General Rate-Up Optimization: Polarized Light

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4/27 update: For event clear guides, check the below page. 

Do you already have 100% T-Doll Collection and just want to know what units to level for ranking? Unfortunately, the meta for Polarized Light will be very different for EN compared to other servers, due to a change in scoring!

  • All enemies now award 10% of current CE as score when killed. 
  • This means if you use the Landmine Fairy to reduce deathstack HP, you will receive fewer points per kill!

Guides will probably not be available until testing can be done on the EN side. 

Rate-Up Schedule

1/1/2021 update: Updated this guide for Polarized Light and added the Official Rate-Up Schedule infographic. The story portion of this event is very easy, so only ranking really needs specific preparation. 

Rolling for the following T-Dolls in the general rateup are recommended if you are solely focused on preparing for PL ranked: 

  • Carcano M91/38 (RF Recipe): Extremely Recommended
  • AN-94 (AR Recipe): Optional but a strong overall AR
  • Buffer HGs (if you do not already have plenty)
  • At least 2x Force Shield SMG i.e. G36c, Thompson, MP5 (SMG Recipe)

Make sure you also craft enough equipment to outfit your ARSMG and RFHG teams appropriately. 

Big thanks to YukoCeia, Crimson (FacePalmTree), and CosmicArcher for helping prepare this update. 

The contents of this article have been updated for players trying to maximize their gains during the GFL EN New Year's 2021 General Rate-Up. Even when Rate-Up is over, it should remain relevant up until the conclusion of Polarized Light. 

For more information about what a Rate-Up Event is, please see the above "GFL Explained" article.


While some of our readers may already know exactly what they're going for in the impending General Rate-Up, the answer isn't necessarily clear to everyone. Whether you're a new player or a veteran trying to prepare for the upcoming Polarized Light event, the information in this article should help you maximize your potential gameplay gains over the next week. 

Use the Table of Contents above to navigate to section(s) appropriate for your personal situation. 

I just want the optimal recipes

Here's a handy infographic summarizing the recommended crafting recipes from the GFL Explained: Rate-Up guide. 

I want to prepare for Polarized Light

Polarized Light has only one difficulty, and it's super easy to clear. All EX maps are puzzle maps.

Clearing the story should be relatively straightforward. As long as you have the following, you can clear the event easily: 

  • One or two decent ARSMG teams
  • An RFHG team with decent Armor Penetration
  • Heavy Ordnance Corps units

Because the story mode is fairly straightforward, this document will primarily focus on providing T-Doll recommendations for the Ranking Map

The scoring change in v2.06 where enemies now award "10% of their current CE" affects landmine, rocket and bombing deathstacks.

It's time for EN to adapt a new strategy.

There's also a slight possibility they make ranking a combined effort from both Map 1 and Map 2, just like Dual Randomness. 

We'll have to wait to find out!

Ranking TL;DR

Here's a map. We'll update with a better version later. 

  • Blue circle = 1st supply flag
  • Yellow circle = 2nd supply flag
  • Orange circle = 3rd supply flag
  • Red circles = Yegor spawners
  • Yegor Ares Mech spawn requirement = 60 kills

The 1st change happens on either Turn 4 start or Turn 5 start. The 2nd change happens on either Turn 7 start or Turn 8 start.

If the changes happen on both Turn 4 AND Turn 8 start, the total points gained from the supply line is 15k higher than any other supply line change combination. This is RNG. 

There are some deathstacks on this map that are basically impossible to kill unless you weaken them with an EMP or Landmine Fairy. They were worth a lot of points previously and determined the top 100 spots. 

The exact strategy is subject to refinement due to the massive change that's pending EN. For players interested in an overall explanation of this map, check out the following legacy resources: 

Legacy Polarized Light Ranking Resources

Before an updated guide for EN's version of this ranking map is produced, these resources may be of use: 

Polarized Light KR Top100 Usage Rates

As reflected in the stats, most of the heavily used T-Dolls are either Limited or Uncraftable with the notable exception of Carcano M91/38, so there's not much point crafting for other dupes this time. Fairies, on the other hand, are still good to craft. 

One or more max SL Parachute Fairy is highly recommended.

  • Due to the scoring change, Landmine Fairy is probably not as important for EN as it was for KR

You'll need some stat sticks as well, so the extra Artillery/Command/Warrior/etc. copies are best fed to themselves if you haven't raised one to 5-star rarity yet!

Polarized Light Ranking Explained

An old but surprisingly informative video that provides an excellent summary of the map. 

Deathstack Guide

Outdated due to the score calculation, but a useful read nonetheless: 

PL Ranking Enemy Formations

This doesn't include every enemy, but should be comprehensive enough.

Ranking VODs

These strategies aren't 100% copyable anymore (as they'll yield far fewer points on EN) but show the basics of this ranking map quite well. 

Basic runs: 

Tryhard runs: 

Budget runs: 


What about Equipment

For equipment, this depends on your echelon loadout: 

I plan to run an Anti-Deathstack Team

You should craft enough equipment to outfit one MG Gunboat, if you don't have it already. 

  • 2-3 Ammo Boxes
  • 2-3 AP Ammo
  • 2-3 Crit Scopes (VFL 6-24X56)

People who have the Kord and M1895 CB to pull this off probably already have all of this. 

I plan to run an Anti-Ares Team

You probably already have all the equipment you need if you can win that fight. See the resources above for the team compositions available and plan accordingly. 

All other echelons

You'll be running a mix of ARSMG and RFHG teams to handle enemies here.

Polarized Light is a Daytime Ranking Map so no PEQs are needed, but the tradeoff is that you'll need plenty of Crit Scopes (VFL 6-24X56) to go around, and HV Ammo for any ARs you run.

Many enemies are armored as well, raising a need for RFs who need AP Ammo and to a lesser extent Thermoptic Camouflage Capes.

  • In a pinch, Carcano M91/38 can still do her job even with bad equipment - save these for your selfbuffers. 

You'll also need plenty of Exoskeletons for your SMG and HG tanks - likely at least 2 per echelon (T-type is preferred due to its much higher Evasion stat).

Suppressors are not as essential to craft, and some 4-star ones can be farmed from night maps like 8-1N later on if needed. 

What about SGs?

SGs are not actually necessary for tanking in this ranking because you can't really use them anywhere. That being said, if you're otherwise prepared for this ranking, feel free to try and grab one of the newly-added SGs if you're feeling lucky!

  • Finishing Polarized Light story awards you with a True Core Mask that you can exchange for an SG (like S.A.T. 8) so there's even less reason to waste resources on this heavy production rate-up! If you want a specific SG really badly, just wait for the Core Mask!

If you just need a unit with Armor to drag 0-2 or 12-4E, use M16A1 instead. 

See the below guide for farming M16A1's Special Equipment. 

Due to the low drop rate of SGs in Heavy Production, it is once again not recommended to roll for them in this rate-up if your main goal is preparing for the next event - your resources are better spent crafting adequate Equipment and Fairies.

I'm totally new to the game

New players should follow the recommended roll order shown in the below article.

But I already have good SMGs!

For players who already have a good SMG, they are basically set for the early game since the Career Quest Rewards will fill out their roster pretty well. 

Due to the diminishing need for multiple ARSMG teams and increasing presence of highly armored enemies, newer Commanders can prioritize their production crafts for RFs and HGs instead. You always need HGs in the late game and they're cheap to craft, so if you have an excess of contracts and not enough resources, a few 130/130/130/30 HG crafts can't hurt!

I want my raifu

Fortunately, T-Dolls don't tend to have the extremely specific recipes that Equipment tends to demand. A lot of number crunching was done for GFDB stats and it showed negligible individual T-Doll rate differences between varying recipes that all have the same yield pool, except for MGs and SGs where MICA's recommended recipe was best.

Simply following the T-Doll class recipes in the Optimal Recipes infographic should be sufficient.

Is the Fairy Rate-Up Worthwhile?

As discussed previously, Fairy Rate-Up is basically a scam. If you nevertheless want to take advantage of the relatively minor boost to crafting rates, the same recipes as usual (500/500/500/500 for general fairies or 2000/500/2000/1000 for Parachute Fairy) will work just fine. 

I maxed all other fairies and just want Para EXP

In this case, you should craft 500/500/500/500. The Parachute Fairy recipe is so expensive that it actually results in less Development EXP Per Resource Spent

Here's a spreadsheet showing expected cost for raising a Parachute Fairy to 4★ through crafting. Assuming the player starts with 200k of all resources and buys more with Gems, the 2000/500/2000/1000 Recipe would cost about $800 while the 500/500/500/500 recipe would only cost about $400!

What about T2 and T3 Heavy Production?

As T2 and T3 Heavy Production consume substantially more Equipment Contracts and Cores, the Parachute Recipe may become preferable depending on how much you value those two resources. For T1 however, 500/500/500/500 is always better unless you are already very low on contracts. 

What about HOCs?

The HOC Rateup is covered in a separate article below, but it's not something that players can minmax very hard. 

Now that M2 is available in Analysis, she is likely the HOC you have the fewest copies of Central Data for. Nevertheless, you should not save for the M2 rateup unless your other HOCs have already reached 5 stars, because she's the weakest HOC out of the four craftable ones available. 

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