Fixed Point Blood Moon I UX - E3-4 UX

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Defeat Grig (enemy boss)

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Scarecrow Echelon
    • Phantom Step chip required
    • Not a dummy
  • 1 Dummy
  • 1 Bossing team
    • Shield Fairy recommended
  • 1 ATW HOC

Clear Steps

The NPC echelon is yet again capable of taking a fight here, letting us get to the control node with just one bean.

Welcome to Paradeus Dogs. These things are awful. They ignore armor and hit quite hard, they reduce the damage of your units near them AND reduces the damage taken by everything behind them by 70% and it STACKS!

Basically Paradeus saw Passage of Arms in FFXIV, powered it up to 11 and gave it to your enemy, enjoy.

It is pointless trying to kill things behind dogs with that damage reduction up, so you need front-first targeting whenever these show up.

In addition, this map has the new blue and red buffing buildings for the enemy, giving shields and firepower to nearby units respectively. The blue ones also give bosses REGENERATING FORCE SHIELDS!

So we can't just rush the boss down here, we need to get those pylons powered down first, which means we need to break the rocks to let the NPC echelon bean the second Hannibal and activate the console.

The echelon I'm using is made to be able to fight both the regular enemies and the boss, but you could bring Sniper Fairy on a boss echelon and just use a regular ARSMG with Shield Fairy for the rest.

We are making heavy use of Shield Fairy here as the shields and damage reduction help a lot with surviving the enemies here. If you aren't crafting fairies already you really should be. The 500x4 fairies can be maxed out in just a few weeks provided you keep crafting fairies.

Scarecrow is used for some easy swap chains for refueling your HOC. Phantom stance is also used for free movement.

Rush B strat

An alternative "rush B" strat for this map, requires your ATW to be decent, and Deagle and G11 to do actual damage to the boss.

If your teams are somewhat weaker use the other solution to this map and make the pylons your own instead of shielding the boss.

Video Guides:

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