Division Collab E1-4: Dark Zone

 Scroll down to find insta-gib grenade option

When eliminating enemies make sure to scroll to the bottom of the Grenade menu and use this option! It should remove the enemy from the map immediately. 

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Defeat Vector


Step on Specific Nodes

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

This map exhausts the Dual Randomness Mechanics to introduce, so we're stuck facing down Vector, and assorted help. As before Frag Grenades will solve all your problems, so navigate the enemies on your way to victory. There is not a lot to say for this one, the map is delightfully boring after the drudgery of the previous one. 

Turn 1


Move your Echelon up three nodes, and to the right one node, then use Grenades as needed to weaken or defeat Vector.

End your turn.

Turn 2


Move up one node and end your turn.. 

Turn 3


Move the Vector NPC to the right one node, down one node, right one node, and up one node.
End your turn.

Turn 4


Move your Echelon down two nodes, and to the right two nodes. Pick up the supplies, and end your turn to complete the map.

Video Guides:

Next Chapter:

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