Featured Streams: Singularity

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Featured GFL Community streams for Day 1 of Singularity.

Note that these streams are not affiliated with GamePress, but showcase some of the GFL Community streamers who will be tackling the new Singularity event on day 1.

The streams vary from lighthearted casual chat to serious optimized gameplay, but they're sure to provide a lot of entertainment.  

Dyablito will be clearing Singularity's story with a twist: he'll be using as many non-meta T-Dolls as possible while he's doing it. Prepare to see some wild stuff!

Goes live on: Nov. 19, 3:00 PM EST

Estimated time until start:

How far can you go in Singularity by using only M4A1 or other totally scuffed teams to clear everything? Check the stream by Kirahuang for an answer!

Goes live on: Nov. 19, 11:00 PM PST

Estimated time until start:

Alucard7890 is a normal German dude who likes Anime and different kinds of Music that mostly streams for fun and will read all of your chat.

This time, he'll be streaming Singularity on day 1 with a full story playthrough. Join in if you want to experience the full story of Singularity with a lively group!

Goes live on: Nov. 19, 06:00 AM PST (or whenever maintenance ends)

Estimated time until start:

Will Ceia survive the same event he made tons of guides for? Find out on his channel!

He'll also be rushing the Hornet's Nest ranking map on day 1, having previously made Top 100 in Arctic Warfare and Deep Dive.

Goes live on: Nov. 19, 06:00 AM PST (or whenever maintenance ends)

Estimated time until start:

Ryafalt is just your everyday dude who also likes playing video games. He streams casually and this time will be starting with a blind playthrough of Singularity.

Goes live on: Nov. 19, 06:00 AM PST

Estimated time until start:

Goes live on: Nov. 19, 07:00 PM GMT; Nov. 23, 07:00 PM GMT

Estimated time until start:

Hey there, I am RedFerrari (just call me Red) and I am the Site Lead for Fire Emblem Heroes here at GamePress! I'm going to be doing two Singularity streams this week, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday. Both aim for a 8PM GMT start time, though time constraints may mean they start later.

On Tuesday, I'll be joined by my good friend ColoredCadence as I take on Singularity blind. On Saturday, I'll be joined by another good friend Milkyytoast as I craft for AK-12 and AN94, followed by continuing in Singularity from wherever I left off. Both streams will be gameplay only, so story will be skipped.

I hope to see you there and if you do join, I hope you enjoy the show!

GloriousCorn is a connoisseur of memes.  Although he plays both FGO and GFL, he will be doing a playthrough of Singularity and ROLL THE GACHA for AK-12 and AN-94.  Join the glorious stream!

Goes Live: 11/21, 11PM-12AM JST, 9AM-12PM on weekends