DJMax E2-1: Sunset Rider

Stage Themes: 

  • Title: Sunset Rider by Nauts
  • Stage BGM: Sin by ESTi
  • Minigame vs. TMP: NB RANGER by Virgin Force

Possible Drops:

 Limited Drop Locations:

Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Hold the Supply Line for 3 Turns

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  2 Combat Echelons, Level 30+ 3x Linked 
  •  1 Dummy Echelon. 

Clear Steps

For newer players, the Nightmares probably look intimidating, but they are relatively harmless. Slow-moving, melee enemies with low Accuracy, they only post a threat by having heaps of HP to suck up incoming Damage. AoE skills like grenades, or high Uptime ARs will help wear them down, making this map is deceptively easy.

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. Move down one node, then Deploy a second Combat Echelon on the Command Post.

Turn 2


Move both of your Combat Echelons down one node, and spawn a Dummy Echelon on HQ. 


Swap the Dummy Echelon all the way down to the bottom of the column as shown.

Turn 3


Move your Dummy Echelon left one node. It’ll end up next to an enemy unit, but the Dummy will not be attacked.

Turn 4+

Move the Dummy Echelon left one node to encircle the Supply Node and establish the Supply Line. Now you simply need to end turn a few times after the supply line is established to complete the mission. 

Swap to repair and resupply your Combat Echelons as needed - it’ll be a long attrition battle against the endless enemy spawns. The enemies become considerably stronger as turns elapse: emergency repairs may be necessary if using bare minimum Level 30 x3 Linked teams.

Rhythm Game vs. TMP

Theme: NB RANGER by Virgin Force

Fail is tucked away on the bottom-right corner of the map this time. Players interested in the minigame can again face her with an echelon containing Clear as described in the E1-2 page.

This initiates a rhythm minigame against TMP after the end of your turn.

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