GFL GamePress Bug Hunt and Giveaway Pilot Program and Twitter Launch

bug hunt and giveaway
Dear commanders, do you have a lot of time on your hands? Do you like to (constructively) criticize publications and (gleefully) point out when they are wrong? Well, in this collaboration with GamePress they've decided to turn the other cheek and reward the community for their feedback!
Introducing the pilot of our "Bug Hunting" program! Now you might say, "Kalina, this sounds too good to be true. Why would they pay us to criticize them?"
Well, according to official documents, GamePress takes its quality very seriously and is always looking for ways to improve. They would like to offer an opportunity for the community to get involved and reward them for their efforts. Instead of letting that precious feedback rot in online channels where no one from GamePress will read them, why not bring it to their face?
How does this work? It's simple! When making a report, please include your discord ID. Once the team addresses the validity of the report, the points will be awarded (more info below) and then tallied per user. Each point will count as an entry in the raffle. At the end of the contest period, we will distribute the prizes through our raffle!

What is the prize? Well, for the pilot month we're starting off small, with 2 premium Discord Nitro subscriptions (1 month), and 3 Discord Nitro Classic subscriptions (1 month). If this program takes off, then we can afford better and more prizes! (I wonder if we can get a ROnergate plush - those are so cute!)

But, there's a catch. In order to make sure that we don't get flooded with spam and dupes, we are separating reports into feedback and bugfixes. When submitting a report, please tag them as either [Feedback] or [Bugfix]. Reports will be First come, First Serve - only the first feedback/report for a particular issue will be counted.
  • Feedback is classified as opinions on how the site can improve and are worth one point per report.  To encourage more deliberate and serious feedback, we are limiting rewarded feedback reports to one per day per user.  Think of it as a daily quest! The more informative the feedback, the more likely we are able to make changes. For example, "GamePress sucks!" is not helpful feedback, while "GamePress sucks because they don't have an illustrated guide on how to properly use G41 for newbies!" is more informative.

  • Bugfixes are classified as factual errors on the site or site function errors.  For factual errors, please provide the location of the error. In the case of a site function error, please go into detail about the bug and how to reproduce it, if possible.  Bugfixes are worth one point per report.

Are you ready and excited? Bring out those nets and let's go bug hunting!
For more information, check out the Bug Hunt Info Page

I almost forgot to mention - we're officially launching our GFL Twitter! Check us out and give us a follow to stay updated through Twitter here!