Division Collab E1-4 EX: Dark Zone EX

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Capture Specific nodes

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 Echelons 

Clear Steps

This map is hides its simplicity within a maze of enemies on Alert AI and Vector standing by to burn us to the ground. After dispatching this Doppelganger, we are greeted with our own Vector NPC to help finish out the second half the map. 

I'm having Gunslinger Girl flashbacks right now.
Vector cannot withstand Frag Grenades either. Hard to burn you to the ground when you're blown up.

 Scroll down to find insta-gib grenade option

When eliminating enemies make sure to scroll to the bottom of the Grenade menu and use this option! It should remove the enemy from the map immediately. 

Note: This will use 20 Grenades, despite displaying as 2. 

Turn 1


Deploy two Dummy Echelons. Then, move to the right one node. 

Deploy our standard problem solving method and Frag Grenade the enemy to the right. 


Obstacle blown away, move to the right two nodes then up one node. End your turn.

Turn 2


Move to the left one node, up one node. 

Stop. Throw a Bundle of Frag Grenades at the enemy to remove them. 

Move to the right one node, then up one node. 

End your turn. 

I need to invent new ways to say throw Grenades at enemies. 

Turn 3


Move to the left one node. Use Grenades to clear the path, then move up, and to the right one node. Behold, Vector. 

Have a guess what we do to Vector?

That's right, more Grenades!


Vector now removed, move to the right one node, then end your turn. This will reveal the rest of the map, and the NPC Vector.

Turn 4


Move your Dummy Echelon to the right three nodes. Use Grenades to clear the closed Heliport, and move the Dummy Echelon to the right one more node. 


Move the NPC Vector to the right two nodes and chuck another pile of Frag Grenades at the enemy, then end your turn.

Turn 5


Move the Vector NPC to the right two nodes, up one node, then to the right one further node. Use Frag Grenades to clear the way as needed. 


Move your Dummy Echelon to the right one node, up one node, the to the right one node. End your turn and thus the map.

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