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Article by Chen The Summoner
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Deep Dive is a story related event that introduces two new win conditions; establishing an unbroken supply line for a certain amount of turns, and rescuing lost T-Dolls. Many Deep Dive maps have strange enemy movement patterns, so it is advisable to follow a guide whenever possible to avoid unexpected enemy maneuvers.

The first clear rewards for each map are as follows:

Stage Clear Reward(s)
1-1 30 Enhancement Capsules
1-2 300 Batteries
1-3 200 Calibration Tickets
1-4 KLIN, 70 crates
2-1 200 Tokens
2-2 UMP40 Icon
2-3 Deep Dive Background
2-4 DSR-50, 90 Crates
3-1 500 Basic Training Data
3-2 500 Intermediate Training Data
3-3 500 Advanced Training Data
3-4 Elite Griffin Combat Medal and Furniture, 120 Crates

There is also an event gacha, where you obtain furniture, items, and T-Dolls from crates that drop from Goliaths. Upon opening your 777th crate, UMP40 is a guaranteed reward. Unlike Operation Rabbit Hunt, Deep Dive mercifully allows you to farm for crates on any map, meaning that you can use any map to obtain a maximum of 50 crates daily.

Note: The color only shows up when a crate is opened, it's only to indicate the rarity of what was acquired.
Color Possible Rewards
Gray Manpower, Ammunition, Rations, or Parts
Blue Tokens, Combat Data (all varieties), Quick Repair Tickets, Quick Production Contracts, T-Doll Contracts, or Enhancement Capsules
Gold (T-Dolls) PKP, Welrod Mk II, G41, WA2000, SR-3MP, or UMP40
Gold (furniture) Electronic Warfare Enhancer, Old School, Shooting Range Bench, UMP45 Banner, or UMP40 Banner


The method of clearing this map is reasonably straightforward; just follow the path around the red Goliaths. Another method involves using a Force Shield SMG to tank the goliaths’ explosions while retreating your other Echelon members, which is outlined below. Because the first method is much simpler it is the recommended clear route.


Simply avoiding the red Goliath (located one node down and to the right of the command center) is an easy way of clearing this map.

If you’d rather KO the red Goliath, a recommended Echelon composition is M9, two RFs (making sure their CDR buff tiles are affecting M9), a unit with the Smoke Grenade Skill , and a Force Shield SMG like G36C or just MP5. Once you’re ready, move onto the Red Goliath’s node to initiate combat. Once M9 starts the windup for her Stun, start retreating all of your units except for the Force Shield SMG. Move the SMG back one tile, then once her shield is up, have her walk through all of the Goliaths to destroy them. Do note that if you do not have your Force Shield SMG at Skill Level 4 or above the last Goliath will explode on her and send her to critical damage, but the game will count the fight as a win.

Below is a video example.


This map is also reasonably straightforward, though it does introduce the Hostage mechanic, which requires you to rescue an allied T-Doll. The recommended clear method is outlined below.

On turn 1, capture the pictured Heliport.

On turn 2, head towards the hostage and deploy another Echelon on the Heliport.

On turn 3, switch with the hostage first then rescue them to save turns...

Then head back to the Heliport...

And select “complete retrieval” to end the mission.


This map is a little less straightforward than the other two maps, as it is the first to have the Supply Line mechanic. This mechanic requires you to establish an unbroken line of nodes and keep them under your control for a specified amount of turns. The recommended clear path is outlined blow.

On turn 1, head to capture the left Heliport.

On turn 2, deploy 1 Echelon on your HQ and move it one node downwards. Then deploy another Echelon on your HQ and move it one node left.

On turn 3, move the Echelon that captured the Heliport on turn 1 down 2 nodes. Move the Echelon that went down 1 node on the previous turn down 1 node. The third Echelon can either go towards the upper right Goliath for a crate or towards the south Heliport. On your next turn, either just end the turn or KO your remaining foes–either way you’ll clear the map.


This map is extremely straightforward due to the amount of one way paths.

On turn 1, capture the pictured Heliport.

On turn 2, capture the pictured timed Heliport, then deploy a dummy Echelon on the Heliport you captured on turn 1.

On turn 3, move the Echelon on the second Heliport you captured towards KLIN.

On turn 4, rescue KLIN by moving 1 node down, then move towards the occupied Heliport. Switch positions with the Echelon occupying it, then hit “Manual Retrieval” to complete the mission.

NOTE: This map is also the best location to farm for PzB and CZ. Follow the same clear method outlined above,but make sure to KO the pictured dinergate on the node to the left before rescuing KLIN on turn 4 for the most chances for a drop.


NOTE: All of the missions in this chapter are night missions, so be sure to prepare accordingly.

This map may look a bit daunting at first, but is actually quite simple to clear. The recommended clear path is outlined below.

On turn 1, move the Echelon on the right Heliport 1 node up and 1 node left towards the timed Heliport. Move the Echelon on the left Heliport towards the Radar node.

On turn 2, use the Echelon on the left to rescue F1. Move the Echelon on the right towards PzB, stopping on the resupply node.

On turn 3, the right Echelon should head to the topmost Heliport, switch with PzB, then rescue her to conserve movement.

On turn 4, the Echelon on the left should head back to the Heliport they deployed from in order to complete the rescue and end the mission.


This map is also reasonably straightforward. Since the Echelon you can deploy at the bottom of the map doesn’t have to fight, be sure to use a dummy Echelon to conserve resources.

On turn 1, simply follow this path to battle the regular Goliath.

After you’ve bested it in battle, continue on to capture the enemy’s HQ.


This map is slightly more challenging mostly just because of its sheer scope. The recommended clear path is outlined below.

On turn 1, have the outermost Echelon head to the inactive Heliport, and deploy another Echelon on your HQ before it is out of vision. With the innermost Echelon, head to the pictured nearby Radar node.

On turn 2, have the outermost Echelon (not the one on your HQ) move towards the Heliport on the other side of the Jupiter. Take care to go around it, not through it.

On turn 3, have the same Echelon you moved on turn 2 head to the radar on the right side of the supply line node. Have the Echelon on your HQ head towards the top left Radar node. The last remaining Echelon can either battle the weakened Jupiter for a chance at an exclusive equipment (UMP Exoskeleton) drop or not move.

On turn 4, use the Echelon on the top right Radar node to capture the top middle node and complete the supply line.

From here, you can either wait for the mission to end or maneuver your innermost Echelon to surround the other Jupiter–giving you the opportunity to battle it for another chance at a UMP Exoskeleton drop.


This map can be rather frustrating due to its inconsistency. The recommended clear method is outlined below.

On turn 1, rescue DSR, head to node just right of your HQ, then end your turn.

On turn 2, deploy a dummy Echelon on your HQ, then use your other Echelon to use one of the available paths to head towards the top right Heliport. Only move 1 node per turn, and try to avoid battles as much as possible to avoid running out of Ammo.

On turn 3, continue picking and choosing your battles to avoid powerful foes while moving towards the top right Heliport.

On turn 4, continue moving towards the top right Heliport. If you see a powerful foe approaching, be sure to move two nodes away to avoid it.

When you encounter Cerberus, it’s best to take an MGSG echelon to the fight, as the SG will take very little damage even from Cerberus’ Ray of Extinction. During the fight, try to keep T-Dolls out of both the middle row (besides a SG if you don’t want to or can’t move them) and the middle column, since the middle row will always be targeted by the laser and the middle column is targeted by rockets that do sizeable amounts of damage.

Once you defeat Cerberus and end the turn, you can just move to the Heliport and complete the retrieval.


This map is where it becomes more or less required to bring 4 deployable echelons for an S Rank. The recommended clear path is outlined below.

On turn 1, capture the timed Heliport.

On turn 2, deploy a dummy Echelon to the HQ and move it 1 node right. Using your other Echelon, move 1 node right to the space below the second Jupiter.

On turns 3 and 4, rush the Echelon below the Jupiter on the outermost path through the enemies. End turn 4 on the pictured node.

On turn 5, deploy an Echelon on the now-captured Heliport and move it 2 nodes left. Then deploy another Echelon and move it 1 node left.

On turn 6, have the two Echelons you just deployed capture the two pictured nodes. Have the Echelon to the right of the Heliport capture the node to the right of them.

On turn 7, move the two Echelons right to capture the pictured nodes necessary to establish a Supply Line. From there, simply end your turns until the mission is completed.


This map is also rather inconsistent, especially if you don’t follow a guide, which is made worse by the fact that is is also a night map. Be patient, though, and you will eventually clear it.

On turn 1, have your middle Echelon go straight to the Goliath, then capture the other Heliport. Have your topmost Echelon head to the Radar node, and your rightmost Echelon move 1 node up. Deploy another Echelon to the Heliport.

On turn 2, have your two rightmost Echelons move to capture the Heliport on the bottom right. Start moving your topmost Echelon to the other side of the Jupiter via the path around it, then have your middlemost Echelon either start on capturing the 2 radar nodes or end your turn.

On turn 3, get your topmost Echelon to the Heliport on the other side of the Jupiter. Have one of your Echelons on the right move up towards the top right Heliport to stop enemies from spawning, then have the other right Echelon move towards the supply line node. Both of the right Echelons should move 1 node.

On turn 4, continue moving your rightmost Echelons one node at a time. Have the top Echelon capture the Radar node beneath them (and destroy the Jupiter, if you wish, either option doesn’t need to be done to complete this mission), and the middle Echelon capture the Radar node they didn’t go to.

On turn 5, have your upper right echelon meet back with your bottom right echelon, then position them so you capture the supply node. Move either the top or middle echelon into the ring of death via a node at least 2 nodes in front of a red Goliath.

On turn 6, position one of your right echelons on the timed Heliport, continue capturing points behind one of the Red Goliaths with the echelon you sent inside. Wait with the other echelon for Red Goliaths to pass if needed, otherwise have them enter the ring of death as well.

On turn 7, either destroy the Jupiter in the bottom right or go around it so you can get the right echelons into the ring of death as well. Have your top echelon enter the ring of death if they haven’t, destroy the top jupiter, or simply end your turn.

On turn 8 and beyond, keep 1 tile away from the Goliaths and capture the points inside the ring of death, as long as the supply line keeps a route the turn timer won’t reset.
Repeat until the mission is finished.

Note: An enemy can run into the path of the Red Goliaths if you take too long getting to the otherside of the Jupiter or decide not to kill the goliath in the inner ring, which will throw off the spacing of the Red Goliaths.


This mission needs absolutely requires 4 Echelons to clear it, and you can’t S Rank it unless you have 5 deployable (not necessarily combat ready) Echelons or a Parachute Fairy.

On turn 1, deploy 1 Echelon to every available Heliport, and then have your top left Echelon go through the Dragoon to switch with, then rescue 6P62 (this will keep the Heliport under your control).

After that, have the rightmost Echelon move up two spaces, deploy another Echelon on that Heliport, and have that Echelon rescue OTs-14.

On turn 2, rescue F1. Have your HQ Echelon move 1 space to the left, then have your top left Echelon go towards SPP-1, stopping three tiles before the left Heliport. Move your bottom right Echelon move up 1 tile, or have your top right echelon move 1 tile to the right.

On turn 3, move your HQ Echelon back to the HQ. Have the top right Echelon move 1 to the right if you didn’t already, then have the bottom right Echelon move to the resupply node. Have your Echelon that is heading towards SPP-1 capture the Heliport on the left.

On turns 4 and 5, have your two rightmost Echelons capture the top middle right Heliport. If you have a Parachute fairy, use it to get your Echelon to one of the two lower left Heliports–but don’t recover SPP-1 just yet. Otherwise, deploy an Echelon to the Heliport by SPP-1. If you parachuted you can grab SPP-1 on turn 5 or wait another turn to not depend on RNG. Complete your right side retrievals. If you deployed another Echelon, just head back to HQ and finish the mission. On turn 6, if you parachuted, have that Echelon go back to base now. Complete the retrieval and complete the map.


Like 2-4, this map is quite RNG reliant though, it’s somewhat more merciful, depending on what your definition of merciful is.

On turn 1, deploy your Cerberus fighting Echelon and have them take the one way path, then deploy your Gaia fighting Echelon.

Then have the Cerberus Echelon move to the inactive Heliport and the Gaia Echelon to the resupply node. Once you’re done, end your turn.

On turn 2, check the map to see which of the allied inactive Heliports do not have a red node next to them, because if they do it either has a red Goliath or Cerberus, then send your Gaia team towards it so the doll there can be rescued, avoiding fights as much as possible. Have your Cerberus Echelon capture the inactive Heliport to their left.

On turn 3, have your Cerberus Echelon capture the resupply node to their left while your Gaia team grabs their doll. Have your Gaia Echelon start making their way to the nearest entrance to the Gaia Thunderdome while still avoiding fights.

On turn 4, Cerberus will poke his head out now, have your Cerberus Echelon head to them and fight him. From this point on timing will likely vary depending on how kind RNG is to you.

NOTE: Cerberus can only spawn on the left side, so if only one node on that side turns red, it's definitely them and you can head to them right away if you wish.

After destroying Cerberus, rescue the doll, then make your way to the nearest entrance to the Gaia Thunderdome.

When it safe to enter, get both Echelon’s into the Thunderdome as depicted. Make sure you will have enough Action Points to stay out of away from the Red Goliaths by staying one node behind the one in front of you.

Keep behind them until you can reach the center, then have your Gaia team fight Gaia.

For the fight against Gaia, the top and bottom rows will get targeted by Gaia, doing a little under 1 dummy link of damage. Gaia will also target someone at random for her Skill, when this happens, move them between two diagonally adjacent tiles, then when the siren blares, immediately retreat them so they do not take damage, and prevents your allies from taking damage if done correctly. Repeat until the fight is over.

Once this is done, make sure your Cerberus echelon is next to your Gaia echelon, then end your turn.

At this point the game intends for you to have your Gaia echelon retreat, so don’t be afraid about not getting your S Rank,

Then have your Cerberus echelon move onto that Heliport and complete your retrieval.

Conclusion & Farming

Congratulations, you’ve completed every map for Deep Dive. Now you can start farming for crates and any T-Dolls you desire or need. Below is a list of the best maps for farming the mentioned Dolls:

NOTE: While 3-2 farming run has 1 extra chance to drop UMP45’s Exoskeleton and can be run quicker, you need much better Echelons needed than just to clear it, while still being resource efficient. Details to run 3-2 instead can be found below.

Crate Farming

For 1-3, when farming crates, deploy an Echelon on the HQ, then go straight to the Goliaths on the left. Next turn, deploy a single HG Echelon on the HQ, move your original Echelon to the Heliport, have them retreat, then terminate or restart the mission. You’ll keep the crates you earned already. Repeat this 25 times to get your daily crates. (Credit to u/RXPhenex on Reddit for finding this efficient method.)

UMP Exo Farming

For 3-2 UMP Exo farming, deploy a dummy echelon to the HQ and the center Heliport, then deploy your ARSMG Echelon (HG not required). Molotov SMGs and Grenadier ARs are recommended to deal with the high evasion of the Scouts. Head to the timed Heliport on the other side of the Jupiter, then end your turn. Destroy the Jupiter, head to the Heliport, retreat your ARSMG team, retreat one of the dummy Echelons if they haven’t been attacked, then terminate or restart the mission.

And that's all for this guide, for real this time. Thank you, Shikikans, for reading through, and enjoy your time in the third major event in Girls Frontline.

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