Fixed Point Trample UX - E4-1 (Normal and UX) (Coallition Medals)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Activate Control Hub
this requires inputting the correct 'password'

Coalition Medals:

In “Trample” in Ch4, kill marked Gladiator with S-rank or Pilfer it for 5 copies of an ID card medal

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Scarecrow Echelon
    • Phantom Stance Chip required
    • Pilfer Chip optional for Coalition Medals

Clear Steps

As there is no combat needed on UX, just do this on UX and get all the rewards at once.

You must match the consoles of each type, Passcode III needs to match the other Passcode III, and so on. It should be [1 0 0] from left to right.

There is some RNG to this solution so you may need to restart if random moving enemies make your path back to the console impossible.

You only need to get the medal from the patrol once, as such second attempts due to bad RNG only require the deployment cost of Scarecrow, making it not an issue to fail. Pilfer is optional, Phantom Stance is required.

If you do not have Scarecrow, clear the story chapter 7-5 and get her for free from the Tutorial.

Phantom Stance is crafted in the Protocol Control Center at the Tactical Chip Research Station. This chip is basically required for a lot of maps anyway and you should make it so might as well do it now if you don't have it.

Video Guides:

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