Fixed Point Lonely Island I UX - E4-3 UX

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Use all cannons

Defeat the boss once

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Dummy
    • Para Fairy required
  • 1 Boss Echelon
    • Sniper Fairy optional
  • 1 Sniper Nyto Echelon
    • Scarecrow with Phantom Stance and 2 Jaegers highly recommended for extra movement and ending the mission quicker

Clear Steps

Using a parachute dummy, a boss echelon (Sniper Fairy can help but this boss has low hp and you only need to get them to 50%) and an echelon that can eliminate some weaker Sniper Nyto enemies this is a quick and easy map.

Scarecrow was used as an example, Phantom Stance is highly recommended for the extra movement.
Note that enemies are mostly on random movement, and as such, you may need to adjust.

Video Guides:

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