Dual Randomness Chapter 2: Pollinosis 4

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Survive Until Gate Opens, and step on designated Node

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Night Echelon, AR/SMG Recommended
    • For Veteran players hunting rewards, you can brute force the Boss on this map with a strong enough AR/SMG. This is NOT RECOMMENDED for players with less than 4* Fairies and modded Dolls. Or just use Alchemist. 

Clear Steps

Another fairly simple mission, we are intended to survive for 3 turns, then step into the node blocked off by the gate. In theory, this task is complicated by a very angry Gager and friends, but in practice, we can use some fairly straightforwards manipulation of the map and enemy movement to prevent Gager from every posing a threat to us, making the rest of the map a simple matter of punching some Dragoons in the face with an AR/SMG Echelon. 

What if I don't want to run away from Gager? 

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. Move them to the upper-left two nodes. This will bait Gager out of the way for later on.

Turn 2


Reverse your move from the previous node, going back down-right to the Heliport, and ending your turn. 

Turn 3


Move your Echelon to the upper-right two nodes. This will position us to take the node we need next turn. Gager will have positioned herself in a way that leaves her unable to threaten us.

Turn 4


Move your Echelon to the right one node. End your turn and complete the mission. 

Video Guides:

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