Costume Shilling #Bonus: Shilling Anniversary


Wait, what’s this? Weren’t we supposed to be Shilling Anni batch?
We are indeed, and that one is coming up soon™. However, amusingly enough, Shilling has also completed half a year since it was first conceived by Doc (Congrats, it’s a healthy hornt baby!) and later overtaken by me. So as a celebration of sorts, we’ll each pick a favourite skin of ours released on EN and get to shill on it.
Poggers, I can’t wait to choose mine.
Some may have more obvious choices than others (Looking at you Red), while others not so much? Commanders and Shikikans, are you curious to see what are the favourite skins of the Shilling Panel? Well, wait no more! Let’s get started!

Redarrix chooses Lifelong Protector


AIGHT EVERYONE. I’m sure you all saw this choice coming from miles away lmao. I’ve picked Lee’s wedding dress skin.
Fun little story to start off this shilling: I actually acquired this skin the day before I acquired Lee herself; My first month in GFL was just a lot of RF crafting, to no avail, to obtain her, while I watched practically everyone else I knew, that was playing at the time, pull her with omega ease. Maybe whaling for this skin was the catalyst I finally needed lol.
While I cook up my full thoughts, tell me guys, what do you think of this glorious skin?

It certainly catalysed your GFL career and accelerated your transition from mengxin newbie to grizzled dalao.
I’m here to see Red write a 5K essay on how Lee has the best ass and thighs of GFL, and somehow convince me this is not a lingerie wedding cosplay for a hot, long honeymoon night.


I mean, I don’t think I even can lol. I won’t deny that this isn’t your typical wedding attire.
So now where do I start? I have always had this liking towards polarising things: imagine a straight "A is A" person like Lee, who definitely paints the straight person image for you at it's best, wearing these clothes. The moe gap is too much to ignore.
She is straight until Springfield joins the scene. Or like the saying goes: she is straight, and so is spaghetti, until it gets [REDACTED].
I get where you're coming from Crally. It is a rather perplexing getup for a girl who's otherwise super modest in her attire. Like Adam said, it really is just wedding themed lingerie pretty much.
Now. Let's take a pic of that blessed figure based on this skin and appreciate her ass.

I can talk about Lee’s ass all day, everyday. For reference, this is the figure Adam was talking about:

You finally get to talk about it, so talk about it

I was saving up for a graceful shilling, but since you insist so much: let the hornt flood gates open!
I don't think I can adequately put into words just how much Lee's ass makes me awooga more than anything else in the entire game. 
This skin overall really exaggerates just how huge her butt is. They look so full and slappable, whether the slap be from my hand, my own face into them, or [REDACTED], everything would be an amazing experience. I would love nothing more than to [REDACTED] onto that behind during our [REDACTED], whether that be while doing [REDACTED], [REDACTED], or any [REDACTED] that allows a nice grip on [REDACTED]. Then, I would die for the chance to get to [REDACTED] my [REDACTED] between [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] one out of me with those [REDACTED] mountains, giving them a glorious [REDACTED] [REDACTED] when I [REDACTED]. I'm sure they would make for amazing pillows as well, getting to sleep on those must result in the greatest night's sleep ever. Overall, Lee's ass is just a complete incredible package. Anything you think you can [REDACTED] for, Lee's ass obviously would excel at. I bet she could even [REDACTED] like a champ if she really wanted, but of course she's too classy to [REDACTED]. At least, for anyone but myself hehe.

Oh my, I got redacted so much I feel like this is black ops document style.

Jokes on you, we're turning the original into a copypasta, and for good measure we're putting in Aunt Lee anon.
I expect to redact Red's section as much as I expect to redact Crally's section, the hornt energy for big thighs be overflowing this channel
Come on. We all wanna [REDACTED] inside our waifus
Not everyone. Doc doesn't want that, he wants just nice, lewd handholding and a nice evening dance with Groza.


Ngl I cracked up when Red said 'awooga'.

So, I think the time has come for me to drop my load. Let's begin shall we?
I'll start by talking a bit about Lee-Enfield herself. While I'm not a big gun fan IRL, the Lee-Enfield is one of, if not my favourite gun, even prior to starting GFL. It had a combination of things I was interested in thanks to video games: It was a part of the WWII arsenal, I am quite the fan of bolt action rifles, and it's a British weapon. So naturally, when I was considering getting into GFL by looking at what guns were available, Lee caught my immediate attention.

At this time, I wouldn't say she was my "love at first sight" or anything, but she was definitely my biggest interest in obtaining character wise. Then came the moment she did become that: when someone told me about this skin. In my friend group at the time, it was well known that I had a huge thing for wedding and bridal attire. So seeing this skin was when I truly fell in love.
So started my month-long journey of pain as I failed again and again to roll Lee-Enfield while seemingly everyone else in my friend group got her without even trying. Several of which got her as their very first 5 star character. It was agonising to see when I was the only one who cared about her this much, but I persisted regardless. Not even the seven goddamn WA2000s I rolled before getting her stopped my resolve.

Like I mentioned in the story at the start, in a way I can thank this skin for potentially being the catalyst that finally got me her. I rolled Lee the day after I obtained it, it felt truly incredible, like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. After that, I actually didn't use this skin on her until I oathed her. Felt kind of appropriate after all, with this being a wedding themed skin.

Needless to say: Lifelong Protector is my favourite skin, but you all probably knew that already lol. Let's close off story time for now and discuss the actual skin.
o let’s get something also mentioned earlier in the air immediately: this ain’t a wedding dress innit lol. It’s more akin to what Adam said: Bridal themed lingerie. Which maybe is part of why I love it so much? I also have a thing for lingerie after all heh. If we’re being specific, it’s like a wedding themed leotard, accompanied with thigh high boots, sleeves, a veil that looks like you couldn’t see through it, and half of a gown that seems to be trying and failing hard to conceal her huge ass.

In a skin theme that can often result in a lot of similar dresses (let’s be real, there’s only so much you can do with a traditional ‘wedding’ theme), you can’t say that Bridal Lee doesn’t stand out. Without accounting for damaged art, it’s one of the most sexually suggestive bridal skins. Hell, it even looks like you can see a bit of a camel toe if you look close enough. If we’re being brutally honest, it’s not really a fitting skin for her. Lee is very modest and stoic, something like this should surely be way too lewd for her to even consider wearing.

Whether or not this fits her thematically though, is irrelevant. Cause it’s just hot lol. In a way, I feel that’s part of the charm. It’s something so unexpected for Lee that it results in it being even hotter. Try to imagine someone like DSR-50 in this skin instead, yeah it’ll be hot but she’s such a lewd doll to begin with that it’s probably expected. But with Lee, it’s so surprising that it adds to the appeal.

Putting aside all of that, onto the dress itself. Despite it not being a wedding dress, it’s still absolutely beautiful. It’s surprisingly complex for a type of outfit that’s normally relatively simple bar some patterns. The leotard is adorned thematically with gold accessories, I particularly am partial to the ribbon going around her hips and complementing her alluring figure. I don’t quite understand where the large primarily red ribbon that flows behind her is coming from, but I really like it all the same.

Of all her skins, this is the one that really shows off Lee’s killer figure. I already spoke about her uhh ass earlier, but her whole curvature is just to die for. Every single part of her is divine, but it’s clear this skin aims to amplify the ass and thighs in particular. Good lord, does it succeed too, those thighs oh those thighs.
I feel some would probably call this skin overdesigned, and not gonna lie I’d probably agree with them to some extent. I’m not typically a fan of overdesigning, but in this case I don’t mind it. Mainly because the end result is so gorgeous that it’s not like it’s even a bad thing.

Now, the L2D animations. Being one of the first L2D skins that the game offered, it’s naturally not as advanced as some of the newer L2D skins that we get these days. But still, they’re overall really nice animations. They’re mostly fairly basic and generic, being typical talking animations, but seeing Lee smile so much brings tons of joy to my heart. The one where she pats her chest and comments on how she’ll treasure the uniform deepy, it just melts my heart anew each time I see it. Of course, she also comes with a fitting salute. Gotta act proper and ready for orders even when you’re actually ready for a sortie in the bed.

So is there anything I don’t like about this skin? Yes, there is. I kinda really don’t like the L2D component of her damaged art. The damaged art in itself is fine enough, I don’t really have much to comment on here since I’m not much for damaged art in general anyway. She definitely looks proper damaged, that’s for sure, with the dress practically torn to shreds.
Fun fact btw, this skin actually has different damaged art depending on whether or not L2D is enabled. In the non-L2D version, her crotch has most of the clothing torn away, the goods only protected by the big ribbon. Let’s all thank the big ribbon for maintaining Lee’s modesty. In the L2D version though, since the ribbon moves, the bottom of her dress is understandably intact.

This isn’t why I dislike the L2D portion of the damage art though lol. It’s because I think it simply looks bad due to its gravity defying nature being made so apparent. This problem is had with her big ribbon in the standard art but otherwise it’s ok. Here though, not only her ribbon but also her veil, hair, and practically any hanging part of the outfit is up in the air. The animations themselves are alright, showing some typical movements you’d expect of her trying to cover herself up and whatnot. But regardless, I simply am not a fan.

Given how little I care about damaged art anyway in general, this is far from a big negative for me. For most skins, I judge them primarily on just their regular art anyway. I may be biased in Lee’s favour, I don’t care. I love this skin and think it’s absolutely incredible. It was the first time I whaled on GFL and now almost 3 years later from that point, I don’t regret it one bit. I think this skin will stand forever as my favourite skin in GFL. The only real chance of it being dethroned was if Lee-Enfield got another skin, especially a summer one. Such a skin might just stand a chance.

Holy fucking hell.
You had a lot to say 'bout dat ass.

Let's set the trend of dropping my weird personal GFL trivia and stories at the top of the list. I have duped Lee, sitting unlocked at level 1 in my armory, and she's been there for almost a year and a half. I haven't raised a dupe of a 'standard' DPS rifle in the length of the game (ignore my grape collection please), so I legit have no idea why I'm keeping this spare Lee about...double so before Lee skins aren't likely in the pipeline, and I'm not dropping B-cards on them. There is just this poor Lee, alongside a Contender and AN94, just a misclick away from being accidentally scrapped, and I don't know why she's there.

I bring up my random dupe less because I dupe as much for skins as I do for meta nonsense, and of the two Lee Skins, this would be the one I'm saving her for. It's a good enough skin, it's aesthetically consistent, and mixes enough elements of Lee's original design with the new elements to give it a distinctly 'Lee' feel, which is good. Accent colors, her garter, ribbons, etc. Also scoped lee, very nice. No need to get blood on your 'dress' when you can shoot from 500m.

I admit, prior to this skin, the idea of a bridal leotard never really crossed my mind, and absolutely points to an original (insofar as I know) idea. Beats the pants off Lee's other skin. I don't think I'd say this is overdesigned, to speak to Red's point, I think the design is just slightly at odds with itself, in that ,the back, that is to say the train/veil/etc, are all designed as though Lee's wearing a far more traditional wedding dress, and would fit right in with one of those, and then there just isn't a skirt to go with them, so it gives a bit of a conflicting set of messages. Even the top 2/3rds of the leotard don't immediately scream that it's not going to be what you expect, so there's a real surprise when, suddenly, thighs.

While I'm all for thighs, thighs are good, I end up a bit wishy washy on this skin. It's a well done skin, the art is great, but I admit it doesn't quite fit lee in my head. Also my roommate has been talking to me about classic anime for the last hour and now I feel like her default pose is straight out of yu gi oh and I hate my life.

Of course it doesn't fit Lee, like I said, I feel that's a part of the charm. A lewder doll like DSR wearing this skin? Typical, expected. Lee wearing this skin? Unusual, surprising, exciting.
I'll commit heresy: I don't really like Lee Enfield.

Red raises his gun and aims at Sheele's face

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate her! But I don't like her, to me, she's meh. It's not only the look (cuz lee has a very unique look), but also the personality. Anyway, hard pass.
We regret to inform we’ll have to field a Sheele impostor for this Shilling while the real one went into hiding after a very livid Red went on a hunt for distasteful people
I'm not a fan of this skin. It's too jarring for me. 4/10. I don't give a shit how "great her ass is", the skin is painful for me and I really just don't like it. It doesn't fit her at all and that cuts the appeal for me.
But the moe gap Doc. THE MOE GAP. I like the moe gap.
Artwise I think the quality of art is quite high. Lee's artist's style is certainly very distinct
I think I got this skin by accident way back then. Leotards are life.
Ceia based
Ceia based
Ceia based
And with that meme we’ll end this here before I have to redact another entire text. Onto the next one!

Ceia chooses Korvantunturi Pixie

I saw this coming.
He stole the opener! To the ruiner of Shilling: time to komit a war crime.
First skin I whaled for. came on the last pull before getting 600 E-tickets. Lemme tell ya, the salt.

So your first whale was for Ceia; was he famous back then?

Yeah, the Ceia = Suomi meme existed back then too.
So Soul is the original Ceia simp, interesting

I’ll eject Matt later. So, this was the first video i saw of suomi's xmas live2d
I saw her and fell in love on first sight, then immediately wanted to pull her. Fortunately, i didn't have to wait for long (6 months lol), so i saved some money and threw in some gems to pull for her, and retarded me at the time was like: hey, let's pull for both EN and JP (i was playing jp at the time too)
holy shit my singaporean accent was so thick at the time LOL.

Where does Singapore reside?

derp moment

So, fast forward a few years, I still love suomi's xmas live2d the most, among us her 3 live2ds, swimsuit suomi scratches her boobs too much, wedding suomi produced this emote:

As for personality, I guess I can say it's her soft personality: shy, and she keeps secrets that she wants to share to the world, but is afraid to share them. Well, that was me back in 2016-2019: shy, have lots of secrets to myself, afraid to share with anyone. I think I've grown up and matured a lot since then, and I hope she's proud of me from what i've achieved in these few years.

Well, I hope one day I'll find a girlfriend or girl bestie that's shy and both of us can open up to each other and mature together, but that's beside the point. Cheers to anmi for drawing suomi and making her come to life in her live2d, if it wasn't because of suomi and this game and what i've done so far for it, I think I might still be stuck in the hole I was in back in 2016.

Big mood
Laugh at me if you want, but I have bared my heart.

I’m not gonna laugh because what you said is exactly what I want in life. That hit me so hard on so many levels, Ceia, jfc. Thanks for ruining my feelings.

I'm gonna laugh at Ceia now, because he told me to. Imagine revealing your true personality online.
I did not expect to wake up to that. I also did not expect to be hit this close to home, ngl.
Ceia is the entire reason I don't like suomi, because I literally can't unhear Ceia whenever suomi talks.
That should be a reason to like her, not dislike.
I think because for the first long while I was playing GFL I was fairly disconnected from the community (along with my general aversion to memes in general), I never really got the Ceia=Suomi trend. Ceia=Ceia, Suomi=Suomi and literally every other doll drawn by Anmi, that meme I can't avoid in my head.
Suomi does have good music taste. Does that mean Ceia has good music taste?
I do listen to a lot of metal and rock myself so yes.

As said at the top, the skin that made me spend. So I guess I have Suomi to blame for duped FALs. I'm with Ceia that this is her best skin by far, although I only have this one, so perhaps a bit biased. Oddly, I don't really care for Suomi's default art all that much, this Skin brought me around on her by far. Design wise, I'm absolutely a sucker for the fluffy edging, and the quasi-layered skirts, and the white/blue color scheme I think suits Suomi fairly well, even if I'll be damned if I can actually explain why I feel that way. She spent a good deal of time as my adjutant actually, and of all the dolls I have a soft spot for, Suomi probably tops the list from that alone.
I think I'll largely borrow from Ceia's , in that part of what draws/drew me to this skin is that it comes off as much softer than her base art, which feels very harsh, I guess is the best word for it. She's 100% the sort of person I'd IRL get on with really well and we share music taste, which is neat. All in all, I would hug Suomi, whale for skin, it made me suffer, it was worth the suffering.

Time to ship KSG and Suomi together

That's just KSG-RFB ship with extra steps
They are shippable?!
Depends how you look at it. Something something eternal rival who beats her at the video games, something something aloof but competitive something something.
TOTES SHIPPABLE. I read too many rom coms and yuris with this sort of plot.
This man gets it

I want to preface my comments here by saying that I really like all of the Suomi skins we have. Like they are all super nice. That being said though, this is probably my least favourite of her three. That isn't anything against the skin, it's just a thing with me. Two of my biggest interests skin-wise are swimsuits and wedding dresses. Suomi's other two skins are a swimsuit and a wedding dress. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.
Anyway, just talking about this skin here, it's still great. It's a fitting skin for the Christmas season and is simply so cute and comfy looking. A beautiful light blue and white colour scheme throughout the entire outfit, both fitting and calling back to her original art. Looks really soft, perfect for warming up with cuddles. Also cute butt. This is not something unique to this Suomi skin. I just wanted to say she has a cute butt.

I got this skin in my early days. That brings me back a lot of memories. Btw, this skin is cute.
This skin's a meh one on my list. It's cute, but Suomi just isn't a doll I like. Also, fuck you Ceia, I can only ever hear your voice when she speaks.

You’re welcome. Also Haku, you thought I was revealing my true personality? This is my true personality:

Now that I silenced the whole room, time to deal with Matt

Ejects Matt. Matt was the impostor

Docanon chooses Sangria Suculenta


There's not much I can say about just how absolutely breathtaking this skin is for me. It just accentuates how beautiful she is for me.
Fluffy fur trim.
It's more like the skin is less what I like about her, and more her personality. She's a very stern, serious professional, but getting this skin (if you decide not to OATH) reveals her post-OATH line (via coding bug i suppose), it reveals how she wants to be a person you can rely on. And very much, you can rely on her.
As for the skin itself:
Weird as it is to say, I like her hair style, and the hair bow she has actually accentuates it for me. The dress itself is absolutely beautiful, the flower imprints on it are a beautiful catch, and the dress itself accentuates her modest figure. I find her to be enticing, but more elegant than anything. More thoughts on seven, I want some time with Groza now.

Getting L2D skin reveals the post oath line for every doll (I believe). I got AUG post oath line with her L2D (and it was a big part in why I instant oathed her). Also, hair bow? I feel this dress is the apex of an old huezilian saying: sexy without being vulgar.
That’s pretty accurate, yeah.
The black tie on her hair duh. What do you call that top? The part that covers her collarbone, but is transparent. I very much love that piece

CNY groza just exudes sensual vibes and elegance. She's totes the lady who enters a party with an impacting dress, with a confident pose, and a poker face, that draws the attention of everyone. She knows all eyes are on her and she doesn't shy away. I find it rather amusing that her CNY skin seems to be more elegant than her anni skin, or at least it seems so to me. Prove me wrong Doc

Groza's art loves the fluffy fur wrap/trim thing, which, answering Crally, I totally don’t know if it has a proper name (but my knowledge on fashion tells me it probably has) and it's one of my favorite parts of her design and I cannot say I really know why.
Why do you think I chose it Adam? I totally agree with you.
Also what is that piece of cloth on her thigh? Left thigh. Those are so sexy, like, I like that piece.
Speaking of which, where is our clothes consultant? Soul, those thigh bands are a real thing? Like, are they supposed to draw attention to a woman's thighs?
Those are garters, and yes, they are a real thing. Garter belts are to keep your stockings/thigh highs from falling, and garters, insofar as I am aware, are just for visual appeal. 11331583010 results on amazon when I went to make sure I had the garter and garter belt the right way around lol.
I guess it's more of a place to end the garter straps? Anyway, I’ll try to get hornt and draw something later.
DO. NOT. You will die otherwise
After a small argument, they then started to talk about Groza cosplays. The production skipped this talk.
Weird things I know and cosplay aside, this skin is excellent. Alas, I lack this one as well, which sucks, as I think it is actually my favorite Groza skin. It's almost midnight, so you're getting random soul thoughts instead of nerd soul thoughts. I think I said it on Anni, but Groza's got this thing in her skins of having a fluff wrap, or something, and I highly approve of this decision. Shading on this skin is excellent, so I'm not going on another color/eye drawn to/ grumble. Instead your eyes are drawn very sharply to her face. Also just realized how relatively limited Groza's color palette on her head is, her eyes/hair/skin are all relatively close to each other color wise, but the eyes have the most vibrant color which draws your eyes to them, a role somewhat eclipsed here by the ankle tie in her mouth. I'm like 50% sure this is the shortest haired Groza skin. The vibe from this one is just overall excellent, as Adam said, sexy without trashy. 100% out of my league, but 100% yes.
Can I be in your league then?
Sorry, I don't do work relationships
I want Groza to be my wife IRL. I want a caring wife who can understand my issues.
I can be a caring husband.
Wow, we saw the move you did there
I don't know what I can say for this Groza skin that hasn't already been mentioned by someone else already. So I'll keep my thoughts relatively brief. This is yet another solid entry into Groza's catalogue of skins that might actually be one of my lesser preferred ones actually. Which is a testament to how good Groza's skin offerings are. While I prefer the sharp crimson dress of her anniversary skin, the darker skin she displays here is still a really nice getup, plus the fluff she has going around her looks comfortable as well. ASK pretty much always delivers bangers and that is the case here as well.
So we finish this shilling with a question: “Bangers”, did Red say that intentionally? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe we’ll never find out. Meanwhile, let’s see our next skin choice!

Sheele chooses Conveyed Feeling

I’ll just open it up by saying: Damn, imagine [REDACTED] in that during your honeymoon.

Well, that’s certainly one way to introduce a skin lmao.
Tbh I feel it’s universal to assume [REDACTED] in[REDACTED] your waifu [REDACTED] on your honeymoon would feel amazing.

But what about having your waifu [REDACTED] in you? I mean, what?
What if the first honeymoon wasn’t our first time? That said I already [REDACTED] G36C several times before I bought her that dress.

But did she [REDACTED] you even once? Imagine neko23 goes “what is it, darling” before [REDACTED] you with a big [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED].
Actually imagine your first waifu becoming [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] your second waifu in front of you;

If she asks [REDACTED], I might allow [REDACTED][REDACTED]. It’s my [REDACTED].

Crally knows da wayMemory: Uganda Knuckles: Appstore pour Android

Why is there so much [REDACTED]?
Because Sheele opened up with degeneracy, and degeneracy escalated, and for the sake of this being even remotely public friendly, we must [REDACTED][REDACTED].
Anyway, G36 and G36C would do the [REDACTED][REDACTED] part. M4’s too shy to do so.
I’m pretty sure M4 would [REDACTED][REDACTED] you.
I feel she would play it cool, then when it actually comes to [REDACTED][REDACTED] she would get all embarrassed because she is an amateur.
I have a feeling she's tough looking outside but once you bring her to her birthday suit, she’ll cower in fear. Meanwhile, I believe Dandy would [REDACTED][REDACTED] me. Imagine being sandwiched between Dandy and M4.

RIght, we were supposed to shill this skin, so let’s get to it before degeneracy reigns again;
Not much to say, I have a soft spot for neko23, for having been with me since the start of the game, becoming my first dupe despite Destination explicitly telling me not to dupe back then, and having very pretty skins. Back when Vivi banner came, 15 months ago, I rolled hoping I'd drop either her or Vivi. To my dismay, I had no such luck, and so, up to this day, she is the only neko23 skin I don't have, despite being the best one imo. Her animation is also superior to her halloween one.
And sheele's right, [REDACTED][REDACTED] her on our post wedding night would be poggers

The final piece of my MK23 collection, wedding Darling is probably the skin I like the most, both damaged and normal. She dodges the Calico bride problem with shading in the skirt, and a pink middle layer, and the heart pattern on the edge is superb. Personality wise, she's probably got a bit to much peppy for me to say I'd want to spend forever with her, but to a degree,  MK23 actually kinda reminds me of an IRL friend (who's also into pet names......and cats...this is getting worrying). Somehow I've never noticed she'd heterochromatic until now, and I approve of this design choice. I still haven't figured out where she hides the gun in her normal art, but that's okay.
With Adam, animations are solid for this skin, 100%, used it as a rotation adjutant for a while, she's very cute.

I’ll just pretend I saw nothing and shill: Definitely by and far my favourite of Mk23's skins. Spent the tokens I needed to in order to get it guaranteed, do not regret it at all. Again, I don't think I really have much to say here that hasn't already been mentioned. The light pink colouration through the entire getup is super cute and charming. I love all the little bits and pieces to it, like the bouquet, the heart earrings, the necklace, and now to the little bow she even has on her tail. Beautiful all round.

Although I prefer the academy skin, I have a huge affection towards wedding skins. This one in particular is no exception. Why didn't i choose the academy skin tho. Well, I dunno, maybe it's because Darling has been welcoming me for a long time in this suit.
Since everyone here is so degenerate and hornt, have my opinion before we quarantine this convo because of radioactive degeneracy: Mk23... Decent I suppose. It's nice on her. 6/10.

Haku chooses Wish Protecting Maiden of Shadows

Man, where do I start with UMP40? Just the skin or why she is my favorite? Perhaps both at once.
Friendly warning Commanders and Shikikans: full blown nerding ahead.

Full disclosure, I actually stalled on choosing this skin not because I dislike it, but I was breathing pure copium while waiting for the possibility of a lore accurate beach 40 skin to be released in the meantime. Just the original TL name of the skin, WIsh Protecting Maiden of Shadows, is such a fantastic reference, if not outright explicit about her role in the story. I feel like she is always a lowkey fan favorite, and I'm more than glad we can continue to see her influence on 45 in the story, as well as MICA acknowledging her as a proper UMP sister in celebrations.

It's interesting how she plays the cello in the orchestra set, but here in the band she plays the drums.  I thought it was weird at first, but it really does fit her personality.  She is a cheerful, sunny girl who marches to the beat of her own drum.  It is specifically this desire for free will that motivates her to sacrifice herself for her sister. As edgy and cliche her backstory may be, it was written so powerfully that even a summary made me cry.  I am a sucker for tragic characters like that - she did the best she could, and even then when life fucked her up, she still had the selflessness to wish on a better life for her younger sister.

Her dynamic with 45 is truly precious.  Usually, we hear her referred to as "45-nee", the older sister, but to 40, 45 is the younger sister.  In short, 40 is practically the only unconditional ally that 45 can show her fragility. UMP40 gets a different artist for her skin, this being one of the times where the change in artstyle really stands out. Despite being based on the same frame as 45, depictions of 40 vary wildly with artist. Especially with her magazines. In any case, they managed to keep her sunny eyes, the brightness that really makes UMP40 herself. Similar to her sisters, she has the same subtle bunny ribbon, which naturally fits in with her hairstyle.

Meanwhile, she retains her green color scheme, this time a pastel white and green to match the rest of the anniversary set. I enjoy the brightness - it seems much more cheerful. Some people might argue that the primary white coloring means she is a ghost. And by some people I mean primarily Mars. But Architect doesn't have a skin, so get bent bud.
One thing I do notice is the subdued expressions. While 45 and 9 are cheerfully pulling party poppers, 40's expressions are muted, especially in comparison to her rather animated lines. In contrast to her base skin it's heart melting to see her smile, while her damaged art is mild shock. Perhaps she is glad to see that 45 is alive and well (relatively). I could also write up an essay on why 40 deserves a beach skin if anyone should get one. Maybe I will do that. And a mod...
Holy sweet mother I wake up to a full blown Haku nerding I haven't seen since 2020/1. That said, I feel happy to see it wasn't just me. When I got UMP40 on last year's Christmas, I found rather shocking that 40, whom I had imagined had a rather deep, onee-san voice, had such a bright, sharp voice. Given what Haku said, that she calls 45 "45-nee" despite being the older sister, adds to this nice contrast between personality and relationship position.

As for the skin, it might be me, but I feel her gentle smile is directed at someone. Specifically 45. From my little knowledge about bands the drums helps the band keep in rhythm. So my read from this is different from Haku's: I don't see it as 40 wanting to march on her own speed, but rather as a way to help 45 march on, much like we see 40 nudge (or shove if you may :heh:) 45 toward a better path for herself in DD and later on, pseudo-40 does the same.

Right, I'm supposed to shill the skin.

Haku mentioned her white, and I find it interesting that her white is a muted palette. If you look at 416, you get a sharp white, that almost ensnares your attention. 40, on the other hand, has a more muted colour. One could say it's because she is a ghost, but I don't to be bonked by Haku at 7 in the morning :heh:
So I'll just say she has this tone because it's a gentler tone. It gives off to me a warm and comforting vibe. Her ribbon is on the smaller side, so the bunny appeal is diminished (and by consequence the sex appeal that bunny costumes have). Fortunately, her tights remained, for the happiness of us tights enthusiasts


Fun fact: ironically, 40 has been with me in a peculiar way. The Haunted House event was my second event in this game, so she was one of the first dolls I farmed, outside of CT. But because she is so out of meta, I never got the chance to raise her. Despite that, I refused to core her, because I wanted one day to raise her, and give her a chance. Perhaps now I'll finally do it, and finish DD while I'm at it. I stopped months ago because of pepega teams, but never came back to it. Maybe because I don't want to see her getting shot.



To save some space and Adam's sanity, I want to say that I love 45 for the same (albeit a bit different) reason Haku loves 40: the tragic story behind them is too much to ignore. And that's why, I want to hug 45. (but this skin ain't it sadly hers, so pass)

Somehow I nerded almost as much as Haku, I feel as if I'm about to NTR him.


I didn't expect to nerd this much, Now I must get drunk and compose a poem for my mournful flower.

It's ok, until they release 40 mod, I will have the strongest ump40 possible.
I will go on record that I will help write any such essay, Haku. On another note, Haku honestly ran away with a lot of my thoughts, as to be expected of the #1 40 fan I know of. One thing I'll add that's neat about this skin is that the damage art, and the normal art, really, form a pair with 45 in terms of posing and stuff, and it's really cute. Overall, another happy doll is approved of greatly. I didn't actually catch that her hair ribbon is her bunny element.
All of them have bunny esque ribbons in their hairs. Some are more obvious (416 and soppo) some less (40 and star).
Wow, Haku really wrote a lot huh. Seems everyone is going all out for their faves, understandable really. I don't really have much to say on this skin here. It's UMP40's only offering skin wise and it works pretty well I think. Like all of the carnival skins, it's cute and colourful. Well, idk if colourful is the right word considering it's mostly just green, but it's pleasant to look at. Good skin.
Dead doll lol, all I’m saying; 5/10

While I ignore the whispers of unilluminated people, I shall break up the 40emotes.

UMP 40 Emote spam

The 40 emotes are great, I should gather them in a safe place.
Before we move on to the next shilling, I think we can all agree: We all would love to have a 40nee for ourselves.

Crally chooses You Who Takes the Step

So, you guys might be wondering why G36 and AK-15 simp is picking a G36C skin, and the wedding of all of them. First of all, this skin was what made me fall in love with her. It was showcased when I watched one of our friend's streams in discord.

Crally fell in love with the bride, the NTR energy here is stronK.


Hey I own one myself.


The one who showed the skin back then was no other than our own Destination. I was like, "holyshit G36C is soooo pretty." Then I went on a journey to roll her skins with tokens. Yukata, Halloween, all failed. When I saw this skin on the shop, It was a no brainer. Plus, quoting Desti, "G36C has the [REDACTED] hips." The big sister is the wife, but the little sister is more attractive.

The big sister is for wholesome nights, the lil' sister is for [REDACTED] nights.

So I guess that makes me the OG shiller heh. Lemme check one thing though: have you oathed her?
No, Crally’s not you who oaths [REDACTED].
Watch your mouth, or I’ll be oathing Lemmy.

Go on, dew it. I’ll oath Springfield on Stalin’s birthday.


Not a battle worth fighting, meanwhile Crally, you took too long, and I oathed her on [REDACTED] day.
I can’t believe you, of all people, did this. Fun fact though: G36C package came with an oath ring, and I gave it to AK-15. Btw, have you realized her skin became full-fledged L2D?
I realized it a while ago, which means I can now toy with G36C, right as you’re watching.
Jokes on you, I also have her skin. G36C was to have never left my office for almost two weeks already.
She certainly did not leave my [REDACTED] [REDACTED] for a week.
Aight, let’s cut them out before this becomes as [REDACTED] as Sheele’s choice did. As for the skin, G36C wedding seems to be on the vergeon verge of being a wedding dress, and being a Lee dress (Red time to coin a wedding dress category named Lee dress). She exudes sexiness and thiccccccness, and her smug smile tells us she knows this, and she knows we got our attention. She and G36 oddly reminds me of Melty and Passionlip: G36C speaks in an innocent way, but always has a sexy, lewd-ish air to her, both in her default skin and even more in her wedding dress. Might be why I never quite paid attention to her, and I feel G36C being the only forceshield I didn't raise is pretty much proof of that; In any case, it's a solid skin, and easy bait to lure people into simping for her.

I actually know almost nothing personality-wise about 36c, just that her Halloween skin is horny on a scale that doesn't quite work when typed out like it does spoken. Her base art has much more of a sensual vibe than her family tree, which makes sense I'd say, given not being an Imoko daughter.

This one is much the same, there's a fair bit of 'this is what you're getting to enjoy tonight' in that expression it seems. or maybe it's midnight horny talking. something something something pretty sure she caught the magic boobs, or maybe my memory is bad.

Her chest is as large as it ever was, just more [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and bouncy, and you can never fault her hips. Fun fact: the story behind the skin itself shows G36C actually not comfortable in this dress. more reason for me to take them off for her

My memory is bad then, Roger that. And interesting, haven't read the story for this one yet, only picked it up recently, so good bit of trivia. (Soul has approved trivia time)

Oh boi. First of all Crally, thank you for picking this skin. I get to talk about another of my favourite skins now.
So short story time, I waited a year just to oath G36c using the ring that comes with this skin package. I saw it and was just totally captivated. I was already a big G36c fan anyway, then this skin just elevated it. Adam mentioned the whole "Lee dress" idea, which I assume he means to categorise wedding dresses that are more lingerie than dress or something. I have to both agree and disagree on this. While I get that G36c's dress is definitely more sexual in nature than some, it still looks like it could theoretically be an actual wedding dress.
Anyway, it's amazing. I love it. G36c simply looks gorgeous and I join Crally in unified simping for it.

Colour me surprised, I didn't expect Red to be simping this hard for G36C

One thing about G36C, look at her eyes. Parsley's so-called called lazy eye. That's one eye that asks you to please her, the “lewdy” eye of some sorts. And the art is much much more improved from the default G36C. Everything on this skin just looks perfect, like, the coloring, the body shape of G36C. It's very mature but still shows G36C as G36's sister vibe. Somehow it's lewd and at the same time less lewd than G36's. Like, less adult-like, while G36C's are more teenish.

Which reminds me, Desti, why did you buy the skin?

I’m a simple man: I’m a goddamn sucker for wedding dresses. Not only that, but G36C lifting her up her dress to show you her thighs is amazing. Just a little more and then you’d’ve been able to see paradise.

soooo close

She looks so hot. One word: thighs. And I'm a sucker for thigh highs+ garter belt. There's a reason why almost every girl I draw wears thigh highs. (I haven't tried pantyhose yet).

Anyway so yes, it's all about that thrill of "marrying" a cute girl who wants to have her wedding night with you, and that's what got me to spill the gems for this.It is a great dress though, even if she puts down her skirt.
This dress, despite all white, does not look plain at all. I'm biased towards the two G36 sisters but that takes nothing out of this skin.
This is one of the rare few skins where I dislike the damaged art more than the regular art, actually. It pains me to see G36C in such distress, and her beautiful dress is in tatters.

The degenerate conversation returns, stronger than before.

M4 Accused you for horny, how do you plead?

This would work if we felt guilty at being called out.
Then may I join y’all gents?
Again, it’s up to me to move on the shilling while some members dwell into depravity and degeneracy. So before we go, here’s my take: This skin is nice. G36C is very beautiful, and she's giving you this grateful face. "Thank you for choosing me to marry..." I feel she would be saying. The beret is an odd choice though, and her lifting the dress that much is a strange notion, but if it nets MICA money, more power to them. 7/10.

No you won’t. Here’s my alternative name for this skin: You Who Took a Step From Her. Now spend the rest of this shilling thinking about this.


Destination chooses Queen in Radiance

My queen, my wife. Opener at seven.

Damn, I was about to steal the opener from you.


If you know da way, you bow to the Queen.
You will not take my opener.
You will not take my woman.
No, you shall NOT!

But Desti, we need to live up the NTR memes.

A concrete refusal.

I just want dem mommy [REDACTED].
You shall not have “dem mommy [REDACTED]”. I’m the Guardian of the Radiant Queen.
No, you’re my little kouhai.
I have been bribing you with lemmy fanarts and this is how you repay me?!
You have been bribing me so you can write a fic with Springy instead of working.

Well, so much for a proper opener worthy of Springfield. Let’s get the shilling well at least.
Queen In Radiance is not my oldest skin, but it is and always will be my most favourite by far. I was a young, unwise player, struggling to clear Deep Dive, when the Radiant Collection rerun started and I thought, "How much could I lose?"

A lucky man

I lost enough.
WA2000 may have came first to get my attention. But Springfield captured my loyalty. A gentle, caring, hard worker, Springfield's support for her Commander is unwavering. The fact that she came to me in bad times was the icing on the cake. Even if I needed to spend 156 runs for her special ammo, despite all the better advice I was given to not raise her, I looked at Springfield and decided, I will. I would. And I did. 

With a flower crown tying up her curtains of golden hair, the gentle blush on Springfield's face suggests she knows exactly where your gaze will rest as it travels from her exposed, vulnerable neck, slipping down to her naked shoulders, and coming to a rest on her exquisite chest. Bound by a shoulder-level halter top that crosses over itself, her dress leaves little room for anything else north of her waist - the pendant just below her bust provides a convenient excuse to gaze at her breast. But the white rose on her waist draws your lustful eyes even further down, conveniently pinned over her most sensitive areas, yet shielded by the elaborate wrapping of her dress around her body.
The Radiant Queen is neither attention-seeking nor mere background noise like common chattel at events she would appear in. What little accessories Springfield does wear is meant for the eye of her beloved beholder. Neither overly sexy nor conservative, balancing class with suggestivity, I could never get tired of looking at Springfield in this dress. Even now, it's kinda hard to write wholesomely while constantly referring to her dress. Long have I imagined myself taking Springfield for the slow dance, before moving elsewhere for privacy; luckily, this isn't the place to talk about it. Also me: I'm telling you, I've [REDACTED] Springfield before the party.
All that talk just to simp mommy lulz.
Damn, Desti is a hopeless romantic. My image of you as an utter degenerate has diminished. Not a lot, but by a fair amount.
It’s an ok skin in my opinion. DYJ always has good art so I’m good. (Doc was feeling nice so he decided to not rate the skin).
I was reminded at gun point that I should shill the skin, so here I am: Much like with Mosin and AUG, Springfield is a gun that had my attention from my COD days. She's an iconic RF that still sees use today, though pretty much in ceremonies. Anyway, in GFL she is portrayed as, paraphrasing Desti, a "gentle, caring, hard worker" and that alone is enough to make me like her. Her green eyes and chestnut hair only add to her allure, even more with her onee-san nature. Springfield is easily one of the most realistic dolls in GFL, in terms of attire, appearance and physique, a trait I value a lot (looking at you DP12).
However she has never quite been my type, which didn't stop me from farming her SPEQ 130 times (only to later get 2 in one set of autobattles). Because I was fond of her, I still fielded her several times, even during Theatre 3 CE stacking and Isomer ranking ( Destination are you proud of me?)
When the Praial Allure reran on Radiant, I rolled in hope I'd get 416. This skin was the only one I acquired in 7 multies, but I was fine with it. Her smile alone is enough to make this skin worth it. The shoulderless dress she's wearing is gorgeous, and gives her a younger aura, without feeling overly exposing. To me it makes her look younger, while also retaining the grace and comfort that comes with her onee-san nature. I feel this skin, along with her summer skin, shows her bolder side, where she knows she still has an appealing figure even if she is not as young, physique wise, as other dolls. Still, I have zero regrets having rolled this skin. On another note, seeing her tie up her hair on her damaged art is so bloody fucking hot holy shit, mommy, tie up your hair and dome me plz.

Weird trivia and hot take in one time! While I don't think I'd work with Spring in a relationship, The fact that she's a baker does mean that she's a person I'd love to get to know, because baking is incredibly satisfying, and I want more people to share that weird hobby with. also a second oven goddamnit. Unlike a lot of people Springfield is not a gun who jumped out at me, she just sorta passed in and out of my interest, until the massive community horny for her appeared. Her design is always immaculate, I can't really fault any of her skins on design elements, and this one is probably the best of the lot okay that's a lie, Damaged Christmas has some powerful energy to it. That's a great dress, well designed, it fits Springfield to a t, and puts more emphasis on her elegance over her mom-ness. The only skin that uses her bayonet, which is an interesting one, no idea why, but as a weird nerd of weird things, this is an approved idea.

It falls to me to move on the shilling, since everyone here seems to be a big mommy simp. So here’s my two cents before we move on: Ahhhh Anniversary Springfield. Such a simple yet exquisite skin. I'd say this is probably my second favourite Springfield skin, just behind her summer one. There's not really much to say about it. It's really just a nice blue dress with a few accessories. Very elegant, very beautiful.

Soulmuse chooses Battlefield Patissier

The original translation of this skin gave the name as pâtissier, Baker was the EN Offical translation, but I’m a grump and like this name better, so we’re going with this one.
Right, GFL storytime for a minute. I think I've said somewhere, don't remember if it's appeared in the panel, that I first found GFL because someone posted Super Sass damaged art on a Facebook art group (without a source, the twit), and I was absolutely baffled why someone would mix schoolgirl and gun, and went digging. Found the game went 'I'm sorry, what is this?', stuffed it into my emulator, and figured it give it a short whirl and go back to being salty at FEH.

Granted, I also assumed Super Sass was the protag, as one does from looking at her art. While the game cheerfully dispatched that notion, at the time I enjoyed it well enough, got a head start on my dislike of 416 and her attitude, and was having an alright time for myself. Of the characters they throw at you right off, very few really stuck with me. Nagant revolver/1911/P38/etc were whatever in my books, mostly still are, and the higher rarity characters I'd pulled didn’t really stick, being 9A (who was rather off putting to be honest), and Mosin, after 416. My acquire order, oldest to newest, for reference. Obviously missing a bunch of low rarities that I’ve cored and never gotten back.

Soul's Acquire order, what can you learn from this image?

I forget if I got her out of crafting or map drop, but G3 is the first character who I got and went ‘oh heck, I kinda like you, maybe I’ll stick with this’, since the gameplay was alright but nothing outstanding at that point, and tablet ran the game like shit even back then, so without character investment I didn’t have much to keep me around.
Cue G3 (and later the AR team, but back then 3-6 was a hurdle and a half and I didn’t know shit so 2-6 was hard) who really resonated with me, as someone who beats up on themselves, and tends to try and avoid letting that on. (Do not, I am not saying that any of these things are a good thing, audience do not beat yourself up over things outside of your control, and do be willing to ask for help. Learn from my dumb self.). Anyway, moral of that suddenly heavy story I didn’t intend to be heavy is that G3 is more or less the reason I’m, ironically enough, writing about G3 right now.
While in my favorite doll list she’s since been eclipsed by KSG, she’s been a close second even moreso after her mod. But we’re not here to talk about G3 mod, even that art is fantastic, we’re talking about G3 Maid. First, and more important, excuse me, she’s happy I need to go hug her. This is true of all G3’s, they need hugs, it’s great that this skin actually portrays her as genuinely actually happy. I know it sounds like a small thing, but that’s probably the biggest reason that keep considering getting it for me.
Second, a few quibbles, No gloves, big sad. The G3 stock is terrible, please get an aftermarket one that isn’t going to break your shoulder. K, done. No really, I can’t find much to complain about. Okay, that and on the list of skins I’d have picked Maid is probably about middle. Oh, and she’s not going to punch someone with a literal fistful of bullets. That part of her base art is just too good. (yes yes, I know she’s not actually gonna deck someone).
Enough of me bitching and expositing. Design first. In terms of design, this skin plays it largely safe, giving exactly what it says on the tin. G3, as a maid Granted, it does deviate slightly, I guess, as most people tend to think ‘French Maid’ when they hear maid, or I guess maid café, but this outfit probably isn’t quite what most people have in mind. This is, imo fine, tis good, Soul like. Its color consistent with G3’s usual fare, blacks, reds and whites, although the use of the colors is a bit different, a lot redder, and white. Overall a good thing, this is, personally, more visually interesting than G3’s default skin.
For a moment of G3 skin comparisons, one thing that I’ll knock her regular art for is that from a visual perspective it’s more or less two-tone, peach/blond and black. It’s got red/brown accents, but overwhelming, the colors are just those two, specifically, boots-black, legs-peach, dress-black, head-blonde/peach. This is absolutely reductive, but this is the broad strokes of the colors used. Comparatively, this skin breaks up more or less the same pattern legs/dress/head, with the apron, the hem of the skirt, the inside of the skirt, her bow, and so on. (there’s also more boobs here than her base art, more on that in the horny section and there’s some design elements to that part too, there’s a nice red border under the frills at the top of her top). Point being, there’s more of visual interest here than her base art, although her Mod art corrects for this fault as well.
Speaking of details, there are wonderfully plenty details in this, such as the random collection of hearts (outside of each ankle, apron), she shares her necklace with her regular art. I swear to heck and back there’s a reason for that necklace, but I also cannot remember where I saw such a thing, nor do I know what I think it’s supposed to me. I’ll make a minor meh that corsets aren’t my thing, but it more or less fits the design, so all comes out in the wash. For some reason, G3 can’t be bothered to carry a mag pouch, and instead just casually straps a (unloaded I think, hard to tell on Maid), spare magazine to her leg. I have no clue why this is, but I cannot say I don’t approve of this quirk of her non-OG arts.
Her normal art appears to actually have a mag pouch like a sensible person. Another somewhat random G3 trend is all of her arts have some variety of rather high collar, and as someone who deeply and violently hates ties, this makes no sense to me, just why would you do this to yourself G3, high, tight collars are the actual worst.
Anyway, before this devolved into me going on tirades about random pointless shit for the next three pages, lets move on…that’s a lie, I forgot to mention the cat ears on her thigh highs. Very cute. TLDR lots of little touches that elevate this from a fairly straightforward by the numbers skin into something with a lot more personality. Damage art thoughts: I usually try and stick to being a turbo nerd on these, and because that’s my usual comfort zone without intending it to be, but this is an excellent damaged art, for reasons that may or may not be boobs thighs and butt. Please hold for horny thunks.
Final thoughts in the ‘soul is a windbag’ section of this. Overall, it’s an excellent skin, taking just enough design cues from her base art, while also showing G3 in a completely different light than normal, more happy than melancholic or serious like regular art, something I’m entirely for, because while I 100% sympathize with being down on oneself, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t be happy as well, and it makes me a very happy person. This is a run on sentence from hell, and I hate it, but can’t be bothered to fix it.
So soul's feeling to this skin is pure, Unlike me and my hornt. Fun fact, G3 also first AR I liked in early game due to her design.
Holy sweet motherfucker. Soul really living up to GP omega overlord title.
I'm good at 3 things. Talking way to damn much, abusing myself, and talking not enough.
Can I join in?
No. Self abuse only.
So Soul is [REDACTED].
No, but pretty sure G3 is.

See for yourself. 

MaidoDamaged G3ModDamaged G3Damaged

That mod damage, be totally lewd. Feels like she’s wearing that in case she got damaged enough to show it. So she’s an exhibitionist. Oddly composed in this skin though.
Well now, I wake up and Soul has written an entire damn essay as per usual. I won't nerd about this skin too much, I don't have a whole lot to say that Soul won't have already covered lol. It's a shame I don't have this skin either, which is actually strange considering I did pull on the banner that had it to get 9A maid and TAR bunny. I did get both of those, but never this G3. To put my thoughts simply, it's a real cute maid outfit that's simple yet elegant and stylish in its approach. It's nice seeing dolls so cheerful too. The black and white with red accents colour scheme works really nicely and to be hornt for a moment, the corset really adds a nice touch that accentuates her beautiful figure without being too overtly sexual. Overall a great skin for a doll I'll sadly never use. We do seem to get quite a lot of those heh.
Damaged art is definitely sexual though damn those are some comfy-looking thighs.
G3 is known for the contender of "comfiest thighs in GFL" yes.
She's a contender but she's not the victor, that title goes to Lee.
G3 mais, and later her mod art, is a clear sign of an artist improving. And seeing that on G3, which is a rifle I loved very much to use on Bad Company 2 (it hit hard just like G3 hits hard on my kokoro), it makes me happy to see an artist given the chance to improve, and actually improving Skin side, her smile is heartwarming, and that alone is worth to me more than any sort of hornt. I want my waifus happy (maybe hornt too, but definitely happy first) and that smile is the textbook definition of happy. No thoughts, heads empty, only happy thoughts.
I'm just not a fan of G3 design or skins. Just doesn't appeal.
Mod3 is cuter, that's my only comment.
Sorry but g3 mod 3 skin is better. Fight me.

Not-first but written first: On that vein, and considering how much I said about the skin, it might actually surprise you(readers) to know I don’t actually have this skin myself, having been short of tokens when it first ran (a common theme of early skin batches, I had not yet sold my soul to the whaling gods). With G3 mod on the horizon, I couldn’t quite justify spending my early few B-cards on it, when as much as I love this skin, her Mod skin was coming and free, and if I’m being entirely honest, Ceia and Sheel are entirely right, the Mod skin is superior. Even as a duper, duping a G3 hasn’t yet made it onto the list of things to do.

I shall tease you with the unresolved plot threads of my opinions about [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED], and instead wrap this up here, and pass the shilling baton to Matt, before I make Adam angry by writing more essays.

Matt chooses Model Warrior

I’m a simple man, and so my opener shall also be simple: I just wanna [REDACTED] every inch of those sweet sweet thighs.
I saw this skin and the first thing that came to my mind was: Wtf is Jill doing?
It's based on her favorite game series ingame. Basically I think it was a cross of touhou and madoka, you can play it by buying it from the shop.
That's not a madoka styled design. (Madoka lover detected)
The premise of the game though, it was like magical girl warrior bullet hell. Of course, they did take a lot of artistic freedoms.


Hey, not to say it's a bad skin, but I don't have a fondness for magical girls in general. Nothing like hate, but just, something not right. that said I watched Mahou Shoujo Asuka.
As a Jillet and someone without knowledge of Valhalla universe and collab lore, I have little to no attachment to Jill. That said, I like her default more, purely because women in formal attire rocks. That said, I agree with Matt, those thighs look as delicious as ice cream does on a hot summer day.
I'm with Adam, 100% don't know Valhalla, and I uh...100% skipped the story in the collab, due to IRL time constraints and my then job being very determined to make me a dead soul by overwork. Also, was broke as heck on the tokens. I do love the weird contrast in this skin, between the very happy go lucky magical girl anime costume, and Jill's expression being caught being apathy and existential abandonment. Magical girl design is solid, the different color scheme is cool, and it's also nicely simple. Twintails are ++....but Bartender Jill has an aesthetic that is just excellent. gimme dupe jills MICA, then I'll get this skin, I promise
Girls in leotards are cute. That is all. Refer to my opinion on leotards on Lee for more details.
I'm in the "Don't know a thing about Valhalla" club, so I'll just have to rate this skin on aesthetic. It's nice enough I suppose. I'm not big on the whole magical girl thing, but it's a cute pink and gold getup. I don't really have much else to say in this regard.
Jill has always had a nice design, but the stark contrast between her Default Art (which is hot and cute) and this is disturbing for me. It’s so jarring I’m giving it a 3/1. Never been a fan of magical girls either, so… Uploading Soul is confused why Doc is rating this skin as the first of March?
Since Matt is komiting Mandatory Kartromine because of how mean everyone is, I’ll wrap up this shilling by livening it up. I just really appreciated the whole valhalla cast's redraws in GFL, since they were typically pixel art before, and official media varied in wild styles, with many still pixel art based. It's really interesting to see them drawn in the anime style, the art's really clean while still maintaining the whole feel of the characters, the PV for the event was one of my favorite GFL PV's, if not my favorite. Of all the collabs, I would never have expected VA11 Hall-A, the story behind it isn't as fairy-tale like as you would've imagined, but it's still cute. So apparently the Va11 Hall-A devs and GFL devs were mutual fans of each other's games, and somehow met each other, didn't get to hear the exact details, but it was enough good will and cooperation to come up with the whole collab we have here.

Soup chooses The Wonderful Adventure of Swan


Now, I have Etrikia to thank for this knowledge, but apparently C-MS's skin is designed after a famous irl hobo from China (, The Independent Handsome Chinese vagrant draws fans of 'homeless chic' Identity of 'Brother Sharp' – dubbed China's coolest man – remains a mystery.

Wait, CMS' skin is based after this dude?
Yea afaik. Tell me this man doesn't have C-MS energy you be a liar. /Folklore/
*C-MS in general, not just her skin. Artist Xiao Chi commented on the design inspiration of C-MS on this character sheet. According to her, the overall appearance of C-MS is based on a particular vagabond known only as 'Brother Sharp', who became a popular an internet topic of interest in the 2010s
You see this HD fish that's dead? That's me, I'm the fish :40Worth: There u go, it's confirmed although my thunder for the skin is now stolen :k11heh: I have all my emotes based on the chibi for this skin, Which I'm pretty sure I have DiggusDBiggus to thank for.
Unless I'm wrong, I think this is the only skin to portray a dead animal (even if it's a fish). C-MS was one of the last SMGs I got, having happened mid Isomer. Never paid much attention to her, except for her summer skin, which I found amusing how tanned she was, compared to her pale white skin. Seeing CMS feed off a dead, raw fish is somewhat disturbing, but given what Kawa said, I guess it sorta makes sense? If I were to choose a skin for her, I'd go to her summer in terms of aesthetics (I find it much prettier than her default or this one) while I'd go for this one purely for the memes. Praised be CMS fish
I need to read that article soup linked, as it might explain it, but what is th story with the name of this skin? I've been wondering ever since I first did the skinlist, and never found a good answer. Final weird things I discovered while browsing my armor, I have a half raised C-MS dupe, and I dunno whhyyyyy. This skin being more or less Hobochic is kinda wild, and I don't think I've have guess that about her default, although I feel like it tracks with this one. C-MS is another doll who I've got, but don't really know heads or tails about she's always underwhelmed me in game tbh, but someone please, get this young woman a proper meal.

Wait a sec I have great news: there is this thing in her hair. What could it be?

A smol CMS head

Somehow made me think of some candy.

Okay, I actually have a good explaination for this, but it's going to lead into like 3 different tangents. I remember my Swedish friend (who got me into GFL originally) told me something along the lines of 'C-MS is named after a children's book in Sweden' and likewise with Five-seven's skin being named after a Belgian childrens book. I asked them again and they were happy to remind me:
Me: Which story did the C-MS skin take its name after?
Friend: "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (C-MS’s original TL is “The Wonderful Adventures of Swan, while the EN name for her skin is Wonderful Adventures of Goose). Most iconic visual depiction being based on the bit where Nils flies on a goose. Was even on the backside of our 20 krona bill until revision in 2015, with the front side having author Selma Lagerlöf".
That's indeed a goose if I've ever seen one.

Adventures of Goose? What madman adventures with Geese?

They added: "And 5/7's 'adventures of fenfen' may be a play on adventures of Tintin, as they are both Belgian. So all the skins of that set probably have same naming convention". Guess the dog became a ferret in that case:

A man and his dog.


"Grapecano child skin is 'Miss Pinocchio' Pinocchio original written by an Italian". Obviously everyone knows pinocchio. we had some trouble guessing what Strawberry's was after. Friend said: "Strawberrycano is harder to find. Brave Little Cano can't be referring to Brave Little Toaster, is American and far too modern. Then there's Brave/Valiant Little Tailor, but is German fairy tale"
Very interesting. So all kid skins are named after kids’ stories?
Nifty, that makes sense.
I don't really have much I want to say on this skin, so I'll just leave a little message: As a universal rule, I dislike pretty much all of children day skins. Yes, that does include this C-MS skin. It's mostly a personal issue I have that I'd rather not to into. If I try to be objective, I suppose it's cute. I would take her summer skin or default over this any day of the week though.
Soup's [REDACTED], That is all. Not a fan of loli skins, Soup is a [REDACTED]. No rating. On a serious note, Skin's actually adorable, and I like how she's actually eating a fish in it. I find it humorous. I'm putting it at the C-tier.
C for C-MS

The story book thing is a cool lore I didn't know. Also:

It's a fish. what more do you want?

Aight, before this becomes a fishing convo, let’s end this convo here. Onto the next one.

Adamasturia chooses Funeral Array

Soooo, given how much I advocate for LWMMG, like 94, and show hornt for Vivi, it might have come as a surprise to see AUGGER here (or not). While I was a bit torn between choosing her and Mosin, I ended up going with her simply because I love her aesthetic a lot. The idea of melancholic beauty, her aesthetic, was simply mesmerizing. After getting that skin, which was a very pleasant surprise, and seeing her line was simply mesmerizing. I daresay it made my heart skip a beat. Add in the idea that she is my knight in shining armor and... well… Insta oath.
Knights used to [REDACTED] a lot during conquest. I want her to [REDACTED] me now.

The whole Shilling crew stares at Sheele at a loss for what to say.

I read the skin’s name, and I thought a funeral was happening.
Well, in EN her skin is titled “Requiem Array”, whereas the original TL name is “Funeral Array”, which, much like Soul with G3’s, I find more fitting for AUG, and for her skin. That said, “Funeral Array” fits her thematic very well. She always goes on bringing a funeral to her enemies.
Fingers crossed but, I almost read that as Adam’s Funeral Array.

Concerns are had

Sounds like someone doesn’t want to be backstabbed on rankings anymore.

So, about time I shill for this skin. But before that, story time.


As someone who played a lot of shooters before joining GFL, it's rather impossible to not know AUG as a gun. The gun itself was designed with a futuristic style in mind, which caused a huge impact when it was released. How does that affect us? Well, its style, and success, is what made it such a popular gun in media, especially in shooter games. I have mentioned before there are a couple of guns I particularly liked to use back in my Battlefield days, and AUG was one such, so I was quite happy when I found out AUG was a character in GFL, and a very beautiful one at that. Fast forward some months, and AUG was one of the first dolls that caught my attention before I joined GFL, among us with Mosin, Vivi. 12 and 94. Unlike those three though, AUG took a fair few months to come to me, since she was the only one locked behind mica's farm plan. But then, Isomer arrived, and with it X95; AUG did.

It was love at first sight. The predominance of black in her attire contrasts sharply with platinum blond hair. The laces at the hem of her dress are simple, but give her an air of elegance, which matches perfectly with the way she speaks. Her black jacket and gloves give (at least to me) a black ops vibe, and given her team's role on chapter 8N, add up to her appeal. Her high boots, letting us only get a glimpse of her thighs, add a sorta sensual touch to her, while keeping her classy. To finish off, the flower hanging on the left side of her hair, adds an air of delicacy and ephemerality to her, that matches up her soft spoken voice lines and her interactions with IWS2000: They always seem laced with melancholy at how ephemeral life is, especially a doll's life. Needless to say, she hit all the right places in me, so of course I'd insta 100x5 SL10 oath her right?


I always felt guilty that I never had room to level her, not with seriously wanting to rank Isomer, and later SC. Because of that, my corpsedrags and CRs never had a spare room to her, even though I wanted to give her the spotlight she deserves, despite being a very suboptimal unit.
Right, I was supposed to shill this skin, not her default
Fast forward to 2.06 release back in September, and we were graced with the surprise that Medieval batch was coming to EN briefly after being released on CN. I was in love with that batch. Mosin (the skin who was also an option as my fav skin) had a significant upgrade from her anni skin. Her facial features were much more smoother, and much more healthy.

Her skin was also easy to acquire, so of course I was going to roll for her. AUG, on the other hand, was captivating. Seeing her wearing armour, while also keeping a dress on her attire, with simple yet elegant laces at the hem of its dress, only seemed to accentuate her protective yet delicate nature to me. In her interactions, AUG always shows a protective nature toward those she cares for, and her medieval skin translates this well. Yet she also shows a vulnerable side, a sort of elegant melancholic as well, that gives her a delicate air that is translated well by her dress and flower accessory. Much like a sword protects its bearer until it breaks like glass.

That said, AUG on the other hand, was a L2D skin, which meant either I luccsacced, or hoarded 8 BCs to get her. Needless to say, she was but a distant dream. Despite getting 416 on anni lucky bag, and R93 on summer rolls (since I wanted cute Z62) I didn't have high hopes for AUG. I had around 2600 tokens back then, so I was confident I could roll Mosin, even if I had to do so with exchange tickets. On the actual day of the banner, I had a good start, rolling right off the bat Gareth M1897 and then another M1897 skin with Mosin. I could have stopped there, but since I was on a luck spree, I decided to keep rolling.

At around 1000 tokens, I was graced with yet another Mosin skin, and I had a choice: I could either keep rolling, in a feeble hope of getting AUG, or BC another M1897 and be done with the banner. I noticed I only had 4 furniture pieces left, so I decided to roll till I got them or get 200 exchange tickets to get those. So, when I rolled her at 1600 tokens, I couldn't believe it. I exchanged the tickets for the last piece of furniture I was missing and another M1897 skin to get a third BC.

So when, I gave her this skin, put her as adjutant to see her animations, and saw this

I instantly oathed her.

The idea of a melancholic, romantic beauty that proteccs me, while also showing me her vulnerable side in our intimate moments, is far more valuable to me than any hornt R93 could jiggle my way. LWMMG may be my first love in GFL, and Mosin the reason I rolled for this banner, but AUG was the only one doll I insta oathed without even thinking. The idea of sharing an umbrella with her, on a rainy day, with just us two walking down the street and soft lofi music on the background completely captivated me. AUG had successfully become my knight in shining armour, and I gladly offered her my heart.

To me, the apex of her appeal, besides her post oath line, is when she says "I like rainy days. The rain lets my expression look...more natural.", and seeing her say this on the Epiphyllum flower field while lightly grizzlying is the perfect image of "sad beauty", which makes me want to serve and love AUG all the more.

Fun fact I only discovered several months later: She and AK-12 share the same VA, and somehow I never noticed that until I was looking up doll VAs on iopwiki. Despite that, I still prefer AUG's soft spoken lines to AK-12's smugger lines. This shilling is becoming more and more a battle of who nerds more: Me, Soul, Red, or Haku.
something something not fair I went first, y'all knew the mark to beat Ngl, this skin tempted me when it ran, but knowing anni was coming I held off. ....I might have the b-cards for it now.
Long. I expected this from Soul, from Haku, from Red, but never from you.
I can nerd when I am motivated. And for AUG, I was hella motivated.
all I want to do after reading Adam's thing is write up a spiel about how she's like 2B and this giant tragedy metaphor that makes sense to me and me only. wiatiwaitiwiatiwait 12 and AUG share a VA? this is...pardon what. This does not compute Adam.

Please stand by while Soul computes that both are voiced by Azumi Waki:



It has been computed.

The SC background is 100% a good match for AUG doing AUG things, and her love of rainy days, even if for slightly different reasons is something I can get behind. Honestly though I really want to rant bout Nier/2b comparisons and how they still fit this skin, but will restrain myself Funnily enough I think AUG's melancholy is a good representation of her state in the game, a melancholic look back at a simpler time in GFL, before stat inflation, and armor spam overran the lands, and she was in fact the funeral bearer for her enemies. ...and this got weird and dark all the sudden whoops. I'll point out a bit of I guess irony here, that AUG is more set up to need the knight in shining armor, even in her knightly armor, than being one something something, AUG would make a solid female lead in a romance movie that's going like 500% on the troping.

AUG’s VA, Azumi Waki-san, is really well known for some. Her voice is really good, kinda our sweet girlfriend type voice. (Sweet, Sadistic, S, S , I forgot the rest of it).
I agree ish with you, Soul. AUG's fragility and delicacy certainly match needing a knight in shining armour. But we saw in chapter 8N how she is willing to sacrifice herself to protecc those dear to her (in that case IWS) and that's a classic "knight in shining armour" action.
Idk if it's anything but, she's everything but delicate from what I've seen from her. She’s more like a blunt oddball.
What she says is different from how she says. She's always blunt yes, be it about life being ephemeral, raining death on enemies, or other stuff. But she always talk with an air of grace.
I gotta say, AUG made one hell of a debut with her first skin here. I really love it and if I wasn't so allergic to trying for L2Ds, I'd probably have tried to get it. I'm a huge fan of medieval themes and knights and stuff, so this batch caught my attention big time. At the centre of that was this AUG skin, a truly dazzling knight. Every about this skin is simple yet stylist. The artist didn't go overboard with any feature, sticking to simple armour, a simple dress, even a simple spear, and that's great. It's what it needed to do and it looks fantastic as a result. Great going AUG.
Fucking christ. Why does this AUG skin exist? And I don't mean that in a bad way. AT ALL. This skin is knightly, but elegant and beautiful. Unlike some other dolls her skin comes from, she's actually dressed somewhat like a knight (y'know, with a gown tho), and has actually useful armor. This skin is also extremely well made, and I just.. I love it. I'm putting it in the B-tier.

AUG looks like a battlefield angel here, not gonna lie. (For some reason, I associate this skin with Yuko a lot. Cough cough Aug gu).

I think this is one of the rare few skins that sort of gets the look of armour right. Armour's bulky and definitely not form-fitting like it is on NTW or Mosin's from the same banner. AUG along with M1897, to me, have the same feel in that they feel like women in shining armour, not cosplaying girls. The effect is kind of lost the further down you look at AUG's legs, narrowing down to impossibly thin calves and feet, but... Eh.

Well, AUG actually has the womanly charms to put the 'woman' in man. Soft, yet eye-catching; it's little wonder Adam picked this as his secret favourite... He wants AUG to step on him.

Desti is getting his degen side out, enough to be imagining things. All I want to do with AUG is share an umbrella on a rainy spring day, just the two of us walking down a park;
I have only one thing to say: augchamp.

Since this shilling is closing up, time to wrap this convo up. But before that, Adam wants to say something

The End!

And with that line, we end this shilling convo, and this shilling edition. Now, Commanders and Shikikans, did you expect all these skins to be here? Were you surprised by some of the panelist choices? Let us know in the comments.

Also would like to thanks my friend Kabr for patching up this beautiful cover for this panel in such short notice. xoxo

On behalf of the Shilling Crew, we want to thank you all for joining us on this ride so far. Until next time (Which will be Anni panel, soon™).

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