Costume Shilling #Mars: SHARKIFUN

Hi. MICA did a bamboozle and-

Hey Mars, want to shill?


Architect-Summer Version

Damn, where to begin? My favorite part about this is them fully leaning into the "Sharkitect" meme that was started by the community, later made into a Dorm bonus appearance, had a reference to her donning the costume in the Dual Randomness event, and now has fully been translated into an actual unit. Someone over there must be an Architect enthusiast just like me. Cue the Predator Handshake

The waves, the Shark stands, the shark-themed weapon are all strangely on-brand for a character who didn't originally start as a "shark-themed character".

The art itself is really great and the contrast between Architect's uniquely bright pink eyes has always been a charm point for me. I'm very happy that this detail was emphasized as well in her new version. There are two versions of this art, the censored and the uncensored. While the uncensored version is very erotic, I actually prefer the censored version. It was tastefully done to appear like sportswear accents to the bikini itself. 

I've always been a proponent of "less is more" and in this case, the censored version not only leaves more to the imagination but also compliments Architect's fair skin far more than simply the uncensored bikini version.


The final bit, and I don't know if this was intentional or accidental, is her hair. It was pointed out to me that the 3* Doll symbol is that of a shark and that Architect's hair in this version somewhat resembles the shape of this symbol. Having seen it, I feel like I can clearly see the outline of what was meant to be the body of a shark in her hair now. Ringleaders also start at 3* and go up from there, and this version is specifically mentioned as being a revamped and improved Architect by IOP. Is it a coincidence or was her design this big-brained!?



sharki censor



sharki uncensored


Archi is prob one of the few ringleaders that I actually care about, if not the only one. My contact with her was briefly after CT ended since I had a team strong enough to try completing Arctic Warfare. I obviously stopped because halfway through ch3 my teams were pepega enough to keep dying to puny SF.

Fast forward a few months and briefly before SC I completed the event. Her cheeky personality and that damned smile bought me over. She always struck me as a cheeky, doing it for lulz kind of ringleader, rather than one acting on the interests of SF. I have a soft spot for cheeky girls (cue in why I oathed 12 in the first place) and found Archi's design pretty enough to like her, though nowhere near how much Mars likes her.

Then a few days ago he revealed to me that she did indeed set up a bunch of Jupiter cannons because she likes things going KABOOM. And now I am his pupil on Archi simp church. Teach me more pope Mars-samaaaa.

How does that relate to this shilling? Well, it's obvious that I went through with this purely because of bias.


10/10 skin, even more because I had no expectations that Mica would actually pull a DW (Fate's Mica) and start doing summer versions of ringleaders. I'm much with Mars that her censored art is way better than the uncensored. The uncensored just makes it feel she's a maniac sex toy for weebs (and somehow really reminds me of Nero Summer's bikini, which totes do the same), whereas the censored actually gives her a sports bikini that is pretty down to earth, and makes me look more at her overall figure than her bewbs. (Damn she is packing even better thighs than I initially thought she had. Also, totes would rub my face against that belly). I'm totally picking her summer version and her default version because crazy, cheeky nutheads that love explosions are a big win-win for me.

As Hulk once said:

absolute win

Props to Matty for suggesting Sharkitect, EN now shall be enlightened by the shilling of the best ringleader (fite me Red and Soul)

THis post was sponsored by drunk Achi simp church devotee.

My only problem with the censored version is that she's wearing her bottom over her shorts.  As a shorts enthusiast, it hurts the appeal of the shorts. And it just looks slightly awkward lol.

Else I do agree it's the superior version.

I'll fight Adam about Architect supremacy at a later time, temporarily poking my head in concurring that censor is superior. Gager has good taste in Ringleaders.

Wdym, it’s totes a partially see-through shorts.

Because Archi totes is crazy enough to wear smth like that.

Oh, I didn't notice the uncensored.

Uncensored > Censored
Godly thighs as well. If Mars allows me for a bite, I’ll take it. As in, if he allows it, I'd like to have a fun time with her too. Not biting her literally. I'm not a shark meat eater.

I thought that was a shark pun. I expected greatness. I have been let down.
While I am prone to impugning the potential of puns, I will concede I too expected one from that.
I’ll only say one thing, and only one: C[REDACTED]

I'm bad at puns.

I guess time to shill seriously. I don’t know what to say honestly, but this is a really well-drawn art (I say that every time). The halter cross top is a very hot detail and I really like them. As impractical and risky they are, I think they're very hot.

the thighs, creamy but not too thicc, I think it’s the first time we see it in full view? Then her slightly skimpy swimsuit, all added to a nice effect. She really dons a hairstyle that is really my type changed from her default art I believe, and she embraced the Sharkitect role, every part, as Mars pointed out, is all shark themed.

The best thing about this skin is, despite all the things they put it, they fit perfectly and make her really cute, sexy, and pretty at the same time. Seems like this skin is really perfect.

I haven't really seen any skin AS GOOD as this one for a while.

It's not outright lewd, instead, it's so cutely sexy. Of course, every skin got its own weakness: my gripe with this is that this is a SEPARATE unit to Architect, and not a skin

that's all from me I suppose? (I really like ogling at her more but I remember she's Mars').

PS: actually, the censored skin is pretty good, I'm a sucker for the part on her collarbone, covering her top.

Adam, do you like Astolfo or Elizabeth?

OOT: but Architect shares her VA with both of the characters.

WHy would I? Hmmm, wait a min, did I mistake her?

I did! But I’m partially right: Astolfo does share his VA with one GFL Ringleader: Oreo (Ouroborus).
Welp, time to save for Ouro and pretend she’s Astolfo cosplaying as SF. So she’s nicknamed Oreo?

Ouroboros voiced by Rumi Ookubo, can’t say I saw that coming. I thought she would voice someone brattier, like, Destroyer or Judge level of bratty. Maybe they want someone with range for destroyer who can go from loli to ara ara.
Architects VA is like a smaller VA. Had a recurring role on yuruyuri, voiced 8 ships in kancolle, leaf in pokemas.

You kidding?! WHO??

I’ll tell you… for a price.

It’s Ootsubo Yuka, she voices Kyouko, the chitoge looking girl. I didn’t watch the series so I didn’t know her by name, but when I looked her up, I recognised her.

I can't say I enjoy this skin, because I really don't. I like Architect as a character, but I don't really care for the swimsuit.

I don’t like Architect.
Is this how I get yeeted from Shilling?! Architect doesn’t correspond me, Gager does, Hunter does, and, sadly, Alchemist does.

Two things: 

1) dem mommy milkers;

2) have you seen the server’s name? Of course it’s why you’ll get banned

Despite Adam’s threats, no Shillers were banned for disliking Architect. Gamepress, however, is not responsible for any injures caused by explosive events or personnel.

Don't have much to say though, to be honest. Architect gud, but I'm no fan of summer skin stuff.
Everyone loves Sharkitect. Other than that, I agree with the notion that her "censored" outfit is better than the bikini. The shark meme becomes real, and I appreciate that, but this means we need a swimsuit Gager to go with her. I appreciate this Architect 2.0 and will do my best to get her. And oath her. And then have some fun with her and swimsuit Gager.

Considering my luck with Ringleaders on CN at the moment I have 0 confidence that I'll get her, but I’m going to try. (At this time, 1 Attempted Sharkitect Capture has failed.)

In terms of design, I already stated my preference for censored version, but to elaborate a bit, censor exuded the barely contained chaotic energy of Architect much better than uncensored, which is hornier than chaos. Besides that, the massive commitment to the shark theme is excellent.

Also, absolutely 3rd the need for Beach Gager. Do you want my money MICA? That is how you get my money.

The natural state of the universe is chaos, anyway.

So. Sharkitect. A meme finally made real. Let's talk about the censored regular version first; it's really funky. I know T-Dolls are forever embued with very_long_hair, but I cannot remember Ringleaders having such prominently long locks either. Did Archi get some extensions? It helps here, to be sure. The gaze of any Commander longing to capture assimilate her into their ranks, is drawn from her eyes, to her ponytail, down its flowing, raven lengths, and ending at her firm, alabaster thighs. Hnngh. One must wonder if Lycoris was seeking to create the perfect woman alongside the perfect AI...

Sharkitect's promoted art is even more dynamic and lively than the first - and it was good art to boot! I gotta say, most artists would hate drawing water. It's complex, tricky to do correctly, instantly identifiable if wrong. And yet the splashes here are pretty cool. Its like Sharki's just sprung out of a whirlpool, baby shark marine monstrosities in tow, ready to reenact JAWS on the unfortunate cult-worshipping strelet in their path!

Extra inches on Sharki is thanks to her sky-high heels. More proof Lycoris was up to something.


Having quickly checked regular art, I think Archi just likes long hair, her OG form's is quite long as well. That or explosions make her hair grow.

The true uncensored costume however is basically horny bait, in my unprofessional opinion. I mean, seriously, it's like leopard print. Anyone wearing those spots is not there for a decent purpose; Sharki sporting the slingshot halter-belly swimsuit can only be there to continue her meeting with her Commanders in the Spare Dorms.

Fantastic costume, I would definitely set her as adjutant in this, and light my beach up. No lifeguard required. Also, remember, remember: [NUKE REDACTED]

I forgot to do this so my contribution will be I like that one doujin Dest mentioned, though not really Architect's part in that. The Agent part was pristine though. And at least Architect does join Agent's part too, so that's nice. She cute.

Why am I seeing nukes on my Shilling?


Be sure to feed your Architect lots of vitamins, and keep her away from heatstroke.
You totes mentioning that one sweaty fanart right?
Uhh yeah, sure, we can call it fanart.

More like sweaty art.

One word: shork


I don’t think Kawa is okay
Is she ever Okay?

Despite the Shilling members' questions, Gamepress would like to state that our affiliate Kawa is healthy and well.


Crally would like to share the fanart he drew as a tribute to Sharki: 

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