Division Collab Farming 4: DSR-50

Article by Soulmuse Marie
Farming route for the limited T-Doll DSR-50 in the Girls' Frontline x The Division Collab Event, "Bounty Feast".
Table of Contents


  • 1 Echelon
    • 1AR/HG
      • Increase strength as needed
  • 1  Dummy Echelon

Drop Chances: 


The objective on this map is to kill as many enemies as possible in a single turn, and the map completes after one turn. 

This has two effects. One, you can farm it very very easily. Two, you can start and end your turn multiple times to very swiftly farm your daily currency. 

If you wish to farm DSR, you can mirror the route across the map according to your personal taste. Move to the left one node, up-right one node, up one node, then to the left one more node. 

If you are trying to squeeze the most efficiency from this map, you can deploy 2 additional Echelons, then farm the three enemies nearest the Command Post in a back and forth movement. 

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