E2-1 Pollinosis Infinity Map Farming Guide

Article by Adamasturia
2-1 Pollinosis Cover


This is the first map with a new T-Doll to farm, the M1908 Mondragon. It's also the first map that will require a tank in order to consistently farm it.

As always, this is a general guideline on farming teams for Pollinosis Infinity to help Commanders who want to farm the map for one of the Limited Time T-Dolls. As always, Commanders are encouraged to adapt this farm to suit their needs and may require fewer or more Dolls depending on the rarity of their Fairies, Dolls and equipment available.

A small Q&A about this map.

Can I farm this map for Daily boxes?

No! Due to the enemy compositions on the right side (thanks Mica) Clear farming this map will be highly costly in terms of repairs. As such, it's not recommended to Clear farm this map.

What are the farmable T-Dolls in this map?

M1908 Mondragon, F1 M82, German 94-err StG-940 and CAR.

Should I farm the T-Dolls on this map?

Refer to Should you Farm Guide for more details.
TL;DR: For Collection only, with Mondragon being recommended to acquire.


In this map Commanders will require a tank to consistently farm this map, especially Commanders with 2-3 star fairies. The team layout will be as such:


This map will make use of 1 Farm Echelon and 1 Dummy Echelon to Retreat farm without wasting resources.

Newer Commanders

This map will require 1-2 ARs with 1 SMG and 0-1 HGs depending on Fairy rarity and equipment.

If using M4A1 Mod, note that she will require another AR partner, and cannot have HGs on the team, otherwise her cannon won't activate.

RO635 is particularly good due to her low ICD. Commanders who manage to Mod II her are highly encouraged to field her, as to reduce the repair bill.

Veteran Commanders

1-2 ARs with 0-1 HGs shall be sufficient to farm this map without incurring a high repair bill. It's recommended to field an RoF HG to help M4A1 Mod mop up the meatshields fast so the Jaegers don't shoot your team.


  • ST AR-15 Mod III was used, with a maxed HV and Mod SPEQs, and a maxed Crit Scope and Skills 10/10.
  • M4A1 Mod III was used, with max Crit Scope, max HV ammo and Max Mod SPEQ and Skills 10/10
  • Fairy used is a 3-star Preiya (DJMax collab exclusive fairy), with 10% Damage and Crit Damage aura, similar to a 2-star Command fairy.
  • R0635 Mod II was used, with maxed T-exo, a +3 Suppressor and Skills 10/2


This map requires all enemies to be eliminated to clear it. However, the optimal farm route will be by handling only the left side.

But why not farm all enemies? There are five enemies that drop the limited T-Dolls!!

The answer lies in these particular enemy compositions:

All these circled enemies have Jaguars in their composition. For those who don't remember, Jaguars are the mortar units that target the team's backline. As they shoot early (around the 3 seconds mark) and are out of range and cannot be reliably killed by Kord, engaging these enemies either will require micromanaging or incur a damaged DPS unit.

It's possible to bait them by using an SG on the rearline, but that'll be a more expensive team that will still need repairs in the end.


All credits to Ceia. Long he may live in our hearts and farms.

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