Fixed Point Old Rain I UX - E4-2 UX (Hidden Achievement)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Kill everything

Capture marked Radar

Hidden Achievement:

Use Team DEFY and complete the stage.

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Echelon for Sniper Nytos
    • 1 with NTWMod
    • Shield Fairy recommended
    • Alternatively, unlock QBZ-191 and use her on UX
  • 1 Echelon for Gunners, Maccabees and Hannibals
    • LTLX highly recommended
    • Grape highly recommended
    • Armor tile MGs
    • Armor Fairy is recommended

Clear Steps

This map is split into two halves with Deathstacks blocking everything through the middle. On turn 3 we get an NPC squad that will help us deal with the boss and remove the deathstacks. The Hidden achievement requires fighting the boss with the NPC squad, which is easiest done through having the boss walk into bombs to bring her boss down. Two of the NPC squad's bombs will leave her low enough that engaging her in combat is an instant victory, also granting the Hidden Achievement in the proccess.

The enemy teams in the upper half are filled with Sniper Nytos which require a way to be dealt with or you'll siwftly die. The enemies in the bottom half can mostly be armor tanked, and Grape shines down there.

As such we make two teams:

  1. One that can deal with Sniper Nytos, I am showcasing NTW-20mod with a Rangefinder in this example, using Shield Fairy as both damage and defense buffs. If you don't have NTW-20Mod or otherwise struggle with the Sniper Nytos, clear the map on normal and unlock QBZ-191. She absolutely demolishes Sniper Nytos.
  2. One team that can tank gunners and maccabees, as well as deal with 2 hannibal teams. As there are hannibals, I highly recommend using LTLX to cleanse their shields. Grape is also fantastic for wiping out said hannibals and grenadiers swiftly, though not required. The other two DPS will be two MGs with Armor tiles as well as an Armor Fairy to guarantee that LTLX does not take damage from the regular enemies. As always test things in target practice if you are unsure.

Alternatives to NTW-20Mod

Video Guides:

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