Easy Ranking Points Farming Guide


Mirrror Stage brought a significant change to Ranking: the advent of Accumulative Score.

With this, Commanders no longer need a minimum Ranking Score and at least top 50% placement on the Ranking to acquire the Ranking Fairy and Ranking SPEQ, respectively. In Mirror Stage, Commanders can acquire both by accumulating a certain amount of points, which can be done by running Ranking several times:

This way, Commanders can "farm" Ranking points in order to acquire the Fairy and the SPEQ.

Do note that traditional Ranking rewards still exists, meaning Commanders can still acquire the Ranking Fairy with Special Talent by placing at least top 10% and another Fairy by placing at least top 30%

Ranking Rewards

Cheerleader Fairy

How to Farm Points

Farming Ranking Points is pretty straightforward, in the it'll just require ending turn several times:

Just keep ending your turn until turn 10 is the best way to get your point rewards if you aren't doing ranking runs!

On turn 10 click the Settle Combat button, get 400k. Repeat this 7 times and you get both rewards!

Continue for the further rewards if you so desire.

Note that this is farmed on Hole 2

How to Access Ranking
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