The Division Collab "Bounty Feast" Event Guides

Welcome to the Division (the real one, not the betting panel this time) Collaboration Event. This is a fully-featured Event, with 10 Stages across two difficulties, a new Minigame, and the introduction of several new mechanics to GFL Global. Alongside these new features are a variety of stories, following a number of our Dolls as they try and survive in a hostile New York City!

Setting Information

For those new to the Division Setting, or wanting a refresher prior to jumping into this Event, Mars has created a Setting Exploration article to get you up to speed, as well as detailing a number of sneaky references and Easter Eggs present within the Event!

New Mechanics:

Bounty Feast also features a sneak preview of several of the mechanics from the Dual Randomness Event. These include multi-layer maps, dedicated farming maps, a rather interesting implementation of a ‘Fog of War style’ mechanic separate from the limited vision of Night battles, and maps with multi-part objectives. 

New Items

First up, new mechanics and items. As described in the official MICA infographic, these come in three types. 

First: Frag Grenades. Become familiar with this icon, you will see a lot of it over the course of the event. These work as you would expect. You select an enemy throw them, they explode enemy takes Damage. It appears to be roughly 5-10% HP per Frag Grenade thrown. Nifty huh? 

Second: Flashbang Grenades. These are less useful but still important, especially for players looking to save a bit of tedium from throwing hundreds of Frag Grenades. They reduce the stats of the enemy they are thrown at, including Accuracy and Evasion.

Third: Turrets. This is a structure that we can place on the map and will shoot at enemies that move nearby. You will want to stockpile these for a few specific moments in the event but they see the least use of the three new items we collect in this event. They will persist on the map for one Turn, and explode if an enemy walks into them.

These can be collected from random Supply Drops on maps, or in the case of Frag Grenades, can be farmed from EX1-1, more on that below. 

Collab Dolls

In a break from the direct precedent of older Collabs, our new Collaboration Dolls are Agent 416 and Agent Vector. While both weapons do appear in the Division, the Dolls we receive are styled as ‘Alts’ to 416 and Vector, with new Skills, Skins, 3 personal 'Special Equips’, more on those in a bit, but identical stats to their GFL originals. For more information about these two please consult their Doll Pages. 

Agent 416 features 3 'Special Equipment's. These have identical stats to the traditional Equipment, but when equipped they will affect her Skill.

Agent 416's Special Equipment, Go Bag
+20 Evasion
Agent 416's Special Equipment, High Explosive HV Ammo
+20 Damage
Agent 416's Special Equipment, 4x ACOG
48% Critical Chance
  • When two are Equipped: At the battle start, set up 3 interspersed sticky grenades in the area ahead. When enemies approach them, they will automatically detonate and deal 50% skill damage.
  • When all three are Equipped: When the sticky grenades explode, they cause an additional area disruption effect, reducing the accuracy and evasion of enemy units within range by 50% for 5 seconds.

Agent 416 is purchased from the Shop for 150x Phoenix Credits. 

Agent Vector features 3 'Special Equipment's. These have identical stats to the typical Equipment, but when equipped they will affect her Skill.

Agent Vector's Special Equipment, Go Bag
+35 Evasion
-6 Damage

Agent Vector's Special Equipment, .45 Hollow Point Incendiary
+15 Damage
​​​​-7 Armor Peirce
Agent Vector's Special Equipment, Osprey Silencer
20% Critical Chance
+10 Evasion
  • When two are Equipped: If there are other ally units in the same column, sets down a mobile cover in front of them too; The additional mobile covers will inherit the same HP and duration as the initially deployed cover.
  • When all three Are Equipped: When the mobile cover is destroyed, grants 100% evasion and 20% damage reduction to the unit it was covering for 5 seconds.

Agent Vector is obtained by Clear Event Stage E1-2: New York Public Library (EX)


As with previously Collaboration Events, Bounty Feast adds several Skins, one each for Vector, 416, Agent Vector, and Agent 416. 

These can be purchased individually from the Shop for $24, or a regional equivalent. 







Defender of Manhattan



Searing Edge



Exchange Shop

As with all Girls Frontline Events, Bounty Feast has a unique currency, 'Phoenix Credits' that can be farmed at a rate of 60 per day, dropping at a rate of 6-10 from Normal Difficulty, or 10-15 from EX Difficulty. 

Shop rewards include the usual Tokens, Special Combat Reports, Icons, ID Card Backgrounds, and a Base Background. Complimenting these expected offerings are Agent 416, 3 pieces of unique Furniture, 2 'Special Equips', one for Agent Vector and one for Agent 416, 'Whiskey' which raises Affection when given to a Doll (no known bonus effect when fed to M16), and Kandel Formulation which functions as a Combat Report, not unlike the Big Beer from the Valhalla Collab. 

Clear Rewards

For reasons discussed below, all players are encouraged to play EX mode to get the maximum rewards. 

Farming maps do not feature additional rewards for 'EX' Difficulty, but should be cleared at least once each for the clear reward, include the unique items for the Agent Dolls. 

Event Stages

As mentioned above, this Event features both a Normal and an EX Difficulty. The third tab below, labeled Farming is a new addition for the Global server, and a carryover from the Dual Randomness Event on older servers, with dedicated maps for farming with increased density of Checks, and typically the ability to AFK the route. (Terms and conditions apply). 

As you play through the Event you will slowly unlock the various story stages, so for the full experience make sure to clear everything!

I'm just here for the plot and the skins, what's this about 'Grenade Farming'?

If you are just here for the story/Skins and don't' want to mess about with the gameplay, or, if you are a brand new player, that is actually very important. 

Those Frag Grenades mentioned at the top allow for the entire event to be cleared with nothing but Level 1 Dolls, meaning that anyone even someone who started playing the game on Feb. 2nd can complete the event. This includes EX Difficulty, in fact, for this reason, if you are using the Frag Grenade everything strategy, it is encouraged that you play on EX to get the extra rewards.

Even if you aren't clearing everything with Grenades, the event expects you to use them to weaken enemies. 


That's right, we have another minigame, and rather fully featured. For details please see the attached guide!

Secret Achievements

Bounty Feast brings back Hidden Achievements, which can be obtained in the following ways:

1. Beat 1-1EX through the Secret Objective. (left side of the map)

2. Collect 404 Grenades (See 1-1EX Grenade Farming for an easy way to do this)

3. Clear 1-5/1-5EX without Combat (Consult 1-5EX guide for information on how to complete this achievement)

Other Guides

As always, GFC has created Guides for this event as well!

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