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So You Want to Farm DJMax Collab?

Compared to other events, DJMax is much less friendly to farm due to the length of its maps. While you can't fully auto-plan any of the maps aside from E1-1 (or E2-1 when retreat farming), it's still not too bad overall especially as we can skip the two most annoying maps and use medals to exchange for their limited drops instead.

These maps, namely E1-3: Waiting for You (PP-19) and E2-2: Fate (TAC-50) will not be covered in this guide. See the Medals vs. Clears cost comparison page for details.

With that said, here are some farming routes, refined from Ceia's video guide, linked below.

Farming Routes

Target Drop:
5 Battles - 2 Checks

M1911 not required - use any 1HG that can clear without taking notable scratch damage.

E1-1 Thunder Farming Route

As shown, killing an extra enemy before heading to the enemy HQ achieves S-Rank, granting a second drop chance.

Additional Notes:

* The video guide features a direct route for enemy HQ, which fails to get S-rank.

The above route thus roughly doubles efficiency.

Target Drop:
6 Battles - 2 Checks

M1911 Mod II+ Required; use 1AR otherwise.

E2-1 A-91 Farming Route

  1. Move Combat Team one node to the right.
  2. Deploy the Dummy. End your turn so the enemy walks into your Combat Team.
  3. Swap, don't forget to resupply, and auto-plan to enemy HQ.
Additional Notes:

* The video guide features a route that goes straight to enemy HQ and misses the S-rank

The route described above grants S-rank for a second check, roughly doubling efficiency.

Target Drop:
3 Battles - 3 Checks

Requires M1911 MODII+ or 1AR

E2-1 SRS Farming Route

Autopath one node to the right, then to the node directly above the HQ. Deploy a dummy, swap, and retreat.

Note that although the relevant portion of the map is symmetrical, do not go left first. The dinergate will walk into you instead of the Nightmare with the SRS check, and you will only get two checks (and possibly get your combat team killed).

Using M1911 MODII for this map will require at least a 3* Fairy, but is at least twice as efficient. This route is also the best for farming Platinum Medals.

Whether or not you can farm this map with M1911 unscathed will determine whether it is more efficient to farm M1887 with medals from this map, or to farm E2-3 instead.

Additional Notes:

* The video guide deploys two combat echelons, which almost doubles your manpower consumption, as well as requiring more micromanagement.

The above route spends 12 manpower instead of 22, which seems trivial but will add up; 500 medals will take 167 runs, which translates into 1670 manpower saved - enough for three fairy crafts and then some. 

Most importantly, resources aside it is more afk-friendly.

Target Drop:
11 Battles - 5 Checks

Two 1AR teams can be used; AN-94 and Zas are recommended. Adjust your echelon as necessary.

Two 1AR teams can be used; AN-94 and Zas are recommended. Adjust your echelon as necessary.

E2-3 M1887 Farming Route

Pt. 1 Step 4 can be autoed.

Pt. 2 Step 2-3 can be autoed.

Pt. 2 Step 5-6 can be autoed.

Don't forget to retreat Zas after she lures and kills the last target enemy in her area!

Additional Notes:

* The video guide features a route that involves fighting the boss with a 2AR1HG echelon, which incurs much more costs for deployment, supplies, and repairs. It involves 13 battles for 6 checks.

The above route achieves a comparable 5 checks for 11 battles, but for reduced costs, as described.

Ceia's DJMax All-in-One Farm Guide

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