Fixed Point Transverse Sectioning UX - E3-1UX

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Eliminate enemy boss

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Boss Echelon
    • Sniper Fairy recommended
  • 1 HOC to blast rock (500 HP = 500 Pierce needed)
    • ATW clears rocks faster, but MTR HOC provides better battle support, an AGL is a middle ground. 2B or another MTR provides the best results in battle and should be picked if you are not confident in kiting skills.
  • 1 Dummy
    • Para Fairy required
  • 3 Dummies
  • Optional: Strong RFHG Echelon

Clear Steps

Turns out RO's echelon is quite strong here if you can do some basic kiting. Just don't let them die. You need the buff from RO to allow your Boss Echelon to move more than 3 steps and thus is required to reach the boss. If you find you have taken too much damage you can use a RFHG or ARSMG to fight the last few fights, though adjustments are obviously required due to RO buff needed and more AP needed.

You will need to fight the boss at the end, Sniper Fairy's skill is highly recommended if you do not have something very strong. I use a very weak echelon with weak equipment to simply tank until Sniper Fairy gets the boss to the retreat threshold in this example.

If you cannot do basic kiting you can overpower this with a self-deployed echelon, though you will need to keep in mind other echelons can only move 3 steps each turn without buffs from RO and will need to plan accordingly.

1 Boss fighting echelon, suggested with Sniper Fairy.

1 HOC with rock breaking capabilities is required to clear the map. A Mortar (used here as an example) makes the second Grenadier far far easier with RO. Alternatively you can use an ATW or AGL to break rocks in far less hits.

1 Parachute Dummy was used here to expedite the process.

3 Regular Dummies were used for AP and to bait deathstacks.

If you do not have a Para, do your career quests

If you do not have skill levels on the parachute, skill the parachute up.

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