General Rate-Up Optimization: Isomer Edition

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The Isomer Event Clear Guide is out! Check it out below: 

5/8 update: Added the HOC section

4/23 update: Updated the preparation section for Isomer. Rolling for the following T-Dolls in the general rateup are recommended if you are solely focused on preparing for Isomer ranked: 

For recommended recipes, see the Recipes Infographic.

1/4 update: Added SG crafting section due to popular demand. 

The contents of this article have been updated for players trying to maximize their gains during the GFL EN May 2020 General Rate-Up. Even when Rate-Up is over, it should remain relevant up until the conclusion of Isomer. 

For more information about what a Rate-Up Event is, please see the above "GFL Explained" article.


While some of our readers may already know exactly what they're going for in the impending General Rate-Up, the answer isn't necessarily clear to everyone. Whether you're a new player or a veteran trying to prepare for Continuum Turbulence, the information in this article should help you maximize your potential gameplay gains over the next week. 

Use the Table of Contents above to navigate to section(s) appropriate for your personal situation. 

I just want the optimal recipes

Here's a handy infographic summarizing the recommended crafting recipes from the GFL Explained: Rate-Up guide. 

I want to prepare for Isomer

Isomer marks the first event in which an Easy Difficulty has been implemented. Clearing the story should be relatively easy even for new commanders. As long as you have the following, easy should be a piece of cake and you might even be able to do EX mode: 

  • A decently strong ARSMG team.
  • An RFHG team with strong Armor Penetration.
  • A MG + HG + 2SG team (for Judge)
  • Heavy Ordnance Corps units


Players will usually have enough T-Dolls to fully outfit an ARSMG team. The Neural Upgrade for M4 SOPMOD II fully satisfies the need for AoE damage in general, but 416 can work in a pinch.

One possible example of a starter echelon is shown below: a unit from each category in the below table will work well to clear most unarmored enemies: 

Tile 7
Tile 4
Tile 1
Tile 8
Tile 5

Note: Other units can of course be used; for instance, fielding G36 or G11 at position 7 to provide Damage buffs to the Offtank. The above table is simply an example to show that it's possible to make a great team with free units. 

As any player can fill out a solid ARSMG team with solely quest rewards and free units, it's not strictly necessary to roll for any ARSMG units. Therefore, rolling for and MAX-calibrating/enhancing 5★ variants of the following Equipment types is highly recommended: 

  • Optical Sight (crit scope) x4+
    • HV Ammo x2+
    • T-Exoskeleton x2+
      • For the maintank
    • X-Exoskeleton x1+
      • For the offtank
    • Shotgun Body Armor x2+
      • 4★ is sufficient but will need to be enhanced

    Lower-rarity Suppressors can be used for your SMGs/HGs as the additional Evasion from 5★ Suppressors is negligible. 


    A strong RFHG echelon can help Commanders deal with heavily-armored units. Damage buffs are helpful, especially for players who do not have maxed AP Ammo. Note that the below chart showcases some example units that are notably useful in ranking - for clearing the story, standard RFHG teams will work just fine. 

    While Isomer story takes place entirely during the day, preparing high accuracy RFs will come in handy against enemies in the ranking stage. As enemies in ranking have considerable Evasion, accuracy-buffing (SRS, T5000) or sure-hit (M200, 4 Shiki) RFs are highly recommended.

    Tile 7 RF Tile 4 HG Tile 1 RF Tile 8 HG Tile 5 HG

    Many other viable options exist (especially since an M200 echelon could be paired with an RoF-selfbuffer DPS like WA2000 or SVD as the other RF) - so long as players teambuild responsibly and do not overcap RoF or create a non-synergistic team. Training the RFs' Skill Levels to 8+ and HGs' to 6+ is highly recommended.

    Once you have a decent assortment of HG buffers and two decent self-buffing RF T-Dolls, crafting Equipment becomes the next priority. Having MAX-calibrated, +10 Enhanced 5★ variants of the following will help tremendously: 

    • Optical Sight (crit scope) x2+
    • AP Ammo x2+
    • Camouflage Cape x2+
      • Optional but highly recommended. 
    • T-Exoskeleton x2+
      • The position 4 HG can use an X-exo or a lower-rarity exoskeleton without much issue. 

    Lower-rarity Suppressors can be used for your SMGs/HGs as the additional Evasion from 5★ Suppressors is negligible.

    What about Isomer EX mode and Ranking?

    Isomer EX difficulty is a huge step up from normal, and will generally require substantially stronger ARSMG and RFHG echelons with good equipment. 

    Isomer Ranking accepts up to 10 echelons, so players trying to minmax their score should craft equipment to outfit as many viable echelons as their armory allow them to deploy. Players are highly recommended to also prepare multiple RFHG with high accuracy on top of properly enhancing their HOC units, as highly armored units with nonzero Evasion begin to show up in the Ranking Stage.

    To field a bare minimum of 4 echelons, this bumps the 5★ Equipment recommendations up to: 

    • Optical Sight (crit scope) x8+
    • PEQ x4+
    • HV Ammo x4+
    • AP Ammo x4+
    • Camouflage Cape x4+
      • Now required as there are hard DPS checks.
      • 4★ is sufficient but should preferably be enhanced.

    Having more equipment is very strongly recommended (enough for 4-5 ARSMG teams and 5-6 RFHG teams) as increasing the number of viable combat echelons deployed in ranking helps tremendously with map control and AP/turn. 

    You'll also need a greater number of HGs to fill out the echelons, since their buffs become more important. Thankfully, HG recipes are cheap and there's little reason to not roll HGs given their incredible versatility. If you have more contracts than you have resources to spend on expensive recipes, rolling HGs can be an efficient way to make use of your T-Doll contracts. 


    A max SL Parachute Fairy is highly recommended as well as a max SL Illumination Fairy and max SL Taunt Fairy.

    More detailed recommendations are available in the Isomer Teambuilding Recommendations guide shown below. 

    I'm totally new to the game

    New players should follow the recommended roll order shown in the below article.

    But I already have good SMGs!

    For players who already have a good SMG, they are basically set for the early game since the Career Quest Rewards will fill out their roster pretty well. 

    Due to the diminishing need for multiple ARSMG teams and increasing presence of highly armored enemies, newer Commanders can follow the I want to prepare for CT story guidelines. 

    I want to prepare for Isomer Ranking

    For basic recommendations, see this section.

    For detailed doll recommendations, please check the Isomer Teambuilding Recommendations guide by Arcus. 

    I want my raifu

    Fortunately, T-Dolls don't tend to have the extremely specific recipes that Equipment tends to demand. A lot of number crunching was done for GFDB stats and it showed negligible individual T-Doll rate differences between varying recipes that all have the same yield pool, except for MGs and SGs where MICA's recommended recipe was best.

    Simply following the T-Doll class recipes in the Optimal Recipes infographic should be sufficient.

    What about SGs?

    Top tier SGs are not strictly necessary for tanking - in most cases, M16A1 with her Special Equipment more than suffices to tank low-damage mobs, while players lacking high-rarity SGs can easily still use the free SGs given to them by the game (Type 97 Shotgun and SPAS-12) for most purposes.

    See the below guide by Ceia for farming M16A1's Special Equipment. 

    Due to the low drop rate of SGs in Heavy Production, it is not recommended to roll for them in this rate-up if your main goal is preparing for the next event - your resources are better spent crafting adequate Equipment and Fairies.

    Using the 2nd Anniversary True Core Mask on a SG will be a much easier and cheaper alternative.

    What about Fairies?

    As discussed previously, Fairy Rate-Up is basically a scam. If you nevertheless want to take advantage of the relatively minor boost to crafting rates, the same recipes as usual (500/500/500/500 for general fairies or 2000/500/2000/1000 for Parachute Fairy) will work just fine. 

    I maxed all other fairies and just want Para EXP

    In this case, you should craft 500/500/500/500. The Parachute Fairy recipe is so expensive that it actually results in less Development EXP Per Resource Spent

    Here's a spreadsheet showing expected cost for raising a Parachute Fairy to 4★ through crafting. Assuming the player starts with 200k of all resources and buys more with Gems, the 2000/500/2000/1000 Recipe would cost about $800 while the 500/500/500/500 recipe would only cost about $400!

    What about T2 and T3 Heavy Production?

    As T2 and T3 Heavy Production consume substantially more Equipment Contracts and Cores, the Parachute Recipe may become preferable depending on how much you value those two resources. For T1 however, 500/500/500/500 is always better unless you are already very low on contracts. 

    What about HOCs?

    The HOC Rateup is covered in a separate article below, but it's not something that players can minmax very hard. 

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