Far Side of the Sea E-3: Into the Dangerous Unknown

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Possible Drops

Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Activate Console

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Combat Echelon, Level 70 4x Linked
    • AR/SMG or Hybrid AR/RF backline recommended. 

Clear Steps

Every question mark node is an ambush. Namely, an ambush by the Beach Hut-Recce Center, which spawns Pathfinder-Melons. Do not ask me how any of this makes sense. Beware using RF teams that shoot the buildings and not the Pathfinders as it will result in wipes when the Pathfinder-Melons trundle up and annihilate your HGs. Also, the KCCO Minotaur made his first appearance for EN. Consult the page on the event hub, but the general theory for this one is just to apply DPS and watch it die. Do not expect all appearances of these guys to be like this, but this one is fairly low-key. Outside of that, this is a pretty straightforward, if tedious map. 

Hey, now that I'm appearing as myself I can insert a few of the odds and ends tips like this! For instance, those with SL10 parachutes and sufficient firepower can make the first clear on this map substantially less annoying what is shown below. 

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. Move to the right one node, and up one node. 

Turn 2


Move to the right two nodes, end your turn. You will fight another ambush battle, against a Beach Hut-Recce Center. 

Turn 3


Move up one node, and left one node. This will surround capture the closed Heliport below, and will result in two ambush battles on the way. 

Turn 4


Move up two nodes, killing the Minotaur. Use the One Time Supply Node to resupply. Finally move right one node, and end your turn. 

Turn 5


Move left two nodes, do battle with the Crab-Hydra, and then activate the console. 

Don't worry about the big ugly mech thing that appears. It's no threat that's just for story. We'll talk about him next time. 

It's not real, it can't hurt you.

Video Guide

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