Fixed Point Rebirth I UX - E4-5 UX

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Activate all consoles

Capture helipad in the bottom left

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 HOC Echelon
    • AGL prefered, due to ATW targetting
    • MTR also an option
  • 1 Scarecrow Echelon
    • Phantom Step chip required
    • Jaeger recommended (SWAP Jaeger optional)
    • SWAP Aegis as tank recommended
  • 1 ARSMG Echelon
    • Taunt Fairy recommended
  • 1 Boss Echelon
    • 5HG
      • Deagle centered highly recommended
    • Shield Fairy or Sniper Fairy recommended
  • 1 Parachute Dummy

Clear Steps

The final map, filled with debuffs, sniper nyto echelons, enemy dogs and random moving enemy teams.

Note that the presence of too many random enemies may make your final turn(s) very different from mine and you will need to adjust accordingly. Hopefully you can open the path to finish the mission as soon as possible.

The cannon can be used once per turn and eliminating enemies should be a high priority. 

A HOC will need to be deployed as the enemies attacking the NPC echelon are fully force shielded, take your pick between a Mortar, an ATW, or even an AGL, whichever works best for you. The targeting on a Mortar may be beneficial as an ATW will target the Nyto Commander first, not letting you kill things in front. If your Mortars are not fully raised this may not work due to insufficient pierce, however. An AGL has the benefit of high pierce while having different targeting from ATWs, so it may be the best out of the three options for this.

Scarecrow is used for Phantom Stance chip to allow more movement on turn 1. Filling the echelon with 3 Jaegers (Jaeger SWAP is an improvement if you have them) and an Aegis SWAP to tank, and a slightly optional Nemeum in the back allows us to fight the Whyto Commander patrol.

Just ensure that the Sniper Nytos are dead before they jump out of range, if your Jaegers fail to kill them restart the fight. 

An echelon with taunt fairy and ARs should be able to take on the dog team in the bottom right without much issues, just make sure to wiggle your ARs so they kill the frontmost dog first.

For the boss, using a 5hg team centered around Deagle is highly recommended. I'm using Shield Fairy here as an example though Sniper Fairy or just a strong aura like Command or Parachute may also serve well.

Eliminate the few enemies near your HQ and then kill the boss, before beelining the NPC echelon to the HQ to finish the mission.

Video Guides:

Next Mission:

Congratulations, you cleared the Event! Enjoy the ED (linked below) and don't even have to farm event T-Dolls! 

Happy ranking!

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