Freedom from Core Hell: Corpse dragging on 10-4E with Carcano M91/38

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Currently, Carcano M91/38 corpse dragging on 10-4E is considered the most resource efficient way of farming cores. This is a guide that goes into the intricacies of how to properly set up the team for a pain-free AFK drag.

In addition to the core income, players can use this to give their fairies and HG buffers some EXP if applicable.

Echelon Layout

The key take aways are:

  • Carcano M91/38 on position 2
  • Buffer HG on position 3
    • She will take some scratch damage from Cyclops
    • Jill Stingray is highly recommended if you have her
  • Buffer HGs on position 5 and 4
    • They will take some grenade damage in rare cases
  • Buffer HG on position 1
    • This position is safe from all damage

For players whose fairies can provide enough Damage buffs to not need 4 HGs, they can bring 1 corpse to passively level. This can be satisfied by any of:

  • 4★ Artillery/Command/Parachute Fairy
  • 5★ Rescue/Warrior/Shield/Illumination Fairy with a Damage Talent

The basic boat formation can continue to be used with one of the back positions swapped for the corpse, though players can also choose to use the L formation shown above. 


    To drag 10-4E, you must of course have at least one Carcano M91/38 at Skill Level 10 (you need the shortest possible cooldown of 8 seconds).

    Having two is highly recommended to make resupplying much easier. 

    Additionally, there are a few basic requirements that need to be met in order to drag smoothly. It mostly come from the need to one shot cyclops with Carcano M91/38. The easiest way to do that is to ensure you have 100% Crit Rate and a lot of Damage buffs from your HG buffer corpses and your Fairy.

    • Crit Rate of 100%
    • Damage buff >= (476 / 0.85) / (Damage * Crit Multi)
      • The Cyclops have 476 HP and we need to one-shot them even with the minimum damage roll (85% of average).
    • Rate of Fire buff >= 54%
      • This brings Carcano M91/38's Rate of Fire above 52, letting her get in one extra shot
      • You can do it with less, but the runs will be much less consistent
    • Accuracy buff > 100% recommended
      • Stacking more Accuracy can help reduce chip damage and increase reliability.
    Crit Rate of 100%

    This is an easy one so let’s just get it out of the way. 

    If you have a gold max calibrated and enhanced VFL:

    1. RF has base crit chance of 40%
    2. Maxed VFL is 48%
    3. 100 / (40 + 48) = 1.1363636… ~= 1.14 = 14%

    So with a gold maxed VFL, you need 14% crit buff. Literally any doll with crit buff tile can achieve this:

    You’ll need one of the above. This is probably the most flexible spot. If you don’t have a fully maxed out VFL, plug in the numbers and see which one to use.

    FP requirement

    The Damage buff requirement will be different for everyone as different fairies of different rarity and levels will have different FP / Crit Damage buffs.

    There is a minimum threshold here that needs to be met, and that is enough damage to one shot the enemy Cyclops' Dummy Links. Any additional FP beyond that can help kill Hydras slightly quicker, but will not generally affect your performance.

    Cyclops have 476 HP, and there's a +/- 15% damage variation. So essentially, the damage requirements starts like this:

    Base Damage * Damage buffs * Crit Multi * 0.85 >= 476

    476 / 0.85 = 560, so with some rearrangement of the formula, we come to:

    560 / Crit Multi / Base Damage = FP tile buff

    Let's have a look at some examples below:

    Example 1

    FP buff example

    Carcano M91/38 with 4 star command fairy

    With a 4* lvl 94 command fairy, Carcano M91/38 has 198 Damage and 199% + 25% = 224% Crit Multi with a maxed Thermoptic Camouflage Cape.

    The numbers shown in your stats screen already include the Fairy aura.

    Plugging in the numbers: 560 / 198 (Damage) / 2.24 (Crit Multi) = 1.2626...

    So a total of 27% in Damage buffs are needed to reliably one shot the Cyclops units.

    Example 2

    FP buff example 2

    Here's another example with an Artillery Fairy.

    Carcano M91/38 has 221 Damage and 150% + 25% = 175% Crit Multi (with maxed gold cape).

    Plugging in the numbers: 560 / 221 (Damage) / 1.75 (Crit Multi) = 1.4479...

    So a total of 45% in Damage buffs are required to reliably one shot the Cyclops units.

    A 3★ Command Fairy is usually what’s recommended as a baseline requirement. As you can see, however, other Fairies can work as well so long as total buffs are sufficient.

    ROF requirement

    54% RoF buff is considered the minimum for a consistent run, as it allows Carcano M91/38 to miss one extra shot without the Cyclops surviving.

    This can be achieved usually by stacking the following RoF Buffers starting with one of the following recommended buffers:

    • M950A (Calico) - She provides 30% RoF + 50% Accuracy
      • Accuracy is very desirable in this drag, so this makes Calico a highly recommended option
    • PPK - She provides 32% RoF 16% Crit Rate
      • This lets PPK fulfill the 100% Crit requirement at the same time, making PPK a highly recommended option
    • Five-seveN - She provides 30% RoF and 20% Crit Rate
      • Just like PPK, this fulfills the 100% Crit requirement and makes 5-7 an excellent choice

    Then stack another RoF buffer, preferably with more than 24% RoF on their tile buff:

    • M1911 (Mod I or higher)
      • You can passively level her all the way to Mod III while dragging 10-4E
    • Stechkin
    • Upcoming HGs like Clear/TEC-9/PA-15/HS2000

    You can also add two more HGs with hybrid FP/RoF buffs like Welrod or CZ75.

    Accuracy Requirement

    Before we start, keep in mind that it is impossible to not miss. The formula of Hit Rate = Acc / (Acc + Eva) is asymptotic - you can get close to 100%, but you will never quite get there. It has diminishing returns too.

    Stacking Accuracy a bit can nevertheless be helpful: 100% or more Accuracy from Tiles and Fairy buffs tend to make the run consistent enough to not require repairs too often.

    Some other good HGs not previously listed who buff Accuracy in addition to an important stat include:

    • Jill
    • Px4 Storm
    • K5
    • Spitfire
    • SAA
    • Jericho

    Example Echelons

    So let’s take for example, starting with a 4★ command fairy from before:

    FP buff demo 1

    We need 27% FP buff.

    If we use Python as the Crit buffer, she provides 30% Damage. That means she's enough to meet the requirement by herself. 

    Next we look at RoF buffers. Since the FP requirement is already met, we can look at using a combination of RoF / Accuracy buffers.

    In this case, we'll use M950A (Calico) + M1911 Mod. This leaves us with 1 last buffer. I threw in K5 because she gave some Accuracy. Players who want to level a corpse can choose to do so here, and move Python to position 3. 

    FP buff resulting team 1

    Here's another example echelon, this time using the 45% FP requirement from using an Artillery Fairy. This time, we'll use PPK as the crit buffer.

    One thing to note here is that PPK can only sit on 1 or 3 to buff Carcano M91/38, and I really don’t want her taking chip damage as she’s made of paper (Even though I'm sure she'll enjoy it...). She also does not provide any FP buff nor accuracy buff, so we'll need other HGs to pad those stats.

    Looking at our RoF requirement next, we see that Stechkin can help us stack enough RoF while giving a slight boost to FP. Stechkin buffs 12% FP, so we'll need to get another 33% from our last two buffers.

    Since position 1 and 4 have been decided, stacking some more FP and accuracy (which is very lacking at the moment) can be achieved by Spitfire on 5 and SAA on 3. It'll round out the accuracy requirement and be more than enough for the FP buff. 

    FP buff resulting team 2

    Since there are so many Accuracy and Damage HG buffers, SAA/Spitfire can be swapped for likes of K5 or Px4 storm while being repaired for scratch damage.


    Some frequently asked questions about this map will be addressed here: 

    Is there any reason to run 10-4E over 11-5 when it comes out?

    11-5 is not a panacea (that's 12-4E). 11-5's main draw is the lack of EXP penalty on Neural-Upgraded T-Dolls, and it also lets you level SMGs/SGs without relying on M16A1 as a dedicated tank. It does not replace 10-4E.

    There are several reasons to continue running 10-4E even when 11-5 is available:

    • You only want cores and don't care about EXP (whether for fairy crafting or due to Zas dragging 8-1N for levels)
    • You can still run out of cores when running 11-5!
      • 11-5's core yield is about 45% (0-2 is at about 40%)
      • In comparison, 10-4E core yields is at 85-90%, almost double!
    • 10-4E is great when want to dump your fairy points on a Rescue Fairy - 10-4E has the highest ROI. 

    When should I do 10-4E over 0-2 or 11-5?

    See the below page for more information. 

    I can't corpse drag this map; are there alternative team comps I can look at?

    The above page also contains videos that showcase a variety of non-drag 10-4E farming team comps.

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