DJMax EX2-3: End of the Moonlight EX

Stage Themes: 

  • Title: End of the Moonlight by Forte Escape
  • Stage BGM: Blackcat by BEXTER

Possible Drops:

 Limited Drop Locations:

Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Defeat the enemy Boss

Clear Guide:

 Team Recommendations: 

  •  2 Combat Echelons, Level 90+ x5 Linked
    • 1 Boss Echelon, containing a method to counter FAIL's adds. RFB, or Hybrid AR/RF backlines are recommended. 

 Clear Steps

The final map of Glory Day EX is difficult but ultimately straightforward like the non-EX version. The real test lies in the Fail boss at the end, with a staggering HP value of 280k.

Turn 1


Deploy your boss-killing Combat Echelon and move up one node, before deploying a Second Combat Echelon on the Command Post.

Turn 2


Thanks to the different enemy layout, we can directly capture the heliport on Turn 2 with the boss-killing Combat Echelon.

Turn 3

Resupply and repair your boss-killing Combat Echelon if needed, and march towards FAIL.

Players may optionally spawn a third Combat Echelon to kill the adds along the way and keep the bossing echelon on the helipad, as the enemies here are quite strong - this can allow the bossing echelon to reach Fail with full health.

Turn 4


HP Damage Accuracy RoF Evasion Armor
280,000 70 68 120 15 0

At a glance, this fight is quite intimidating. Fail brings no fewer than 90 Strikers while sporting a monstrous maximum HP of 280,000, presenting a near unclimbable wall for unprepared Commanders. Even high level Commanders will want highly optimized echelons to avoid struggling in this fight. 

The 90 Strikers do not attack at once, and instead trickle in ten at a time. This mandates some kind of method to kill enemies in the backline, lest your Tank get torn apart. 

RFB and RFs are up to the task of shredding the backline Strikers. Grenadiers are not recommended for this, due to their poor targeting and long cooldowns. 

Setting RFB’s skill to manual is recommended if the player wants greater control over syncing its activation timing with Striker waves, but this is not necessary. 

If using RFs, every time a new wave of Strikers appears, you will need to quickly swap the position of your RFs then return them to their original positions to reset their targeting.

As seen in the above GIF, by shuffling M14 very quickly, she retargets to the furthest unit in range when she starts shooting again, while WA2000 continues shooting Fail and ignores the Strikers. 

The retargeting can involve both RFs, in which case they will both shoot the Strikers.

Tip: Stella, IWS, and M200 all have great DPS and will auto-target the backline. This can reduce the amount of unit control needed. 

This fight is mechanically identical to the E2-3 Fail fight. The Fail Boss is a giant sack of HP, performing regular attacks on occasion, and a single ‘special attack’ that summons 2 lights on your side of the field. The Red light gives a 43% Damage Buff, and the Yellow light provides a 150% Evasion Buff. 

Moving your tank onto the yellow light is practically required to survive this fight, and the player is advised to ignore any red lights that don’t spawn on top of your DPS since moving into the 2nd column puts your DPS in danger.

Writers Note: Due to the red stage background, the lights Fail creates can be a bit more difficult to see than was perhaps intended, particularly for anyone with poor color vision.

I personally could not tell the difference between the Red and Yellow lights. As a general rule, the forward column light will be the EVA-boosting one, while any light in the back two columns will be the DMG-boosting one. 

Due to the extreme duration of this battle, a Tank with high Evasion and an Evasion boosting Skill is highly recommended. MP7, Dorothy, or C-MS will be good picks. While RO635 does feature an Evasion boosting Skill, her very low Skill uptime poses a problem in this fight unless the player diligently rotates her with another SMG. 

As an RFHG team typically has 3 HGs who can evasion tank, proper HG rotation can allow the echelon to defeat Fail without relying on an SMG tank.

El Fail Boss Battle - Video Example

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