ok buddy reta- HAACHAMA! 3/10.

I have no clue about the Haachama thing here. A nice red kimono is a nice red kimono. Especially since OBR needs the bucks to pay off her debts... Wait, how do T-Dolls get into debt?

Were they rack up a bill with interest? Education loans from downloading outdated PDFs from Bearson? Spent too much playing lash of lans?

Very odd situation for OBR. At this rate, her kimono's probably rented.

Look up Haachama, then at OBR kimono. They look like sisters.

As for the rented part, Haa- OBR did think it was rented, but the skin description says the Commander bought it for her. Such a cutie the Commander, isn't them?

Now if you could just have sex that'd be great.

OBR is a cutie that I think is better than some give her credit for. She's not great or anything of course but a still serviceable RF. Anyway idk who this Haachama you keep comparing her too is, but nevertheless I really like this skin. The red floral kimono to the cute hairstyle, the skin has a lot of good stuff packed into it. Don't have much else to do on the matter, just one of your good typical low cost skins.
While I do not know who a Haachama is, I the face fits surprisingly well. Poor OBR gameplay-wise, but this is entirely an upgrade over base art, and a bit surprisingly for a 3* skin, has the extra background bits, and random little details that I would normally go full nerd and analyze, but time hath done a runner on me. Skin was gotten, am using, maybe some day I'll pull OBR out and use her for memes.




Be enlightened.
I am unsure if I am enlightened per se, but I see a bit.
Hmm, I don't feel this wholly represents HAACHAMA.
It is but a prelude.

A few hours later:

Hakucchi was right, here’s the real thing.

I wish I was not enlightened.

Soul’s trust on Adam dwindles further.

Trust really being a theme on this episode eh?

Evo 3 - Scarelet First Bloom

Evo 3 kimono
Unfortunately this doll is one of my least favorites and the skin doesn’t do much. I’d give it a 3/10.

I find oddly curious she has 3(?) skins right now? This one, Anni, and I have a feeling she has another.

Her red hair fits well with her blue kimono I feel. The red interior is a nice touch, and matches her hair without turning her into a monotone skin. Can't say I personally care about her though


Just remembered, the third one is a children's day skin...

She gets oddly a lot of attention for a 3 star doll. Is it because she's a redhead?

Momma pokemon vibes in yukata, I guess? What can I add?
Innocent hornt vibes maybe.
Really solid skin, very cool colors and patterns, too bad she's a forgotten doll... 5/10

Uh oh MICA dun goofed up with their description:

So anyway, M37- err, I mean EVO 3 is pretty cute. Not good, but cute. This skin is cute. Don't have much to say again so I'll keep it brief. The blue kimono is really nice, I love her new glasses, that hairstyle is really nice, and holy hell look at all that cleavage. In conclusion, is good skin.

M37 got into a diet and surgery and lost her planetary milkers.
Still dunno who dis is Skin is fine, 100% an upgrade over her default one. Had a friend point out the weird lack of GFL redheads, and now it bugs me. I think one of the random MMO characters has almost the same hair color as her, thinking of it. Today in ‘my brain works well I swear’. Kimono is fine, colors don't clash with one another, or try to compete for attention. Keeping the floral print theming is good. Damaged art goes full horny mode, almost to the level of walking in on something in progress. Season to taste.
If that smth in progress included s*x with socks and sandals.

Apparently, everyone is M37 according to the Shop menu.

:desti_special_wink: Emote to be released soon™

This could've been one of my favourite skins, not gonna lie. Redheads are far and few between in GFL. The pairing of the light blue kimono with her flaming red hair is - chef's kiss - nice, and the thigh enthusiast in me is [REDACTED] endlessly thighroughly satisfied with her damaged art.

But it's EVO3, a doll that hasn't been relevant since Deep fuckin' Dive.

She's super cute, super sexy, but I wish this was for someone else like T-5000 or even just HSM-10.

Calico - The Elegance of Tea is Undefeated by Snow

Calico juicy kimono
You can’t just introduce a doll by naming some random body part.



Why do I even try?

Same boat as 45: a nice and proper yukata. It’s very nice and fits her but there’s a bit too much white. It clashes with her hair. 6/10.

Ah Calico, mother of innocence, source of desire. With DJMax running again, I'm reminded of how much of a sweet flower she is, and how pure and innocent her relationship with Thunder is. That considered, I feel this yukata illustrates her innocence well: it's prim and conservative, and the choice of white gives off an innocent vibe. She looks like your shrine maiden inviting you to spend a night with her admiring the sky, enjoying each other's company, with only the sound of cicadas in the background.

Her damaged art reminds us how heavenly her thighs are, and that this intimate moment is for our eyes only. Curiously, I feel she had a smol debuff on her chest, compared to her Mod art and Wedding art, but it's fine. Calico is perfect in every way, and this is no different. We got voice lines for her Mod a few months ago, and I can't stress how sweet she sounds, which is a tad amusing, given she voices Paimon from Genshin Impact and Kaguya from Kaguya-sama: Love is War. This is my second favourite of the batch, only lagging behind Tamamo45.

White works with everything no? White and red dress, her seaweed green hair… yeah, it works on everything. Our own Kaguya Shinomiya now embarks on yukata skin: she's wearing a scarf, of course, since this is a winter-themed skin. I have zero comments about her damaged skin, but the default? Gorgeous.

Do I have to say anything anymore?

First pull, first skin, if you like me, I'll marry you - Crally to Calico

If I go by that logic, I'll marry Evo3.
At least Calico's a cutie.
Indeed she is. I'll go anywhere with you, my Queen.
I'll say more later, but Calico's artist really likes legs, damn.
I saw Calico, and so I came from Final Fantasy XVI land to preach for Calico. This is one of the weaker Calico skins in my opinion. I preferred how the maid one was drawn. If I recall correctly, it’s due to a change of artist no?


I mean, yeah, there was a change. All her post mod arts are from another artist. Not sure if this one is from that one as well. Design feels a bit different. She looks softer, less defiant. And booba is not as stacked on damaged as before, I feel.

Yeah, maid Calico artist now draws furries in AK.
How the mighty have fallen.
mmmmm.... Ca.. Calicoo!! Sweet! Silky! Smooth! Legssssss!! Prprprprprpr 7/10
Overall I think this is probably my second favourite Calico skin, behind the bride one. I love all the attention to the beautiful background. Of course, the main focus is Calico herself, with that very cute white kimono and double ponytail hairstyle. Definitely a solid skin for a solid girl.

I hath charged!

Personal favorite Calico skin. As I said her artist, or changed artist as the case may be, really, really, likes legs. Design is overall quite strong, with most of the visually interesting elements up around Calico's face, and the shading moving dark-light from bottom to top, although the weird fluffy neck thing is weird, but is fluffy so acceptable. Good Art, Calico cute, would normally be the best skin of the set, but 45 Fox exists. Damage art is...uh....I'll just preempt the redaction and say that it'd be something that is highly redacted, and let the imagination fill in what that means.

Legs ftw, love how soft they are, and how they are shown. 10/10 would worship. 10/10 I worship. Thunder is truly blessed, yes.

Say the redacted Soul, I dare you, I double dare you.

I'll think about it.

Adam no longer trusts Soul to think. Today in “I swear my brain works well”.

Shipka - When Writing a New Poem

Shipka kimono cover
I'll open this one by saying: Hands down the best skin in this gacha.
Holy FUCK. I don’t know what Shipka’s artist did, but whatever they did, I like it.
Holy shit, she has a lot of hair.
The red on the yukata is a bit excessive but it somehow clashes perfectly with her overflowing blue hair. Her face seems to be less childish and more relaxed. Overall 8/10. I love this skin.
I'm with Doc. The red contrasts perfectly with her blue hair, and what would have been an overwhelming colour ends up matching Shipka perfectly. Somewhere in my armory, I have a 70x4 Shipka I never finished raising, and somehow I never noticed she had that much hair. A great skin for a lesser-known doll. I has approves.
I love this skin tbh. This is easily my favorite from this batch, it’s not sloppy fanservice like Saiga, it’s a proper formal Yukata and it just fits her. Even the damaged art isn’t bad, she’s not overly fanservice. Unfortunately I don’t 10/10 it because it’s Shipka.
More than Tamamo45? Or Calico? Or ACR?

Yes…. Well it’s tied with 45 probably. On the event I like 45...

What I’m saying is: I like both equally.

Oh, this skin is nice, for a forgotten doll. You have to agree that the dress is drawn really nicely. I never expect red to work well with blue (they did in anime?). Her hair is tied nicely. It reminds me of Oda Nobunaga.

I love Shipka, first because she reminds me of Hatsune Miku, which is kinda obvious, but I'll use that to develop my thoughts about that Doll: First, her tired appearance reminds me of Miku v2, precisely on 2008-2013 songs where she was used a lot for creepy songs (Alice's Human Sacrifice, Kagome Kagome, Gomene Gomene, Okasan, Dark Woods Circus, Insanity, etc...), which is the vibes Shipka’s OG appearance gives me: The one of a tired, gloomy girl that sings (yes, if you check out Shipka's quotes, she's a wannabe singer that (if you oath her) expect to get popular). 

This skin, on the other hand, gives me the opposite: The vibes of Miku of the same period of time, but on the song where she was "happy" or dynamic (Word is Mine, Popipo, The disappearance of Hatsune Miku, Rolling Girl, etc...). In fact, it reminds me of the clip of Senbonzakura. Now you've noticed that I've absolutely not shilled the skin and have been talking about Hatsune Miku from 10+ years ago for the whole time, although she's not my favourite vocaloid (TEAM GUMI HERE). Good skin btw, the only one worth talking about.

This shilling really be the crossover episode:

-we got Obrchama
-and now Hatsune Shipka

I've been name-dropping songs I like dude. Shilling is for the weak. Also, Shilling Haachama is a duty, not an option.

Sheele is suffering from duality, stand by while he restarts.

I mean, I shill Shipka, cuz she ma baby. I did her analysis, she cute, she resembles me in real life, so she get my only shill in this episode. Special gift for the cutie. Shilling Haachama would make it less special.

Shipka. just look at her. Is there anything I could say? 8/10
Don't have a whole lot to say here myself. Shipka's red kimono is cute, I like her hairstyle and smile. Cute skin overall but not a package I'm gonna pick up.
I'll be honest the face in the regular art is off for me and I do not know why. Kimono design itself is good, flower designs are solid and straddle the line of not being busy well. Holy hell that's a lotta hair, but otherwise this one doesn't really stand out for me. Shipka's always just sorta existed, without really managing to expand beyond that. Good skin, need to save tokens though.

The funniest part when you say "Shipka's always just sorta existed, without really managing to expand beyond that." is that if we were speaking about stats and doll analysis, Shipka is "better" than Suomi.

I say that because I'm pretty sure overall no one knows who's Shipka.


Don’t trust Sheele. We all know deep down that Ceia is the best SMG of all times.

UKM-2000 - Snowfield Delivery Service

space neko UKM kimono cover
Today in Costume Shilling: Extra terrestrial neko gets yukata. I feel it kills her uniqueness though. She looks too much like Negev, and there's barely any extraterrestrial neko, if at all, traits left on her, if you can consider the cat a reminder of that. Damaged art shows she has good legs and good assets, and that's it. Also, I wanna be that neko.
It tries to be Shipka. It fails. 3/10.

One word, POI.

Yuudachi is that you?

What is poi? Who's Yuudachi? What is going on? Crally, are you going insane from winter fever?

Hooooooo, she does resemble UKM in a yukata.
Poi was there first.

I think it's just recolored POI.

My verdict: Poi in GFL, that's all. You cannot say much more. This is Kancolle's Yuudachi copied to GFL, wearing a pink yukata bringing a cat.

Reee. Unacceptable.

Yes, I concur. Now someone edit Poi to look like Negev UKM.
Looks at Hakucchi

Eat snow

UKM eats snow


Pew pew
Nom nom
Eeeh... anyway, kinda meh skin, but I like the victory animation and the cute hat 4/10

This is pretty cute I guess. UKM's rocking a loose kimono with very little underneath... But this isn't her sexiest skin. her swimsuit soon™️ is leagues better.

Did we even get this skin? Maybe I'm just blind but I don't remember seeing it... I'm probably just being blind. Anyway, my god that cat ear hat is adorbs! The rest of the kimono is great too and I love the little kitty she comes with. Cute skin overall, I quite like it.
Squishy hat is cute, infinitely superior to base skin, but don't remember her swimsuit soooo, has a cat so bonus points for that. Thematically matching all the others, but it's UKM and UKM is a rip and a half on the usefulness scale. Damaged art takes several levels on the horny scale. Fine skin for the UKM lovers out there.
Her default has a cat too. she is the cat
It is bold of you to assume I have looked at UKM's base art since Isomer.
Bold of you to assume I have UKM. Didn’t even remember she was Isomer’s.
you have UKM?

Yes, I do. The only farmable doll I missed was CF05. Hence why I'm so pissed CZ2000 hasn't been back for 18 months now.

TL;DR don’t trust MICA to plan out how to distribute limited Dolls farm.

ACR - Ultramarine Fragrance

acr kimono


I will nuzzle her thighs then go up and taste [REDACTED].

ACR has thighs? Pog.
Haven't you seen her default damaged art? Very squishy thighs there.

ACR is cute. I love how she looks like a young maiden ready to fall in love. Her yukata is very colourful, yet it doesn't feel over the board. Instead, I feel it compliments her blond hair and blue eyes. The bamboo behind her could have been taller though because they're cut around the height of her head, her hair ends up blending with it. Damaged is surprisingly tame, given her default art has her basically showing us glorious thighs. It's also a reminder that she keeps her health at peak performance, and those beautiful thighs show it. 10/10 would sleep on her lap, and treasure those legs

As for being inches away from knowing what panties she was wearing I'll summon it with one gif:

Rogue One Verge Of Greatness GIF - Rogue One Verge Of Greatness GIFs


Nice, tight and well worn yukata. 6/10. I wouldn’t roll for it but it’s ok.

Where did I see this before? Her skin looks quite bland. It's not bad, it's just simple, which is sad since I liked her ever since I got her in SC. Her damaged art is nice because it highlights her thighs and gives me a good flustered look. She definitely looks like a new member of the family in G&K.

Oh, yes, I love short girls with short hair and an ahoge.

This is an okay skin, I guess. ACR already had great thighs that I could see from her default art - the ripped kimono just lets us see higher and deeper into Absolute Territory™️. It's not good enough to stand out, though. Cute girl in a thigh-baring kimono: do you have any idea how little that narrows it down? RFB, Pinkcano, G11... Not great, not terrible. She'd do better in sarashi than clothed.

So you want ACR clothed in sarashi only?

That's what I said.

Didn't know she was package skin. Christ, 2600 gems. Sure, it comes with tokens and an oath ring, which's better than what M200 skins offers. But I can't help but remember Ethy's point on Costume Shilling Carnival Crinj: a good skin, but the price is a big no to me.
Says the same person who bought the RO skin for 2600 gems.

It's an animated skin. Not a static skin. For 2600 gems it's the least I expect. 94 and 12 summer skins cost me less than that and they're both animated to boot. Same Mk23 Halloween. So, sorry, but I don't see your point. The issue is more what it offers for its price tag than the pricet ag itself.


I would have considered the package if it came like this:

Decent skin, the perspective of the paddle on damaged art is kinda monka, but ACR's face is really cute. Good colors too. 7/10
ACR cute. I think I was the only GP member not to get her day one of SC, which was just disappointing. ACR's design is really nice. Only ended up with one copy. Another really good skin, ACR is a bit odd that she's not a top billing doll relatively but still breaks theme a lot more than the others, but that's entirely fine. Everyone else said what I'd say about this one, so I'll sum it as good skin, ACR cute, show her some love.
What do you mean by "breaks theme"?
Most of the other skins are floral patterns and most of those are predominately 2 toned color schemes. ACR here is a rebel and mostly has pattern patterns, while her primary colors are blue/red, there are a lot more colors that get attention.
ACR has that vibe that she's a rebel until you pin her down and she goes all meek.

Man. Oh man was I elated in January this year when this skin was announced. I adore ACR. I actually got her day 1 of SC and also oathed day 1, as you can see here.

So seeing Saitom return to deliver this banger of a skin, in a package no less, was just exhilarating. The kimono is so beautiful, with all the different patterns and colours. I normally don't like when so many colours are mixed and matched but it works so well here. The cute floral accessory she has in her hair too aaaaa it's just all so cute and wonderful. I loved this skin so much that I actually commissioned some art of it and currently still have it as my Twitter profile picture. Here it is, done by my amazing friend !

Do I need to even say if I bought this package or not? I think everyone can guess I did haha. Just an overall stellar package for a criminally underrated doll (in waifuism).

Trust Red to go all-in when it's about his waifus


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