April Fools - 'Fractured Connexion': GFL x Arknights Collboration Event

As you might have guessed, this was in fact an April Fools joke, as sadly HG and MICA as unlikely to work together any time soon. Hopefully you enjoyed our little bit of fun!

I'd like to give a serious shout-out to the Arknights team for all the help with this, as well as everyone on the GFL team who helped put it together. 


A serendipitous security contract in a White Zone finds itself in the hands of Griffin and Kryuger Private Military Contractor. Soon they’re thrust into heated conflict between the city’s defenders and the anti-relic terrorist group “Pandora”, as they unleash a new biological weapon. Griffin must work together with the local pharmaceutical company “Rhodes Island” and their operators to find a cure to the mysterious poison emulating the effects of ELID and keep it from contaminating the White Zone city.

What's this?

At last, the wishes of players have been granted, as MICA team has announced a surprise collaboration event with Hypergryph and Arknights! 

For this unfamiliar with Arknights, it is a Tower Defense gacha, following the paramilitary arm of Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals. For more information about Arknights, I will point you to the Arknights Gamepress section

Arknights has been given the full GFL collab treatment, with a fully-featured event including story and combat stages, and likely a new minigame, along with four new Collab characters, and a collection of Skins. 

In a rarity for Girls Frontline, Arknights is running a simultaneous collaboration event, which is being covered here on Gamepress by the Arknights Team. For all of the information about that, please see their event guide:!


Staring off easy, this event features a number of Extra Rarity Dolls, and for the first time since DJMax an Extra Rarity Fairy. All three Dolls come with Special Equipment and Skins. 

Amiya will feature the Oripathy Bands as her Special Equipment. Don't let them get damaged Commanders, the consequences might be dire!

Amiya's Special Equipment, the D12 Explosives
+5 Damage
+20 Evasion

The 6th AR Team member, W brings the D12 Explosives as her Special Equipment! Perhaps don't let her share a Dorm with SOPMOD, the base might not survive the fallout!

W'sSpecial Equipment, the D12 Explosives
+12 Damage
+14 Accuracy

Exusai's Special Equipment is the Laterano Halo...although quite how someone removed it from her head remains to be seen!

Exusai's Special Equipment, the Laterano Halo
+25 Evasion

The final crossover character is Kal'sit. She's not much of one for combat, and instead prefers to provide support as a Tactical Fairy. Having taken offense to the mere existence of the Taunt Fairy, Kal'tsit provides battlefield support with her unique summon, Mont3r. Be careful not to earn her ire Commanders!

Collab Skins

As with previously Collaboration Events, this one adds several Skins, one each for the Extra Rarity Dolls and one for Kalina!

These can be purchased from the shop for 1288 Gems each!

Shadow Firmament



Explosive Trance



Wild Operation



It appears Rhodes Island's engineer, Closure has volunteered to replace our resident gem thief for a while.

Shop Rewards

The Event Shop features are variety of useful items, including all three Special Equipments, Amiya's Oriopathy Bands, W's D12 Explosives and Exusai's Halo, and of course, Amiya herself. Other standard fare items include a Base Background, Multiple ID Cards, and Icons, and the usual spread of Tokens, Cakes and Reports. 

Event Currency this time is Orundrums, which can be farmed from all maps, at a rate of 16 per clear, for a total of 80 per day. 

Item Cost Stock Description



Extra Rarity AR Doll.

Oriopathy Bands

Oriopathy Bands



Special Equipment for Amiya. Grants:

  • +5 Damage
  • +20 Evasion
Laterano Halo

Angelic Halo



Special Equipment for Exusai. Grants:

  • +25 Evasion
D12 Explosives

D12 Explosives



Special Equipment for W. Grants:

  • +12 Damage
  • +14 Accuracy
Base Background: Rhodes Island Command Center


ID Card: Lungmen Downtown


ID Card Background: Catastrophe Ground Zero


ID Card background:


ID Card Icon: The Eye of Storytelling




Combat Report


Special Combat Report


Sanity Booster


50 Unqiue Affection Item, Provided 5 Affection each
Combat Record


60 Unqiue Combat Report. Provides 10,000 XP each
Strawberry Custard Cheesecake




LImited Drops and Clear Rewards

Farming and Limited Drops:

As always, we have a Should You Farm discussing the limited drops that will be available in this event! 

Event Stages!

I need sleep, between this and PL coming 'soon', I'm running all kinds of directions. Map guides are coming soon, so keep an eye out. 

Are we getting a Tower Defense Minigame?
I haven't looked at the minigame yet, perhaps consult GFC to find out what the speedrun is, that might give some hints.

Video Guides:

Sorry, no guides from me, I'm moving to Genshin from now on. 

Ceia but as Lumina

Sorry Soul, I'm AFK for a bit.

Uh, guys? I think you killed him.
Video Guides will be coming with the regular chapter walkthroughs, just as soon as someone revives Soul, so keep an eye out!
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